Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 3 page 144~166(Chapter Complete)

파일 엘소드라노벨_2

Chapter 3 complete. Thank for for reading so far. See you in Chapter 4.

Previous chapter

Top of the Wally Castle’s watchtower. It was a place with cool breeze.

“…..Why did they give so much?”

Add was taken aback at all the snacks and drinks that filled his arms. Of course, he didn’t buy them because he had a sudden urge to eat.

Someone asked Add as he followed Eve if he was an El Search Party member and he answered yes without any particular thought. Then it turned out like this.

Well, the El Search Party fought in the front lines during the battle to overthrow Wally. They played an instrumental role in the battle so it was obvious for them to be well treated like this.

Eve had arrived before him and stood behind the castle wall looking out. Add carefully dropped the foods as he stood beside the girl who was watching the sunset.

Eve still didn’t say anything. Add was forced to speak first.

“You could have got many drinks as you wanted if you said you’re from the El Search Party.”

“Elsword will get bad habits.”

Eve’s tone was as if she already knew that. Nothing good could come from bringing up Elsword in a conversation with Eve…..but he had already started this conversation.

“Guys are supposed to grow up with bad habits. Kukuk”

“I would at least like him to not get into the habit of stealing.”

Eve finally turned her head towards Add. Add unknowingly winced at her cold gaze.

“I don’t plan to tell anyone about what you were doing with Ara Haan. You don’t need to worry.”

“…..That’s was a complete misunderstanding.”

“Even I know what it means for a human male and female to be together without clothes.”

It was only Ara(For her sake, let’s correct this as Eun) that was naked. Add’s head started to hurt extremely from facing Eve’s stiff attitude.

Objectively, what Eve said was right. It was futile to pass this as a misunderstanding. Add didn’t know what he could say to make Eve understand this situation. Anything he said felt like they’d only sound like excuses.

‘…..Why do I have to suffer through this?’

Add asked himself as he let out a fake cough.

“I told you it’s not like that. You should already know that I was unconscious.”

“I have no idea what you mean.”


Add couldn’t continue his words at such an absurd reply. Eve spoke with a tone that she didn’t say anything wrong.

“Doesn’t doing something like that with Ara Haan mean you weren’t injured?”

…..Was that sarcasm? Add’s heart instantly got lifted up in delight. No way. She can even make sarcastic remarks? She was one unimaginably delicately constructed Nasod.

Eve’s stare became much colder when Add made a delightful face.

“This story is over.”

“Wait. It’s not over yet.”

Add was so burned up in his desire for research that he was late in coming to his senses and replied hastily. But Eve’s attitude was that she finished all she had to say. She had her head turned around looking forwards again.

“…..First of all. I definitely don’t have that kind of relationship with Ara.”

He didn’t know if she’d believe him but there was no choice but to speak out. Ah… he almost felt like turning back time to before Eve entered that room.

“Is that so? Then what kind of relationship do you have?”


His throat felt dry. Add picked up one of the drinks below his feet without looking at its label, opened the drink and gulped it down. He couldn’t even tell what flavor it was because he was thinking too desperately to solve this situation.

To make Eve understand, it was faster for her to meet Eun. But knowing Eun’s personality, would she take Add’s side during the explanation? He couldn’t imagine Eun doing so.

Then Add could just explain about Eun himself. But that would complicate the story. He’d have to explain why he was having secret talks with Eun, then about how he found out about Eun’s existence within Ara.

If the story got deeper, he’d have to reveal about time travel too. That was…..

“I said I won’t tell anyone about your relationship with Ara Haan.”

For some reason, Eve emphasized this again after seeing that Add wasn’t able to answer. Eve spoke clearly facing Add’s gaze.

“So you don’t have to worry about Rena finding out.”

“Even if Rena knew…..”

Knowing Rena’s personality, I don’t think she’d forbid it? Of course she’d give Add a strict warning but…

No. He didn’t have anything to do with Ara in the first place….. Add as he muttered in his head then he heard Eve’s next words and froze up.

“Aren’t you doing this because it would be troublesome for you to advance your relationship with Rena?”


Add finally started coming to his senses after seeing Eve’s cold stare.

So how Eve understood this situation right now was…..


  1. Add and Ara were together in the same room. For reference, Ara was naked.
  2. Add was afraid of this getting known so he followed Eve in order to stop her from talking about this to anyone.
  3. Add’s reason for No.2 is because he doesn’t want Rena to find out about No.1
  4. The reason Add wants No.3 is because he wants to do the same thing in No.1 with Rena someday.
  5. Womanizer Add.


It was a mess even if you tried organizing it in numbers. So she thinks that Add wants the incident with Ara to remain secret because he has a desire to do indecent things with Rena?


“…..Just what kind of delusion is that?”

Unlike what he just said, a dry sweat was dripping down Add’s back. He realized that Eve hadn’t just misunderstood, she misunderstood gravely.

“Rena is extremely beautiful.”

“I know that, but you seem to have a strange delusion.”

Add’s senses returned after he spoke this out loud for the second time. Eve continued to explain calmly.

“I think all human males would turn their gaze towards Rena. And in reality, all of the human males’ reactions were the same.”

“No, No…..”

Add shook his head. Of course, he admitted that Rena was beautiful and she was easy to be around with.

“And you and Rena looked very close together.”

“…..I told you it’s not like that!!”

Add suddenly shouted. If someone else had said these things, he would have just laughed it off and wouldn’t have cared. But for some reason that he couldn’t understand, he reacted like this when he heard this from Eve.

It felt suffocating.

“Is it not?”

“Yes, it’s honestly not!!”

Eve expressionlessly stared at Add. He couldn’t tell if she believed him just by looking at her face. Add scratched his head and spoke clumsily.

“Rena and I…..that is….we happened to spend lots of time working together for this mission. There’s nothing more. Do you understand?”

“Well, although this actually doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

Add received a cold reply from an explanation he struggled so much to say. Feeling depressed, Add couldn’t think of what to do. He somehow started getting angry.

So cruel.

“How can you say that? Just who do you think…..Who do you think I’m doing all of this for?

“Who is it for?”

Add’s head started to get heated even though he knew he shouldn’t answer. Add clenched his fists then opened his mouth…..But shut his mouth after seeing Eve who was staring straightly at him.


He couldn’t say it. That he fought without caring about ways and means in order to prevent her from getting destroyed. That he even tried sending other members to their deaths in order to do so.

That he was even willing to join hands with a strange being in order to achieve that goal.

He couldn’t say it.

“….I can’t say it.”

It wasn’t because he thought that Eve wouldn’t understand even if he told her. He just shouldn’t say this. Add instinctively decided to himself.

He was finally able to surpass all the hardships and avoided the result of Eve getting destroyed. He didn’t intend on mentioning the past events anymore.

Even if she didn’t understand, even if she misunderstood, it didn’t matter. Add could only nod in response.

“Fine. Think whatever you want. Tell Rena if you want to. Do whatever you want.”

“I already said I had no intentions to tell.”

“I said do whatever you want!!!”

Add barely managed to hold back his temper after seeing Eve wince at his abrupt shout. His head had already finished the calculations and made the decision……but his heart couldn’t follow.

Nothing good was going to come from continuing this conversation. Add was about to turn around but stopped. Something held his hand.

Eve had stretched out her hand to grab his.

“Do you have….something more to talk about?”

“There’s something else we have to talk about.”

Add stopped and stood still at Eve’s words while thinking about what more could they possibly talk about.

Maybe I should apologize for shouting…..


“How do you know about Junk Break?”


His throat got clogged up.

Eve stared straightly at Add who was frozen stiff. Eve waited for a while then asked an additional question when Add couldn’t answer.

“How do you know about the skill that I haven’t used once since I joined the El Search Party? And also so accurately? Up to the detail of how I couldn’t move for a while after using it.”


Eve’s doubt was obvious. Since the event from the time when Eve destroyed Wally Robot with Junk Break doesn’t exist anymore. I will obviously look suspicious if Add acted like he knew the skill.

But Add was in such a dire situation when facing the Shadow Master that he couldn’t think about this at the time.

Eve waited quietly for Add’s answer. Keeping silent would only look more suspicious.

“Kukukuk, there are ways to know….”

“What are those ways?”

He trailed his words on purpose to buy time but she asked back immediately. It seems he couldn’t get out of this easily.

Add desperately ran his brain. Add’s future plan was to satisfy his grudge by making Eve who only looked at Elsword turn around to look at him instead…..Then steal her Core. Getting suspicions from Eve here wasn’t going to help his future plans at all.

“I’m actually an engineer.”

“I already know that.”

This was something he had already revealed the day when the El Search Party was formed when they were introducing themselves. But Add shook his head.

“This story is going to get long. Aren’t you thirsty?”

Add grabbed a random drink that was under his feet and held it out to Eve. How should he say this story to avoid suspicion? This drink was mainly a method to buy more time, but he was actually thirsty too.

“Nasods don’t have problems operating without water.”

“Drink some anyways. It’s not a story I can bring up easily.”

When Add insisted, Eve took the drink and brought it to her mouth. Looking at her sideways, Add also drank his juice.

Random story he made up on the spot wouldn’t make sense anyways. Then he just has to give her part of the truth.

“My family researched Nasods for generations.”

“You had a family?”

Eve made an expression as if this was unexpected. Add answered her question with a head gesture then continued his story while recalling his past memories.

“Our family secretly passed down knowledge of Nasods for generations. So I also know a lot about Nasods. I probably know more about them than you.”

“That’s impossible.”

Eve thought this was nonsense and looked offended. Add felt that Eve bought his story and made a cold grin on purpose.

“Doesn’t the fact that I know you can use Junk Break already prove it? Don’t make light of history us humans have built up upon generations. In some sense, I can say that I know more about you than you know yourself.


Eve looked distressed. Add didn’t say anything and continued to drink his juice. What he just said was something he wove up in order to avoid Eve’s suspicion……but in some sense, it was true.

All of the Eve’s appearances that Eve from this timeline hadn’t shown. That is, Eve’s appearances from other timelines. Add remembered every one of them vividly.

Even how Eve disappeared into the light covering for Elsword.

“That’s end the story. Are you curious about anything else? Should I tell you about your battle abilities in more detail?”

Add made a cynical remark so he wouldn’t look suspicious. Eve shook her head after thinking deeply.

“It’s hard to believe there was a family that knew so deeply about Nasods….But it must be true. It’s quite surprising.”

Eve must have withdrawn her suspicions after hearing Add’s explanation. It was information that went beyond Eve’s common sense. But she seems to have at least accepted it.

Add breathed a sigh of relief but froze after hearing her next question.

“May I meet with your family?”

“….Why would you want to do that?”

Add could tell clearly that his own voice had turned sharp. But Eve’s voice remained calm.

“If they researched about Nasods this deeply, then I could maybe get some hints about reviving the Nasod civilization from them. I would like to speak with not only you, but your family as well.”

“That’s impossible.”

It wasn’t because Add’s family was in the past.

“They’re all dead.”

Because they were not of this world anymore. Eve blinked for a while at Add’s reply then spoke carefully.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. Humans tend to die easily. Kahaha.”

Add chugged the juice down his throat after laughing. He never had any alcoholic beverages before but he wanted to drink some right now.

“Because Elsword was so nostalgic when he spoke about her sister so…. Losing such family must have been really difficult. I was thoughtless.”

Eve shouldn’t be able to sympathise with human’s death, with family’s death, yet she was honestly apologizing. Add was extremely surprised at this reaction and yet frowned at the name that popped up again.

“…..Elsword again?”

“I learned many things from him as we traveled together. Family is one of them.”

“I see.”

Add felt displeased but he didn’t speak anymore. Eve gets angry if he spoke ill about Elsword.

This was a precious time he earned by preventing Eve’s destruction. He didn’t want to build a bad relationship with Eve.

“Although he’s thoughtless, reckless, impatient and idiotic….. He’s helpful sometimes.”

“That sounds like a compliment.”

“It’s an overly generous …..Compliment for him”

Eve had her eyes narrowed and seemed to be nodding off. Add wondered about this sudden strange reaction from her……when Eve rubbed her half closed eyes.

“This is strange. My bodily functions are decreasing suddenly.”

“This is the first time I heard about Nasods not getting enough sleep.”

Nasods could continue functioning without eating or breathing. On the other hand, they could eat, breathe and sleep if they wanted to.

Conditions that were essential for humans to survive were optional for Nasods.

“….I can see two of you. Why is that?”

Just when Add was beginning to realize that Eve’s condition was strange…… Eve’s body tilted sideways. Surprised, Add reached out his hands to catch her.


Eve basically fell sideways plunged her face into Add’s chest. Add couldn’t believe this situation and couldn’t move as he was stunned by such an unexpected turnout.

“Could this be….?”

Could it be that something happened to her as an after effect of the battle? Add’s heart sank as he examined Eve’s condition. Then he was able to find out something unexpected.

Eve’s eyes were closed and she was fast asleep. She wouldn’t even know if someone were to carry her away.


She didn’t wake up even if you called her. Add looked down at the girl in his arms and thought about what he should do.

She was completely defenceless.


  1. Use this chance to steal the core.
  2. Use this chance to take the core.
  3. Use this chance to…..


Add numbly organized his thoughts as he repeatedly questioned himself but he couldn’t make up the next part of the sentence.

Anyways, this was an important chance. He could even take Eve and run off right now.

But of course, he was already determined to only steal the Core only after he made her look around. He went through all that trouble after all…..

“But just touching them should be fine….”

Add couldn’t suppress his curiosity and slightly touched Eve’s forehead where the Core was with the tip of his hand. It was smooth.

“Hmm….. So this is.”

Add unknowingly licked his lips at the treasure in his hands. Add’s hand was stroking the Core then at one moment his hand touched a part of her skin.

“T, this is…..”

What a surprisingly soft feeling. He had thought already from the point when he saw her skin that she was perfect. But this was basically no different from human’s. Add went ahead and stroked various parts of Eve’s face in admiration.

Of course, it would be troublesome if she woke up so he touched only touched slightly.

The tip of Add’s hand was moving up from her chin then stopped. Eve’s lips were in its trajectory.


Eve’s face, her body was basically no different from a human. Then probably….her lips would be the same as well? So many questions came up in his mind in that instant. Add unknowingly hesitated for a moment but daringly moved his hands up.

Researcher couldn’t back down in front of his test subject. Even if it lead to something irrevocable.

Just when Add’s fingertips were about to touch Eve’s lips.

“Big brother Add? What are you doing over there?”

A familiar voice came from behind him. It was Elsword.


See? Something irrevocable.


Add thought desperately while carrying Eve. Just what could he say to fool Elsword? Should he just attack first and turn him into minced meat?

Just when Add was confirming that no one else was watching. Elsword grabbed a drink from bottom of Add’s feet and drank it without any signs of doubt.

“Wow, this is good. It’s peach flavor.”


“Why are you looking at me like that Big brother Add?”

Elsword who was drinking peach juice gave Add a gaze as if there was something wrong.

Just when Add was struggling to figure out how to react, Elsword stared at Eve in Add’s arms and scratched his head.

“Eve looks like she can’t keep herself up. Did something happen?”


Yes Add was so distracted by this sudden chance that he didn’t have the time to think about this. Why did this suddenly happen to Eve? Add quickly remembered that Eve drank something and examined its contents.

Sour but somewhat pleasant smell, it was alcohol.

“…..She drank alcohol.”

“Oh, she did? Then she probably won’t get up for a while.”

Elsword replied as if it was nothing. It sounded like he had experienced this before. Add became displeased at this fact and asked Elsword quietly.

“Did this happen before?”

“She drank it one time by mistake. She fell asleep quickly.”

It was illogical for Nasods to be affected by an external liquid and get their functions diminished. But since Eve was a Nasod ever so close to a human, she could be somewhat different. He should be able to find out how her metabolism worked if he could dissect her.

“Isn’t it heavy carrying Eve? Should I carry her?”

“….She’s not heavy at all.”

When Elsword held out his arms, Add instinctively increased the force on his arms carrying Eve and slightly backed off. As if he didn’t want Elsword to touch her.

“Really? It’s going to be heavy if you keep carrying her like that. You should bring her to her room.”

“…..Should I?”

Add was about to follow Elsword’s suggestion then stopped. Why was Elsword making this suggestion?

Come to think of it, Elsword and Eve were traveling together even before the El Search Party was formed. Also, Eve who did not have any emotions (really?) got very angry if someone spoke ill about Elsword.

That was the proof that Eve thought of Elsword as someone important to her.


But how did Elsword think about Eve? Add couldn’t help but to ask even though he thought that it was a stupid thing to ask.

“How do you think of Eve?”


Elsword answered without any hesitation despite Add’s sudden question. Add couldn’t respond right away at such a clean and refreshing answer.

But that wasn’t the end of Elsword’s answer.

“She’s a precious friend of mine. During our journey, whenever I was having difficult times, whenever I was sad, she was always beside me. Of course she’d still be my friend even if she didn’t do that……But she’s now my precious friend.”

There was a shadow on Elsword’s face unlike the Elsword Add knew. Add couldn’t help but to reply in a twisted way.

“All that and you’re just friends?”

“She’s a precious friend.”

When Add responded sarcastically, Elsword became serious and glared back at him. The way how he got angry when someone touched upon his relationship with Eve….. How can they be so similar?

Add was at a loss for words and couldn’t continue attacking. Elsword quietly drank his juice. Add took a side glance at Elsword’s leisurely attitude and bit his lips.

What had gone back and forth was a very clean conversation…..But he felt a strange sense of defeat.

Come to think of it, this was the first time Add had such an in depth conversation with someone in the El Search Party other than Eve. Even when he was talking with Rena, it only looked in depth because of Rena’s conversational skills, the details of the conversations were basically Add coming up with a plan and using her as a means to accomplish his goals.

Wasn’t it obvious though? Add’s goal was solely Eve’s Core. He didn’t care about the other party members. Also, Elsword was always an eye sore for him.

Add thought of various methods to relieve himself of this vexing feeling.

Run away with Eve in front of his eyes? Just suppress his feelings and walk away? Or even use time travel to erase this event…..but none of those methods were satisfactory.

“What are you thinking by leaving such a precious friend to me? What if I pretended to go to the room and….”

Add was trying to instill some sense of danger into Elsword but stopped after realizing that this was a stupid to say. If he was really going to do such things, nothing was more stupid than saying it out loud like this.

“Well, Eve is stronger than me. And even without that, it doesn’t look like Big brother Add would do something bad to Eve.”


Did this guy get a brain tumor as he grew up? Add even let out an empty laugh but Elsword stood firm to his beliefs.

“People with that kind of face don’t do bad things.”

“What kind of face am I making?”

“Do I have to explain?”

Elsword’s tone was as if he didn’t want to say it. It was such a mature reaction totally unlike the stupid brat Add had met in the beginning.

When Add kept his mouth shut in strange sense of defeat, Elsword opened up another drink.

“So please take Eve to her room. There won’t be any problems after she sleeps for the night.”

“…..Why are you letting me do this?”

He felt like he got pushed back more each time he spoke out, but still couldn’t help but to ask regardless.

Elsword didn’t ponder at this question either and answered right away.

“Because you’re making a face like you want to.”


Add shut his mouth and started to move his Dynamos.


El Search Party, girl’s bedroom.


The bed shook lightly when he dropped Eve. Add saw the bed shake and let out a sigh. The sun had set already and it was night but it was still noisy outside the window. It looked like they were going to party all night.


Add was about to close the window but stopped after realizing that doing so would make the room dark. Turning on the lights was also an option but he didn’t want to put in such an effort when he was going to leave right away. Add looked at the now fast asleep Eve as she got shined upon by the moonlight.

Eve slept soundly curled up on the bed. Of course, she was a Nasod and didn’t need to breathe so just staring at her felt like he was watching an inorganic doll.

So human like. A Nasod more beautiful than anything else in the world.

An existence Add and Add’s family had always ultimately strived for. Also an existence that will grant him the technology to achieve his goal of returning to the past.

For Add who was basically an orphan in this age, you could say that Eve meant everything to Add. That’s why he entered the El Search Party that he had absolutely no interest in and had no reason to join. Only because Eve was in it…..and….

“Let’s stop.”

She wouldn’t believe his story about time travel and he couldn’t reveal it. Just the fact that everyone combined their strengths and defeated the Shadow Master meant the entire world right now. Only that fact needed to remain true.

This is the time he went through hell to achieve. Let’s not waste it.

Add let out a sigh and finally thought about leaving the room….but that was merely a thought. His feet were glued to the ground as he looked down at Eve.

“Why am I like this….?”

Add wiped the slight amount of sweat that gathered on his forehead. It wasn’t intended it but he had already seen a girl’s naked body recently.

So then why was he so flustered over merely a sight of Eve sleeping in front of him?

“Is it because I’ve become much closer to achieving my goal?”

Add stoked his chin as he questioned himself.

That’s right. Come to think of it, he now knew about Eve’s complete weakness. Since he knew now that she’s weak to alcoholic beverages, he could handle this in one go later if he used this information right.

“Kukukuk, good, this is great….”

He was reacting differently because he learned very good information. Add believed that he was successful in explaining his feelings and laughed enjoyably.

Although his legs still couldn’t move.

“Rena….won’t come right now right?”

Rena should have to talk with other people as the El Search Party’s representative so she should come back late. He didn’t know where Ara was but it seemed she wouldn’t come back any time soon.

Then there shouldn’t be any problems if he stayed here a bit longer.

After making his decision, Add sat on the middle of the bed with his back towards Eve. It was a rare quiet moment, let’s collect some thoughts.

This was the time he was able to arrive in with much hardship, the present where Eve was safe. He couldn’t waste this time.

“Then what should I do next….?”

“Next is Feita.”

Add was startled by the voice that suddenly came from the window. Fox ears on top of white hair, even before he had realized, Eun was standing pompously on the balcony’s railing.

How long was she there watching? Add tried to get up from his spot in surprise but Eun spoke without any hint of smile in her face.

“Our next destination has been decided as Feita, keep that in mind, boy.”

Eun spoke those lines then disappeared with a jump. She was dropping towards the ground but Add didn’t think Eun would get injured.

“….What was that?”

Eun would normally tease him by bringing up every possible reason. It was uncomfortable to see her just tell him the main point then disappear like that.

Was he thinking like this because he got teased by her so much? Anyways, Eun wasn’t the type to speak lightly about serious topics….So their next destination really must be Feita.

There must be nothing wrong in Bethma.

Then does that mean he’ll be traveling with Eve at least until then?

“I see…..”

Add sighed and started to move. It would be troublesome if he remained here longer and got caught by Rena. And he already got caught by Ara(Eun borrowing her body).


Add started to get up but lost his balance and staggered. Add’s body froze up when he looked back in curiosity.

The tip of Eve’s hand as she slept on her side was grabbing onto Add’s hand. She must have grabbed it unconsciously.

“What is this?”

Add tried to pull his hand away but Eve’s hand didn’t let him go. Add tried couple of times to get free but realized that he couldn’t escape from Eve’s grasp easily.

Do I have to wake her up? Although she was asleep from alcohol’s effect, she’d probably wake up if he really tried to wake her. Although she was so much like a human, she was a Nasod in the end.

Add struggled in his mind but looked down at the sleeping Eve and let out a sigh. He didn’t feel up to it.

“Really….doing something so unexpected.”

Add gave up standing while letting Eve’s hand continue to grab onto his.

Staying standing up while being grabbed onto was a waste of stamina, and waking her up was another type of waste so there was no choice but to sit with her. If Rena came back and saw this, she’d misunderstand and act annoyingly. But those were all stuff that could happen later.

“Why do I have to do this…..?”

Add muttered as he slightly looked back. Eve slept with her body curved up while grabbing onto Add’s hand. She somehow looked more at peace than before.

It’s probably just his imagination. Add forcefully moved his gaze forwards and spoke to himself.

“I’m not a knight….but I’ll lend you my hand. So sleep well, my Queen.”

Finishing the words after only saying this much didn’t suit his tastes. So Add purposely made an unpleasant remark with a violent tone.

“Since I’m going to devour all of you when you wake up.”


What Add desired was to return to the far past that he escaped from.

Eve was merely a method he needed to achieve that goal.

Even lending his hand to her right now was merely a whim of the person who possessed overflowing amount of resource called time.


“That’s right, this is just….”

Just a whim of his.





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