Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 3 Page 117~132

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Starting Chapter 3.

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3. Associate


The world burns.

Screams that tore through his ears. Nothing moved or changed no matter how much he struggled. The boy with his face pushed down on the ground pulled up his eyes to look in front of him while groaning in pain.

The place that meant everything to him, the place he grew up in all his life was disappearing before his eyes as it got consumed by the flames.


His voice was stifled by the screams no matter what he said.


Nothing changed no matter how desperately he called.


He couldn’t do a thing as he saw his most important person’s die in front of him.

“No, Mom!!!”

It couldn’t be turned back no matter how much he screamed in lamentation…… Just who had decided this was a fact?

The boy had to witness the flames consume everything important to him as he got pushed down by those detestable people. The boy made a solemn vow as he cried out.

That he’ll turn back time.

That he’ll get back everything stolen from him even if he had to crush the ethics of nature, even if he had to destroy the laws of the universe!!


Add was lying on his side when he opened his eyes. He saw an unfamiliar window.

“This is…..”

Add made a large sigh then tried moving his fingertips. They moved freely. There seemed to be no damage to his nerves.

‘Double’, a skill he ended up learning through his time travels was extremely overburdening for his body. There existed a necessary formula that had to be performed in order to activate the Dynamos. But using ‘Double’ was close to recklessly executing that formula multiple times simultaneously while taking out the part of the formula that acted as a safety device.

Its possibility for greater power was almost infinite depending on how Add used it. But he wasn’t sure of what kind of after effects it would bring.

Add installed the Dimension Distortion mode to his Dynamos in order to time travel safely. But ‘Double’ was like jumping into the Time Space Wormhole without any safety devices.

Continuing to fight this way was dangerous. Add’s body will get injured for sure. Then after certain point….. His body will get broken beyond repair. He had a feeling that it won’t end with just simple injuries when such a time came. Add could feel that ending worse than he could imagine was waiting for him if he kept fighting like this.

“But….I’m alive for now.”

When Add let out a sigh of relief after examining his body, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Is it regretful that you’re alive?”

“What happened after?”

Voluptuous voice filled with allure. Add knew whose voice it was without even having to turn around.

“Didn’t I say I’ll handle the remaining tasks? So I did. I also went ahead and healed boy’s body with Clairvoyant powers.”

“I see….”

Add had defeated Shadow Master but there were still its minions remaining. Eun must have wiped them all out.

“How about the others? Is Eve safe?”

“Of course she’s safe. You don’t have to worry about anything at least for today, boy.”

It felt surreal even though he heard the answer. Add stared at the half opened window and let out a thin sigh.

Was it really over? Did he finally succeed in defeating the demons that came after Eve? He still couldn’t believe it despite how much he repeatedly questioned himself.

It felt like he could believe it only after he saw that Eve was safe and sound. Add raised his upper body to get up then frowned at the noisiness outside the window.

“It’s unnecessarily loud. I’m getting tired just listening to it.”

“I kept it open because I thought it was better for you to get some fresh air. Shall I close it for you?”

Add was slightly surprised internally at Eun’s fresh words. This fox who was always saying something strange and kept having fun as she taunted him, was now actually speaking like a human?

“Kukuk, its fine. Since I’ll be going outside right now.”

“Then let me bring you your clothing.”

Add blinked when he looked around to see Eun. A thought flashed by in his mind that this could be a dream.

“Why are you staring at me so passionately, boy?”

“You, you…..”

Words didn’t come out. He wished that this was a dream. Eun gently wagged her tail when Add couldn’t continue his words.

“Why are you not wearing anything?!!”

Eun sitting on the chair beside the bed wasn’t wearing anything. Eun smiled and help up her hand to protest.

“I’m not completely naked. I borrowed boy’s clothing for a bit.”

Just like Eun had said, she was wearing Add’s jacket on top of her bare body. But such details didn’t matter at all!!

“How come you are naked!?”

“Because Ara’s clothes got so much blood on them and had to be washed.”

Add could only repeatedly open and close his mouth like fish out of water. Eun laughed voluptuously seeing this.

“Ah, I’m sorry. It seems I wasn’t able to fulfill boy’s fantasies. I’ll strip Rena and bring her beside you next time. Look forward to it.”

“I’m not talking about whom right now!!”

Just when Add was finally able to relax she goes and does something weird like this. What was she plotting?

Distaste. Confusion. How was he supposed to deal with this? That’s all Add could think of right now.

“Then shall I strip the girl next? Or maybe Elsword?”



Eun continued to laugh as if she was enjoying this. That’s right; he’ll only get caught up in Eun’s pace if he got flustered right now.

Come to think of it, this wasn’t even the first time he had seen Ara’s bare body. This damned fox was already naked when he met her for the first time. She then leisurely continued to bathe even after Add encountered her!!

Add glared at Eun furiously after collecting his mind. He didn’t know what kind of wicked trick this was but he couldn’t show signs of weakness here.

When Add started to glare at her, Eun made a mischievous smile then stretched up her arms as if to show him. Her beautifully curved collarbone. The shape of her breasts showed under the jacket as the jacket moved.

Eun lightly flapped the jacket’s collar this time when Add didn’t avert his gaze. Even more of her white skin started to get dangerously revealed.


I can’t do this anymore. Add desperately turned his head around and only stared at the window frame. He almost felt it would be fine if he jumped off the window right now.

“What’s wrong boy? Why don’t you try putting strength in your eyes like earlier?”

“Don’t mess with me…..”

Add bit his lips while swallowing his anger. He was indeed startled at first and was flustered. But continuing to stare at her after wasn’t to appreciate her.

It was because he was suspicious.


Could it be that Eun was doing this on purpose to make him falter? Exposure could be used as a type of means to a goal. Could this be a measure to gain an upper hand on the conversation? If Eun could see the future, couldn’t she have already known that Add was about to arrive while she was bathing?

Eun was perfectly calm and continued bathing even when Add appeared before her. Then she got a head start on the conversation after.

The more Add thought about this, more he realized that he had been playing into her hands all along.


It might be just him being too paranoid but the suspicions continued to grow. Add shivered in distaste.

“What are you plotting again? Stop it already.”


Eun was extremely calculative. Of course she would be. How can someone who can look into the future not be calculative? She would employ various methods to achieve her goals.

Even during this time when Add time traveled. Add ended up in a situation where he got caught looking at the El Search Party’s girls bathing. But Add apologizing to the girls and even cross-dressing to make up for that error earned him the party’s trust.

His misfortune had turned into a fortune. Add hadn’t planned this…..but that’s how it turned out when you looked at the whole situation objectively.

Because Add earned their trust, the party members didn’t refuse and believed him when Add who knew that Shadow Master would appear suggested sending the captives by themselves.

Entire situation became clearer now that the fight was over.

“Now I get the gist of how you operate.”

Add could only assume that Eun choosing the Time Space Coordinates to a location where everyone was bathing and her exposure right now was both means to achieve her goal. As expected of a Spectre, she even slighted human’s humiliation, ethics and morality and tried to manipulate them to her advantage.

But Spectre pretending to be a Celestial Spirit or whatever, Add had no intention of swaying his set of values for anyone. He won’t sit quietly and play into her hands.

“It looks like boy is having weird thoughts again. Well, it’s normal for one to think like that after seeing a girl’s beautiful body. I understand.”

“Quit it. I don’t want to see. So wear something already.”

Eun answered pompously at Add’s angry retort.

“Do I have any reason to listen to that request? Also, I would like to clear up boy’s misunderstanding.”

Do I have to get dragged around like this again? Add was looking only at the window while suppressing his rage. Then Eun started to lecture him.

“After accumulating Dao for a long time, you learn to breathe in harmony with all of creation. Power accumulated that way is called Clairvoyant Power. This power takes different forms depending on one’s aptitude. My main field is telegnosis but as I mentioned before, it’s not a power that can be used carelessly.”


This area of topic was unfamiliar field to Add. However, he was smart enough to quickly understand what she meant.

“Boy must be suspecting that I can see through everything and manipulate everything as if they were toys on top of my palm. Well, that’s wrong. Although, that same suspicion is the reason why I got accused of being a Spectre and got sealed away.

There was remorse and bitterness mixed into her voice. It didn’t seem like she was lying.

What she said was right. Wouldn’t you be afraid too if there was someone beside you that could see not only her own future but future of others as well?

At first, you’d gain benefits by listening to what she said. But as the time went by, it was natural for you to think ‘what if I was being controlled according to her will?’ then eventually develop suspicions and hostility towards her.

Add himself was thinking those thoughts right now.

Despite how Eun possessed enormous power, she could only appear in the form of borrowing Ara’s body. Add could somewhat grasp what might have happened to Eun in her past.

“I know you won’t believe me. But it’s not like I can know everything. Clairvoyant power is a power that’s difficult to accumulate but is too easy to lose. It’s an act of gnawing away at myself so it can’t be used carelessly.”


Although Add didn’t answer, he thought what she said made sense. If Eun was really omnipotent she wouldn’t have required Add’s help.

“Even if I can see into the future, everything won’t always move according to my will. Because future is something that continues to change according to one’s beliefs and actions……”

“What’s your point?”

“I’m not omniscient or omnipotent, boy. It can’t be helped if you’re suspicious about that. But I’m honestly not.”

Eun was speaking as if Add was really misunderstanding.

She was suggesting that she had only roughly known about everything that happened so far. That she didn’t carry her plans out while being knowledgeable about everything.

“….Then what’s up with your appearance right now?”

“After defeating the enemy, isn’t getting drunk and frolicking with people of opposite sex of your liking the way of life in the battlefield? It’s a light entertainment, an entertainment following the ways of humans.”

You mean the ways of animals. But come to think of it, Eun was actually a type of animal. Add still continued to stare at the window as he sighed and shook his head.

He could somewhat understand, but he had to point something out.

“…..Stop it already. What are you going to do if Ara finds out?”

Since Ara fell asleep when Eun took the initiative, Ara wouldn’t even dream that Eun was doing something this atrocious with her body.

“It’s not like this is the first time. You don’t have to be such a stranger.”

“That was an accident.”

First time was an accident, second time was an accident that Eun masterminded, third time was now…..Isn’t Eun just the bad one here?

Add suppressed himself wanting to retort back. It felt like he wouldn’t gain anything by continuing this type of conversation.

“Ara is really foolish to trust you.”

“Do not speak ill of Ara. Although boy might say such things, doesn’t boy trust me by now? Didn’t we just have a rare heart-to-heart conversation?”

Eun unexpectedly sided with Ara. She seemed rather serious judging by how the tone of her voice had changed slightly.

Add wanted to see what kind of face she was making but couldn’t bring himself to turn around. He’s been staring at the window so long that he was worried if he’d take a liking to the window.

Add cut off all useless thoughts and spoke with a force in his voice.

“If you want me to stop saying those things, then stop doing useless things like this.”

“Although boy might say such things, doesn’t boy trust me by now?”

Eun repeated what she said before. As if she wouldn’t accept him glossing this over.

“Or what, could it be that boy still doesn’t trust me despite how the whole situation has turned out? Isn’t that a bit harsh?”


Surely, it was true that Add was able to overcome this crisis because of Eun’s help. No, without Eun’s help, he would have given up the moment when Eve was destroyed.

Although Eun was suspicious in too many ways and often made mockery out of him like this, she was an important accomplice.

The problem right now was that she was naked…..

“Wear some clothes if you’re going to talk.”

“I’ve been finding this strange since before. Why does boy get disturbed over something trivial like this?”


Was it because she’s a fox that she didn’t know about human moral ethics? But what Eun was pointing out wasn’t this.

“Couldn’t you see stuff like girl’s body much as you’d like? Boy has the power to go back in time so he can make everything as if they’ve never happened.”


“Even if you went beyond watching and satisfied your desires. All you’d have to do is travel back in time. There wouldn’t be any problems”

She was right on the mark. It was just as Eun said. Even if Add were to do such things, it will all become nonexistent when Add traveled back in time.

Add unknowingly clenched his fists.

“Don’t make me laugh.”

“Excuse me. I said it to make you laugh. It seems I was inadequate for the job.”

Eun’s tone was as if she was obediently backing off. But that didn’t make Add’s distaste disappear.

If Rena joked around as a sign of affection, Eun was a type that had an underlying motive.

Even if he points something out, she just brazenly glosses it over.

Add had thought she was sharing some of her inner thoughts just now. But of course, it’s back to square one again now.

“Well, it was a prize to the boy for working so hard. This was unexpected; I thought boy would like it.”

“Stop doing whatever you want with someone else’s body…..”

Geez, what’s Ara thinking believing this thing is a Celestial Spirit? Does she even know that Eun was doing these things with her body?


She probably doesn’t. Add pondered if he should tell Ara……but there were something you were better off not knowing.

“Ah yes, you’re right. Now then, shouldn’t you take responsibility for staring at the frail girl’s bare body with such a burning gaze, boy?”

“What responsibility? You took your clothes off on your own.”

“Shouldn’t you take responsibility for staring at the beautiful girl’s bare body with such a heated gaze, boy?”


This kind of conversation was getting tiresome. Add made a loud sigh so Eun could hear clearly then changed the topic.

“Will Demons come after Eve again?”

“Power of Dark El is needed for Demons to cross dimensions and arrive here. But Dark El is not that abundant of a resource. Additional deployment will be difficult for them for a while.”

She had known this kind of information yet didn’t tell him. No wonder why she couldn’t be trusted. Add wanted to nitpick at this fact but held back.

“Get out now. I want to collect my thoughts.”

“Shouldn’t you take responsibility for looking away from the cute girl’s bare body, boy?”

“Why are you being so persistent? Just what do you want to hear from me?”

Add started getting angry as Eun started to speak in a roundabout way. He couldn’t read Eun’s movements because he still didn’t dare to turn around.

“Girls tend to be persistent. But persistent males are detestable.”

“Whatever, if you have something to say then say it. You didn’t wait for me to wake up for no reason right?”

Eun made a low laugh when Add retorted in distaste.

“It’s nothing much. Just take good care of Ara from now on.”


“Doesn’t boy think in his mind that Ara is annoying? But Ara has made up her mind to befriend all the El Search Party members. But she’s still uncomfortable with boy and girl.”

Let’s say Add’s case was because he kept being an outsider. Was Ara uncomfortable with Eve?

Recalling the event when Add had to apologize after peeping(?), they didn’t seem to have a bad relationship considering how Ara was listening in secret because she was worried about Eve ….but it did feel like Ara had some difficulties talking to Eve.

“So please try to get along well with Ara. Although she can be clumsy, she’s still a reliable child. She’s also cute when you tease her. I won’t ask you to open your heart to her but please look after her.”

Add’s face loosened after hearing the request that came from his back.

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Ooh? That’s an unexpectedly refreshing answer from you, boy.”

“I’m just annoyed that you’re still not wearing anything. Hurry up and wear something then get out.”

Add replied bluntly. But he already realized himself that there was no distaste in his voice when he answered. Normally, Eun wouldn’t have missed this and would have started to tease him. But she didn’t this time and was only made noises of moving clothes.

She was pretending that she hadn’t noticed.

Add pouted after realizing this. Although Eun had various suspicious elements to her, and that she couldn’t be completely trusted……The part about how she treasured Ara seemed genuine.

Just when Add was feeling restless at the sound of moving clothes behind him, he heard another type of noise.


Add realized just a moment later that it was sound of the door opening. Add turned his head around instinctively and froze up.

Person that had opened the door and entered the room was Eve.


Add could only repeatedly open and close his mouth like fish out of water. Eve was holding a cherry aid in her hand as she examined the scene inside the room with a cold gaze.

Add who was sitting on the bed and half-naked Ara(Actually Eun) beside him.

“Please have a good time.”

“No!! Wait!!”

Eve spoke coldly despite Add’s shout then back stepped out of the room.

He just bought an absurd misunderstanding. Add immediately got up from the bed and tried to run after her then stopped. Eun had held out her spear in front of him even before he realized it.

“I know how you are feeling but there’s no point in you going after her right now.”

“Whose fault do you think this is……?”

Add growled for a moment then stopped. No matter how much Eun liked to tease him, he didn’t think Eun would act like this in this kind of situation for no reason.

Eun seemed to have read Add’s assumption because she shook her head.

“No, I didn’t look into the future. I’m just saying this as a woman. It’s much more effective to go after some time gap in this situation.”


It wasn’t too reliable but it was already too late to go after Eve now. Eun calmly continued explaining.

“Also, there’s a festival going on currently in this Wally’s Castle. Use your disadvantage to your advantage. You’ll be able to win the girl’s favor greatly if you can use this chance well. Although it depends on boy’s efforts.”

“I got it, I got it so…..”

Add covered his face with one of his hands as he held out his other hand.

“Just hand over my jacket.”

Eun was still wearing Add’s jacket on top of her naked body. Nothing had changed about Eun’s appearance despite how he had given her some time to get dressed……

“This jacket is rather nice. Can you also make me one later?”

“I got it so hand it over!!!!”

Add finally exploded.


Door closed after Add left and Eun remained alone in the room. With a light wave of Eun’s hand, her beautiful bare body was covered with clothes.

Well, she didn’t lie. The part about clothes getting dirty was true. It could have been solved with a simple trick like this but she just didn’t choose to.

Eun clicked her tongue after sitting on the bed with her legs crossed.

“This is troublesome. Swaying with this method is starting to be less effective so I’ll have to think of something else.”

While Eun knew about the depths of human feelings, she lacked subtlety. To be precise, it was probably more correct to say she had no particular interest in such things.

Was it because she had lived for so long?

“I can’t even begin to think what can be done now. There’s no one to discuss this matter with anymore…..”

Eun narrowly opened her eyes then shook her head.

A fight had ended today. Being restless with worry wasn’t like her. She also had to return the body to Ara soon.

Today was supposed to be the day when the fight had ended. It was a time for celebration. Ara who had fought hard should enjoy it too.

Eun thought this but her body dropped backwards. While lying on the bed, she narrowed her eyes and sighed.

“This is worrisome, worrisome indeed. That obsession will bring about ruin and destruction.”



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