Elsword Time Trouble Volume 2 Chapter 0,1 Page 11~24

파일 엘소드라노벨_2

Starting V2

0. To the past once more


Boy who could travel through time finally made his decision and grabbed the hand of a suspicious being.

“…….How long do you plan to hold on to my hand?”

Eun grabbed his hand tightly and didn’t let go. Her outer appearance was that of a slender girl. But the grasp of her hand was so powerful that he couldn’t pull his hand out.

“Since this is such a memorable moment where boy has joined hands with me, I plan to enjoy this for at least three days. So I’d like the boy to stay still.”

Eun made a sly smile as she pulled Add in. Surprised, Add tried to hold his ground by putting strength in his legs. But he was no match for her in physical strength.

“Ah. What! Hey! Hey!!”

Her face was coming closer. She let off such voluptuous aura that you couldn’t believe her base was that of naïve Ara. Eun’s lips were gradually coming closer.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

Add instinctively moved the Dynamos and blocked the gap between their faces. Add scowled at Eun after barely managing her lips from getting any closer.

Eun still smiled while grabbing on to Add’s hand so tightly that it hurt. She was not pulling Add in forcefully anymore but it didn’t look like she had any intention to let go.

“What’s wrong, boy? Didn’t you need my help?”

“This shouldn’t be time to be making jokes like this.”

Even at this moment, Demons were after Eve and plotting their next move behind the scenes. Shouldn’t they quickly come up with a plan and move?

“For boy, isn’t time something that’s even more abundant the endlessly flowing water? It shouldn’t be a big deal to play along with me for a while.”

“Stop with the jokes….”

Add words stalled as he looked at Eun’s voluptuous smile. He didn’t know what absurd deeds might be done to him if he agreed with her here.

Eun licked her lips as if to show him…… Add felt even more uncomfortable.

“Entertainment, it’s just a light entertainment.”

“I don’t care so let go already……”

“My, it seems all boy cares about is finishing his own business. Well, all men are usually like that….. But doesn’t boy still have something he wants from me?”

Was that a threat saying it wouldn’t be fun if Add didn’t listen to what she said? Add stopped for a moment then clenched his free right hand into a fist.

“You want to have a go to see who’s stronger?”

“Why so serious? All boy have to do is play along with my light joke.”

“It’s too suspicious so I’ll have to decline. If you don’t listen to what I say…..I can make you listen by force.”

Add made a determination and moved his Dynamos. By Add’s calculations, his chance of victory in a direct confrontation was around 50 to 60 percent considering Ara was his opponent.

But one who was ridiculing him right now was Eun borrowing Ara’s body. He had never seen her skills before but he could assume they were much higher than Ara’s.

He didn’t want to clash with her if possible. But he couldn’t show any weakness here.

He had determined to cooperate with Eun. But he didn’t fully trust Eun. A confrontation to seize the initiative was obviously bound to occur whenever you made an alliance with someone suspicious…..

“Just like back in Altera Core.”


Add asked in response to Eun’s sudden words. Eun lightly shook her head with a bitter smile. Eun moved on to the serious topic when Add was still startled at Eun’s sudden gloomy expression.

“Alright, I’ll leave the entertainment for later…. Let’s talk about what we have to do. But before I start, let me tell you that there will be lots of cases where I won’t answer your questions. Forgive me.”

“You’re going to withhold information?”

It meant that while Eun knew various things, she wouldn’t tell Add. She should know a lot of valuable information with her power to see into the future.

“Does boy explain the circumstances to the girl beforehand whenever he time travels? Doesn’t he think that it will be meaningless?”

“That’s different from what you said before. You clearly said….”

“I said I’ll help boy obtain the girl. I never said I’d tell boy everything.”

Eun drew the line as she shook her head. Add didn’t like this condition but suppressed himself for now.

He couldn’t save Eve from the demons no matter how he struggled alone. Although Eun was extremely suspicious, her help was necessary.

“Also, you have to exactly follow what I say from now on. You don’t need to listen to what Ara says, but you must listen to me.”

“….So you won’t explain the situation or give me any information, but expect me to obediently follow everything you say?”

Add let out an empty laugh at this absurd condition. Eun opened her eyes and made a beaming smile.

“COBO service uses the Free to Play model after all. Wasn’t it thanks to me that boy could time travel all this time?”


“Did you possibly think that was for free?”

Add could return from the future where Eve was destroyed all this time because Eun had designated the Time Space Coordinates for him. It was a very important and necessary role. Add couldn’t blatantly deny Eun’s conditions.

“So you want me to pay up now?”

“I would imagine it would be scarier if such service was for free. Don’t you? In the first place, didn’t boy suspect me because he thought I wanted to help for free? He should be able to ease his mind now that I’m requesting for an appropriate price.”

There was no flaw in her logic but it felt like he’d fallen into a trap. Add made a bitter sigh and nodded.

“Fine, I’ll comply for now.”

“I’ll be expecting you to all the time from now on. In boy’s perceived time that is.”

Eun seemed satisfied and let go of Add’s hand. Add who just complied with such reluctant conditions asked bluntly.

“If you’re done bragging, tell me what I should do from now on already. It couldn’t be that you’re saying you’d defeat all the demons by yourself.”

“There would be no point even if I did that.”

Eun shook her head then leaned her spear on her shoulders.

“Go, boy. To the past.”

“Time travel again? To when?”

The current situation where the demons were after Eve wouldn’t change even if Add time traveled again. Or does she mean he should time travel to change something that could change this situation?

Eun did not even bother to explain.

“You’ll find out when you go. It would be better for you to experience it yourself rather than me telling you.”


Not even telling him what time he was traveling to. It was so untrustworthy. But Add had no other choice but to follow Eun’s suggestion.

The scene of Eve being destroyed time and time again passed by in Add’s mind.

He didn’t ever want to see that again. For this purpose, he could bear with anything.

“Alright, I’ll go.”

Add made a cold smile as he clenched his fists.


Nothing could get worse than right now anyways.


1. I thought this was the bottom floor but there was a basement



Add suddenly became drenched and got up immediately.

“Phwa! Just where is this place…..?”

Eun set the Time Space Coordinates without explaining anything and sent Add to this time. Add realized he had just fallen into a river as he shook his head to dry off the water.

Surface of the water shined beautifully as the sun shined upon it.

“This is….”

But this place seemed strangely familiar. As Add muttered, he suddenly realized that the back of his head was prickling. He could feel people’s presence behind him.

“Just what….”

With his entire body soaked wet with water, Add muttered as he swung his dynamos around to look back. First, he should find out the current time and information and then……


He locked eyes with three girls.

That weren’t wearing anything.


Add numbly let out a groan because of all the bright skin in front of his eyes. His brain’s processing speed couldn’t keep up with the messy information that just got scattered across his brain.


Three of them were staring at him with a stifled expression. Why were they looking at him like that when they were the ones who were not wearing anything? Add was about to glare back at them…..then realized that the girls looked very familiar.

Actually, he should have recognized sooner.

Since they were Rena, Ara and Eve.



Add was so shocked by the fact that naked girls were in front of him that his situation assessment slowed down. Fact that these girls were someone he knew confused him even more. Add froze up.

What should I say? What should I do? He couldn’t figure out. The three girls also must have become frozen at Add’s sudden appearance. They didn’t even move a finger.

Extremely awkward silence.


Just when Add couldn’t stand the silence anymore and let out a painful groan, the girls who were mindlessly blinking until now slowly started to move.

“Kiiiiiiiiiyyyyyah!!! M, Mr.Add?!”

“Moby, to battle mode.”

Add also abruptly came to his senses after seeing the reactions of Ara who let out a high pitched scream and Eve who coldly operated her gears.

“What!! Why are you screaming?! You sent me here!!”

The Time Space Coordinates Eun sets up didn’t just determine which time he traveled to. It also determined the exact place as well.

Thus, Add appearing in this place should have been Eun’s doing.

“Um, Add…..”

Just when Add who had fallen into a helpless situation was trying to protest to Ara, more accurately Eun……. He heard a chilling voice

“I’ll listen to your excuse later.”

Pew! Add instantly sensed danger and quickly tried to move his Dynamos. But the pain came first.


Add let out a short scream as his body started to fly backwards. Add finally realized when this time was.


It was the day when they defeated Banthus that commanded the Nasod Miners. Second day since the El Search Party was formed. The day when Add encountered Eun for the first time.

That was far as Add could think of as he absentmindedly flew across after being hit by an arrow.



Add could see the night sky when he opened his eyes. His chest hurt as if it was about to shatter.


“Are you awake?”

A smooth voice was heard amidst the sound of burning campfire. Add was hesitant to move his body so he just moved his eyes to look beside him.

Rena sat modestly across the campfire between them. Of course, she was wearing clothes.


Add immediately tried to get up as he recalled the shocking scene before he had passed out. But he was forced to grab on to his chest. It hurt when he moved.

“Ah, sorry. Did I overdo it?”

“……It’s nothing.”

Add sat up and looked around while he rubbed his chest. There were only two of them around. There was a campfire in front of him but this wasn’t their campsite.

“I thought we should talk separately.”

Rena noticed Add looking confused and explained. She must have separated Add from the rest of the group while he was unconscious.

Well of course, you can’t keep a molester and his victims in one spot.

Add was dumbfounded after logically understanding his current situation. He came here because Eun had told him to……and suddenly got accused of being a molester.

Never mind saving Eve, he was going to get kicked out of the El Search Party like this.

“W, Wait, this isn’t what it looks like!”

“Hmm? What is?”


Add was about to explain the situation but saw Rena’s face from light of the campfire and couldn’t continue his words. She looked very beautiful with the side of her face reddened by the fire but that wasn’t important right now…. Add wasn’t able to explain his case.

I unwillingly became a molester because I was time traveling. I’m sorry! ……Who’d believe such an explanation?

Rena waited quietly for Add as he hesitated to speak. Add bit his lower lip while seeing Rena look at him like this. Rena granting Add the chance to explain himself was already a huge gesture of generosity on her part.


Since El Search Party was…. a group that had just formed yesterday.

Tracking and catching Banthus together, accepting Elder Citizens’ request and attacking the Wally’s Castle together were all events that didn’t exist anymore.

They might as well be complete strangers.


And Add really didn’t like this fact. Add lowered his head and apologized with a vexed voice.

“…..It wasn’t on purpose but I’ll apologize.”

“Mm, why did you do it?”

Rena didn’t threaten him or shout at him about how he should give a proper explanation. Well, to separate him and ask calmly like this…..this was the normal response for Rena he had known.

But Add wasn’t in a great mood himself so his tone became rough.

“I said I apologize.”

“Add, I asked you why.”

Rena’s voice was extremely soft. She was also a victim. Yet her tone sounded like she didn’t mind that fact at all.

Add had already known he wasn’t in any position to speak so roughly. Add couldn’t continue to act angry when Rena tried to coax him with a smooth tone like this.

“It’s difficult to explain.”

“Then could you explain more easily?”

“I told you it was difficult to explain. Why are you asking so persistently?”

Add knew he wasn’t in any position to get angry but couldn’t stop his rage. Add’s tone became rough again.

“Shouldn’t you just kick out someone who committed a grave crime? Others should be angry as well.”

“No one said such things.”

Rena still replied calmly. Add didn’t like her optimistic attitude so he stood up while grinding his teeth.

“Kukuk, then this should all be over if I just leave.”

All he had to do was beat Ara, no Eun up and hear her reasons, then time travel again. He had no reason to waste time in this useless conversation.

Add had just collected his Dynamos and was about to turn around when he heard an unexpected answer.

“Hmm, you can’t do that.”


“I won’t allow you to quit like this.”

Rena shook her head resolutely.

Wasn’t it normal to kick out someone who did something indecent to their party members? Could it be that not only Nasods but humans also became immoral as the time passed?

At a loss for words, Add stared at Rena but her decision did not change.

“If Add really wanted to do such things, he would have done his best not to get found out.”


Well she was probably right? Nasods bathing? It was a rather interesting research subject when you thought about it.

“But with only that belief….”

“If you really don’t want to tell me why, try talking to Eve and Ara as well. Tell me if you still want to quit the El Search Party after that.”

Rena drew the line clearly with a tone that said she didn’t want to hear any excuses. She plainly stared at Add….. He felt uncomfortable even though she wasn’t glaring at him.

Her words contained a will that said she will not allow him to decline.

“Let’s have this talk again if you still want to quit after talking to the two of them.”

“….Kukuk, and if I refuse?”

Will she try to suppress him by force? Add had half expected her to do so but asked out of curiosity anyways. Rena made a beaming smile.

“If you’re curious about what happens to a guy who doesn’t reflect on his actions after peeping at a girl’s body……you can take a seat right here.”

Add felt a chill as Rena patted the spot in front of her while smiling. He got a feeling that something really terrifying will happen to him if he refused.

“Kukukuk, I’ll at least say some parting words to them.”

He had to beat Eun up anyways. There was no particular reason for him to refuse when she was giving him the chance to talk to her.

……………It honestly wasn’t because he was scared of Rena.




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