Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 2 Page 43~62

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2. Engage



El Search Party tracked Banthus who ran off with the El to Elder. El Search Party members were all baffled at Elder’s bustling streets that were incomparable to Ruben’s.

“Wow that castle is huge…..”

“Ms.Rena! May I go buy some drinks?”

“Yea sure, do you want some too Eve?”

“I’m not particularly interested.”

“Cherry aid is fine right?”

“….I’ll request lemonade please.”

El Search Party members harmoniously exchanged conversations as they walked along the bustling streets. Only Add was not moving his mouth amongst them.

His mind was in such disarray that nothing came into his eyes…..

“Ah, cold!”

Add got startled and stepped back when he felt a sudden chill on his cheek.

Rena had brought a juice towards Add’s cheek and was now making a beaming smile.

“Here, take this. It’s a cherry aid. You didn’t say anything so I chose what to get.”

“Who said I wanted a drink?”

“Then would you like me to go change it for a different flavor?”

Seeing Rena make a sociable smile as she held out the cup towards him, Add couldn’t resist anymore and took the drink. He’s been thinking about this for a while and….. Rena was always treating Add like a kid she had to take care of.

Of course, Rena paid attention to the other members as well. But it was certain that she was extra attentive towards Add. Well, it was probably because Add kept trying to keep himself in the outskirts of the group.

Add took a glance at the other three with a straw in his mouth. Ara, Elsword and Eve were drinking their juices while sitting and talking to each other harmoniously.

Elsword and Eve had been traveling together so it was obvious they got along. But Ara was quite sociable as well so she had a decent relationship with the other members.


Add let out a sigh as he looked at the three, particularly Elsword.

Other members didn’t seem bothered at all by Elsword’s sudden growth.

Elsword, 15 years old. He was participating in the El Search Party as the Velder Kingdom’s Knight.


Time travel he had done thoughtlessly caused such a drastic change. It was actually quite frightening. He couldn’t tell what might change next if he time traveled again.

El Search Party’s total battle capability did go up because of Elsword’s growth. But there was no certainty that the changes that will happen next were positive.

He had thought he could erase unfavorable events by using time travel until now….

“As I thought, it’s not something you can use carelessly.”

Although Eun determined the time space coordinates for him, huge unwanted change could happen if he continued like this. As he thought, he should refrain from using time travel much as possible…


Add was deep in thought drinking his juice when he felt his body suddenly get pulled. Add turned around in surprise to see that Rena was smiling with her arm tied around Add’s neck.

“Why are you making such a gloomy face?”

“G, Get off!”

Add got startled by the soft sensation of her breasts on his back and quickly tried to pull his body out. But Add’s physical abilities were that of a normal boy. There was no way he could escape the grasp of Rena who was an Elf warrior.

It stuck closer the more he struggled.

“You should just go talk to them if you want to play together.”

“Who said I wanted to play!? Don’t stick close to me!!”

Add was taken aback as he abruptly turned his head around. He could smell indescribably good aroma from Rena….his head started to feel dizzy.


““G, get off!”

Add got startled by the soft sensation of her breasts on his back and quickly tried to pull his body out.”


It seemed Rena didn’t know about what was going on in Add’s head because she continued to ask while sticking close to Add’s back.

“Hmm, so were you able to apologize well yesterday?”

“….It’s all done. You can go check if you’re doubtful.”

“I was asking you if you were able to ease your mind.”

Rena finally let Add go from her arm tied around his neck. Add hastily organized his crumpled clothes then saw Rena’s gaze and frowned.

For him to get so flustered from something like this; he felt displeased because it felt like he had shown signs of weakness to her.

“So do you have some business with me?”

“Umm, I’ll go talk with Mr.Hoffman now. So please do a good job of watching over the kids for me will you?”

Rena was trying to hand over the command of the group to Add. Well, Add was the most trustworthy one amongst the group when Rena wasn’t here.

Eve was fine in every respect but wasn’t knowledgeable about worldly affairs, Ara tried her best in everything she did but was unreliable because she was clumsy. Elsword was the youngest among the group.

In Add’s case, his weakness was that he was bad with personal relations….. But Rena thought highly of his unexpectedly sensible thought process and ability to improvise.

It was a selection she had put various thoughts into. But against Rena’s expectations, Add didn’t accept the leader role and,

“Wait a moment.”

did not deny it as well.

“If you’re going to meet with Hoffman, I’ll go too.”


Rena glanced at him quizzically. But this was something Add had decided on beforehand.

“I have something to suggest to him so I’ll go too.”

And knowing Rena’s personality, she won’t deliberately refuse this. Add resolved himself as he waited for her reply.

I’ll change the future.

And I’ll do anything in order to do so.


In the end, Rena and Add headed to Hoffman’s house while leaving the command of other members to Eve.

“Mr.Hoffman will meet you soon.”

A servant guided the two to the guest room then lightly bowed before going away.

Add fidgeting his fingers then stole a glance at Rena. Rena noticed Add’s gaze and smiled benevolently in return.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s just….”

He already knew from past experience that Rena would listen to him even if he made an abrupt request like this. But it still felt uncomfortable.

“What I’m about do to…..is to not make anyone cry.”

“Yea, alright.”

Rena replied with a tone that said she was listening. It was a light response but her voice was friendly.

“So trust me…and let me take care of this.”


Rena lightly nodded as if to tell Add that he didn’t need to speak any further. She entrusted him with this even though he didn’t give her any further explanation.


Rena would just kindly reply back if he tried to nitpick at her naïve reaction. He had been really confused by Rena’s methods before….but he could somewhat accept it now.

Let’s do what he had to do since Rena entrusted him with this.

“Welcome, I’m Hoffman.”

Finally, the door opened and a well looking middle aged man came inside the room. Rena came to meet Hoffman in order to investigate Banthus’ whereabouts. But Add’s purpose was different.

“I came here because I got a proposition for you.”

“Proposition? Who are you people?”

“Oh, we’re the El Search Party. Here’s the letter of recommendation from Ruben’s chief, Hagus.”

Rena pulled out the Ruben chief Hagus’ recommendation letter and handed it over to Hoffman. They had heard Hoffman was a close friend of Hagus. This letter should have special meaning to Hoffman.

As expected, Hoffman looked at Rena with a trusting gaze after reading Hagus’ letter.

“So you’re here to get back the El that was stolen from Ruben. Then….”

“We’ll put that aside for now.”

Add boldly cut off Hoffman’s words and took a deep breath before moving to the main topic.

Hoffman didn’t get angry at Add cutting off his words and carefully stared at Add. Rena smiled as if nothing was wrong.

“We the El Search Party will help the Elder’s citizens in overthrowing the tyrannical castle’s lord Wally.”

“Hmm? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Kukuk, you don’t have to play dumb. We already know everything. Not only is he issuing unreasonable taxes, he captured all the girls in this town right? Isn’t resentment amongst the citizens sky high already? Didn’t you already form a militia and is waiting for an opportune moment?”

Hoffman winced when Add hit the mark. But he wasn’t flustered and reacted in a composed manner. It was no wonder why people of Elder trusted him.

“I don’t know how you found out….but it seems you already know everything.”

“Yes, how we found out isn’t important. We’ll help you guys so you guys help us in return.”

Hoffman didn’t respond immediately to Add’s suggestion but it seemed he was drawn by this proposition. His good friend Hagus had already approved the El Search Party’s skills.

It was a desperate time where they were preparing for their revolution to overthrow Wally. Each and every help mattered greatly. There was no reason to refuse when the El Search Party was volunteering to help.

“Then how should we help?”

“Our request is simple. Help us get into Wally’s castle.”

“We know about an Underground Waterway that leads into the castle….”

“That’s not it. There’s absolutely no point in going that way.”

Doing so will only repeat the previous events. He had to aim for different location, attack from a completely unexpected angle.

“We have to infiltrate deep into the castle. Only then can we rescue the captive girls.”

“Of course we’ll be extremely grateful if you can do that….”

Hoffman’s words trailed as if such thing was impossible. It seemed he had pondered every possible rescue plans but couldn’t manage to come up with anything.

But Add grinned with satisfaction.

“There is a great way to rescue them easily. That is….”

“That is?”

Rena who was listening also looked like she was very looking forward to his answer. Add couldn’t turn back anymore if he said this.

Add gulped and revealed his secret plan.

“Girls from us El Search Party will get captured and taken into the castle. They obviously won’t hold all the girls in separate places and keep them all together. We will pretend to get captured and cause a disturbance inside to rescue the girls. Kukukuk, it’s a perfect plan.”


Hoffman exclaimed as he looked at Rena. They couldn’t use this plan because all the girls in Elder were captured.

But if the El Search Party that has just arrived in Elder, more precisely the girls in the party pretended to be captured and carry out the rescue from inside…

This plan was worth a try.

“Understood. We’ll pretend to be obedient to Wally and notify the castle that we have captured couple of traveling girls. We’ll prepare right away. How many amongst you are planning to go?”

“Umm, there will be three.”

Rena also accepted the plan and answered. Ara, Rena and Eve were girls were so that number was accurate.

“There will be four.”

“Huh? But Add? There are only three girls amongst us.”

Rena made an obvious indication….but Add continued his words while suppressing the feeling of wanting to vomit out blood. He knew this choice was going to ruin his life but he still couldn’t afford to keep himself out of this plan.

“I’m going too!”

“…..Add, could it be that you were a girl?”

Rena asked earnestly and Hoffman also carefully scanned Add. Awkward reactions continued but Add just spoke the words he had to.

He leapt through time determined that he will do anything in order to save Eve from the demons. He couldn’t back out just because it was shameful.

“I’ll become a girl starting from now!!”

…..Although it felt like he’ll kick in his sleep later.


Elder’s Inn.

Rena gathered the El Search Party members and started explaining with a lighthearted voice.

“Now, I’ll explain the plan.”

Other members who didn’t know the situation listened carefully to Rena’s explanation but Add had his face facing the ground with a sour taste in his mouth. It felt so shameful so he didn’t want to be sitting in this conversation…..But he had to supplement Rena’s explanation wherever they weren’t enough.

Everyone had to work in unison in order for this plan that Eun suggested to work properly.

“That’s all. Is there any questions?”

“Big sister Rena? What about Banthus?”

Elsword asked an obvious question. They had come to Elder to find Banthus. But now they were putting aside Banthus and were trying to overthrow the castle’s lord Wally. Of course he wouldn’t be able to understand.

“No, if Mr.Castle’s Lord is really a pervert that likes to throw obscene parties with the captured girls then I cannot forgive him no matter what!”

“I agree too…. But doesn’t finding the El come first?”

Add explained instead of Rena when the two’s opinions seemed to clash.

“The El Banthus stole has already gone into Wally’s hands.”

“What? Really?”

“Banthus was hired by Wally in the first place. Didn’t you think it was strange that such a small fry was commanding Nasods? There’s also a reason for them in taking all the girls by force. They seem to be plotting something by joining hands with the demons. We cannot let this be.”

Add’s explanation made sense but there was a hole.

“How do you know all this?”

Eve didn’t miss that hole and asked quietly.

It would obviously look suspicious if Add looked like he knew everything that was going on when it hasn’t even been a day since they’ve arrived in Elder.

“I had bad relations with demons since long ago. I found out when I was researching various things about them.”


Eve didn’t look satisfied with this explanation. Well, it should still be more convincing than telling her he knew because he was time traveling.

“Hmm, we can’t leave the tyrannical lord like this right? Let’s help the Elder’s citizens.”

Everyone nodded when Rena made her decision. Attacking Wally first while leaving Banthus aside felt like the orders got flipped. But everyone accepted because Rena had said so.

“Then what should we do? Shall we go right now?”

“I’ll lead the way!”

Ara grabbed her spear and got up immediately. She had become extremely enraged after hearing Wally’s evil deeds and was now raring to go.

“I’ll help too. We need to get the El back after all.”

“Wait, I have a plan.”

It was good that everyone was willing. But charging in like this will only end with the same result.

Add repeated the same explanation he gave to Hoffman while ignoring Rena who was making a bitter smile.

“That’s a great plan! I’ll do it too!”

“I don’t mind as well….but why is there 4 people?”


Add quickly made his move first before Rena who was forcefully suppressing her laughter and was about to reveal the truth.

He’d rather say it himself than let someone else say it!

“I’m going too. By becoming a girl.”



Eve coldly, and Ara confusingly stared at Add. Ara asked in a tone that she couldn’t understand at all after staring at Add’s chest area for a while.

“But Mr.Add doesn’t have breasts. Were you a girl?”


Eve’s face seemed to stiffen for some reason but let’s ignore it. Add suppressed the feeling of wanting to burrow into the ground and forced out his words.

“I, I’ll disguise myself and go together.”

“Ah, so you’re dressing up like a girl!”

Ara clapped her hand and made a large nod. …..Please don’t show such a welcoming reaction; I’m going to die from embarrassment.

“….Big brother Add, will you be okay?”

Elsword asked with the eyes that were looking at a pitiable person. Add nodded with his teeth clenched tightly. He started feeling increasingly wretched.

“Okay…. I just have to stand ready outside with the militia right?”

Elsword finished up the conversation with a tone that said he won’t talk about this anymore. Right now, this kind of reaction was more grateful for Add.

“What should we do to make them believe Mr.Add is a girl?”

“C, Can’t we just put some r,ribbons on his head? Pfft.”

“You look like you’re having fun, Rena.”

Three girls started to have an in-depth discussion about the sudden topic of dressing Add up like a girl. The atmosphere felt like they were enjoying this…. Add hoped this was just his imagination.

“I don’t know much about decorating but I’ll do my best!”

“I’m not too knowledgeable about adorning but I’ll try.”

“I, I’ll…. Make you pretty too. Pfft.”

Just laugh out loud if you want to laugh. Add made a huge sigh seeing the three who conversed in front of him.

“We should give him big breasts. Since he’s pretty tall.”

“It would be best if we gave him a skirt right?”

“We need a wig.”

…..My heart is seriously getting torn apart listening to this.

Add couldn’t handle the girls harmoniously talking about dressing him up anymore and returned to the guys’ bedroom. He kept getting impulses to turn back and erase this event even though he was the one that brought up this plan.

Add moved out to the balcony and looked up at the sky while grabbing the railings. The sky was very dark which reflected his feelings right now.

“Kukuk, this isn’t funny.”

Seriously? cross-dressing? It was such an absurd plan. Add had opposed it when he first heard it from Eun but he ended up agreeing after listening to her explanation.

To protect Eve, Add who knew about the situation had to be beside her. Then why couldn’t they just send only Rena and Ara to Wally’s Castle?

That won’t be any different than the time when Ran appeared and destroyed Eve.

The back bone in Eun’s plan was that the battle occurred when much of the party members were together as possible.

Thus, it was better for Eve to get taken along with Rena and Ara….then Add had to be beside Eve as well. Thus, he had to dress up as a girl in order to do so.

He extremely disliked this but couldn’t deny it logically.

“It totally feels like I’ve been fooled…..”

“It’s a proper reaction for guys to allow themselves to get fooled by girls.”

Add winced at the sudden voice that came from below. Tap! Ara who jumped up from the bottom floor’s balcony grabbed onto the railings to pull herself into the balcony.

It was an unbelievable physical feat. But she shrugged when Add stared startled at the girl who was now suddenly standing beside him.

“Even Ara can easily perform this much.”

White hairs that waved from the wind and fox ears that curled up and down. It was Eun, not Ara.

“You’re popping out too often recently.”

“I’ll switch if you have a business with Ara.”

“Just tell me what you came here to say.”

Eun was the person that told Add about this plan in the first place. She probably came out to explain tomorrow’s plan in more detail.

“I’ll be awaiting your pretty form tomorrow.”

“Get lost, don’t come out ever again.”

Eun burst out laughing when Add bared his teeth and got angry.

“I was joking. The problem is how we’ll fool the castle’s soldiers.”

“It will work out somehow. It’s not like they’re taking girls based on their appearance.”

“It could be troublesome if there’s a guy who falls for you because you’re so beautiful.”

“Go back this instant if you came out to say such garbage!”

Eun laughed enjoyably when Add glared at her. In some sense, she was much more difficult to face than Rena.

“What will you do if you fail tomorrow?”

“I won’t fail.”

“Still, just in case. What will you do if you were to fail?”

Add frowned when Eun questioned him persistently. He didn’t know why she was trying to confirm this.

“I’ll find you and time travel again. Is there a problem with that?”

“Aren’t you afraid of…..what might happen if you time travel again?”

Add couldn’t answer immediately to her quiet question. Elsword’s sudden change. Would Add have decided to time travel so lightly if he had known about this change beforehand?

His time travel started bringing about a strange phenomenon. It was light changes at first, but now it had completely changed a person.

Something even more serious could happen next.

“You’ll just have to tell me what will happen next. Didn’t you send me knowing full well that Elsword would change like this?”

“I said I’d help the boy. I never said I’ll tell him everything. I don’t intend to reveal what will happen when you time travel.”


“You look like you want to ask why. But I won’t answer that either.”

But Add could somewhat understand Eun’s calculations.

If Add heard beforehand about how something even more serious, something more drastic than Elsword’s change might happen…..It could make Add give up time traveling.

“So your goal was to make me time travel.”

“My goal is to resolve this situation. Making boy time travel if necessary.”

Eun didn’t deny Add’s guess.

In the end, it meant that Eun knew how Add would despair after seeing Eve be destroyed in front of his eyes then repeatedly time travel only to fail. But she didn’t do anything and just watched.

It honestly made him angry….but there was no point in getting angry right now. Didn’t he already assume that this thing had her own agenda?

“Forget it. I’ll succeed for sure tomorrow.”

“If need be, I’ll also help both physically and spiritually.”

Eun smiled without a constraint but Add couldn’t let his guard down. They were cooperating for now but as he thought, she was way too suspicious.

Eun shrugged at Add’s angry glare and grabbed the railings to throw herself downwards.

“Then I’ll be anticipating boy’s beautiful form tomorrow.”

Eun fell down before Add could retort. There was no need to check. She probably landed on the bottom floor’s balcony safely.

“I don’t like this.”

He was playing into that fox’s hands right now. But he had no other options at the moment. He’ll just have to be patient and make this plan successful.

“I don’t want to do this ever again….”

He just hoped that the girls talking so excitedly about dressing him like a girl didn’t bring about some hideous result. Add prayed to the stars in the night sky.

Next day morning.

The stars were heartless. They don’t listen to people’s wishes.

“It fits you.”

“You look great Mr.Add!”

“Hmm, you look better than I expected.”

Add bit his lower lip when the three girls complimented him. He didn’t even want to imagine the miserable form he had right now.

A skirt came into view when he lowered his eyes. Although Add agreed with dressing up as a girl, he had protested desperately against wearing a skirt…. But his height was the problem.

Add’s height was 176cm. Tall for a girl. This will obviously attract attention so they had to make this disguise believable as possible. Rena’s opinion was that just disguising the breasts wasn’t enough. Add couldn’t logically refute her.

“Is it….over?”

“Here, want to take a look in the mirror?”

“No, no matter what.”

Add spoke with a grave look. He never wanted to confirm how he looked right now with his eyes.

“That won’t do Add, you have to make sure nothing is wrong with your own eyes.”

“I changed your voice so you don’t need to worry about getting found out.”

“Okay Mr.Add, stand still.”

When Add kicked the ground and tried to escape the room, Ara grabbed him by locking both of her arms from under his armpits. He couldn’t move and….her breasts were touching his back!

“Hey, hey! I’ll look! So let go! Let go!!”

“Eh? What’s wrong Mr.Add?”

“I said I’ll look!!”

Panicked Add finally managed to shake Ara off by twisting his body and then let out a sigh. He then looked at the wall mirror although he really didn’t want to.

A girl he had never before seen in his life stared back at him with a frown.

She was a girl anyone would look back at if they saw her passing by in the streets. Even Add who had no particular interest in girls admitted this internally.

……The problem was that this girl was him.

“It was really fun to do. This isn’t bad at all since Add was already pretty.”

“It’s excellent.”

“Yes, no one will be suspicious.”

“Are we done now? Then contact Hoffman already. Tell him to bring the castle’s soldiers here.”

Add notified them lopsidedly and got out of the room. He’d just be a laughingstock the longer he stayed in there.

“….This is gonna drive me crazy.”

It was something he had determined to do but actually doing it had a different weight. Add carefully moved his steps watching out so he didn’t step on the bottom of his skirt.





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