Elsword Time Trouble Volume 3 Chapter 0 page 11~26(chapter complete)


Starting Volume 3~ wooo

0. I won’t let it end like this


Flames burned the world.

Dry silence and blood, dark warrior standing majestically amidst the smoke.


Her appearance, with tight clothes sticking to her body and giant sword leaning against her shoulder looked overwhelmingly proud, lonely…… and beautiful.

Black Panther that broke out of her cage and regained her freedom. She was a dangerous beast that you couldn’t tell where her fangs were going to target to next. But you couldn’t deny that she was beautiful.

Add was so overwhelmed by her appearance that he couldn’t even move a finger and couldn’t avert his gaze from her.


Words couldn’t leave his mouth. Shouting to confirm if Rena was alive or not in this situation was the worst thing he could do right now. If that dark warrior started to move, she’d get to Rena much faster than they could.

They should obviously abandon Rena and retreat while preserving their remaining forces.

While suppressing his anger, shock and fear welling up from within ….. Add made his conclusion. This was the only way.

But the other person didn’t think the same.


White clothes rushed in swiftly like the wind. She didn’t have any hint of hesitation despite how she was running into the dark warrior that had just displayed terrifying strength. While everyone else was frozen with fear and disbelief, she rushed forwards in a straight line without wavering.

Ara threw off her hairpin and thrust her spear at Elesis with all the strength she could muster.


Elesis swung her sword lightly with one arm and deflected the spear as if Ara’s attack was laughable. Ara’s stance as she held onto her spear shook heavily with just Elesis’ single swing.

Elesis had deflected the spear containing the force from Ara’s two arms to break Ara’s stance. She did this without even looking properly at Ara and only with a one armed sword swing. Even someone who wasn’t experienced in close quarters combat could quickly tell that the gap between two of their skills was incomparably large.

As a martial artist, Ara who had witnessed it personally should know this better than anyone else.

“Mr.Add!! Quickly! To Ms.Rena!!”

But Ara didn’t back out despite clearly knowing the difference in skill between her and the enemy.

Ara’s white hair waved as she ceaselessly thrust her spear with the fighting spirit showing that she won’t back off no matter what.

“You’re no good.”

As if she’d play along with her for a bit, Elesis let out a half-amused laugh and swung her sword to match Ara’s attacks. With each blow, with each strike that was exchanged, Ara’s body got pushed back and you could see her suppressing her pain.

While watching this confrontation between white spear and dark-red sword, Add finally came to his senses.

Ara was literally staking her life in order to buy him time right now!!

“I’m joining in!”

Eve who came running also realized the situation right away and fired a missile at Elesis. But Elesis swung her sword widely to push back Ara and then seamlessly made an exquisite turn to even deflect the missile that flew in towards her.


Sound of an explosion in mid air. Add who was standing frozen also made his decision. This was a battlefield, although he didn’t want to, battle had already started.


Add hastily called Elsword beside him. Ara and Eve were fighting their best but they were overwhelmingly outmatched, they couldn’t hope to face Elesis by themselves.

Each and every helping hand was precious right now.


But Elsword only blinked vacantly and wasn’t holding up his sword. There was no life in his eyes. He was completely out of it.

“Don’t lose your mind right now!”

“….Big sister.”

Like the broken doll, Elsword didn’t move no matter how urgently Add pinched his cheeks and shook his shoulders.

It seemed the mental shock was so great that he couldn’t accept the scene in front of him as truth.


Add who was shaking Elsword by grabbing him by the collar gave up then quickly got on the Dynamos. He wasted too much time. Even people that could have been saved will die in this much time.

Add was able to safety arrive in front of Rena because Ara and Eve were keeping Elesis occupied.

Rena’s condition as she lay collapsed on the ground was critical. Wound that cut across from her chest to abdomen was very deep.

There wasn’t too much blood but it wasn’t something to be glad about. The reason for this deep wound but almost no blood…..was because Elesis’s fire had evaporated the blood. Since it was to an extent where Add had to withstand the heat when he put his hands on Rena’s wound …. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that her insides got roasted.

Still, judging by how her chest moved up and down, she was alive.

“Rena!! Hang in there!!”

Add called her name then looked through his clothes and pulled out a recovery potion. But these types of potions that healed wounds didn’t act immediately and acted over time. Also, all they did was boost natural recovery. This was at best an emergency measure to keep her alive…. But he had to do whatever he could.

When Add poured the potion, Rena’s breathing became slightly steady. After at least applying an emergency treatment, Add quickly looked back. Ara was somehow exchanging spears and swords with Elesis thanks to Eve’s assistance but the situation was way too precarious.


Each time they exchanged attacks, more small wounds formed on Ara’s body as she swallowed a scream like groan. It was definitely not a situation where they could hold out for long. He had to somehow gather everyone and evacuate….. But how?

There was no way Elesis will stand by idly as the El Search Party retreated.


Add was pondering then looked down after hearing a dim voice. Rena was making small coughs while trying to hold up her hand.

“It’s fine. I stopped the wound for now.”

He had sprayed the potion so this wasn’t a lie. But….the problem was that this wound was something she’ll die from. It was actually more surprising that she didn’t die instantly considering how she got consumed by the flames overwhelming enough to evaporate blood.

Even Add who wasn’t a doctor could tell that Rena being alive right now and how she could move her hand was a miracle.

“Don’t move and stay awake. We’ll take you and retreat right away.”

“How….the others?”

Rena’s voice was small and sparse so it was hard to make out.

It also didn’t help that he could hear Ara, Eve and Elesis’s mixed shouts from his back, and storm of shouts and screams from the far away battlefield. Despite this, Add focused so that he wouldn’t miss each and every word that Rena spoke.

“It’s fine. Everyone is okay.”

They were still fine for now. But won’t they all get annihilated after 5 minutes, no 2 minutes?

“I, I see….. Cough.”

“Don’t speak!”

Despite Add trying to stop her, Rena moved her lips while panting. Rena held her shaking hand as if she wanted to press out her words before she lost consciousness. Add quickly grabbed her hand. It seemed couldn’t even see properly.

“You…promised right? Please…. take care of…..the other kids.”


Her last words had to be something this lame?


“Okay! I got it so don’t speak!!”

Add went numb for a moment then answered hastily. It looked like his words had reached Rena because she made a faint smile while breathing out deeply.

Strength was leaving from her hand he was grabbing onto.



She was still alive but her life was very thin. Add sensed that Rena didn’t have long to live and bit his lips. This was nonsense.

“….At least beg for your own life. Why…even till the end….”

She wouldn’t have ended up like this if she hadn’t tried to save him. But she wasn’t resentful at all and didn’t show any signs of regret.

“Even till the end, worrying about kids….”

Add grabbed his fists tightly at the sudden surge of powerful emotion. Add bit his lips so hard to the point where they bled because he felt like he wouldn’t be able to hold in this emotion anymore if he spoke, because he’d recall his past memories.

He then tightly grabbed Rena’s weak hand that was about to fall. So that he wouldn’t lose her.

“Don’t make me laugh…..”

He couldn’t accept this outcome. No. He couldn’t leave this be. At least, it couldn’t and shouldn’t end like this.

“You want me to end up babysitting those kids? Don’t make me laugh…..”

Add turned his boiling emotions into harsh words as he stood up.

Add took a deep breath then looked up towards the sky. Sky dyed in red by the flames.

He absolutely hated this kind of sky.



Scream like answer came from far away as the sound of spear and sword clashing continued. He could tell that it was a critical situation even without looking back.

“Come here! Eun!”

“If boy wishes.”

Ara’s eyes seemed to narrow then her spear skills suddenly changed. If her spear skills were precise and swift before, now it was heavy and held weight. Elesis paused when the attribute of her enemy’s spear skills changed. Eun used this chance to make a large thrust with her spear then distanced herself quickly with continuous somersaults.

Eun landed behind Add’s back then spoke with a smile.

“Well, what will you do now, boy?”

“Shut up.”

Add replied with a frightening voice then manipulated the Dynamos to create a Time Stream Wormhole.

“I’m time traveling.”

“But isn’t Eve still safe?”

That’s why he wasn’t looking back. He didn’t have to look. Eve was probably using this chance to go check on Elsword’s condition. Also, they could probably use this chance where Elesis had paused to escape.

While leaving Rena to die.

“I know that without you having to telling me….. But you must have wanted this stupid situation.”

Did Eun know that Rena would end up like this? He couldn’t tell if Eun knew or not. But….she wouldn’t have told him even if she knew.

“I’ll comply if that’s what boy wishes. Now, tell me the time you want. It looks like Elly will charge in for an attack.”

“I’m going back to…. Before the battle started.”

Add only looked forwards and didn’t look back in order to collect his heart.

Eve was still safe. So he didn’t have any reason to time travel. He knew that already.

He knew…. But he didn’t like this.

“I’ll fight properly this time.”

“Huhu, fine. Then go ahead, boy.”

Eun’s hand started to shine brightly with white light.




His face smashed into the ground. Add spat out the dirt that got into his mouth and brought his body up. Eun must have played a mean trick as she sent him.

“That damned fox…..”

Anyways, confirming that he had time traveled correctly came first. Just when Add was about to stand up by pushing the ground, he realized that he had time traveled correctly.

Rena was in front of his eyes and judging from the surrounding structure, this was inside one of the personal tents. The fact that the Velder Liberation Army suffering from lack of supplies even lent personal tents to the El Search Party was a proof that the party was being treated as a very important fighting force.


The problem here was. Why was Rena in middle of changing clothes?

Rena’s voluminous body as she was taking off her El Officer uniform, her well-rounded breasts came directly into his view. But Add’s face didn’t heat up and he instead let out a troubled sigh. No, his face did actually heat up, but that was a physiological reaction and his head was actually cool.


I’m going to go crazy, seriously.

If I ever get the chance, I’m going to hang that damned fox upside down and torture her. I’m going to make her beg for her life as I pull out every hair from her tail one by one.


When Rena slowly covered her body with her hands, Add let out an extremely deep sigh and waved his hand.

“I’m sorry, finish changing for now.”

“……Oh, okay.”

Add turned around after he came to his senses while still covering his face with his hands. He could hear Rena changing from behind him….. He wanted to even cover up his ears but he didn’t have enough hands so he just activated the Dynamo’s mute mode.

Even through all this, Add’s head coldly analyzed the situation. Eun had played a mean trick but he did come back to the past. Judging by the time, this was right before the battle started in the middle of Rena refusing Add’s suggestion to attack with fire.

Rena had probably just come back from raising the solders’ morale according to Vanessa’s request. She was probably changing clothes to meet with Add now.

Just when Add was finishing his situational analysis, his shoulders were tapped. After recalling that Rena was behind him, Add turned off the mute mode and turned back.


Rena had finished changing and was now staring at him with a helpless expression. Her face was looked like she was thinking about how she should punish him.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. I came here by mistake while experimenting with space warp.”

“……Oh? Really?”

Rena looked puzzled when Add apologized. Well, there was also the case with the bath so this wasn’t Add’s first offense. Wouldn’t it be obvious for her to suspect if he was a habitual offender?

Well any other person would be livid at Add by now, but you could tell how magnanimous Rena was by seeing how she wasn’t.

“I’m really sorry. I’ll be careful from now on. Of course, I don’t plan to just end it with just words. I’ll take any punishment you give me. But later.”


He was forced to learn how to apologize from Ara so it wasn’t difficult to bring the words out of his mouth.

When Add, while even changing the tone of his voice apologized calmly while bowing, Rena nodded as she sighed. It meant that she’ll postpone the issue for now. After being successful in postponing the issue, Add brought up the main topic.

“There’s a problem with the plan. I got something urgent to discuss with you.”

“I see, so what’s the problem?”

Rena also calmly accepted when Add apologized seriously and showed an attitude of wanting to discuss something important with her. Not calling into question what happened just now because Add wanted to discuss something, this was so like Rena.

As Add spoke stiffly without showing his emotions, he admired her attitude quite a lot internally.

“There’s an enemy that’s difficult to face. So division won’t work.”

“…..You won’t do the divisionary tactic?”

“No we won’t. We’ll get annihilated if we aren’t careful.”

Even when Ara and Eve went after her together, never mind defeating her, they got pushed back instead. If you exaggerated it a bit, Elesis was toying with them.

A powerful enemy, she was an enemy that was really difficult to face. They had to clash with full preparations.

“Hmm, even so that’s a bit…..”

“Please trust me.”

Rena looked troubled when Add asked seriously. This war was a large fight that included not only the El Search Party but the Velder Liberation Army as well. She couldn’t change their plan just from hearing Add’s baseless words.

“Demon army that weren’t moving before will start to move soon. Can you trust me a bit more with this information?”


Booom!! They heard the sound of an explosion from far away. Rena instinctively grabbed her bow and was about to dash out of the tent. She then stopped to look back at Add who wasn’t moving.

Gaze of confirmation.

“…. So it’s true.”

Rena looked at Add seriously then nodded. She admitted that the current situation was serious and that Add had some kind of plan.

“Then what should we do now?”

“I have a plan to break through this.”


After leaving the tent after telling Rena his plan, Add sat on the supply crate as he caught his breath. The sky was still blue.

“It looks like boy isn’t feeling too well.”

“Don’t speak to me.”

When Add replied with a low voice, there was continued sound of light footsteps then he heard someone standing beside him.

Add didn’t even give a look at Eun beside him and looked only forwards.

“So, what changed this time?”

“I wonder what did.”

He thought that something drastic like Elsword growing again or something similar had happened but Eun’s response was indifferent. It looked like nothing significant had changed from this time travel.

“Anyways, time traveling for Rena’s sake. That was quite surprising. Did that beautiful Elf capture the boy’s heart?”

“Don’t say something ridiculous.”

Add gave a tired response. He actually had so many things to question Eun about like why did she set the time space coordinates to that place, or why didn’t she say anything when she knew this was going to happen. But he didn’t feel like talking to her right now.

For Add, it was right after he saw how Rena had fallen. It would be stranger for him to be able to converse normally.

“We need Rena.”

“Yes, because she’s beautiful. She’s perfect feast for the eye. I’ve lived for a long time but this is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful Elf. Of course, beside her is the master of blades…..”

“We need her for future fights against the Demons.”

Add cut off Eun’s words and replied bluntly.

That’s right. Rena was an important fighting force. Especially for fighting such a powerful enemy like Elesis. She could attack from the furthest amongst the group, possessed leadership and more of all, her battlefield performance was exceptional.

Things went wrong because they started with Elesis’s ambush and Rena getting a critical injury from trying to save Add. It was originally a fight that was worth trying.

It was such a waste to lose such an important combatant because of a single mistake.

“There were no other alternatives in that timeline. We can’t take on Elesis without Rena. It’s natural to come back.”

“Did you really come back for that reason?”

“What else is there?”

Add spoke coldly as he stood up. The time to fight had almost approached.

“Boy still hadn’t noticed.”

“Shut up.”

Add ignored as he moved his steps forwards. There was no wavering or flaw in his reasoning. They’ll hit Elesis this time with Rena included in their forces. They’ll go into the fight with full preparations and come out victorious.

Rena was just needed for this purpose. It wasn’t like he made a venture of rewinding time to save her.


Add headed to the battlefields making an unreadable smile.


He hated the sky that was dyed in red after all.



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