Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 3 page 133~145

파일 엘소드라노벨_2

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Elder’s militia were successful in capturing the Wally’s Castle thanks to the El Search Party’s efforts in the front lines. All of the soldiers surrendered and every one of the captives escaped safely.

It was a happy occasion and a celebration was held naturally. Castle’s hallways were filled with people moving about with foods and drinks in their hands. Add frowned as he moved through the hallways jam packed with people.

“I absolutely hate noisy places…..”

There was a mute feature installed on the Dynamos. But he couldn’t use it now because he was looking for Eve. Add muttered as he searched while pushing through the crowds.

He had already guessed it when he saw that the castle’s hallways packed with people, but the garden was filled with people also. Sounds of meat being cooked, singing and cheers…..It was completely a festival atmosphere.

“This is driving me crazy.”

Although Add didn’t pay much attention to festivities, he guessed that there were about thousands of people here. How was he going to find Eve in here? Dynamo’s scouting mode still didn’t have the ability to find specific individual yet.

Of course, Eve was a perfect Nasod. She’s bound to stand out……

“But why am I trying to find her again?”

Add walked while muttering to himself with his hands in his pockets. He then stopped to question himself. He already confirmed Eve was safe. There won’t be any demon attacks for while. So it didn’t matter at all for Add if Eve misunderstood.

Shouldn’t he be making plans to steal Eve’s Core again?


Add stopped and thought deeply while stroking his chin. That was a logical course of action but his emotions couldn’t accept it.

“I can’t accept this….”

Attempting to use force to steal Eve’s core was the fastest way. But he won’t be satisfied with doing just that. That’s right; didn’t he make up his mind already?

That he’ll only be satisfied when he made that pompous Eve who only looked at Elsword look at him instead.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Add accepted as he spoke to himself. Long as he had the ability to time travel, he could attempt same things over and over again. Just like how he tried and tried again to stop Eve from getting destroyed. He should be able to change the fact that Eve only looked at Elsword with the same method.

Since Add went through so much trouble to keep her safe anyways, he wanted to finish things perfectly.

“The problem was…..”

The exact details on how he was going to achieve that. Add groaned in deep thought. Then he heard someone call him from end of the hallway.

“Add, you’re up now?”

A beautiful women with impressionable light green hair, it was Rena. Rena asked to be excused from people around her then approached Add with light footsteps.

Judging by how she held a glass cup in her hand, she must have been socializing with those people.

“Why did you come? You should have just continued to talk with them.”

“Everyone was worried because you collapsed. Are you okay?”

“There’s no problem.”

Was it because of Eun’s powers? He couldn’t feel any particular anomalies from his body. Rena seemed relieved hearing this and nodded.

“Thank goodness…..”

“Enough about my health. What’s with this ruckus?”

Add already had a guess but he wanted to hear a detailed explanation. Rena answered with a kind voice.

“Yes, people of Elder were successful in overthrowing the tyrannical castle Lord Wally. So they are celebrating.”

“Is that so? Did Wally escape?”

His secret weapon, Wally Robot was destroyed and reinforcement from his Demons allies had stopped as well. Wally must have had no other options.

“Kukuk, running away on an airship. He went and did something bothersome….”

“Hmm? Do you know how he ran away?”

Rena’s eyes turned round as she asked. Add stopped murmuring and stared back at Rena. Rena spoke as if she was confused.

“Wally wasn’t in the castle from the start. Everyone thought he ran away but even the soldiers said they didn’t see him.”


Add tilted his head at Rena’s explanation. He just spoke that line almost by reflex. He didn’t know why he said it.

Was this an after effect of time travel? Add thought for a bit then noticed Rena’s gaze. He bluntly changed the subject.

“So did you find the Ruben’s El?”

“Yes, we found it. We just sent it back to Ruben.”

“….I see.”

Add was nodding then stopped. They found the El. Then….What happens to the El Search Party now?

“Then what should we do now? Do we disband now?”

“No. El is scattered across the land so we just have to find them and entrust them to the government.”

This was welcome news for Add who didn’t know about the situation in this age. Since Add only joined abruptly because Eve was in this group, he hadn’t known about this kind of background information.

Rena smiled beamingly when Add breathed a sigh of relief.

“Could it be that you were worried about being separated from everyone else?”

“Kukuk, there’s no way I’d worry about such things.”

“Hmm, I know. It would have been very sad if everyone had to separate.”


She’s continuing the conversation without listening to him. This was similar to Eun….but it was different in that in Rena’s case, it wasn’t unpleasant.

“Everyone will be able to travel together just like till now. Do you feel more at ease now?”

“I told you I wasn’t worried. Listen to what I’m saying.”

Rena nodded as she smiled.

“So how’s your body? Is it fine for you to move? I’ll carry you on my back if you’re having trouble.”

“…..Don’t treat me like a kid.”

“Hmm, I’m sorry if you were offended.”

Add couldn’t say a thing anymore when Rena apologized while smiling brightly. He somehow got caught up in Rena’s pace whenever he talked to her.

“Anyways, where’s Eve? I have something to talk to her about.”

“Didn’t she come to your room earlier? You guys must have missed each other.”

Add thought things would get complicated if he explained the situation in detail to her so he just kept silent and nodded. Rena spoke proudly.

“Eve was also very worried about you. She said she didn’t think you’d fight so desperately. It looked like she changed her opinion of you.”

“…..Don’t say something useless.”

Rena didn’t seem offended at all at Add’s blunt remark.

“Then should I go ask other people about where Eve is?”

“It’s fine. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Add spoke then started to walk away. This was something that could be solved easily by meeting and talking with Eve quietly.

Eve was a Nasod, this problem can be resolved easily by talking to her with reason.

“Hey Add.”


Add answered without stopping his steps. Rena behind him finished her words.

“Thank you.”

“…..It’s nothing.”

Add didn’t know what she was thankful about and could have ignored her. But he answered accordingly regardless. He had a pretty good guess at what face Rena was making without having to turn around.

She’s probably smiling brightly.


I absolutely hate noisy places. Add frowned as he pushed through the crowd of people. Then unexpectedly, he gradually started to feel better.

Elder’s citizens were busy laughing, talking and drinking with smiles on their faces. Honestly, it didn’t matter at all to Add whether they were happy or sad but…..This was scene that he hadn’t seen before.


After repeatedly time traveling, Add was finally successful in changing the future.

He protected Eve and liberated Elder.


The sense of realism finally started to sink in. Add’s heart throbbed for some reason. He stopped walking and looked above towards the sky. He didn’t dislike today’s sky dyed in red by the setting sun.

It was definitely a different sky from the one in his memories dyed in red by the flames.

“Kukukuk, it seems I became sentimental too.”

Add mocked himself as he lowered his gaze. Since he created the result he wanted, it was time to enjoy the result. But he couldn’t even begin to guess where Eve could be. Should he have accepted Rena’s offer to help after all?


If Add did that, Rena will find out how he was with naked Ara(actually Eun) alone in a room. He wanted to minimize the amount people who knew about that incident. Since it’s going to become difficult to explain.

“That damned fox….”

Doing the legwork by himself was the best solution for him. Add muttered and was about to start moving again. Then he heard a sound of familiar squabbling.

“I told you I like apple juice better.”

“And I told you already that lemonade is good for your health.”

Add was dumbfounded after discovering a boy and girl that were squabbling in front of the snacks bar, but approached them.

“That’s sour. Can’t we just get different things? Why are you trying to force me to drink that?”

“Because that’s over budget. Didn’t I tell you already that your spending habits are bad?”

Red haired boy and a perfect Nasod. Store owner was watching the two of them argue with a merry smile. It wasn’t just the store owner, people around were watching them with a strange smile.

Add was about to approach the two but stopped after noticing the surrounding atmosphere. Add stared numbly together with the crowd of people that were observing.

They were squabbling over something trivial like a juice price……but it was a scene that looked like they suited each other well. That’s probably why surrounding people were watching over them while smiling.



After getting swallowed by an unexplainable sense of distaste, Add struggled with the choices that conflicted with one another in his heart. A thought of wanting to go talk to Eve like he had originally intended and a thought of wanted to turn around and leave this place. Add suppressed these two thoughts that furiously conflicted with each other in his heart.

He didn’t know if this was a right choice, but his feet were already moving forwards.

“Kukukuk, can’t you just buy both? Could it be that you’re short on money?”

“Oh, Big brother Add. You’re awake?”

Elsword turned around and spoke lightly. After answering him with a slight head gesture, Add stole a glance at Eve.

Eve was expressionless as always. She didn’t say anything after seeing Add. Elsword chatted to him instead.

“You think apple juice is better too right?”

“Can’t you just buy them separately? Why do you have to buy a pair of the same thing?”

Well seeing the menu board, there was a discount for buying the same menu for two people. Were they arguing because they couldn’t spare couple of cents?

When Add stared back at them with a sense of disbelief. Eve explained.

“Elsword lacks sense of economy. So I have to manage it.”

“….Who was it that didn’t buy water and foods and almost made me dry up to death again?”

“Nasods don’t have particular problems with not consuming food or water.”

“I have lots of problems!! Not only that, even when you finally started buying foods, you’ve been only giving me plants!!”

Elsword seemed to have pent up complaints. But Eve looked like she didn’t understand why things he mentioned were problematic.

“It was a diet that perfectly took into account price and amounts of nutrients. Why are you so unhappy about that?”

“It tastes bad!! It really tastes bad!!”

Elsword must have really been resentful of this. But Eve responded while nodding with an expression that she couldn’t understand at all.

“Come to think of it, I noticed that humans perform something useless called cooking…. I couldn’t understand such act at all. But it’s not like I forbid you from cooking.”

“How can you cook with just plants?! At least allow me to buy some seasoning!! We also ran out of salt!”

“I deemed it as an unworthy product for purchase considering the amount contained in such a little bottle for its price”

The two now started bringing up old stories and started arguing again. The store owner was looking at them with a merry smile and other people watching in the crowd were the same.

But despite the surrounding atmosphere, Add felt unpleasant and quietly ordered some juices from the store owner. After purchasing an apple juice and lemonade according to the two’s wishes, Add held them out towards the two.

“Here it’s all good now right?”

“Wow! Thank you Big brother Add!”

Elsword accepted with a smile but Eve didn’t accept. She stared at Add with a strange gaze.

“Kukukuk, how long are you going to make me hold this?”

“Elsword will get bad habits. Try to watch out next time.”

Eve accepted the lemonade after she spoke. Elsword frowned at her words but didn’t argue back anymore. It seemed he didn’t want to ruin the pleasant mood while they drank their juices.

“Well, then….”

He found Eve and even managed to resolve her argument with Eve. Add stole a glance at Eve who was drinking lemonade and thought about his next course of action.

They would have to talk in private in order to clear up the misunderstanding from before….How should he go about this?

“Big brother Add, aren’t you going to drink?”

“I don’t want to.”

Elsword nodded when Add answered half heartedly.

“Oh, that’s right. Eve brought you one right?”


“I didn’t.”

Three of their words didn’t connect. Elsword looked at Eve as if he couldn’t understand.

“But you bought one earlier for him as a get well gif.….”

“I drank that one myself”

“Cherry ai….”

“I drank that one.”

Eve cut off Elsword’s words with a stiff tone. Elsword scratched his head and sent Add a gaze asking what happened.


What happened? He got caught being together with half naked Ara(Again, Eun).


“Should I go talk with Big sister Rena for a bit?”

Seeing the lack of response from Add, Elsword sighed and stepped back. Eve was staring at her lemonade as if she hadn’t heard anything.

Add understood why Elsword brought those words up right now and became quite surprised. To think he’d read the atmosphere and leave by himself. So it wasn’t just his size that grew?

“…..Just go ask when we’ll be leaving this place.”

“Alright, I’ll go ask.”

Elsword sent Eve a worried look for a moment then nodded as he turned around. Eve still didn’t say anything even after Elsword disappeared through the crowd.

They were now alone like Add wanted….. But for some reason his head started to ache.

“Let’s change places….”

For some reason, the gazes of people that were watching them started to become more excited. Eve slightly moved her eyes to stare at Add at this suggestion to talk somewhere else in private

For some reason Add felt very uncomfortable.

When Add was suppressing his uneasy heart while waiting for an answer, Eve wordlessly started to walk. Add realized late that this was a sign of approval and quickly started to follow her.

A feeling that something seriously went wrong and a feeling of unknown uneasiness got mixed up inside his complicated heart……But this wasn’t something he could avoid.



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