Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 1 page 24~41

파일 엘소드라노벨_2

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End of Chapter 1

Rena told Add to sit here and wait while she went to get the others. Being left alone, Add scratched his head as he listened to the sound of the burning campfire.

“Why did it end up like this…?”

Let’s put aside Eun sending him back without any information. Why did she have to drop him in the middle of girls bathing? He’ll have to ask if this was an accident or on purpose.

“She just made things more annoying for me.”

They’ve only met yesterday so it should be normal for him to never see the others again considering he had committed an incident this large. Add admitted this even though he was the perpetrator that had caused the incident.

He could somehow have gotten away by saying some lines if this situation had happened in a 1 on 1 scenario……

But not even Rena, the party’s leader should be able to easily defend Add if he caused the incident so publically like this.

In the end, Rena had to prioritize the well being of the El Search Party members as a whole. If Add was in Rena’s position, never mind giving the perpetrator the chance to explain himself, he would have chased the perpetrator off immediately.

“Kukuk, she’s seriously too soft…..”

Add sighed as he put two of his hands behind his head. He ended up having to do these disconcerting conversations when all he had to do was to time travel again.

Night sky came into Add’s view as he muttered and lied down. Despite how the age had changed, the fact that stars looked so beautiful when viewed while lying down like this had not changed.


“I didn’t come here to listen to such words.”

Add hadn’t sensed any presence approach prior so he winced after suddenly hearing those words. He had forgotten to put the Dynamos into scouting mode so he hadn’t realized that someone had come.

Eve stood expressionlessly across the campfire. She was alone.

“Did you come alone?”

Eve didn’t answer as she slowly approached the campfire. Add stared at Eve hesitantly and just raised his upper body from his spot.

He didn’t know what kind of words he had to start off with. He was told to apologize but his mouth moved differently.

“So what business do you have with me?”

“I don’t particularly have any business with you.”

Eve spoke stiffly as if it was obvious. Her tone seemed to say she was only here because Rena had requested her to.

But listening to her slightly agitated Add. Just who did she think he was suffering through all of this for?


Eve stared at him quietly as he opened his mouth on impulse. Add couldn’t continue his words when he saw her pretty golden eyes as they shined from the campfire’s light.

Speaking like this to Eve who didn’t know anything would be nothing more than just Add whining. After realizing this, Add finally got some grasp on what to say.

“I’m sorry. The end.”

“……You call that an apology?”

Eve became dumbfounded at Add’s flat words and asked back. But Add had already given up trying to speak to her.

“It wasn’t on purpose but you wouldn’t believe me anyways right? So think what you want. I am really sorry. You got your apology now right? Now just go play with Elsword.”

“Why do you mention Elsword here?”

Eve frowned slightly listening to Add’s open cynical remarks. It was a significant reaction from Eve who rarely changed her expression.

Add from before would have been burning with his lust for research by now after seeing such reaction from Eve. But Add just wanted to get this conversation over with right now.

“Well, isn’t Elsword someone important to you?”


He had said it unintentionally……but it felt disgusting now that he had said it.

Consumed by strange feelings that he could not explain, Add lied down turning his back on Eve then closed his eyes.

“I’m done now.”

This event will become nonexistent too when he time travels anyways. There was no point in him apologizing properly.

But despite Add’s empty apology, no movement of Eve standing up could be sensed. Add who had his back turned was now filled with both emotions of wanting to turn around to look and wanting Eve to leave.

An uncomfortable silence even though they were together.

“I….for you.”

Add opened his mouth again while still having his backed turned towards Eve. Even though this will become nonexistent too but…..

“Mr.Add! You’re so harsh!”

Angry voice rang out from above just when Add was about to speak. Surprised, Add looked up to see that Ara was sitting up high on a tree branch staring at him imposingly.

She looked very angry.

“You should apologize to Ms.Eve properly! That is not the attitude of someone who’s apologizing!”

“Rena told us to talk separately. Why did you follow me Ara Haan?”

Eve seemed surprised as well by the Ara’s sudden appearance. Ara revealed her intentions proudly.

“If Mr.Add was really a molester it would be dangerous to send Ms.Eve by herself! So I was listening in secret!”

This was the first time Add had seen someone confessing that they had been listening in secret so proudly. As Eve and Add became numb and looked up in unison, Ara immediately jumped off from the tree and landed lightly on the ground.

“Now, Mr.Add, apologize to Ms.Eve properly!”

“Hey, wait.”

Add was at a loss for words and made a frowned as he glared at Ara. Eun was the one that caused this mess. Didn’t she explain anything to Ara?

But it seemed Ara had misunderstood Add’s reaction and nodded.

“Ah, if it’s too difficult to apologize by yourself I’ll also apologize with you. Mr.Add should be able to apologize more easily that way right?”

It seemed Ara was serious because she put down her spear on the ground and sat modestly beside Add. Still at a loss for words, Add was about to tell Ara off but winced.

Ara was giving him a very serious look.

“Mr.Add, no matter what your circumstances are you have to apologize properly right now. Elder brother told me that the guy’s excuses have absolutely no weight to them.”

Add gave up resisting after seeing Ara who was emitting a strange pressure towards him. Nothing good will happen here if he continued to resist.

Let’s just go along with what she says for now. That way he can talk with Eun sooner and time travel again.

“I’m sorry, Eve.”

“You have to say in detail what you did wrong and what you’re sorry about. Mr.Add.”

“About, what I did earlier today…..”

“You’re voice is small. Ms.Eve won’t be able to hear you like that.”

Add became flabbergasted and glared at Ara because she kept lecturing him from the side. But Ara looked at Add resolutely without any sign of shame.

“Anyone can make errors and mistakes. What’s more important is to apologize and reflect. If Mr.Add is a true martial artist then you must honestly accept your mistake!”

“I’m not a martial artist…..”

“Ms.Eve, could you wait for a moment? It looks like discussing this matter with Mr.Add might take a while.”

Ara carefully asked for Eve’s consent while ignoring Add’s mutter. It looked like Ara wasn’t too comfortable with talking to Eve.

Eve who was silently staring at the two’s ridiculous show nodded slightly. Ara seemed to ease her mind after seeing Eve’s reaction and started to lecture Add again.

“Now, Mr.Add. Follow after me. I’m sorry for rudely peeping on you in my moment of carelessness! I will never do something like this again so please forgive me. Even though you can’t believe me right now, I’ll redeem myself with my actions in the future.”


She wants him to say that? It was so absurd but Ara made a face telling Add that he must say those lines.

“Ah, could it be that you couldn’t memorize it because it was too long? Then let me tell you again.”

It looked like she wouldn’t back off unless Add complied.


Add couldn’t say those words as they were no matter what. So Add squabbled with Ara for quite a while before he managed to somewhat properly apologize to Eve.

Eve who was watching the two of them silently accepted Add’s apology with a short answer.

“Understood, I hope this problem doesn’t happen in the future.”


Add who was now tired because of Ara’s persistence could only reply with a head gesture. Eve stood up from her spot and stared at Add directly.

“Do you have anything more to say?”

“What else do you want?”

Could it be that his apology right now wasn’t enough? But that didn’t seem to be a case as Eve sent him a bizarre gaze then turned around.

“You can speak to me later if you have something else to tell me. Since it looks like you have your circumstances as well.”

Eve left after leaving behind one more word.

“Then please apologize properly to Ara Haan as well.”


Add sighed as Eve’s footsteps got further. Apologize again? Add made a tired expression and stared at Ara who was sitting up beside him.

“I’m glad Ms.Eve was able to accept your apology.”

“So I just have to apologize to you now…..?”

Ara’s face suddenly turned deep red.

“Y, You don’t have to speak about that.”

“You’re the one that kept bugging me to apologize…..”

Wasn’t she the one that nagged to him so much about saying everything he did wrong in every last detail? But it seemed Ara’s face flushing right now wasn’t because of the campfire.

“T, That’s different from this.”


Add didn’t know how it was different…. But there shouldn’t be a reason to talk about it anymore right? It was good if he didn’t have to apologize anymore.

Finally able to get a breather, Add angrily glared at Ara. Seeing Add’s furious gaze, Ara cowered and nervously stared at Add.

She was completely different from how she was scolding him earlier.

“W, Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Just call Eun out.”

Add had business with Eun, not Ara. He was going to grab Eun by the collar and shake her until she spat out why she made him suffer through all of this.

What if it was a simple mistake? Then he’ll educate her so that she never makes this kind of mistake again.

“How does Mr.Add know about Lord Eun?”


Ara blinked her eyes in surprise. Oh, was this before Ara revealed about Eun in this timeline?

It was annoying to explain so Add waved his hand.

“You can listen to why later, just bring Eun out. Tell her I have something to say to her.”

“She’s saying she’s tired.”


That sly thing is seriously making him angry. Ara got scared and cowered seeing Add’s gaze turn even more intimidating.

“Uuuu, don’t stare at me so scary like that, Mr.Add.”

“Tell her to get out here right this instant. If she doesn’t…..”

Add brought his Dynamos close to him so he could use them if he needed to. But he couldn’t decide on his next course of action. Ara got scared and just nervously looked at Add who was steaming with anger.

What should he do if Eun stubbornly refuses to come out? Did he have to torture Ara?


No, he couldn’t stay in the El Search Party anymore if he did something like that. Also, to time travel properly, help of Eun who could determine the Time Space Coordinates was a must.

Torturing Ara wouldn’t gain him anything. He would lose more instead.

“Tch, just why do I….”

“If you have something to tell Lord Eun I’ll relay it for you instead.”

Ara carefully spoke out. But she immediately shrunk and stared at the ground quietly after seeing Add shoot back with an enraged gaze.

There was no sign of Ara who was scolding Add earlier about apologizing to Eve anymore. Well, this was more like the Ara Add had known.

“There’s no use talking to you. Can’t you pull out that wily beast by force somehow?”

“Lord Eun isn’t a wily beast! She’s a Celestial Spirit!!”

No, that wasn’t the issue right now. But it seemed it was an important issue for Ara as she was now staring at him seriously.

“Celestial Spirit or wily beast or whatever….if you don’t pull her out right now…..”

“Treating me like some object you pull out from a pocket. That’s so harsh, boy.”

Ara’s tone seemed to change and her hair suddenly got dyed white. She had already pulled out her hairpin before Add could realize it and her eyes were now dyed in red.

Finally, those pointy fox ears on top of her head. They were the final evidence that told Add exactly who he was speaking to.

“I know you’re impatient but wasn’t that discourteous? Treat me more preciously, boy.”

“I don’t think you’re in any position to run your mouth like that.”

Add grinded his teeth as he surrounded Ara, no, now Eun with his Dynamos. He could rip her apart if he increased the output. But Eun didn’t seem to care and touched the Dynamos with a curious expression.

White fingers moved rhythmically on top of the Dynamos.

“Just what are you thinking doing something like this? I time traveled because you told me to and I end up like this?”

“I showed you something good. Shouldn’t you be thanking me, boy?”

So dropping him in the middle of girls bathing wasn’t an accident. It was on purpose. Add was so dumbfounded that he couldn’t even get angry.

“What? Did boy like naked male bodies better? Alright, I’ll make such arrangements next time.”

“I’m not trying to say worthless things like that.”

“Which would you like better? Male around your age or older?”

Add just shut his mouth when Eun started to act insidiously. He knew that she was making fun of him…..but.

“Just why are you doing this? Why did you send me to this time? What kind of clue am I supposed to find here?”

Eun probably didn’t plot this just to tease Add. Eun, from the beginning, expressed her desire to cooperate with him.

Although she didn’t give any proper information and was very suspicious, she had never failed in regards to time travel. This much was trustworthy.

When Add asked seriously, Eun stopped fooling around and made a captivating smile.

“Because what boy does from now on is important for accomplishing what he desires. That’s why I especially chose this time.”

“Then what should I do now?”

Add had originally intended to time travel and erase the fact that he had seen on the girls bathing….. But it looked like there was no reason to now that the situation has somehow been resolved.

There shouldn’t be any problem with continuing like this.

“You can ask me if you want to peep on them bathing again.”

“I don’t need such thing. We’re talking about Eve right now.”

“It seems boy hasn’t felt anything from this incident.”

Feel? What? Add stared at her questioningly but Eun didn’t answer right away and just made a strange expression.

Feeling that flashed by her face for an instant was….disappointment.

This startled Add but he still responded sarcastically.

“What? Was I supposed to write a written report about that?”

“Of course if boy did such things I’d play along as well……..”

Just what was Eun aiming for? Add was about to ask but Eun abruptly changed the subject.

“The key to resolving this situation is approaching right now.”


Surprised, Add looked around and heard footsteps approaching. It didn’t sound like the footstep’s owner wanted to hide their approach.

Add instinctively brought his Dynamos near him. A key that can help him protect Eve? Add didn’t know who it was but he might have to suppress the person by force.

Should he just ambush the person right now?

While Add pondered while in battle position, the owner of the footstep revealed himself.

“You still haven’t finished talking?”


Add blinked his eyes vacantly after seeing the person. A guy that Add felt like he had seen somewhere before spoke to him with a voice he felt like he had heard somewhere before.

“You, who are you?”

“Didn’t I introduce myself yesterday? I’m Elsword.”

Red haired boy revealed his name without any hesitation. Add unconsciously let out a sigh. He couldn’t believe this no matter how much he stared at the boy. But since he didn’t disappear, Add had to admit he was real.

“….Why did he get bigger?”

A boy 2 years older than the Elsword Add knew was staring at Add questioningly.


A chill went down Add’s spine as dry sweat started to drop down from him. Frightened, Add blankly stared at Elsword.

“They told me to clean this place up since we have to prepare to sleep now. Want me to help?”


“Big brother Add?”

When Elsword called his name bluntly, Add finally came to his senses and shook his head widely. Elsword’s appearance didn’t change no matter how much Add closed his eyes and opened them again.

There were still some of the earlier childishness on the boy’s face but he had become taller and more mature. Well, he aged by two years from the Elsword he knew. So that should be obvious… probably.

Confirmation comes first. Add approached Elsword abruptly and thoughtlessly reached out his hand.

“Big brother Add?”

“Stand still.”

After shutting Elsword up in a low voice, Add tried flipping Elsword’s eyelid. Then confirmed the feelings of his ears and face. The target wasn’t a ghost or an illusion.

“Next is….”

Just what made this possible? Add spoke seriously after feeling various places on Elsword’s body.

“I’ll have to examine more. Take off your clothes.”

“…..Umm, did you eat something wrong?”

“I’m not joking right now. Take them off.”

He had to do some confirmation analysis to check if this person in front of him was really Elsword. This would be much easier process if he had kept Elsword’s blood sample. But since Add didn’t, he had to resort to more primitive method.

Add grabbed Elsword’s clothes. Elsword blinked confusingly with a startled expression. Explaining things to him would be a waste of time. He wouldn’t understand anyways.

“If you won’t take them off, I’ll take them off for you. Cooperate quietly.”

Just when Add was about to take Elsword’s top off…. A sudden shock fell down on Add’s head.

Bam! Bam!

Not just one but two strikes in a row. The strikes were so powerful that tear almost came out from Add’s eyes. Add grabbed his head with both of his hands and dropped down. It hurt so much that he couldn’t even scream.

“Big brother Add, are you okay?”

“Don’t worry. Boy was just confused and was doing something nonsensical. I would like you to forget about this Elsword.”

Eun who just hit Add’s head with the handle of her spear explained to Elsword leisurely.

“Big sister Ara? Why did your hair color change?”

He’s so quick to ask. Add thought inside his head while still busy with rubbing his aching head.

It seemed Eun hadn’t revealed her identity to rest of the El Search Party members…. Just how was she going to resolve this?

“My hair turns like this if I become very angry.”

“Ah, so Big brother Add made you angry.”

You actually believe that? Add who still couldn’t speak was taken aback. But Eun neatly finished up the conversation.

“Then I’ll return with the boy when he comes back to his senses. Go back first and tell the others that.”

“Alright, I will. Don’t cause any more trouble Big brother Add.”

Elsword spoke calmly then turned around. Add groaned in pain as he brought himself up after seeing Elsword’s back move further away.

“Just what was that…..?”

“You tried to take another man’s clothes off but now your prey is escaping.”

“Stop with the nonsense. Just what the heck happened?”

“Well he isn’t a complete stranger. To be like that with Elsword who you just met yesterday. You’re rather quick.”

Since Eun didn’t seem like she was going to answer him properly. Add rubbed his aching head as he organized the situation. Elsword’s sudden growth and how Elsword was acting as if nothing was wrong.

“Could it be…..?”

There was only one thing that came to Add’s mind. Add hoped his guess was wrong and asked Eun for confirmation.

“Did Elsword change like that because I time traveled?”

“He did not change, he grew.”

That’s the same thing no matter how you put it.

A shiver went down Add’s spine and he couldn’t speak. There were couple of times where insignificant parts from the past had changed when Add had time traveled to prevent Eve from being destroyed.

But for Elsword to age suddenly like this… This wasn’t something that could be just glossed over.

“Me time traveling and Elsword’s growth don’t have any logical correlation. How is this possible?”

“Time isn’t something that logical. Does the world always move as you want?”

Eun waved her fingers as she smiled.

“The business from earlier today was taken care of quickly because Elsword had grown up so much in both body and skill. Banthus couldn’t even exchange one blow with Elsword and ran away. We were also able to destroy the Nasod army that appeared after much easily. So the time to cleanup became much faster and the time for bathing also became faster.”


“Didn’t everything turn out well?”

Unlike the words Eun spoke, her smile was very cold and cynical. Finally realizing what was going on, Add tired to put the pieces together.

Everyone including Elsword was treating Elsword’s growth as if it was something obvious. As if Elsword was like this from the start.

A large change happened to the past because Add had time traveled.

“…..Did you make me time travel for this purpose?”

“I won’t say that I had no such reasons”

After confirming his guess was right, Add recalled the image of Elsword he had just seen now. His body had gotten larger and he seemed more mature than before. He was definitely different than the time when he was a brat. He now looked like he could handle one person’s weight.

“I’ll admit that Elsword became stronger than before. But what meaning does that have? Even if he grew, he’s still weaker than me.”

You could tell with a single glance that Elsword had become stronger than before. But he was probably still weaker than Add. Maybe stronger or equal to Add who had just joined the El Search Party….

But Elsword was no match for Add who had now become stronger from his time travels.

And even the now stronger Add was not confident he could fend off the demons that were after Eve.

“I’m not saying I’ll leave everything to Elsword. No matter how he has grown, it would be too much for him to handle all the demons by himself.”

Then just why did you come back to this time? Eun made a beaming smile at Add’s questioning gaze.

The girl made a seductive smile. She looked extremely beautiful with the darkness behind her back. But she was letting off a very ominous atmosphere that surpassed her beauty.

“I’ll explain the method starting now so listen well. It sounds simple but it’s actually very difficult to accomplish.”

Finally, the main topic. Add tensed up as he focused on Eun’s next words.

He had to suffer through this timeline even getting accused of being a molester. But he’ll break through any hardships to come with his teeth clenched tightly and finally save Eve this tim…..

“Become a woman, boy.”


That’s physically impossible.


“You might as well become an elegant woman.”

Eun made an excited smile towards Add who stood frozen on the spot.




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