Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 4 Page 226~267 (Volume Complete)

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It became night and worrying about the plan ended up becoming Add’s task.

“Ah, seriously….”

Add groaned as he looked down at the enemy and ally troop placement map. In this situation where enemies had the advantage in numbers, in order to rescue both the hostages and the royal castle…… El Search Party had to step out into the front lines.

Each of the El Search Party members had power equivalent to hundreds of warriors. Even Elsword, the weakest amongst their group could handle the worth of dozen soldiers. He’ll probably roast away Glitter soldiers easily.

“But enemies aren’t idiots either….”

Add thought of various scenarios while rolling his pen but couldn’t think of any particular solution. Only person in the group that he could discuss this type of matter with was Rena. But she was currently helping with encouraging the soldiers with Vanessa.

The soldiers lacked solidarity because they had been gathered so hastily. They could get frightened and run away when the battle actually starts so there was a need to encourage them beforehand. Also, Rena’s sociability will be plenty effective for this job.

Elsword looked like he had some eyes for examining the battlefield but it wasn’t to the point where he could suggest something, Eve wasn’t a battle type Nasod in the first place and while Ara was a powerful martial artist, she didn’t have any knowledge about military tactics.


Add thought desperately deep into the night but put down his pen with a deep sigh in the end. He was successful in turning the 50% chance of victory into a 60%…..but information about their enemy was way too insufficient.

He didn’t know how many officer types were there to watch out for or if there was anything else.

“Although it’s pointless to know….”

Add crossed his arms and muttered. Demons could appear through the Dimension Gate abruptly and there was no guarantee that they would do that in middle of this battle. Chaos will ensue if something like a Shadow Master appeared in the middle of the execution of their plan.

Then a frail voice came from outside the tent.

“Mr.Add? Are you asleep?”

It was Ara. Add replied sharply.

“I’m sleeping.”

“Ah, I see. Then see you tomorrow.”

The shadow outside the tent bowed. Add felt dumbfounded as he fixed his words.

“I’m not asleep yet. Come in.”


Ara answered politely then came into the tent and looked around in amazement. Then she became surprised after sensing Add’s gaze.

“I’m sorry. You must have been working on the plan.”

“You already intruded. Don’t apologize now.”

Add spoke sharply then looked down at the battle field map again. He planned to try much as he could until he ran out of time.

Then suddenly bare white legs were placed on top of the table. A girl with visibly beautiful legs was smiling wickedly at him.

“Didn’t I ask you before to treat Ara well?”

“….I didn’t chase her off.”

Add frowned at Eun’s sudden appearance. Two legs held up as if to purposely show them off. The way she bobbed the tip of her feet was really annoying but Add continued to stare at the map as if he didn’t see anything.

But then the map suddenly seemed to float up then went into Eun’s hand. Add was stunned by this unknown phenomenon and couldn’t react. Eun looked down at the map and smiled mischievously.

“Aha, boy was really trying his best. I’m rather surprised.”

“Hand it over.”

Why was this thing popping up now and distracting him? Add frowned as he stretched out his hand but Eun turned her hand around to hide the map behind her back.

“…..Why are you getting in my way?”

“Getting in your way? I’m doing this to tell boy the proper way. How saddening.”

Eun across the candle smiled.

“Boy is misunderstanding greatly. First, what is boy’s goal?”

“….It’s obtaining Eve’s core.”

Add replied reflexively. Then he realized what Eun was about to say and spoke out first.

“I’m telling you this now. I’m doing this in order to obtain it in the moment that I can accept, with the method that I can accept. I shouldn’t have any reason to hear your nagging.”

“My, it’s really saddening to hear you say that. Weren’t boy and I accomplices that ridicules time together?”

Eun made a sigh as if she was really regretful. When Add ignored her and held out his hand asking for the map back, Eun sighed then held out her hand with the map.

Then….a sudden fire erupted from Eun’s hand. The map burned away immediately and didn’t even leave any ashes.

“…..Why you.”

The result of his hours of investment got turned into pile ashes in a single moment. Add couldn’t even get angry right away. When dumfounded Add was finally about to explode, Eun made an ignorant smile.

“I already told boy that I can offer him a much better solution. What I brought is not this kind of vague 60% chance of success but a plan with 100% chance of victory.”

“….What is it?”

Add asked although he had a hunch what it was. It wouldn’t be late to get angry after he listened to what it was.

“Keep trying. Try and try again. If you were wrong this time, then try again with a different method. If you failed after turning back 1 hour, then try turning back 2 hours. If 2 hours didn’t work then try turning back a day. Doesn’t boy have privilege and ability to do this?”


“Repeatedly time travel and keep changing the plan each time. Isn’t this a great plan, boy?”

The suggestion Eun made with a seductive smile….was truly correct. Didn’t he already defeat Shadow Master in Elder and succeeded in saving Eve using this method?

But Add didn’t nod and glared at Eun sharply.

“I’m not falling for your tricks.”

“Hmm, tricks? Such saddening words when I’m doing my sincere best for the boy.”

Eun wagged her tails gently and made a sly smile. But Add’s cold stare didn’t change.

“I don’t know why you keep trying to coax me into time traveling; you have a certain goal but are not willing to share it with me. Also, Elsword changed suddenly like that. I don’t know what might change when I time travel. Yet you still want me to perform it?”

“Wasn’t everything worthless to boy except the girl? There shouldn’t be any losses for boy if a person or the world changes a bit. Am I correct?”

Eun was asking with a tone as if this was unexpected. Add didn’t know what Eun’s goals were…. But he could now roughly speculate that Eun was trying to make Add time travel to seek for a certain change.

Elsword’s change was a good example.

“How can I trust that some change won’t happen to Eve?”

“Aha, so boy is saying he won’t do it because he doesn’t trust me? Did he stop to think that if I was trying to trick him that I would have sent him to some strange time already?”

“You need me.”

Add coldly and haughtily looked down at Eun.

This thing that kept making a wicked smile, Ara said this was a Celestial Sprit, but Add could only see this as a wily beast.

Add sharply defined their relationship.

“But I’m only using you. Don’t get any wrong ideas, fox.”

“My, it seems boy doesn’t have any speck of comradeship. But don’t I know more about boy and understand him better than anyone else?”

“I don’t need your understanding. I’m the one who comes up with the plans and I’m also the one who makes decisions regarding time travels. So you can just stay quiet and help out whenever needed. I’ll call you out when I need you.”

“Don’t you think I have a worth not just in time travel but as a fighting force? It was my skill that cleanly wrapped up the situation when boy collapsed after his fight with Shadow Master.”

“You probably won’t let Ara fall into danger. Coming out to help or not, do whatever you want.”

“That’s wrong, boy.”

Eun’s voice suddenly turned cold. If she had a sneaky and mischievous voice before, this voice was like the sheet of ice.

“Ara is really a good child. She will sincerely help boy and the others in their fights and give it her best to achieve her goals in any situation. But I’m different. I’ll immediately take over Ara’s body by force and escape the battlefield without looking back if a fight that I cannot do anything about with my powers occurs.”

It wasn’t just a simple warning.

“Of course, Ara will be extremely angry at me if I did such thing. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll prioritize Ara’s safety over anything else. It’s a big mistake to think that a fox will help someone without any galls or livers in return.”

“…..I didn’t hope for you to.”

Add who answered late was a bit startled. So far Eun’s attitude was just brazenly teasing him while saying she’d help without any conditions. Now she was clearly drawing the line.

This was an unexpected display from Eun but Add could understand how she’d want to prioritize Ara’s safety over anything else.

“Boy doesn’t trust me, don’t put faith in my words, and is ruthlessly treating me like an object in a pocket……But one never knows when they might get their thigh stabbed by a pin inside the pocket. Or that pin could break out of the pocket.”

Eun spoke with a lecturing tone.

“It’s is all up to boy’s choice. But don’t think I will always move according to boy’s wishes after being treated like this. Open your heart to me and ask me for help if you see me as a comrade. Don’t expect anything otherwise.”

“….I didn’t expect anything.”

Add was surprised at Eun’s sudden change in reaction but he didn’t back down.

This was actually a fight for leadership. He didn’t know Eun’s objectives and Eun possessed a lot of information…..But it was certain from her actions that she needed Add’s help in order to achieve her goals.

Also Add needed Eun’s help in the case he needed to time travel.

They needed each other but Add couldn’t trust Eun in the end. No. Actually, Add had never trusted anything but his own knowledge.

Although they ended up getting on the same boat, the one with the helm had to be him.

“You just stand by and come out to help with time travel when I call you.”

“Huhu, I’ll do that if you want but…..”

Eun with a different mood narrowed her eyes ever so thinly.

“So boy is saying he wants to refrain from time traveling because he doesn’t know how the girl might change. Then does that mean he has no intention of time traveling unless the girl is destroyed like before?”

“That’s obvious.”

Add realized the graveness of the situation when Elsword changed. Time travel was actually a very delicate area of research with various theories. Even Add didn’t have it all figured out. All he could do was move according to hypothesis and couldn’t even determine the exact time space coordinates without Eun’s help.

He couldn’t rely on such unstable flow like this. If Add were to time travel, it was only to prevent Eve from being destroyed.

“I’ll remember those words. Watch carefully.”

Eun spoke those lines as she closed her eyes and tied the hairpin to her hair. The white hair returned to black…..then she returned to Ara.

“Did you have a good conversation with Lord Eun?”


Was this really the right choice? Add retraced what he said to Eun. But the result was always the same. He couldn’t get dragged around by her when he didn’t even know of her intentions. Also, some uncontrollable situation might happen if he continued to abuse time travel.

The current time where Eve was safe, this was the present he went through hell to achieve. He wanted to prevent this time from getting ruined by careless actions.

It was best to refrain from time traveling much as possible.

“Umm, Lord Eun isn’t answering….. Could it be that Lord Eun became angry?”


Add thought for a moment at Ara’s careful question. Well, come to think of it….the conversation that went back and forth between him and Eun just now was enough to make Eun angry.

She didn’t reveal her goals and information to him. But Eun was still continuing to help Add. Add had just basically drove the point home by saying they didn’t have such a tender relationship in the first place.

Although Add didn’t except Eun to get angry.

“Are you sure she’s not just asleep?”

“I’m not sure. But how she’s now answering is a bit…..”

Ara trailed her words then carefully asked Add.

“Can you maybe tell me what you talked about with Lord Eun?”

Eun didn’t seem to have mentioned anything about time travel to Ara. Add answered accordingly.

“We were discussing about the plan. There aren’t many people to discuss this with.”

“Ah, Lord Eun is wise after all. Was it very helpful?”

Ara clapped as if she understood as she asked. Well she was helpful, in burning away the map.

Although it didn’t matter at all because Add had it all memorized.

“We just confirmed that there were no other ways. Anyways….”

“Uuu, I’m sorry.”

Add became confused at Ara’s apology.

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

“Because it looks like Lord Eun made Mr.Add angry. Lord Eun is a very mischievous person so…. Please don’t mind it too much.”

“It’s wasn’t like that so stop worrying.”

It was actually as if Add had made Eun angry instead. Well, she didn’t say she won’t help with time travels anymore……

No, was it better to maintain a good relationship with Eun up to an extent? Add groaned while pondering many thoughts. Ara was staring at him carefully then opened her mouth.

“Um, I’m sorry but….”

“Don’t say it if you’re sorry.”

“Yes, I’m sorry….”

Ara turned timid as she ducked her head down.

An innocent girl who was normally bright and cheerful but clumsy suddenly became like a frozen puppy at Add’s single word.

Why was she like that when all he did was say one word? When Add stared at her at a loss for words, Ara ducked her head down even more. It was bit awkward to see a girl who was braver than anyone when she was fighting acting totally like a criminal on trial now.

“Don’t stop in middle of your words. If you have something you want to say, say it already.”

“…..May I ask?”

“Go ahead.”

It seemed Ara was very uncomfortable with Add. Of course it’s not like she didn’t show any signs like this in the timelines before….. But it suddenly became worse than usual?

“This plan, will it be alright?”

“…..It’s going to be difficult but there’s no choice.”

Add honestly didn’t want to participate in this disadvantageous plan. If it weren’t for Rena’s decision and Eve who followed her, he would have just watched from afar eating popcorn.

“That’s probably right, umm…..”

“What? You want to stay out of it? Then go talk with Rena.”

When Add spoke bluntly, Ara denied seriously and shook her head widely.

“No! I can’t back out when my comrades are fighting! I’ll fight my best!”

“Then why are you worried? Are you worried that I’ll place you in a dangerous position?”

It was actually a plan that put all of the El Search Party in danger. But he put Eve together with Rena so Eve should be relatively safe.

“It’s not that I’m worried, it’s that….”

It seemed Ara wasn’t worried about the success chance of the plan. She had started the conversation because she wanted to ask about something in between. Add understood her intentions and nodded.

“What are you curious about? Ask.”

“About the Demons’ forces. I was wondering if there were any general or commander rank individuals.”

“I heard that general here was Dark Elf Chloe.”

It was a name that had changed Rena’s expression radically. But Ara let out a strange sigh at this answer.

“I see. So there’s only Chloe…..”

“Did you wish someone else was here?”

Her voice sounded as if she did. Ara nodded at Add’s words and revealed her situation.

“There’s a person I want to meet no matter what. But that person doesn’t seem to be here.”

“Who is it?”

Come to think of it, what was Ara’s reason for joining the El Search Party again? Add remembered hearing it from Eve before but he wasn’t interested at the time so he had let it slip by his ear.

Ara didn’t reveal it right away and hesitated for a moment.

“Can you keep it a secret?”


The reason Eve knew must have been Ara just being clumsy and revealing it to her by mistake. When Add agreed without much thought, unbelievable words came out of Ara’s mouth.

“The Demon general Ran. He’s actually my elder brother.”


Ran was terrifyingly skilled individual that Add had encountered before. So overwhelmingly strong that he was incomparable to Shadow Master.

That Ran and Ara were of the same blood? When Add couldn’t continue his words at this unimaginable truth, Ara spoke in a cloudy tone.

“Elder brother Aren….. Demons turned him like that. I want to turn Elder brother Aren back to normal no matter what. That’s why….”

“Wait, that’s inconsistent.”

Startled Add pointed out something he found strange.

“Then why did you join the El Search Party?”

Why did someone who had a business with her Demon general brother join the El Search Party? Those two choices had no relation.

Add’s face stiffened after he asked that question.

“That’s because, Lord Eun said I needed enormous power of El to turn Elder brother back to normal…. Mr.Add?”


Even though Ara who had noticed something was strange called Add, he didn’t even pretend to notice. It was a hypothesis he wanted to deny despite how he brought it up himself…. But this was certain.

Eun said she could look into the future that’s related to her more easily. If you were to believe her words, then everything turns out so that Eun had already seen into everything about how Demons will invade the Elrios continent and how Demon generals will lead the Demon armies, and how the El Search Party would confront those Demons!!

“……No way.”

Add shook his head in disbelief at this theory he thought up. If this theory was correct, Eun had already seen the El Search Party’s fate even before they had formed……

“Are you alright Mr.Add?”

Add finally came to his senses at the worried voice calling him.

“I’m tired after thinking so much. I’m going to sleep now so you go too.”

“Ah, it’s already this late. Then have a good night Mr.Add. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ara bowed politely at Add’s words and left. Add who was alone now didn’t go to his bed and brought up his thought from before.

It wasn’t actually that surprising. Eun had already known about the future where Eve was destroyed yet didn’t tell Add anything and just helped with time travel. She also had already known about how Eve wouldn’t be destroyed in this timeline.

Add just realized that something he had treated as an object in a pocket…… actually had an incredible power. Add trembled at this fact but also pondered at the same time.

What was the goal that Eun couldn’t achieve by herself despite how she possessed this kind of overwhelming power?

Lunch next day.

“There, you understand?”

Add explained the plan he took all night to come up with. But Rena didn’t look satisfied with it. She stared straightly at Add for a bit then shook her head.

“Add, I know you tried your best but this is no good.”

“This has the highest success rate.”

“Soldiers wouldn’t accept it.”

Add had obviously expected the soldiers’ reaction and that’s why he explained to Rena.

If it was Rena, she could convince the soldiers to accept this plan. Since she was exceptionally sociable.

“Trying convincing them to accept it. Starting the fight as we are right now is completely a gamble.”

“I know how you feel…. But this plan is no good.”

Rena expressed her disapproval as she shook her head. Add’s plan was so radical that even Rena had to clearly deny it like this.

“Then what? Do you plan to start the battle thinking nonchalantly that everything will turn out okay? That’s going to end up with even worse results.”


Rena stared straightly at Add without an answer. Well, it wasn’t something to get angry at Rena over…..But throwing aside a plan he had worked so hard on left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Add’s plan was attacking with fire.

Since the battle was bound to take place inside the capital, the fight will occur in an urban area. Velder Liberation Army attacking with fire in this situation would mean burning down your own home to expel the unwanted guests. The entire capital will be swept in pandemonium.

Add also knew this was an insane plan. He planned it despite knowing it was insane. To attack the enemy’s weak point and overcome the numerical inferiority, attacking with fire was the only answer.

“Is the original plan something you’d do with a sane mind in the first place? The current situation is bad to the point where even Elsword who doesn’t know anything is saying we should retreat.”

“We cannot leave behind civilians and the king. Also, there’s a Dimension Gate still open in the royal castle. We have to disable it.”

“No matter what the excuse is, this isn’t the time to engage. This is the time to retreat and look for other chances.”

Rena also sighed at Add’s words. Both Rena and Add knew the original plan was reckless.

They had inferior forces but trying to blatantly battle in an urban area while rescuing civilians and retaking the royal castle at the same time?

It was a story that’d only come up in dreams. If they really had to squeeze out some of their advantages, it would be that the Velder Liberation Army knew the terrain better and…..

“Let’s try helping them much as possible.”


Add shut his mouth when Rena gave him the conclusion he expected.

It was so stifling and enraging that he was getting dizzy….. Add was holding back because this was Rena. If it was someone else, he would have left them half dead already.

“…..Are you sure you want to do this? This is treading very dangerous waters.”

“This is something necessary. Entire country will be in disarray if we don’t drive off the Demons from the capital. We also need to rescue the king. We have to hurry if we consider the fights to come in the future.”

That was correct in a broad sense and Add could understand it. Add let out a deep sigh and made his conclusion.

“Alright, then please protect Eve instead. So she doesn’t get hurt no matter what.”

“Yes, alright.”

It was a request Add had asked half expecting to get teased slightly…. Rena smiled gorgeously and added.

“I shouldn’t say that Add requested this to me to Eve right?”


Add responded when Rena hit the mark. If Rena, the most skilled person in the group stayed with her, Eve would be safe no matter how much difficult situation occurred.

“I already choice our rendezvous point. The time to notify the soldiers and to execute the plan…. Let’s make it 3 hours later. Also, I’ll take Elsword with me.”

“Yes, you can do that.”

Rena didn’t ask why. Judging by her reaction, she had waited for Add to realize it himself.

While coming up with his plan, Add had realized why it had to be Elsword-Add and not Add-Ara when the El Search Party divided into two teams. The reason Ara and Add had to be in different teams was because the two’s mobility were the best in the El Search Party.

Ara could move through the air by using flight technique and Add could use Dynamo’s flight to move quicker than anyone else. If you also consider the situation where the El Search Party needed to regroup after dividing, it was correct to have Add and Elsword in the same team.

Rena was making a smile as if she was proud of Add.

“Why didn’t you just tell me if this was your reason?”

Add had thought it was just Rena teasing him before or that it was a plan to better his relationship with Elsword.

“I thought Add would figure it out before long. I also thought it would be good for you to get along with Elsword.”

Well, his guess wasn’t too off. When Add sighed while scratching his head, Rena told him kindly.

“I know Add is troubled and is worrying a lot. And that’s why you are not too keen on us joining something this dangerous.”


Add let out a dry sigh when Rena stood up and approached him.

He had roughly expected things to end up like this…… About how Rena wouldn’t choose Add’s plan of attacking with fire, but still not back out from this battle. Add had realized this internally long before.

Woman called Rena that Add had seen so far was like this.

“I’m sorry I made you worry.”

“Hmph, I didn’t worry. I was just annoyed that the plan I worked so hard on ended up being useless.”

Rena made a beaming smile then suddenly stretched out her arms to hug Add. Add became surprised and tried to escape after getting his face buried in Rena’s chest. But he couldn’t escape.

“W, wait! What are you doing?! Let go of me!!”

“There, there. You’re a good boy, good boy.”

It’s a funny story…. But he couldn’t escape because of the differences in strength. Actually, if you just considered the physical strength, Add was the weakest in the party. He probably couldn’t beat anyone in an arm wrestle.

Add frowned in displeasure but Rena continued to pat him.

“Add is really doing a good job trying his best. So don’t worry too much. You don’t have to suffer all alone…..”


Add’s struggling stopped. Rena’s voice that rang in his ears…..was gentle beyond measure. Almost to the point where he thought it would be okay to forget everything and fall asleep right now.


Boooom!! A sudden sound of an explosion tore through their ears. While surprised Add looked towards the location where the sound came from, Rena had already separated from Add and was holding her bow.

“I’ll come back after finding out what happened.”

“Wait! Don’t come back.”

Add stopped Rena who was about to dash out of the tent as he brought his Dynamos near him. This was a battlefield; it wasn’t the place to wait idly for news to come.

“We’ll start the plan right away if this is an enemy attack. We’ll contact each other by exchanging code words with the Nasod Megaphones.”


Rena understood immediately and agreed. Add spoke lastly.

“Take care of Eve, and be careful.”

“You be careful too. Let’s see each other after this is done.”

Rena left as she waved her hand while smiling. Add who was left behind made a long sigh.

This wasn’t like him. This was like running into a dangerous pit of fire without any preparations. But he couldn’t back out now.

If Demons were after Eve anyways….

“Kukukuk, I’ll destroy them all before they can.”

She’s mine.


Demon army that hasn’t shown signs of movement before started to move suddenly. Velder Liberation Army met the Demons in combat while executing the plan to achieve their ultimate goals.

Those goals were letting Velder’s citizens escape safely and retaking the royal castle. To get these tasks done, there was a need to draw the Demon army’s attention and……

“Void Impact!!”

“Mega Slash!!”

That was the task of the El Search Party. Add and Elsword fired shockwaves and swung sword at the Demons that swarmed in against them. It hasn’t even been 20 minutes since the battle started, but there were already over 200 demons that the two felled.

Glitter soldiers got scared at the two’s action and didn’t approach. They changed their plan to shooting arrows at them from far away. But even that was useless because Add dropped from the sky to approach them rapidly then swept them away.


When Add returned to his original spot, Elsword had his sword stabbed on the ground while catching his breath. There was a slight sign of fatigue on his face.

“Are you fine?”

“Fine as ever!”

Elsword answered energetically but Add wasn’t too optimistic. They were fending off the Glitter army’s advance with just the two of them without any support from the other soldiers.

They were doing the work of hundreds of soldiers by themselves….. But how long did they have to hold out like this?

Well, their mission was to hold out until Velder Liberation Army completed their goals safely…… But no matter how amazing Add and Elsword were, their stamina was limited. It was clear that Elsword was showing more signs of fatigue than before.

Clip clop, Clip clop!

“…..Something annoying is coming.”

When even the arrows didn’t work, now Glitter soldiers on Cockatigles were coming at them. Their numbers were 20. Add analyzed quickly and spoke.

“I’ll blow away the riders. You take care of the Cockatigles.”

Add didn’t wait for Elsword’s answer as he raised the Dynamo’s altitude. Flying across the battlefield on Dynamos was much easier. All Add had to watch out for were mere arrows and they were nothing like the Shadow Sniper’s beams. He could shake off the arrows easily with Dynamos’ flight movements and he could also attack from a range.

“Then….Take this!”

Add fired a shockwave at the Cockatigle riders he saw below his feet. More than half the riders got dismounted and rolled on the ground at the sudden shockwave that came down upon them.


Meanwhile, Elsword shouted as he kicked the ground to charge forwards. He trusted Add’s instructions and ignored the riders. He swung his sword right away to only take down the Cockatigles. Slash! Sword slashed across with a splatter of blood and Glitter soldiers that lost their Cockatigles rolled on the ground. They won’t be able to get up quickly after falling off from their mounts.

But there were some that got a lucky landing or were completely safe….. They came straight at Elsword. Elsword who had just swung his sword was about to gather his strength, then a distortion occurred at the space where Glitter soldiers were.


“Kahaha!! There’s no problem!”

Add let out a satisfied laugh after blowing away Glitter soldiers with a chain space distortion.

Void Double Impact that used Void Impact stacked by two times was a straining skill for his body. But there wasn’t that much strain for Double space distortion. It was maybe up to the point where he got an uneasy shaking from his hands?

There was a minor feedback to his body…..But this was nothing.

Void Double Impact was powerful but it took a lot of toll on his body so he couldn’t overuse it in battle of attrition. But Double space distortion could be overused if he just clenched his teeth.

“Even double Star Dust Shower might be possible one day….”

Double was an attack method that chained skills in sequence while taking out the safety part of the formula. So Add could apply it to most of his skills if he prepared for the feedback on his body.

But the feedback was bigger for more powerful skills so Add couldn’t even dare to perform a Double Star Dust Shower right now.


Anyways, this was something for later. Add made an enjoyable smile as he looked at the Glitter soldiers in front of him. With even their cavalry defeated, Glitter soldiers didn’t dare to attack again and were hesitating.

Elsword who caught his breath asked for their next course of action.

“Big brother Add, what should we do now?”

“I don’t know, what should we do?”

If they won’t attack first, should they maintain this standoff? Well, that didn’t matter for the two of them…. But then enemies might turn their forces to other locations.

Add didn’t care if Velder Liberation Army was endangered. But he wanted to avoid endangering team B – Rena and Eve.

Eun will take care of Ara so there shouldn’t be any problems there.

“Wanna make a bet as to who can take down more Glitter soldiers?”

“I’ll probably lose that bet.”

Elsword made his conclusion without any signs of vexation. At Elsword knowing his place, Add made a satisfactory smile as he looked at Elsword. But that wasn’t the end of Elsword’s words.

“Although I’ll win if we did this again a year later.”

“Kukukuk, alright, let’s discuss this a year later.”

Add mocked as he immediately stretched out his hands to align his Dynamos and fired a shockwave. Glitter solders standing far away got blown away. Add’s skill of manipulating Dynamos was getting more precise daily. He could now perform the necessary calculations even while talking to Elsword.

“I’ll charge in first, support me Big brother Add.”

“Shall I?”

There was no reason to deny when he was volunteering to be the bait. If Elsword charges in like a boar, Add supports and assists from the back.

He didn’t want to admit it….. But Add realized his compatibility with Elsword in battle was very good.

Maybe even better than when he fought together with Ara, no, actually better than with anyone else…..

Elsword, the traditional knight relying on his sword that broke through the front and Add, who was in charge of support analyzing the situation and coming up with responses. Their combination was quite good.

It was almost to the point where Add was slightly having fun.

“Kukukuk, don’t slow down. Hurry up and go.”

“…..Big brother Add, what’s that?”

Krrrrrrrrr!! Add also looked in front in response to Elsword’s call then shut his mouth. When soldiers, arrows and cavalry had failed….. Demons must have applied a different method.

A giant tank surrounded by steel armor, Glitter Vanguard was rushing at them.


“Jump and get on top of it for now!!”

Add spoke quickly as he increased the altitude. Getting hit by the tank directly coming at him would mean the end for Elsword. But Elsword bravely jumped in front.


Even though he had told him to, Add couldn’t shut is mouth in awe. No, that was correct a correct response…. But did that guy lose his fear? Elsword jumped high and landed on top of the Glitter Vanguard, but its surface was slippery and Elsword slipped down.

You won’t be able to preserve your life after falling off the enraged bull rampaging in full speed! Elsword quickly stabbed his sword on the side of the Glitter Vanguard and managed to hang on.

“Big brother Add!!”

“I know!!”

Add pondered about how to deal with this Glitter Vanguard covered completely in steel. It didn’t look like anything would work.


Glitter Vanguard that was charging recklessly finally stopped after it crashed into a building. It was a shock that shattered all the windows and shook the building. There wouldn’t even be a corpse remaining if a human was to be hit by that.


Elsword must have received the shock too because he was about to fall but barely managed to hang on with one arm. It didn’t look like he’ll hold out for long.

After failing to run into Add and Elsword, Glitter Vanguard slowly moved backwards.

Add could just fly around watching out for arrows but Elsword will be in danger if this kept up. Their plan was to keep the Demons in place by getting their attention. They couldn’t continue to pull back like this.


Glitter Vanguard continued to move backwards. If it crashed into a building again, it can drop Elsword that was hanging on to it, and then crush him. Its movement looked like it was aiming for such result.

It seemed it gained enough distance from the building it had just crashed into and stopped. There was no time.

“Running into something strong directly is…..

Running into it directly is a stupid thing to do! Add’s eyes flashed as he quickly calculated a formula. But Glitter Vanguard was charging in front faster!!

It will crash into the wall in 5 seconds!

“Elsword! Just ditch the sword and jump sideways!!”


Add didn’t answer Elsword’s shout and stretched his hand out towards the ground. There was no time to hesitate.

“Void Double Impact!!”

The shockwave Add fired from the Dynamos shattered space and made a distortion. But it couldn’t stop Glitter Vanguard from charging forwards.

That was obvious. What Add was aiming for wasn’t Glitter Vanguard.


A giant hole appeared in front of the Glitter Vanguard that was charging while making a frightening sound. Add had fired a Void Double Impact towards the ground and the stacked shockwave had dug a huge hole into the ground.


Glitter Vanguard that was charging forwards fell into the hole and rolled over. It couldn’t get back up by itself now.


When things went as he planned, Add let out a hysteric laugh as he came down to the ground. It was extremely satisfying to see a calculation he thought up instantly to work out perfectly.


Could it be that Elsword fell together with it? Add withdrew his laugh and looked down at the Glitter Vanguard that was now flipped over and only spinning its wheels.

He would have died if he got crushed under that.


Did Elsword die? That eye sore brat? Add stood silently and thought about this thesis.


Then a sound of wind slashing came from behind him. When Add came to his senses and looked back, Elsword was now retracting the sword he had swung.

Elsword had swung his sword to deflect the arrow that had flown towards Add’s head.

When Add stared blankly, Elsword with his sword leaning against his shoulder muttered.

“Why are you staring so strangely? I just helped you.”

“…..You somehow escaped.”

“You telling me to ditch my sword confused me. I just kicked that thing with my feet to pull out my sword.”

It was something Add wouldn’t be able to do. Although Add’s method was more along the lines of being able to fly in order to avoid having to use such a trick in the first place.

“We won’t have to worry about that thing anymore right?”


Add threw away all useless thoughts as he turned forwards. Elsword standing beside him gathered his breath and glared at the Demon army they were standing off against. Add looked at Elsword’s side as he got swept up by a strange feeling.

He didn’t feel happy when he had thought that Elsword died

“…..It’s not like I’m happy because he’s alive either.”

While Add looked at Elsword with a complicated expression, Elsword frowned and looked towards place far away.

“Big brother Add, was that in the plans as well?”

Add couldn’t answer quickly when he looked towards the direction the tip of Elsword’s hand was pointing. It wasn’t time for the sun to set yet but the sky far across was dyed in red.

And pillar of smokes that were rising up.

Velder had started to burn!!



Add was so dumbfounded that he let out a fake laugh. The city was burning so well.

Unlike Add who was lenient, Elsword’s voice turned hasty.

“That’s direction the Liberation army headed to. Did they get found out?”

“I’m not certain…. Anyways, it’s all over if this fire spreads.”

Fire that started from the Commercial Area 1 with lots of wooden structures was now spreading by getting carried by the wind. Entire Velder will turn into a burning pandemonium if this went on.

There’s no way Rena had caused this….

“What should we do Big brother Add? Everyone will be in danger like this.”

Elsword sounded restless and was asking for Add’s opinion. Add stared blankly then asked.

“What are you going to do if I were to tell you to remain here and watch?”

“I’ll run over there regardless.”

“Kukuk, then why are you asking?”

Add was taunting with his mouth but he wasn’t feeling unpleasant inside. If something went wrong, then understanding their current situation comes first. Then they had to rethink their plan.

“Rena! It’s C!”

Add took out the Nasod Megaphone and shouted their rendezvous point. Then he sped across in low fight as he stretched out his hand to snatch Elsword. Elword who suddenly started getting dragged was surprised but soon grabbed Add’s hand tightly.

“Hey, it hurts! I said it hurts!”

How can his grasp be so strong? Elsword replied seriously when Add screamed.

“I’m sorry. Please bear with it for a while.”

“Why you….”

Add frowned but couldn’t drop Elsword. No matter how good Elsword’s physical abilities were, Elsword couldn’t surpass the speed of the Dynamos. Didn’t he team up with Elsword in the first place just in case the party had to meet up quickly as possible?

“Why do I have to…..?”

Add muttered at the pain in his hand but his head was already analyzing the situation. By the looks of how the fire spreading so terrifyingly fast…. It looked like there was no way to put it out anymore.

They will have to battle in burning streets of Velder like this.

“…..They’re insane, seriously.”

Add was at a loss for words at the theory he brought up. There was only one answer to what caused this situation.


This fire was set from the Demons’ side.

There was no way Velder Liberation Army or Rena would set the city on fire first when they were trying to rescue the civilians and retake the royal castle. Of course, Add had suggested to attack with fire too but that was only to use it strategically and burn just specific areas.

But the scale of this fire spreading ruthlessly was totally different. This was an intended arson. Someone was determined to burn Velder away entirely.

“I have a bad feeling about this….”

Demons had captured the castle but weren’t doing anything. But they suddenly attack first and lead them into start fighting. Now they were setting fire on the city as if they were waiting for the fight to start. Add felt like they had been totally played around by the enemy’s tricks.

When Add was starting to feel uneasy and raised his speed, Elsword who was hanging on to him raised his voice.

“Big brother Add, over there!”

Light green haired beauty, Rena was surrounded by Glitter soldiers. Add held out his hand without hesitation and shouted.

“Particle Accel!!!”

Particles he gathered abundantly fired in form of a shockwave and blew away the Glitter soldiers. When the encirclement broke, Rena quickly flung her body backwards as she continuously fired arrows. Each arrow held so much power that three Glitter solders got pierced by one as they flew away.


Did I not need to help? Rena who had finished off the Glitter soldiers with just five arrows wiped the sweat off her forehead then waved her hand towards Add.

“Hello Add.”

“…..It hasn’t even been that long. What’s with the hello?”

Add slowed down the Dynamo’s speed to a stop then jumped off. Add’s eyes instinctively searched for Eve….. But there was no one else besides Rena.

“Where’s Eve?”

“Ah, there was something so only I came here first.”

“What? You left her?”

The reason Add joined this fight in the first place was because he had absolutely believed Rena would protect Eve. Rena made a helpless smile when Add’s face turned intimidating.

“That’s actually… Eve said she had something she had to examine urgently. Ara followed her so she should be fine.”


There shouldn’t be problems if Eun went with her. Add finally relaxed a bit and looked around.

There were layer upon layers of fallen Glitter soldiers. It looked like there were over 500 of them. Thinking about how Add and Elsword together managed to take down 200, her skill was extremely amazing.

But Add couldn’t understand.

“Why didn’t you fight seriously?”


“You were surrounded on purpose. Why were you?”

With Rena’s skills, she could make it so no Glitter soldiers can ever come near her. Even if Add didn’t break the encirclement, Rena could have just decided to fire couple arrows and cleaned everything up.

But Rena was purposely fighting the Glitter soldiers close up by dodging their spears left and right and kicking them back.

“Ahahaha that’s…. I thought if I cleared them out so quickly, the soldiers wouldn’t gather towards me. I thought they’d get more anxious if I fought more risky almost as if I’d get caught.”

“….Why would you do such a thing?”

No matter how skilled Rena was, her body was that of a frail woman. It’s not like swords and spears recognized beauty and missed on their own. She could have gotten a life threatening injury if she made a mistake during her acrobatics.

“Hmm, I don’t know where Eve went so I thought I should gather more attention on my side.”


Rena smiled apologetically as she scratched her head. While Add was at a loss for words at this absurd answer, Rena asked carefully.

“Are you angry after all Add?”

“……Such nonsense.”

If you were going to go this far then just stop Eve from going in the first place. Or follow her. Ah, but if even Rena wasn’t here the Demon forces would have focused on Elsword and Add.

After admitting that Rena had made the best decision available to her after considering various options, Add shook his head with a troubled expression. His anger naturally focused towards the person that wasn’t here.

“What is she thinking leaving the battlefield as she pleases? The plan became a mess.”

“It must be Nasod related.”

Elsword who was listening answered as if it was nothing surprising.

“Nasod matters are more important for Eve than anything else. That’s the only reason she would leave so suddenly.”


Well it seemed there was no other reason that would make Eve leave in the middle of battle. Add admitted this internally as well but stared at Elsword displeasingly.

“I could have figured it out on my own.”

“She’s coming here right now.”

Eve was running towards the group from far away. Add relaxed after confirming this and asked Rena.

“What’s going on with this fire? Entire city will be consumed by flames like this.”

“It’s not something Velder Liberation Army did. It looks like Demons purposely set this fire.”

“So those guys don’t plan to capture this city?”

Even the smart Add who struggled with coming up with a plan all night hadn’t anticipated this kind of development. It didn’t make sense for Demons with superior forces that had basically captured Velder to set fire on a city that could have become their base.

Taking out the morality and danger aspects, Add’s fire attack was a resolute tactic that the weak came up with in order to defeat the strong. But Add couldn’t understand why Demons had set Velder on fire.

Add struggled to come up with a answer as he saw that Eve had come close enough to hear his shout and moved his steps towards her. He’s going to yell about just where she had gone off to……



In that moment, Glitter Vanguard that had appeared through the building wall charged towards Add. This atrocious pile of steel…… was hiding inside the building and appeared by breaking through the building!


It was already too late to dodge! Add instinctively tried to hold out his hand and shout. But his head was already making the conclusion.

Too late.

I’m going to die.

He didn’t even get any flashbacks. Add blankly stared at the tank rushing toward him. Even if he had the ability to time travel, it was all over if he’s dead.


Someone ran in and forcefully pushed Add away. Add who rolled away on the ground raised his head up quickly. Surprisingly, Rena was aiming her bow even though she had just pushed Add away by throwing her own body.

That’s right, even if it’s a Glitter Vanguard, if only Rena can pull her bowstring….


Red hair.


Add’s heart beat loudly from an ominous feeling soon as he saw the elegant crimson hair waving on top of the Glitter Vanguard. Rena was trying to fire a freezing arrow at Glitter Vanguard that had approached right in front of her…..


Along with Add’s shout, that thing on top of the Glitter Vanguard jumped up. Rena’s arrow accurately hit the Glitter Vangard and made it freeze stopping its charge but…


She couldn’t avoid the sword that the woman who had just jumped swung down. No, even amidst this astonishing ambush, Rena did pull her body back instinctively. She could have dodged it by a dicey distance if it were any normal sword strike.


If only the tip of attacking woman’s sword didn’t hit the ground and called upon pillars of flames. Rena screamed as she got consumed by dozen meters of flames which looked like they could burn away the sky.


When the pillar of flames arrogantly waving their tongues towards the sky finally disappeared, what came into view was Rena collapsed on the ground.

Add couldn’t react right away to what just happened so abruptly in front of his eyes. Not just anyone, but Rena, who should be the strongest in the El Search Party got done in? No matter how bad the situation was, in a single strike…..?

“N, no….”

Rena’s going to die! Add came to his senses late and stretched out his hand…. But in that moment, the woman swung her sword lightly.

Where the tip of her blade had stopped was a place where Rena lay collapsed after getting consumed by the flames. It’s too far for the El Search Party.

The message of her body gesture was clear. Add’s body stiffened and couldn’t move his hands. He had no idea how to deal with this.

He could tell with a single glance that the target was experienced in battle and had an outstanding swordsmanship. Not only that, she had also taken hostage Rena who Add was unclear if she was dead or alive …..

Add desperately thought to squeeze out a solution then realized that the face of this ‘Enemy’ looked rather familiar.


Hairs so red that they looked like they were burning,

Dark red flames played around her while guarding her.


Woman had the scene of a burning city behind her back as she stared straightly at Add. A beautiful but cold face that looked like her emotions had been incapacitated. That face looked almost like….

At that moment, Add realized everything and shuddered.

What the true beginning of a fight that transcended time Eun mentioned really meant, who the ‘enemy’ they had to face was, what D Berthe spoke about meant.

He knew clearly now.


The flames and murderous intent that was in front of his eyes,

D’s Knight.


As for whom she was…..




“Big sisteeeeeeeeer!!!!!”

Elsword’s tearing scream was clearly telling him who she was.



“It looks like good weather for a fight!”


[Elsword|Time Trouble] Volume 2 End


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