Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 4 page 190~202

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There’s a person you hate even though they didn’t do anything particularly wrong to you. For Add, Elsword was that kind of person.

Before Add time traveled, Elsword displeased him because he was an immature kid who ran about without knowing his place. Even now that he’s grown and become somewhat more mature, Add couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge him.

“There’s no one here. What’s going on?”

“It’s better that way.”

Add was using Dynamo’s scouting mode to scan the path in front of them beforehand. But for a temple that was supposedly captured by the Demons, there weren’t any life signatures inside the Temple of Dedication.

There’s not even a rat in here. What’s going on?

“Could they have all gone back to the Demon realm because something urgent happened?”

“I don’t know. We might be able to find out something if we keep moving up.”

That was all the conversation that went back and forth between the two. Add took a glance at Elsword to his side and turned his head back around with a snort.

Add had never particularly hidden his distaste for Elsword so Rena should have known. Why did she divide up the team like this?

If they were to divide the teams, it was better for Elsword and Ara who were in charge of the front line to be in separate teams. Then considering commanding and decision making abilities, Add and Rena had to be in separate teams as well.

Thus the best team combination was dividing the teams into Ara and Add then Eve,Elsword and Rena. Didn’t they also divide up like this in their first fight in Ruben? Or she could have put Ara, Eve, Add in the same team just like back in Wally’s Castle.

Did Rena have some other purpose for pairing him up with Elsword?

“Big brother Add? What do you think about Eve?”

Elsword who was walking in front asked abruptly. Add stared at the boy’s back as he walked and explicitly made a frown.

Rena and this kid…… Why do they keep asking this question?

“Kukukuk, why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”

“Because Eve seems to be mindful of you.”

What does that mean? When Add didn’t answer, Elsword stopped and looked down.

“Ah, falling down from here will be bad.”

What appeared before them was a chasm. There were evenly spaced out stepping-stones creating a bridge so it didn’t look too hard to get across if you jumped on the stone bridges carefully.

Of course, Add didn’t bother with the bridge and withdrew his Dynamos to get on top of them. There was no reason to jump when he could just fly.

Elsword jumped right away and stepped on the first stone. He could lose his life if he missed his steps but he didn’t hesitate at all.

“Eve isn’t, too, good, with, worldly affairs.”

Elsword continued to talk as he jumped across the chasm. Add matched his speed with Elsword and listened to what he said.

“She also isn’t, too, good, with, talking to people. So she gets, confused, or if things doesn’t go her way, she gets angry first. Just like before.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I blocked, even her last attack, she would have gotten angrier and attacked me again.”

Elsword’s tone was as if he knew clearly how Eve would react. Even as how Add recalled it, Elsword’s movements as he blocked Eve’s attacks weren’t too bad.

Almost to the extent that Elsword could have purposely let Eve’s final slap hit.

“That’s why she probably acts like that towards you too.”

“…..Why are you telling me this?”

Add somewhat figured out what Elsword was trying to say and asked back directly. He didn’t like asking directly like this but Elsword was speaking so openly that he had no choice.

Elsword stopped his step as he was jumping across and looked back.

“Because’ Eve is my precious friend. I would like you to get along with her as well.”

“…..Something only a kid would think of.”

Add didn’t have to reply out loud but he couldn’t help himself. Everybody be happy gets along~? Even kids these days wouldn’t say such things.

“Really? I would like Eve to get along well with other people and not just me. She was always alone by herself until I met her.”


Come to think of it, Add didn’t know about Eve’s past except for the fact that she was traveling with Elsword.

“But that’s so lonely. I’m Eve’s friend but I think it’s better for her to have other friends too.”

“…..You’re way too simple.”

Add replied dejectedly. Somebody else here was doing his utmost best to survive even by crossing time and here was Elsword thinking about such carefree things.

But surprisingly it didn’t make Add angry. Was it because it sounded so ridiculous?

“Well you might be right. But my wish for Eve to be able to get along with other people is real. She seems to have befriended Big sister Rena already…. But she doesn’t seem to be making progress with Big sister Ara.”

Elsword said this and calmly looked at Add.

“And she seems to have a strange atmosphere with you Big brother Add.”

“There’s nothing going on.”


Elsword didn’t say anymore and continued to jump across. As Add followed him, he realized something.

If he ambushed by firing a shockwave right now, Elsword would plummet down the chasm. Add was already at an advantage in a direct confrontation and now he even had the positional advantage. Elsword’s life was in his hands right now.


This is a great chance. Should I get rid of him right now? This guy would get in the way when I try to take Eve.


Add pondered as he looked at Elsword’s back. He could just say to the others that Elsword got ambushed by Demons.


“Wha? Huh?”

But the part of the stone bridge Elsword was stepping on broke down. These kinds of bridges were designed to be crossed carefully without putting too much strength on the structure. It had broken down because Elsword moved across too forcefully.

Elsword waved his arms trying to regain his balance but his body was already falling backwards. The surface was extremely far down behind him. His life was in danger if he fell down like this.


Elsword also realized this and desperately swung his arms but he couldn’t stop his body from falling backwards. Just when Elsword was about to fall,


Add who flew in from the back grabbed his arm. Elsword stared at Add with a surprised expression then quickly regained his balance.

“Thank you Big brother Add.”


Add was silent from the act he just performed. He would have died if I left him alone. Why did I ruin this chance by myself?

Add’s gaze as he thought this remained on Elsword’s other hand. He had already pulled out his sword sensing that he was about to fall. He must have realized recovering his balance was impossible and tried to stop himself from falling by driving the sword into the stone wall.

It was such a wild animal like judgement. Honestly, if Add had been in the same situation he would have helplessly dropped to his death.

“Big brother Add? I’m okay now.”

Add thought intently then finally let go of Elsword arm. He decided to leave his shock at Elsword’s reaction speed and the mistake he just made for another time. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to take Elsword’ life if he put his mind to it anyways.

“I’m going up first.”

“Ah, wait for me!”

Add ignored Elsword’s shout from below and flew upwards.


They started to smell blood.

Demon corpses were all around them. Add and Elsword kept silent.

Rough body count as they came up was already numbering three digits. The smell was so intense that it could paralyze their noses….. There must be even more Demon corpses up ahead.

“This is too cruel….”

Add didn’t say it out loud but he agreed with Elsword. Of course, Demons that were after Eve were unpleasant enemies that he had no intention of showing mercy to.

But even Add could only describe these Glitter solider corpses as just brutal. It was difficult to spot a corpse that still had its entire body intact. Seeing how blood and flesh were splattered all over on the walls to their right and left, it almost looked like a scene right after the disaster where an overwhelming storm had swept by.

“…..It looks like this was all done by one person. This is not magic, it was done with a sword. All of them got blown away with one slash.”

Hearing Elsword murmur with a dark expression on his face as he examined the Glitter soldiers’ corpses, a chill went down Add’s spine. Elsword was right.

Seeing how the corpses were all laid out on left and right sides of the road, it looked like someone had swung their sword left to right as they ran forwards.

Then Demons were one-sidedly massacred by this attack. Yes, this could only be described as a massacre. Even Add shook his head at this terrible scene but Elsword for some reason knelt and seriously examined one corpse.

“Why are you looking at it so intently?”

“…..It’s just.”

Elsword shut his mouth and continued to examine the scar on the corpse. Add didn’t want to be in this place anymore so he moved ahead without informing Elsword.


He arrived at the Spire where they had agreed to meet.

Rena, Eve and Ara had already arrived before him. The three of them must have seen the corpses as they came up because their faces were all grim as well. Add was about to call out by shouting…..then realized three of their gazes were focused on one point. Add turned his head towards the direction of their gaze.


Cutty Sark was hanging on the wall pierced by harpoons. Not just one but dozens of harpoons pierced its body. It was pointless to check if it was alive or dead.

It was as if someone was playing with a toy, displaying Cutty Sark on the wall as if it was an insect specimen.

“This is too harsh….”

When Add spoke out, the silence in the area was broken. Ara nodded.

“Even if they were Demons, there shouldn’t be a need to go this far.”

“As I’ve observed on our way up, they were all finished with a single strike. Not only that, this was all done by the skill of single individual. What’s going on Rena?”


At Eve’s gaze, Rena scratched her cheek with a troubled expression. It was difficult to hide it from them anymore.

“We actually came here to check because something like this might have happened….”

“Is this person an ally or foe?”

Eve’s question was actually ridiculous. Someone appeared out of the blue and defeated all the Demons threatening Feita for them. There’s no way this person was an enemy.

And yet, no one in the El Search Party could say Eve’s question was wrong. This wasn’t a fight; it was a once-sided slaughter, a massacre. This person was strong but extremely brutal.

Even by looking the harpoons piercing Cutty Sark’s body so densely…..you could almost sense the madness.

“I don’t know which…..But let’s prepare ourselves.”

Add didn’t like Rena acting so unconfidently so he asked abruptly.

“Tell us already if you know something about this. I don’t think there are many individuals who can pull this kind of thing off.”

Add didn’t know any famous individuals from this age because he was from the past. But there shouldn’t be a lot of people who possessed this much overwhelming power, cruelty and madness.

“Mr.Lento was also very reluctant and didn’t tell me. It almost seemed like he got his lips sealed…..”

Rena had a troubled expression as she trailed her words.

“But he did say Knight.”


At that word, the entire group’s gaze turned towards Elsword who had just arrived. Wasn’t this boy also a Knight of the Velder Kingdom?

But Elsword shook his head with a grim expression.

“I don’t know either. This kind of person….”

“I don’t know who it is. But doesn’t defeating the Demons in order to protect Feita mean this is a good person?”

Ara looked like she couldn’t believe her own words because there was no confidence in her voice.

“There was no need to go this far. They even slaughtered enemies that where turning their back and running away.”

“B,but they could have done more bad things if they were left to run away……”

“Even then, I wouldn’t like to meet this person.”

Add was organizing his thoughts as he listened to Ara and Eve talk. Then his eyes suddenly gleamed.

“Wait, there’s something above. It’s a life signature.”

Dynamo he had let fly for scouting had found a life signature.

“…..Is it the person who caused this?”

“We’ll have to see directly. Judging by how weak the life signature is, whoever it is must not be in a good state.”

“That’s not good. We should go help right away!!”

Ara was about to quickly run to the top but Rena grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Wait Ara. Let’s all move forward carefully while examining our surroundings”

“But Mr.Add just said the person is in dangerous state. We have to hurry.”

“There’s no guarantee that it’s a human. It could be a surviving Demon.”

Add spoke bluntly and turned around.

“There’s no harm in being careful. This way.”

As Add walked in front, he took a slight glance at Elsword.

Was it because he heard that a Knight had caused this atrocity? Elsword’s face looked grimmer than ever before.

‘…..Well it’s not like I care.’

Add made a snort then moved up the stairs.


Altar of Dedication.

Giant, wolf faced Demon was sprawled on the ground. El Search Party with Add in the front carefully approached it then they all stopped moving as terror filled their faces.

Parts of the Demon’s body were torn off and its abdomen was pierced by a sharp pillar. What’s surprising was that it still was clinging to its life.


Add unconsciously called out the Demon’s name and approached it. Even if it was a Demon general, it posed no threat now that it had lost most of its body.

Berthe who was panting heavily slightly turned its head around at the call. There was aura of death on its face and it didn’t look like it will hold out for much longer.

“Huff, Huff…..W, Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who I am, who did this?”

Berthe closed its mouth and looked like it was guessing at Add’s identity. Looking at its condition, Berthe won’t hold out for long. But you could tell it was truly a Demon general by seeing how it still tried to run its brain despite being at its deathbed.

“Kugh, Ugh, huff…”

But even Berthe immediately let out a painful groan when Add kicked its sides. It must have been deathly painful since he got kicked while his abdomen was pieced by a stone pillar.


Ara called out in horror from behind Add but he ignored it. There wasn’t much time left to get information out of Berthe.

“I’ll send you off peacefully if you answer properly, I don’t think that’s a bad deal for you.”

“Kugh, H, human trash…..”

Berthe attempted to howl but its body didn’t move according to its will.

Add thought about kicking it again but gave up on it. You could visibly tell Berthe’s condition worsening rapidly.

But Berthe who was facing death showed its teeth as it laughed.

“Kuhaha. You guys will also….soon find out. There’s no need to hurry.”

“What a deaf beast you are. Anyone could have finished you off. Stop acting so mighty.”

Add purposely enticed Berthe’s anger. It must have been effective because rage filled Berthe’s blurry eyes.

“Why you…… Do you think I would have ended up like this if that thing wasn’t my opponent?”

“Yes, so what is that thing? I don’t know how great it was but would it really brag about defeating you?”

At Add’s mockery, Berthe put strength in its eyes and spoke every single word with a force.

“Your confidence will be short lived. All of you will end up like me if that thing appears again. That D’s Kn….”

Berthe’s voice as he spoke forcefully seemed to dim all of a sudden then became quiet. Its life ran out as it held out its tongue.

It was barely alive in the first place. Going out of its way to speak quickened its death. It was a miserable death unfit for a Demon General.


While Add was staring down at Berthe’s corpse, Eve suggested coldly from behind him.

“Demons have been wiped out. What should we do now?”

“….Let’s get out of here first. We have to report this to Feita.”

Everyone turned around following Rena’s grim voice. Add who was quietly looking down at Berthe’s corpse also turned around and followed when the others’ footsteps got further.

Add who thought deeply as he walked found something on the ground.

“What is this?”

It was different from the color of the ground so Add picked it up with his fingertips…… It was a strand of red hair. It’s Elsword’s. Even though Add thought this he somehow didn’t feel like throwing it away.

Since it was a very beautiful strand of crimson red hair.





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