Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 2 Page 93~116(Complete)

파일 엘소드라노벨_2

Pdf version of ch0~2 updated on LN translation page.

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The alternate space Add opened up restrained the Shadow Master and the various demons near it. At that moment, Ara dove deep within the enemies while swinging her spear.


She shouted with a clear voice as she swept through the helpless demons. Four to five demons went flying each time she swung her spear. But their advantage was short lived. The Void field that Add had opened was losing strength.

“I’m joining in.”

Eve was about to follow and join Ara who was sweeping through the enemies in the front line. Add quickly raised his arm to stop her.

“You go and assist us beside Rena. I’ll go.”

Add’s ultimate goal was to prevent Eve from getting destroyed. He actually felt like kidnapping Eve right now and hiding her somewhere no one could find….. But since that was impossible, he was trying to keep Eve in a location where he could protect her.

Furthermore, the goal of these demons was destruction of Eve. He couldn’t let her go out to the front line. Eve tried to say something with an unsatisfactory expression but Add had already jumped on his Dynamos and was dashing forwards.

“Void Impact!!”

Along with Add’s shout, demons that were aiming for Ara’s back blew up into pieces. Ara looked backwards welcomingly after swinging her spear in a half circle.

“Thank you Mr.Add!”

“Watch out in front you idiot!”

Seven shadow demons that were now free from Void Field were charging at Ara. She couldn’t handle them all by herself no matter how skilled she was with the spear!

Just when Add increased the speed of his Dynamos, something even faster than his Dynamos flew by his ears.

Ssh! Ssh!! Sounds passed by and arrows hit their marks. Rena had started supporting them from the back.

“Kahaha!! Great!!”

Add shouted joyfully and trampled the demons with the Dynamo’s shockwaves. It was very difficult for Add to face these demons last time. But he could now defeat them without much difficulty after strangely becoming more powerful from his time travels.

Not only that, Ara fighting beside him dispersed the enemy’s attention and Eve and Rena quickly assisted from the back in dangerous moments.

It was a 4vs100 fight but they were pulling through smoothly.

“Dark fire orbs!!”

Shadow Master couldn’t stand watching its minions get defeated so helplessly anymore and scattered demonic orbs all around the battlefield. Add recalled from his past experience that those orbs were about to explode soon. He hurriedly raised his voice.

“Destroy those quickly!!”


Ara withdrew from attacking the demons with her spear and started to lightly step on the Shadow demons’ bodies to launch herself and used that momentum to thrust her spear into the orbs. After leaving the front line to Ara, Add quickly turned around and flew towards Rena and Eve at the back.

But Add’s worries were for naught because Rena’s arrows had just finished cleaning up the Dark Fire Orbs at the back. Eve scolded Add as to why he came back here.

“Why did you come here leaving Ara Haan behind?”


Soon as Eve’s words ended, a scream was heard from the front line.

Eve was relatively safe long as Rena was besides her. Then the key to victory was to quickly dispatch all the enemies fast as possible! Add instantly analyzed the situation and U-turned again. He flew rapidly towards Ara who was surrounded.

Ara had just finished clearing last of the Dark Fire Orbs. But she must have gotten grazed by the Sniper’s beam attack and was now rolling on the ground. With a stroke of incredibly bad luck, she rolled in front of the Shadow Charger that was bidding for its chance.

The Shadow Charger gladly opened its arms as if to welcome her. If you got caught in there….you won’t be able to do anything and die from the focused attacks of other demons!!

Just when Add was about to quickly calculate the way assist, Ara hit the ground with her palm as she rolled and performed a single somersault.

“Prepare yourselves.”

Ara’s hairpin was released and her hair got dyed white. The demons around her were momentarily startled by this. Ara thrust her spear behind her without even looking.


Surprisingly, the spear accurately pierced through the chest of a Shadow Charger that was preparing for Ara with open arms. After escaping from danger with a clean strike, Ara didn’t withdraw her spear and spun around once. Suddenly, the enemies near her got caught up by the sweep of her spear.


With the sound of wind getting torn apart…..a silence descended upon the battlefield.

“Full Moon!”

It was a scene where nothing seemed to move. As if the time had stopped. Then a single breeze passed by and dozens of demons disappeared at once turning into a black smoke.

She had just inflicted critical damage on all of them with a single sweep.


Even Add who was watching was so surprised that he couldn’t even make a sound. He had known Ara’s was skilled with the spear…..but this was really amazing. Honestly, even Add wouldn’t have been able to respond to this single hit attack and got done in.

It was that much of a clean and efficient strike.


“No, I’m Ara.”

Ara fixed her posture and smiled politely after eradicating all the demons around her. It was a very innocent smile for a girl that had just buried dozens of demons.

But that didn’t last long as Ara turned around to look fiercely at the remaining Shadow Demons.

“It seems there aren’t that many left…..”

Just as she said, there weren’t even 20 demons remaining. Rena and Eve were continuing to clear the demons by supporting from behind, and Ara’s single sweep just now had cleared out most of them.

Demons were now hesitating to attack. Even the Shadow Snipers that were capable of long range attack were nervously looking at their boss, the Shadow Master.

They were acting like this because so many of their comrades were defeated, causing their morale to drop. Shadow Master must have noticed this atmosphere and slowly started to come forwards.

“So it’s finally moving…..”

“I’ll defeat the demon!!”

White haired Ara charged in bravely towards Shadow Master that was almost 5 meters in height without any hesitation. Add was slightly taken aback at Ara running into the demons in a straight line but focused his mind. This was the final hurdle they had to overcome.

“Void Impact!!”

Add blew away the Shadow demons that were in Ara’s path by stretching out his left hand. Then right after, Add immediately stretched out his right hand.

The skill he couldn’t perform before, skill he obtained during his time travels!

“Void Impact!!”

It was activating the Dynamos consecutively using continuous calculations. Shadow Master was about to swing its arm at Ara but it got hit directly by the Void Impact and staggered.

If he had to give it a name, it would be Void Double Impact. It carried out the berserk actions Add had performed by impulse during his battle with Dark Count Ran. Instead this time it was performed through cold and precise calculations. This chained Double Impact was obviously much more destructive than the single Impact….

“Huff, Huff….”

But it also had a large feedback. Add was drenched in sweat because he had to overly concentrate and perform strained calculations. His condition right now was still better than the last time where he carelessly used this multi-calculation to the point where his arm got torn to shreds….but his legs were shaking so much right now that it was difficult to stand.

But because of the reckless Void Double Impact that Add had launched, the girl that rushed in bravely was able to arrive in front of the Shadow Master safely.

“Dragon Fang!!”

Just inside the reach of her spear. Ara threw her body sideways to smash her spear towards the ground, slashing the Shadow Master’s lower body.

“Pulling Pierce!!”

Continuing 2nd strike tore apart Shadow Master’s main body. Then she struck again with both of her palms.

“Power Hit!!”

Then Ara immediately hit the ground and jumped up. Shadow Master had lost its posture due to Ara’s previous continuous attacks that it couldn’t do anything but to watch as Ara jumped up into the air in front of its eyes. After reaching the maximum height of her jump, Ara swung her spear sharply as she fell.


The tip of Ara’s spear hit the ground after tearing through the Shadow Master’s body as if it was made out of paper. The strike had so much force that even after it shattered the Shadow Master in half, the remaining force of the strike caused a tremor starting from the spot where her spear had hit the ground.


The earthquake that followed after destroyed the ground as it swept up and destroyed the other demons that were nearby. Ara gasped for breath with her spear stabbed on the ground after sweeping away all enemies near her with the complete sequence of her Dragon Fang secret art. But just when Ara was about to pull her spear out of the ground, she opened her eyes in surprise.

The lone Shadow Master that had lost all its minions, the demon that was wavering after getting its body shattered in half, swung its arm towards Ara. Ara was so startled to find out that it was still moving after getting hit by the Blast that she couldn’t react. She was so shocked to the point where she couldn’t even think about trying to hold her spear up to at least attempt to block the attack.

Add who was watching from further away noticed the situation and instinctively shouted loudly.


Ara’s life was in danger. Shouldn’t she come fully to the surface right now?!


“After reaching the maximum height of her jump, Ara swung her spear sharply as she fell.


But the sound of wind tearing came faster than Add’s shout. Rena had sensed Ara’s crisis and immediately fired out dozens of arrows. Shadow Master’s body got pierced by arrows and shook violently before it was able to attack Ara.


Shadow Master let out a long scream after having its body broken by Add’s Void Impact, shattered in half by Ara’s spear and now getting rained down upon by Rena’s arrows.

It couldn’t hold out no matter how tenacious of a demon it was.


Its body blew up just as the scream was stifled. With the Shadow Master’s explosion, a silence descended upon the battlefield which was filled with intense battle just a moment earlier.


Only Rena’s thin sigh told them that the time was still flowing. Add was gasping for breath due to overstraining his body. He barely managed to bring up his body to stand.

Ara recovered from her shock and waved her hand left and right towards Add. It looks like she still had plenty of stamina.

“….So unnecessarily energetic.”

Add frowned when Ara started come towards him with hopping strides. But he wasn’t actually feeling unpleasant. He also couldn’t believe this situation. If he had the strength to pinch his face right now…he would have done so.

“Is it over….?”

Add took a look around again. He had succeeded in defeating the Shadow demons that came through the Dimension gate to destroy Eve.

“We won!!”

Ara’s shout as she ran towards him finally gave Add some sense of reality.

That’s right. They won. He still couldn’t believe it…..they had just defeated the enemy Add had struggled so much against. Add brought the hand he just used for the Void Double Impact in front of his face.

Was this victory because of his time travels?

“We won! Isn’t that right Mr.Add?!”

Ara had run up close to him and asked with a shine in her eyes. She looked extremely happy. Add didn’t want to speak out loud so he just replied with a nod.

For some reason he was afraid to say the fact out loud.

“I’m glad Mr.Add is okay too!!”

Ara was smiling then tilted her head. It was because Add was wordlessly staring at her face, more correctly, he was staring at the area above her head.

“What’s wrong, Mr.Add?”

“It’s nothing…..”

Did Eun predict this future and plotted to send Add to this timeline? Add’s head was filled with various complex thoughts but he eventually stopped thinking about it. The problem that had been bugging him so frighteningly was now over.

“Yea, we won.”

Add murmured as he examined the others. Rena was wiping the sweat off her forehead, and Eve was sweeping the dust off her clothes.

She was perfectly safe……


Add opened his eyes widely. This couldn’t be possible. No, it was something that shouldn’t happen!


“Darkness…..Ruin, Death!!”


It seemed the space behind Eve was being distorted…..Then the Dimension Gate opened again. Add instantly got on his Dynamos without any further thoughts.

“Ara!! Help Rena!!”

Add flew quickly surpassing the Dynamo’s limitation speed. Eve must have felt something was wrong too and was turning around.

No, don’t turn around!! Dodge!!


Too much distance was between them! Far! Way too far!! But its fine, unlike his body which acted on impulse, his head was extremely clear.


This chance I barely managed to grasp, I couldn’t let this end like the last time!

There’s no way I’ll see her get destroyed in front of my eyes again!!


Add clenched his teeth with such a force that they almost broke and in that instant, the space around him tore. He had used the secret skill he used before when Ran had appeared, the short distance space warp.

After jumping through dozens of meters in an instant, Add frantically waved his right arm. Eve had just noticed the new enemy and was about to change into battle mode. But she got hit by Add’s arm and was pushed back a long distance.

Add was now alone by himself amongst the enemies. He opened his left hand to fire a Void Impact forwards. Shadow demons got swept up by the explosion and turned into smoke….But the newly appeared Shadow Master only flinched at the impact.

It was impossible to reverse the Dynamo’s forward movement now that it was already moving in full speed. Short distance space warp wasn’t something he could use carelessly. After space warp, it was impossible to change directions and Dimension Distortion mode was also temporarily disabled.

Add couldn’t do anything as he looked up vacantly towards the giant hand poised to strike down at him.

“…..My calculation was wrong.”

He couldn’t escape the giant Shadow Master’s range even if he were to jump off the Dynamos right now. Also, getting off the Dynamos meant he will lose his mobility. There was no way minion Demons will miss that chance.

He was like the moth that jumped into the fire. Only thing left for him now was to burn.

Add let out an empty laugh. His calculation was completely wrong. Rena had gotten surrounded by dozens of Shadow demons and was fighting back with kicks. Ara was running towards Rena to help her.

There was no one that could help him now.

Since his body was no different from a body of normal humans, he’ll die instantly when that Shadow Master’s arm drops on him.

Add sensed what was about to happen and unconsciously looked behind him

Eve that he pushed away was finally getting up. Her eyes were opened extremely wide. She must have realized what was about to happen in front of her.


What? You knew how to make that kind of face……?

Expression that was dyed into the Nasod’s face was dread and horror. Add clicked his tongue.

Why are you giving such a dynamic reaction? It was an appropriate reaction for the masterpiece he had acknowledged……But why did the final face he saw from her had to be this?


With Add’s snort, Shadow Master swung its arm down as if it was swatting a fly. The strike was filled with so much potential energy that his body will break horribly upon impact and he’ll die instantly. But Add didn’t close his eyes at the approaching darkness.

If this was the end, I’ll continue laugh with my eyes wide open!!


Add impulsively broke out laughing as the shadow loomed upon him. This was such an abrupt ending despite how he had tried so hard even traveling through time…..well, it wasn’t too bad.


Add could only blink his eyes after hearing the heart chilling noise just now. He was still able to move instinctively before when he had been extremely surprised by the second Shadow Master’s appearance. But he couldn’t even do that right now.

Just where did this red haired boy who slashed away Shadow Master’s hand come from?

Boy who had arrived through the darkness looked back calmly.

“Big brother Add, What are you doing?”

Elsword gripped his sword and shouted.



Unlike Add who was frozen in surprise, Elsword didn’t show any signs of hesitation. After putting strength in his legs to stand firmly, he swung his sword to hit away the Shadow Master’s arm that flew towards him again.

Because of their obvious difference in size and power….Elsword’s body was scarred each time they exchanged attacks. But Elsword’s fighting spirit did not die.

“Hmph! Is that all you got? Flame Geyser!!”

Witnessing the ground shake and flame gush out finally brought Add to his senses. In his final moments where he had been prepared for death…..the person that saved him was Elsword? Add couldn’t even begin to process this information. But he was certain of one thing.

Right now was time to fight!!

“Particle Accel!!”

Thanks to the time Elsword bought for him, Add was able to fire all particles that Dynamos had gathered abundantly. A shockwave tore through the space and knocked out the Shadow Chargers that were rushing in after Elsword.

Finally able to get a moment to take a breath, Add quickly examined the battlefield. Rena and Ara far away were too busy facing the minion demons to assist this side.


Behind him was Eve, the target he had to protect at all costs.

In front of him was Shadow Master, an enemy that exhausted Add could never defeat on his own.

But beside him was a red haired boy who was swinging his sword fiercely.

“….I’m joining in!!”

This wasn’t the time to be picky. He didn’t care whose hand he borrowed in order to obtain the future where Eve was safe.

“Void Field!!”

Add snapped his finger to open an alternate space and suppressed the Shadow Master and its minions…..Elsword instantly kicked the ground and rushed forwards.

“Assault Slash!!”

As Elsword dived in, the tip of his sword launched away all of the demons in its way and stabbed into Shadow Master’s body. Black smoke emerged from Shadow Master’s wound. It seemed it was dealt quite a bit of damage……But it was way too insufficient to defeat it.

And the alternate space that Add had opened was ending! Shadow Master was free to move now and tried to swing its arm at Elsword again. Add shouted without thinking.

“Void Field!!”

Before was Void Double Impact and now Void Double Field. He had never even thought about trying to use this…. Alternate space opened up again and suppressed the Shadow Master’s body once more.

Elsword who raised his sword in order to block the Shadow Master’s attack immediately noticed the change in situation and started attacking again.

Shadow Master’s body staggered widely when Elsword attacked it with a wide swing of his sword. This was the chance to deal critical damage to it!! Add tried to stretch his arm forwards to assist…. But his arm wasn’t moving well for some reason.


Something felt like it was coming up from within him…..then blood dripped down along his lips. Add wiped his mouth with his sleeve and noticed that he had just vomited blood.

It was actually obvious. In the first place, this stacking attack, Double, caused enormous feedback on his body. This much was rather civil considering how his entire body got ripped apart from the recoil last time when he faced Ran.

“Huff, Huff…..”

Add attempted to assist Elsword the best he could ignoring the blood dripping along his lips. But his sight was dizzy and his arm wasn’t moving well. The second Void Field disappeared and Elsword was surrounded by the demons.

She wouldn’t just sit and…..watch this situation!!

Add’s heart sank as he looked behind instinctively. Eve who had just stood up was thoughtlessly rushing towards Elsword to save him.

No, that will just let them achieve their goal. But Add couldn’t move right now because of the feedback.

Again….? It’s going to turn out like this again? No matter how startled he had been, was his choice to fight along with Elsword against Shadow Master stupid?

Just when Add’s eyes were filled with despair….Something unbelievable happened. Elsword calmly swung his sword to shake off the attacks then retreated backwards.

Elsword Add had known obviously wouldn’t even think about backing off. But Elsword right now had reacted as if he had read Add’s mind.

That muscle head can think? Do I have to report this new discovery to the scientific community?

Add was so swept up in confusion that he was late in realizing the fact that Elsword was running towards him. Elsword dodged the Shadow Snipers’ beams that came from far away by moving left and right as he approached Add.

“Big brother Add, What are you doing!?”

Elsword raised Add’s body and moved it backwards. Then he got surprised by the blood running down Add’s mouth and asked.

“Did you get hit somewhere?”


As he was getting dragged backwards by Elsword, Add realized his current situation late and shook off Elsword’s arm.

“I just made a momentary mistake. I’m fine now.”

“Really? Alright.”

Elsword turned his body towards the front again as if there was no more reason to ask. Shadow Master’s body was damaged due to Elsword and Add’s attacks earlier but it was still alive and well.

“Then what should we do now? Big brother Add? Do you have any good plan?”

“….Why would you ask me that?”

Despite the desperate situation, Add ended up asking unconsciously. Wasn’t Elsword just a scatterbrain who couldn’t even measure his own strength and only knew about how to rush forward to fight?

Elsword he had observed so far was like that.

Other members were sure that Elsword would become stronger and Add could at least agree to that much…..But he was never able to evaluate Elsword’s intelligence highly.

“Because Big brother Add is smarter than me. Can you think of a good way to beat that thing?”


Add doubted his ears at what Elsword just said without any hesitation. Was our relationship always like this? But Elsword was only sending him a gaze that said ‘why are you sitting around dumbfounded?’

“There is a way….”

“I’ll join in too.”

Eve who had ran up close to them when they were talking spoke shortly. Just when Add was about to protest, Eve summoned Nasod spears and stabbed in front of her. Four Shadow Demons that were running at the three of them got pierced and fell backwards.

“There’s no time.”


It was too naïve to think of excluding Eve here. Eve will be destroyed anyways if they couldn’t defeat Shadow Master. It was correct to borrow Eve’s powers as well in order to defeat the enemies.

“What we have to aim for aren’t the small fries, it’s the Shadow Master. Elsword, you run in and attack it with a powerful skill. Then Eve, you use the short time gap after Elsword’s attack to position yourself then shred it with Junk Break.”

“…..Yes, understood.”

Eve made a somewhat odd expression but nodded. Add looked in front of him after giving the instructions. There weren’t many demons beside Shadow Master due to Rena and Ara who were fighting hard far away.

But this was the second Shadow Master, was there any guarantee that there won’t be a third?

“I have no basis…..but this is probably the last one.”

“Really? That’s good.”

“Then let’s begin.”

It was only Add’s wishful thinking. But Elsword and Eve didn’t protest even though Add had said there was no basis.

Add would have normally evaluated this as being too soft-hearted……But for now, he just burst out a short laugh.

“Destroy it completely together when I give the go. Go!”

Add jumped on the Dynamos and charged towards the Shadow Master. Not wanting to fall behind, Elsword also rushed in as he kicked the ground. Eve also started dashing in parallel to the two of them.

This was completely different from the decisive battle he had planned…..But this wasn’t bad at all!

“Kahahaha!! Void Field!!”

Add burst out an insane laugh as he opened up the alternate space again to suppress the Shadow Master and its minions. At that moment, Elsword didn’t even give an eye to the other demons and charged in only towards the Shadow Master as he slammed the ground.

“Triple Geyser!!!”

As Elsword struck the ground hard with his sword, three pillars of flame broke through the ground as they rose up. Judging by its significant power, it must have been a skill that Elsword had been saving up.

But it was insufficient to defeat the Shadow Master!! Add shouted hysterically.

“Elsword!! Protect Eve!!”

It was honestly stupid. It was a method that Add wouldn’t have normally come up with. But this was the most important part of the plan that Add came up with on the spot!!

Elsword was extremely vexed that he couldn’t defeat the Shadow Master with the skill he had put all his strength into. He thought that he could defeat it if he attacked it a bit more. Yet he listened to Add’s shout without question and turned around to run towards Eve.

Any man that fought with a sword would have desires to swing his sword at the prey that he almost defeated. Yet he obediently listened to Add’s instructions. Add shuddered inside at Elsword’s honest to a fault reaction.

He had calculated it. But he didn’t think Elsword would actually move according to his calculation!!

Eve arrived just a step later and shouted as she charged in towards the Shadow Master who was still alive.

“Junk Break!!”

Skill that Eve had kept hidden up her sleeves, a giant shredder that tore apart anything caught inside was summoned and started to shred the Sahdow Master apart.

Not just Shadow Master, but all the minion demons nearby got sucked in. This skill had such a frightening power.

“Is it…. not enough after all?”

It was a skill that did away with Wally Robot in one go, but it was slightly insufficient to take down Shadow Master. Speed of the shredder’s spin started to slow down. Shadow Master’s lower body was destroyed beyond recognition, but it was still moving.

Not only that, Void Field’s duration was now over and Shadow Master was free to move…..and Eve knelt on the ground unable to move because of Junk Break’s after effect.

Add had already known she couldn’t move for a moment after using Junk Break. That’s why he had asked Elsword although he honestly didn’t want to.


With Eve who knelt immobile behind him, Elsword heroically swung his sword in response to Shadow Master’s arm swing and blocked the attack. Elsword fought without backing down even by a step. He fought with the will that said he won’t let anyone get past him, that he won’t let anyone approach weakened Eve.

It looked like the scene right out of a fairy tale. A knight fighting against the devil in order to protect the princess…..It was so bright that it almost blinded Add.

Elsword’s swordplay had stolen Add’s gaze before Add had realized it himself. But Add managed to force his head around. He had no time to focus on such a picture like scene.


Role of the knight that fought to protect the queen wasn’t his.

He was the only one that could defeat the Shadow Master right now. He’ll stake everything on this!!



With Add’s shout, Dynamos caused a distortion in the space where Shadow Master’s head was located and created an explosion. Shadow Master’s body staggered after getting hit continuously…..but it still clung on to its life.

He could defeat Shadow Master now if he used the Double Void Impact that didn’t have a time gap. But Add didn’t use it. It wasn’t because he was afraid of his body getting destroyed by the feedback.


It was to finish this with certainty.


I can finally see the victory in front of me. There’s no way I’d do this half heartedly!!

“Stardust Shower!!!”

Sky tore open with Add’s shout and dozen rounds of gravity orbs dropped down towards the ground. The gravity orbs that rained down from the sky were all aimed towards one point.

In order to erase that eye sore Shadow Master from this world!!



Shadow Master shook violently as it got hit by rain of gravity orbs. Surprisingly, it still had the strength to move…..But this was within his calculations as well. Add held out his hand forward without hesitation.

It would be dangerous if he used this skill right after he had used his most powerful move Stardust Shower. But it didn’t matter.

“Void Double Impact!!!”

The cost of using a skill that put lots of load on his body without any hesitation was brutal. Blood burst up from his throat as his body lost balance. His feet dropped from the Dynamo that was floating and his body fell backwards…..towards the ground.

But Add saw. How the compressed space he set up caused a chain explosion to evaporate Shadow Master’s head without a trace, and how Shadow Master’s giant body turned into a black smoke.

How Elsword was still not backing down an inch as he fought to protect Eve from the minion demons. And how Eve was able to recover from the Junk Break’s after effect and stood up to assist Elsword.


Alright, that’s enough.

I’m satisfied now after seeing that.



Eve, now in a safe state……defeated all the demons that came at her. Add made a satisfactory smile as he closed his eyes.

But his body stopped before his head hit the ground. Add who had prepared for impact opened his eyes narrowly……He could see a person carrying him with both arms.

It was Ara whose hair had turned white earlier.

“…..Now you come out?”

The fox ears that shook on top of her head, it was Eun. Eun let off her usual voluptuous smile but calmly nodded her head.

“That was magnificent, Boy.”

“Is it over….now?”

There won’t be a third Shadow Master or anything like that right? Was it really over? He didn’t even have the strength to move his fingers anymore but still wanted to make sure.

“Don’t worry. This situation is now over…..”

Able to ease his mind now, Add closed his eyes. He had no more strength left.

“Rest well, boy. I’ll handle the remaining tasks.”


Add heard an extremely gentle voice before he lost consciousness.



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