Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 4 page 202~226

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It was already dark when the El Search Party exited Temple of Dedication. They would have normally prepared to camp out right away. But this time it took a while for them to prepare because they had to choose a campsite far away from the Temple of Dedication.

I want to be far away from the Temple of Dedication filled with mountains of Demon corpses. This was the unified thought of all of the El Search Party members.

After finishing a simple meal, El Search Party fell asleep around the campfire. Ara beside Add fell asleep quickly and was making quiet breathing noises. But Add couldn’t fall asleep so easily.




That word Berthe left them really hung on his mind. The one who ordered the Dark Count Ran was D. So Add had thought D was Demons’ commander, the one behind the assassins that came after Eve.

But why would someone related to D annihilate Feita’s entire Demon battalion? What’s the point of damaging their own forces at this point when they were launching a full scale invasion of the Elrios continent?

He couldn’t find out in detail because Berthe died before finishing its words. But Add could tell with certainty that whoever turned the Temple of Dedication into a bloodbath was terrifyingly powerful.

The knight that Lento mentioned must have gotten caught up by this atrocity and lost their life. They couldn’t find the knight’s corpse but it’s probably rotting there somewhere.

Anyways, Add had no idea what to do if this person were to come after Eve. The Shadow Master he struggled so much against looked like a child’s play compared to this.


“Are you sleeping?”

Add paused at the question coming abruptly from his back. Eve who was on watchout duty spoke to him all of a sudden.


“No, I can’t sleep.”

Add was about to get up as he laughed but paused. Because another voice, Elsword answered Eve’s call instead.

“Eating and sleeping a lot is your only good point so hurry up and sleep.”

“I’m not always like that.”

Add had mistaken completely. His face turned red. He was glad he was late in getting up.

“We have to move tomorrow too. Hurry up and sleep.”

“You should too.”

“Nasods don’t need to sleep. I wouldn’t mind keeping watch all the time.”

Eve replied with a somewhat proud tone. Actually, Eve had suggested doing this many times during their journey but Rena had refused. That’s why they took turns watching out instead.

“Because that’s not what traveling together is about.”

Add listened to the conversation behind him and bit his lips unknowingly.

It was a surprisingly smooth and warm conversation. Eve’s voice also sounded looser than usual.

“I heard you say that so many times now.”

“Didn’t I tell you that traveling together means sharing the responsibilities as well?”

“You told me that your older sister told you that”

Add’s heart felt painful for some reason and he closed his eyes tightly. It would be better if he could fall sleep somehow…..But he couldn’t fall asleep.

He was almost jealous of Ara who was sleeping soundly beside him.

“You seem to be at least obedient to what your older sister says…..”

“Well, Big sister never said anything that was wrong.”

You could feel a strange sense of nostalgia in Elsword’s voice.

“Let’s go back to what we were talking about. You don’t look too well. Do you have something you’re worried about? Of course, after seeing such scene I do understand…..”

Eve had a tired tone as well. A one-sided massacre. Even if they were demons, seeing hundreds of corpses piled up like that would prevent anyone from falling asleep.

“I was just thinking of various things.”

“Add, are you sleeping?”

Add realized a bit later that Eve had called him. Could it be that she knew he was listening?

Unlike Add’s heart that was beating loudly, Eve’s voice that the night wind carried towards him was calm.

“I’m sorry this late at night. But if you’re awake, let’s talk for a moment.”


Add slowly brought his upper body up and took a slight glance behind him. Eve and Elsword who sat in front of the campfire were staring at him.

“Others are asleep so come closer. Let’s talk quietly.”

“If you’d like.”

Dynamo had a mute mode but there shouldn’t be a need to use that here. Add approached the two of them as he let out a slight laugh. Two of them didn’t seem to think that Add was listening in on their conversation before.

“So what do you want to talk about this late at night?”

“I’m asking you because I want to confirm something. What’s D?”

Eve must have been worried about Berthe’s last words as well. Elsword was also waiting for Add’s mouth to move in curiosity.

Add was about to back out by saying he didn’t know but changed his mind.

Add didn’t know too much in detail either. Maybe talking to them could lead to some clues.

“It’s someone who’s related to Demons. You could interpret the scene from today as Feita’s Demon battalion not doing something to D’s liking and paying the price.”

“It was a frightening display of skill.”

“They were all killed by a sword.”

Add let out a snort.

“Whatever it was, it cleaned up the Demons for us. That’s something good. Why are you guys so worried?”

“It’s because of words that the dying Demon left. That whatever did that to it will appear in front of us soon.”

“….It’s something it blurted out as it died. Don’t worry about it.”

Add erased his smile when he saw that Eve was looking worried. D had come after Eve before and there was a good chance that D was still after Eve. But revealing this to Eve would only give her unnecessary anxiety.

“We just have to defeat anyone who stands in our way. It’s a very simple logic. Don’t Nasods understand this?”

“….It’s not like I don’t know.”

Eve made an extremely unpleasant face when Add mocked her by bringing up Nasods. Add was overjoyed that he got a reaction from her.

“Then you must have forgotten. So you woke someone from their sleep just so you could cry about how worried you were? What an emotional Nasod.”

“You are incorrect. I don’t have such thing as emotions. I thought you were someone whom I could discuss this with but it seems I was mistaken.”

“That’s right. I only just figured out that Nasods could make a mistake too. This is incredible! Being so distraught with worry about what a single small fry Demon said, I must have made a mistake about you too. Kukukuk.”


When Add continued to taunt her, Eve really looked offended now. Add who was getting into this mood was about to say more lines but Elsword made a sigh at that moment.

“Big brother Add. If you wanted to comfort Eve you should have just said it properly. You’re not a kid you know……why do you have to say it like that?”

“…..What do you mean?”

Elsword looked at Add with a very pitiful gaze…. It looked like he was feeling really unpleasant.

“I don’t get why you have to say what you want to say in such a way.”

“A kid is saying something weird after staying up for too long.”

Add became really displeased and taunted back. But Elsword didn’t mind at all.

“Eve, why did you go out of your way to wake Big brother Add up to talk about this? Do you have a reason?”

“It’s because this person knows something but is hiding it.”

Add’s heart sank at those sudden words. Eve’s golden eyes were staring straightly at him.

…..Just how did she notice?

“You knew about what Rena kept secret from us. Am I right?”

Add felt relieved at her continuing words. What Eve was pointing out was that Rena had told Add about the secret circumstances behind this scouting mission.

After getting his composure back, Add crossed his arms and snorted.

“She just told me on her own. And I didn’t tell you guys because I didn’t feel the need to.”

“It would have been dangerous if we ran into whoever had caused this. You should have told us beforehand.”

“What? So you wanted to stay out if it was something dangerous?”

Eve stared coldly when Add taunted her again. Elsword sighed and butted in when the two started arguing again.

“Eve, you don’t have to worry about me. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve seen corpses. I also saw many things while doing Knight’s duties.”

“….I’m not doing this particularly because I’m worried about you.”

Elsword spoke calmly when Eve turned her head around abruptly.

“Actually I almost fell down the chasm today. But I was saved thanks to Big brother Add’s help. So don’t pick on him too much.”


At those words, Eve who had turned her head around carefully turned her eyes to look at Add.

Add pretended he didn’t care as he looked up at the night sky as the atmosphere turned strange all of a sudden in the middle of their argument.

Stars were bright.

“My words were too harsh, Add.”

“My, are you fishing for compliments….?”

Add mocked again but Eve’s attitude was completely different from before.

“Thank you for saving Elsword.”


Add forgot what he was about to say when Eve even bowed slightly. He never thought even in his dreams that there will come a day when that pompous Eve would thank him like this.

But how come the reason had to be…..

His heart felt stifled.

“I’m going back to sleep now.”

Add stood up and went back to his sleeping spot. He didn’t like how Eve’s attitude changed after hearing a single word that he had helped Elsword.

Wasn’t this completely discriminatory?

Well, in Eve’s point of view, she had been always together with Elsword and it hasn’t even been that long since she met Add. It was obvious how she’d treat the two differently……but Add didn’t like this at all.

Add lay on his side and was about to close his eyes to sleep but paused. Ara had her eyes wide open with both of her hands covering her mouth.



Their gazes met. Ara must have awoken from her sleep and had been listening in on their conversation. Add’s eyes instinctively turned fowl.

“I, I didn’t hear anything, Mr.Add.”

“What didn’t you hear?”

“I didn’t hear anything about how Mr.Add and Ms.Eve were arguing.”

So she’s confessing that she heard everything. Add glared at her more sharply. Ara looked very intimidated by this and shrunk. But flustered Ara suddenly opened her eyes widely as she got up from her spot while grabbing her spear.

“Someone’s coming.”

“Who is….?”

He had thought she was making an excuse but Rena across the campfire was also getting up. It must be true.

“There’s only one but please be careful.”


They had moved away but this place still wasn’t too far away from the Temple of Dedication. It wouldn’t be strange to say that the one that had created the atrocity in the Temple could be looking for their next victim.

Human form that could be seen far away must have noticed their campfire because it was approaching this way.

It’s getting closer. Add looked at Rena but she didn’t show any signs of aiming her bow. Is she going to let it get close?

“Everyone, it’s someone we already know.”

Rena said this and put down her bow. Even if it’s someone we knew, wouldn’t it be better for us to be cautious if it was coming towards us so abruptly? Add couldn’t understand but Rena instructed the other members to drop their weapons.

“Add too, quickly.”


Add who held out in battle position the longest also moved the Dynamos behind his back. Of course he didn’t intend to disarm completely so he prepared himself to change into attack position right away.

Human’s footsteps got closer.

“Haah, haah…..”

The sound of panting as the footsteps approached. It seemed like whoever that was approaching them was extremely fatigued. Rena approached the form that was approaching them.

“You look tired, are you okay?”


The person that came running to them with all she had dropped in front of Rena. She panted heavily after Rena quickly caught her from falling.

“P, please help. Velder is…..”

A face they saw in Elder, it was Ariel.


Velder Kingdom’s capital, Velder.

But that Velder has been invaded by Demons coming through the Dimension Gate.

There were obviously knights and soldiers protecting the city but the Demon forces that appeared abruptly from the inner city were too fierce. And Velder’s army also had to prioritize in the safety of the civilians so they couldn’t help but to retreat.

Temporary commander of the Velder Liberation Army, Vanessa had hastily scraped together some forces and now she was pacing about near the barracks.


She was regarded as an outstanding commander but even she couldn’t think of how to overcome this situation. Allied forces were scattered while enemy forces were gathered together. Also, many civilians had been taken hostage. Civilians were direct relatives of the soldiers so…..Morale of the soldiers had hit rock bottom.

Actually, retreating right now and reorganizing their forces was the better choice. But the problem was that the royal castle had been captured.

“We need reinforcements.”

Vanessa had already come up with a plan to overcome this situation with best of her abilities. But they didn’t have enough forces to execute that plan. Even the soldiers she had currently had been scraped together somehow. Their current forces were barely being held together because of Vanessa’s leadership.

She had sent messengers everywhere notifying that the capital was in danger and requested for reinforcements but there were no replies. It seemed that the others places had their hands full as well. The news that came from other places was all chaotic these days.

Only if they still had the Kingdom’s strongest, Red Knights…..


She couldn’t think of any solutions no matter how much she thought. When Vanessa was letting out a long sigh, a pleasant voice came from behind her.

“You might get wrinkles if you sigh too much like that.”


Vanessa frowned and looked back at this daring speech. She had assumed some insolent solider had made a joke….But the owner of the voice was a girl.

A beautiful girl she had never seen before was smiling at her. The girl’s beauty felt so out of this world that she felt unfit for this battlefield which was concentrated with forces that conducted war.

Vanessa thought for a moment if she was seeing things…..

But seeing how the soldiers around them were looking with their jaws wide open, this was real.

“W, who are you?”

“Hmm, we came after getting your call for reinforcements. Is this the command center of the Velder Liberation Army?”

Vanessa came to her sense and returned to the business like attitude as she nodded.

“I’m the commander Vanessa. May I ask you for your name?”

“I’m Rena. We came after receiving your call from Feita.”

“Ah, so you’re the El Search Party that defeated the demons in that….Elder?”

Vanessa stared surprisingly at Rena for a different reason this time.

Actually, the El Search Party wasn’t a well known group before. (Leaving aside how unknown its members were, it hasn’t even been that long since they were formed so this was rather obvious). But they were famous now because at the start of Demon invasion of the Elrios continent, they had defeated the Demons that appeared in Elder which marked the start of the invasions to come.

Every place was in dire straits now due to the Demon invasion but only Elder was safe. It was obvious for Vanessa’s expression to brighten after hearing this group’s name.

“Thank you so much for coming to assist us in Velder. I actually hadn’t expected you to come here…..”

Vanessa was overjoyed and held out her hand. When Rena took and shook her hand, Vanessa explained herself.

“Ah, that’s because I heard that you went to Feita. I thought that it would be difficult for you to come here since you’d be busy facing the Demons in Feita.”

“Hmm, we did go to Feita…..”

“What happened on their side? Could it be that you came here after taking care of them already?”

Vanessa was now looking at Rena with eyes of admiration.

After defeating the Demons in Elder, then defeating the Demons in Feita, they didn’t take any time to rest and came to Velder? Weren’t these people truly heroes, saviors of this continent?”

When Vanessa asked with almost tears in her eyes, Rena made a troubled expression and shook her head.

“Umm, that’s not true. Feita’s Demons had been already been defeated before we arrived. That’s why we could come to Velder so quickly when we heard the news.”

“Feita defeated the Demons by themselves? But defenses there should be even more insufficient than in here. Of course, Sir Lento is an outstanding commander but….”

Vanessa couldn’t understand and trailed her words. She thought that Rena might be trying to be extremely modest.

“An unknown something had defeated them before us. Hmm, so how’s the situation here right now?”

“Ah, I heard that there are other members also in the El Search Party. Wouldn’t it be better if you all listened together? Could it be….that you came alone?”

Vanessa asked carefully in order to hide signs of disappointment much as possible. Of course, El Search Party had achieved amazing feats and Rena was sure to be a greatly skilled individual as well. But would the situation change too much with only her added to their forces?

“No, that’s….we did all come together but.”

Insolent voices came from behind Rena as she trailed her words.

“What’s wrong with eating some potatoes?”

“Could it be that we weren’t supposed to eat those potatoes Ms.Eve? …..I kind of ate a lot.”

“Listening to what’s happening here come first. We didn’t hurry here without any reason after all.”

Just as Vanessa’s eyes turned round at such unfamiliar conversation, someone approached and stood beside Rena. The boy with one eye covered with an eye patch, Add sighed and requested Rena.

“I’ll do the talking so go say something to those kids. They’re whining about how hungry they are and there’s no answer to them.”

“Ah, we did skip meals because we came in such a hurry….”

Rena understood and went to calm down Elsword and Eve. Add spoke to Vanessa instead.

“Are you the commander here?”

“That’s correct…..”

His attitude wasn’t too polite but Vanessa modestly nodded in response. Then Add held out his hand.

“Map of the capital, hurry up and give me the one that has layout of the current troop placements.”


El Search Party left to help Velder without hesitation soon as they heard from Ariel that it had been captured by Demons.

El Search Party arrived in Velder quickly and requested for briefing from Vanessa about the current situation.

“….That’s everything.”

“This looks hopeless.”

Inside the commander’s tent, Add heard Vanessa’s explanation and let out a large sigh. Elsword who was chewing on steamed potato also nodded.

“Isn’t it too reckless to try rescuing the civilians and retake the royal castle at the same time with such small forces? I think we should back off for now.”

“….As knights, we cannot run away and leave our lord behind.”

Vanessa reproached Elsword for being young and making light of chivalry. But Add let out a short laugh.

“Knights or not, they are of no use if they are dead. Forces here will be annihilated too if the Demons enclose their forces around us. You should know this already.”


Vanessa was also feeling the sense of danger so she couldn’t say that Add was wrong. Demons not attacking aggressively after they had captured the royal castle was one of the big reasons that Vanessa could somehow muster this much forces in the first place.

“Hmm, it’s not impossible.”

But Rena who was looking at the map pointed out two places.

“We can use divisionary tactics. One side will rescue the civilians while the other side charges into the royal castle.”

“Splitting up forces when we are already in an inferior situation would just lead to us getting picked off one at a time.”

Rena smiled gently at Add’s indication.

“That’s why we’re here. We can draw the Demons’ attention to us.”

“…..So it’s a double divisionary tactic.”

Vanessa also realized what Rena was trying to say. Division after division, when the El Search Party that was a superior fighting unit gathered the attention of the Demons, Vanessa and the soldiers will use that chance to each achieve their goals.

“It’s not impossible.”

“I’ll do it too!”

Eve and Ara also agreed with Rena’s decision. Add clicked his tongue at this absurdity.

“Bare bone of that plan is us getting completely exposed to the Demons’ swords and spears. We’ll be the ones in most danger.”

“Isn’t that why we came here Add?”

Add shook his head at Rena’s words. Even so, he didn’t want to agree to this stupid plan. If Add was in danger, he could just escape. But….

“Why are you looking at me?”

Eve wouldn’t escape. Add knew this already from his experiences in other timelines. No matter how powerful of an enemy appeared, Eve will face them with all she has long as she had someone she must protect.

“…..I can’t agree to this plan. At least not as how it is right now.”


Rena looked troubled as she trailed her words but Add had no intention of conceding this time. Actually, if two of them were by themselves, Add would have stopped Rena no matter what even if he had to get angry at her. He was toning it down right now because the others were here.

“This is basically running into our very likely deaths. I can’t bet everything on 50% chance of victory.”

“But we don’t know how the Demons’ movements might change if we stall for too long. We have to act right now.”

“…..What about the fighting forces other than us?”

Add also knew that this plan had the highest chance of success in their current situation. It was just problematic for him because the El Search Party will be exposed to the blunt of the danger.

The fact that Demons were after Eve was almost certain. He didn’t want to put Eve in such a dangerous situation.

“We requested various places but you people are the only ones that came.”

“Why are this country’s defenses so loose? Didn’t you have those Knights or something? How are you guys losing so helplessly like this?”

Even if Demons had invaded in full force, shouldn’t the capital’s defenses at least be better? Vanessa weakly shook her head at Add’s obvious indication.

“We had an order of Knights…..but because they got disbanded, we had to reorganize entire military. The troops weren’t fully organized yet when we got attacked.”

“Disband? What do you mean?”

“We had the strongest order of Knights in the kingdom called the Red Knights…..”

Just when Vanessa trailed her words, Eve cut her off for some reason.

“Its fine, you don’t need to explain about that. Let’s come up with a detailed plan.”

“Why did you cut her off there? We should know about what’s going on.”

This wasn’t Add provoking Eve, he was serious. Add lacked knowledge about this age and although he didn’t care much about this topic before, but he needed to know now.

“I’ll tell you separately if you are curious.”


Add frowned at Eve’s response. He couldn’t understand Eve’s actions. It was as if she wanted to avoid this topic.

Vanessa explained instead.

“It’s a well known story……The Red Knights that were composed of the most skilled individuals in the kingdom were wiped out half a year ago.”

“Wiped out? So there weren’t any survivors? Who did it?”

Powerful Knights were annihilated not too long before the Demons invaded? It seemed there was some correlation to these two events. Just when Vanessa was about to explain Add’s question, Elsword suddenly stood up from his seat.

“I’ll be waiting outside.”

“We’re still in middle of the meeting, where do you think you’re going?”

Elsword exited the quarters ignoring Add’s words. When Add frowned at Elsword’s confusing reaction, Eve also stood up.

Add grabbed Eve’s hand as she was about to follow Elsword out.

“Why are you leaving too? What’s going on here?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

“Tell me right now. In a way I can understand.”

When Add spoke as he stood up too, Eve stared at Vanessa then the other members once. Eve opened her mouth after a moment of hesitation.

“I don’t think I should be the one telling you this …..But I’ll tell you because I think you all should know. The Red Knights from the story just now, the name of their leader is Elesis.”

Eve revealed carefully.

“She’s Elsword’s older sister.”


“Let go of me now that you know.”

But Add didn’t let go despite Eve’s request. The truth that was revealed just now was surprising, but letting Eve follow Elsword didn’t sit right with Add.

“Don’t go and remain seated here. There’s no use going after him.”

“That’s not something for you to decide.”

“I’m telling you to not get in my way.”

Add forcefully pressed Eve’s shoulder and made her sit. Eve tried to resist with an extremely displeased expression but paused at the continuation of Add’s words.

“I’ll go talk with him. So you all just take a break for now. I’ll bring him back.”

“…..What are you thinking?”

When Eve stared suspiciously, Add laughed slightly.

What am I thinking? You following him will make my eyes sore that’s what.

“Girls don’t need to know.”

“I’m a Nasod.”

“There there. There are also things guys want to talk about by themselves. So let’s let Add go instead okay?”

When Rena agreed, Eve stared at Add very suspiciously then turned her gaze around.

“It’s a delicate subject for Elsword so don’t speak carelessly. I won’t forgive you if you do.”

“….Kukuk, whatever.”

Add left the tent after passing over Eve’s warning with a cold smile.


Finding Elsword wasn’t difficult. It was rare to see a boy sitting on top a box looking up blankly at the sky, especially inside the barracks where everyone else was moving busily.

Add found Elsword and was about to approach him but paused. Just what should he say?


He didn’t take up this task particularly because he was sorry about bringing up the topic or that he wanted to comfort Elsword. He just didn’t want to see Eve do this task.

Comforting someone that was dejected, and to comfort someone he didn’t like to top it off. Wasn’t this too high level of a task?


So is this what you call falling into one’s own trap? Add clicked his tongue in distaste as he approached Elsword.

All he had to do in cases like this was just say something that wasn’t in his mind. It didn’t suit his tastes but it’s not like he couldn’t do it if he made up his mind.

Anyways, he just didn’t want Eve to do this. So he’ll do it instead.


Elsword didn’t answer even though Add approached while calling him. He must have been really disheartened. Just when Add was about to make up some smooth talk, Elsword spoke abruptly.

“Big sister isn’t dead.”


Didn’t they say Red Knights were wiped out? Then even their leader shouldn’t have gotten out safely.

Was it just baseless optimism of a deceased’s family? Just when Add was thinking about how to reply, Elsword denied Add’s thought.

“Because only Big sister’s corpse wasn’t found at that spot where multitudes of arrows rained down.”

So it wasn’t just a baseless opinion. Anyways if Elesis was alive, shouldn’t there be no reason for Elsword to feel this dejected right now? Add wanted to ask this but stayed quiet for now.

Rather than comforting him half-heartedly, Add thought it would be better to listen quietly for now.

“Big sister didn’t show up ever since that time. Even when rumors about how Big sister ran away after killing her subordinates started going around.”

“……So only the leader’s subordinates were killed and the leader disappeared.”

Group where the best in the nation were gathered, to become the leader of such group, Elesis must have been extremely powerful. If she didn’t die in that incident, you had to say she was staying hidden by her own will.

It was obvious she’d get suspected.

“Yes. I became a knight in order to fight beside my sister one day….But Big sister stopped being a knight when I finally became a knight myself. Now no one calls Big sister the knight of knights or the strongest leader of the Red Knights anymore. Rather….they mock her. Calling her traitor that sold out her comrades to the enemies.”

“She’s probably not coming out because she’s treating her wounds.”

“Yes, I want to believe that too.”

Elsword’s attitude was very modest but there were signs that he had worried a lot about this matter in his voice.

Even Add who disliked Elsword could tell how large Elsword’s heart towards Elesis was and just how precious Elesis was to Elsword.

“If I continue to fight as a knight, then Big sister will return as a knight after healing her wounds right?”

Elsword stretched his hand out towards the sky. Obviously, his hands didn’t reach no matter how far he stretched.

“Of course…..I know that all of this is just my wishful thinking.”

Add spoke abruptly in response to Elsword’s self-deprecating murmur.

“Do what you’d like. What are you worried about?”

“Big brother Add?”

“I said just do what you would like. Having that kind of hope, or giving up, that’s all up to your heart.”

Add’s voice was blunt but he wasn’t trying to provoke Elsword here.

“The heart of wanting to get back the person important to you is something that’s obvious. Don’t deprecate that feeling as saying it’s just your wishful thinking or something of the sort. At least don’t say that in front of me. It’s despicable. ”


Add’s ultimate goal was to go back to the far past and get back his precious person that was stolen from him.

Add had sworn long ago that he’ll do anything in order to achieve this goal.

“What’s so wrong about wanting to get back what you lost? I at least don’t think that it’s something pathetic. No, isn’t it something that’s blatantly obvious to want? If your sister is so precious to you, then all you have to do is continue with your beliefs. This is the correct way no matter what anyone might say from around you. I guarantee you that.”

“…..Big brother Add.”

Add shut his mouth to stop his speech when Elsword called him quietly. Because of his momentary spur of anger, Add had just spat out his inner feelings that he had kept hidden.

Anyways, let’s finish this up somehow.

“So, anyways do what you’d like. Either keep working hard in order to meet Elesis again or give up hope after listening to those people thoughtlessly blabbering about her. You’re free to choose what you want.”


“But if you still possess the wish to fight together with your sister as a knight, then you should remain a knight until she comes back. That’s all…. I wanted to say.”

He just did something totally unfitting for him. Add didn’t wait for Elsword’s answer and turned around. He didn’t want to talk while facing Elsword anymore.

“Big brother Add.”

Voice followed him from behind.

“Thank you for cheering me on.”


It was true that he didn’t like Elsword. But despite this, he also didn’t like how Elsword was acting just now. No, even if it wasn’t Elsword, no matter who it was……When discussing about the passion to meet one’s important person again, Add must respond sincerely.

Because that was the reason why Add strived towards his goal even going far as to ridiculing time.

I want to meet my precious person who I’ll never meet again, I want to get back my time with that person. It was a dream Add wanted to achieve even if he had to throw away his very self.

Add walked with his hands in pockets then suddenly paused. He didn’t know since when, but three girls were staring at him with an amazed gaze.

“Mr.A,Add……. I was so moved.”

Ara was wiping her tears with the back of her hand as she stared at Add,

“Hmm, Just as I thought, Add is a good kid. Big sis was very moved as well.”

Rena was smiling brightly. She seemed like she didn’t know what to do because she was so proud of Add.

“…..That was magnificent.”

Eve was complimenting him as if she didn’t want to admit it. Add’s face turned bright red after he realized that the three of them had been listening.

“W, What?! Since when were you guys listening?!”

“We listened to everything from the start!”

“I didn’t want to listen but Rena kept….”

“We were watching ever since when you tried to approach Elsword but paused. Honestly…..for Add to show such a splendid behavior. Add is very dependable as always.”

Leaving aside Ara who was sobbing, Rena also responded as if she was really moved.

Add whose face had turned bright red hastily put on his hood to hide his face.

“You did a good job Add~”

“S, shut up. I’m going to rest for a bit. Just go and think of some plans while I’m gone.”

Add escaped the scene as he muttered. He couldn’t withstand these stares from the girls.

I’m going to kick in my sleep for a while whenever I recall this.




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