Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 5 233~End


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When Add came to, dumbfounded El Search Party members were staring at him.

“Add. Other people will be troubled if you ride that indoors.”

“What are you doing all of a sudden?”

“Mr.Add? Is there a problem?”


Eve didn’t say anything and stared at Add quietly. Add looked outside the window to check the approximate time then asked.

“Did Hoffman go back?”

“Mr.Hoffman wasn’t here.”


Add’s eyes opened wide. Elsword scolded Add.

“What’s wrong Add? Did you already forget what we just talked about with that Blacksmith guy?”


Why does events from the past change when he time traveled? Add was taken aback at the fact someone other than Hoffman had come to visit. But he decided to remain silent.

From other members’ atmosphere and what they were talking about it looked like the decision to go to the Wally’s Castle hasn’t changed.

“Alright, Eve. Come with me.”

“I’ll have to refuse.”

Eve spoke back coldly. Add hadn’t expected her to refuse instantly like this and was at a loss for words. Seeing this, Rena smiled and pushed Eve’s back.

“Rena, don’t push.”

“Go ahead. Important conversations have to be done privately.”

“……I can’t understand humans.”

Eve got up shaking her head looking like she couldn’t understand. Add gave Ara an eye gesture before he left the room but Ara only blinked her eyes innocently in response.


Add brought Eve up to the boy’s room. He moved out to the balcony and opened the Dynamos around the room to create a barrier so that the conversation couldn’t be leaked outside.

“What business do you have with me?”

Eve didn’t seem too pleased that there were only two of them in this room. Well even if Add thought about it himself…… he didn’t recall doing anything that would have pleased her.

No, even if Add did something, it became all nonexistent when he time travelled.


Eve in front of him wasn’t Eve that rode on Dynamos and fought against Wally Robot together with him. She wasn’t Eve that fought against Shadow Master’s minions with him. She also wasn’t Eve that conversed with him as they patrolled Elder together.

She was 4thEve that didn’t know anything.


“What relationship do Nasods have with Demons?”

“I don’t understand why you’d ask such a question.”

Eve shook her head slightly as she answered. Her hairs fluttered in a cute manner.

“If you had to say, it’d be a hostile relationship.”

“…..Is that so.”

Add could finally fit all the pieces together.

Why was Eve continuously getting destroyed? The answer was simple. It was because the demons were after her. Wally Robot was built by the Castle’s Lord that joined up with the demons. Shadow Master was obviously a demon and Dark Count Ran was also a demon.

Demons appeared in wherever Eve was located and were trying to destroy her.

Their reason for doing so? Add didn’t know the details but it must have been an order from someone called D. Well Eve was a highly ranked Nasod…. They must have a good reason.

“I’m going to make a prediction.”

“I don’t understand. Is it a superstition?”

“……You’re going to be destroyed soon.”

Add told her calmly but there was no particular change in Eve’s expression. Add frowned and explained in detail.

“Demons are after you. You’ll be attacked by the demon’s assassins tomorrow, or maybe even today or the day after tomorrow!”

“So it’s a superstition.”

Eve discarded Add’s warning as nonsense. It was obvious. If someone had told Add the same thing, he would have considered them crazy too.

“They are too powerful. No one can match up to them, not even you or any of the others.”

“You are lying. Although I don’t know why you’re telling me this lie.”

Eve looked like she couldn’t understand. Well Add’s current actions weren’t logical at all. But he still decided to push forward with this.

“……Cooperate with my research”

“I can’t understand even more.”

“I’m researching time travel. I’m not even a person from this timeline. I’m wanderer of time that jumped to this time from the past by accident and is desperately trying to get back!”

Eve was now only blinking as she listened to Add yell. Add couldn’t tell if she was so taken aback, or that couldn’t believe, or both.
Add started to feel that this was a lost cause. But he still didn’t give up and spoke.

“If you’re really the Queen of Nasods then think about what I just said! What can I possibly hope to gain by lying to you like this? I’d just get treated like a crazy person. Then wouldn’t it be fine to try and assume what I said is true?”

“What do you plan to do by researching time travel?”

“….I’ll go back to the past.”

Add hesitated for a moment but then let out the last part of his word.

“With you.”

Time travel using Dynamo was only for one person but it had room for modifications. Just like how he flew together with Eve.

Also…. Although it was limited to couple days, if Eun really had the ability to interpret time wave function, he could research that mechanism and somehow make everything work out.

Maybe, possibilities might open up without having to steal Eve’s Core.

“I won’t go.”

“You’ll only get attacked by demons if you remain in this time. Do you think I’m lying?”

“Even if it’s true I won’t go.”

Eve refused outright. She ignored the now stunned Add as she spoke coldly.

“I have the mission to revive the Nasod civilization. I have no intention of stopping my search for El, or travel to different timeline.”

“…..What about the demons that will attack you?”

“Even if what you’re talking about is true. I don’t think it’s something that can be solved by running away. I must face them head on like Nasods should.”

Add’s heart burned up because he knew all too well the result of what she just said. He just gave her all the information he had. He was even prepared to get treated like a crazy person. Despite all this effort Eve didn’t waver.

Even if she believed Add’s words her decision wouldn’t change. Her course of action was firm.

“…..Are you sure it’s not because you can’t leave Elsword?”

“I don’t know why you’d bring up his name here.”

Eve’s voice suddenly turned rough. Again. Eve’s attitude changed completely whenever Elsword was mentioned. Add was about to respond with toxic remarks but stopped himself.

If he said such things he’d only make Eve angry just like before…. And get beat up.

Final persuasion was a failure. Then….

“Is anyone in there?”

Sound of door being opened was heard along with sound of footsteps. Add was extremely startled but calmed down soon as he saw that the shadow moving inside the room was Ara.

Ara will now turn into Eun.

If Eun also joined in, suppressing Eve would be as easy as pie….. When Add thought about this his heart suddenly sank.


Ara who was wandering around the room came out to the balcony and exclaimed. Was it just a coincidence? Ara had her spear in her hands.

“We were just talking for a bit.”

Eve answered but what she just said didn’t leak outside because of the barrier. Add suppressed his uneasy heart and tried to read Ara’s actions. Ara tilted her head and asked.

“Could it be… I made some mistake again?”


She’s not turning into Eun? Come to think of it, every time he met Eun was during late night after sun had gone down completely. Was her appearance restricted by time of the day?

Add stared at Ara with complex feelings but Eve turned around coldly.

“I’ll head back now if you’re done.”

Eve left the balcony making silent footsteps. Seeing Add let out an ambiguous sigh Ara asked confusedly.

“C, could it be I got in your way by coming in?”

“That’s not it…..”

Eun must be asleep. Just when had Add assumed so and shook his head, Ara’s eyes suddenly narrowed as she took off her hairpin.

Her hair turned white and tone of her voice changed.

“Oops, I must have got in the way of boy’s good time.”


Add was spooked because Eun had popped out soon as he thought she was not here. Eun curled up her hands like a cat and lightly scratched the air.

“It looked like you were about to attack Eve by yourself. Why didn’t you call me as well?”

“…..Why are you showing up now?”

“Hm, I was busy with something. Should I tell Ara to call Eve outside late at night? She’ll probably come out if Ara asks. She won’t be able to resist if boy attacks her then.”

She was correct. But……

“I don’t feel up to it today. You can go back.”

Add shook his head as he left the balcony. He saw that Eun was making a strange smile but ignored her on purpose.

He really didn’t feel up to it right now.



Add let out a sigh as he lay on the bed. Persuading Eve was failed as well. Now there was…. really no choice but to do what Eun had suggested.

Make his move before demons destroyed Eve and obtain Eve’s core. It was a piece of cake for Add who could now perform limited time travel with Eun’s help.


“Big brother Add, are you not going to sleep?”

Elsword who lay on the bed across the room started a conversation. There was only Add and Elsword inside the boy’s bedroom without Raven.

Still, Add hadn’t expected Elsword to start talking to him. Wasn’t this the first time Add spoke with Elsword alone since the day they camped out where Add had provoked him?

“I can’t sleep.”

Add pondered if he should ignore him but answered bluntly instead. Add needed someone he could talk to even if that someone was Elsword.

So Add could clear up his complicated feelings.

“Is it because you’re worried about tomorrow? You’re strong so it will be fine.”


Elsword must have thought Add was worried about going to the Underground Waterway tomorrow. Well wasn’t that kind of him…. but what he said only disturbed Add’s mind.

Strong? Who is?

If I was really strong….. I wouldn’t have lost someone important to me in front of my eyes!!!


“Yea, I’m stronger than you. But there’s absolutely no use becoming stronger. No matter how much I run amok…. There are things that can’t be done.”

“……There’s absolutely no use?”

“There are stronger people in this world, or they could come at you in numbers. So just getting stronger doesn’t mean it’s the end to all your problems. I’m not being modest, this is resignation.”

As Add lay he stretched his arm out towards the ceiling. That hand obviously didn’t reach.

“Nothing will change. No matter how strong I become I’ll just continue to lose.”

“…..You’re saying something difficult.”

“You don’t have to listen. You won’t be able to remember anyways.”

Add will time travel again and this conversation will become nonexistent as well. There was a rustling noise then Elsword sat on his bed.

“There are things that change if you become stronger.”

“Kukuk, nonsense. I’m saying this as someone stronger than you. You’ll figure it out too once you become strong as me. That is…. if that day ever comes.”

Add was jeering then closed his mouth. Honestly, Elsword’s future wasn’t too bright either.

Didn’t Elsword get covered in blood as he fell to Shadow Master’s attack? Add hadn’t checked if he survived but even if he wasn’t killed immediately by the attack he would have received a critical wound.

Long as the demons were after Eve, Elsword who was with her was also exposed to the same danger.

“No, I know someone who’s stronger than you. That person told me. You can change if you become stronger. That you desire to become stronger because you want to change.”

Elsword spoke with a force in his voice. Those words came from a young boy but they were righteous words that didn’t waver.

“If you want to change you can become stronger, if you want to become stronger you will change.”

“…..Bunch of gibberish.”

“I don’t understand too much because it’s too difficult for me. But I know for sure that this is true. Rena said it was true and Ara did as well. Eve did too.”


Geez, this guy was really popular amongst this group. Add let out a tired sigh.

Elsword mentioning Eve at the end really got on Add nerves but he decided to let it slide.

“Don’t you want to become stronger anymore? Don’t you want to change?”

“….You’re too noisy.”

Add turned his back around and covered himself fully inside the blanket. Everything became dark as he closed his eyes, but what Elsword said strangely bugged his ears.


What’s the point in becoming stronger? Triumphant that he had become stronger, Add even risked his own life attacking Ran. But he couldn’t even touch a single strand of Ran’s hair. If Ran was that strong…. Then D must be even stronger.

Protect Eve from grasp of such powerful demons? Outrageous. It was hundred times better to just cooperate with Eun and steal Eve’s Core.

Yes, hundred times better.



That’s what he thought…. But Elsword’s words didn’t leave his ears.

‘Do you want to change? That’s…..’

It was a night where answer didn’t come easily.


Next day morning.

Add didn’t want to get up. Add rolled up in his bed and dove deep into the blanket.

“Add aren’t you going to get up? We should get ready to go soon.”

“I’m not feeling well. I’m not going today.”

When Add declared bluntly Elsword left the room looking confused. When the room became empty Add let out a thin sigh.

He sighed as he wriggled his fingers.

“Just what am I hesitating for…?”

Shouldn’t he steal Eve’s core soon as possible and use that to obtain the technology to safely go back to the past? Moment to execute the plan he always dreamed of had come. But for some reason he didn’t feel up to it.

Well if he could time travel repeatedly anyways…. Wasn’t there any problem with him lazing around a bit? In fact, Add basically had infinite time on his hands right now.

So he wouldn’t lose anything by staying stuck inside the bed not doing anything for the entire day.


He couldn’t sleep last night. Because he kept seeing Eve get destroyed for last couple days, (Although this expression wasn’t quite accurate because he time traveled) his mind wasn’t doing too well. He was also physically exhausted because he had to repeatedly fight high class demons.

Even though Eun supposedly had healed him, he was exhausted both mentally and physically.


Just when Add was about to close his eyes and try to sleep, he heard sound of the door opening. Light footsteps, it was Rena.

“Add are you not feeling well?”


Add answered as he curled himself up even further. He didn’t want to see Rena’s face right now. No, he didn’t want to see anyone’s face right now.

He just wanted to close his eyes and be left alone.

“Do you need anything?”

“…..No. I’ll follow you guys when I get better. So go ahead without me.”

Add spoke about something he didn’t intend to do. He was just going to get a good rest, ignore other members being in danger from the demon attack…. Then get Eun’s help and go back to the past.

When should he go back to this time? Would the day when El Search Party was formed be okay?

“Alright, come if you change your mind.”


Rena spoke calmly and left the room. She didn’t force Add to come despite knowing perfectly well that he was faking his illness.

Add let out a long sigh and closed his eyes. He felt a bit sorry for Rena…. But this event would cease to exist as well.

Let’s just fall asleep.

Nothing would have changed…..when he woke up. But he just wanted to rest.


Just when Add’s consciousness was fading, sound of the door being open was heard again. Add was too drunk in his sleep to identify whose footstep it was.


It sounded like the person hesitated for a moment then slowly walked out of the room. Sound of the door closing courteously, person’s footsteps drifted apart.

The sound was nostalgic.

It was Eve’s footsteps.



Soon as Add realized this he opened his eyes abruptly. Sleepiness instantly disappeared and his mind was awaked. Add got up from the bed without a thought and looked around the room.

Eve was already gone. Add was about to quickly run towards the door but stopped. This was certainly unexpected. But what was the point of meeting her right now? Same things will just repeat again.

“By demons or…..”

Add muttered to himself with resignation in his voice. His gaze turned towards and remained on the top of the 3 shelf drawer. Something that wasn’t there last night had appeared.


A cup filled with lemonade.



At a loss for words, Add looked down at the lemonade. There was no way Elsword had brought it here. What that guy liked was apple juice.

“Seriously, what the heck…….”

Add let out a hollow laugh as he lifted the lemonade up. His gaze turned towards the white note that was stuck below the cup.


I don’t understand what you said yesterday.

But thank you for worrying about me.

I’ll try to be careful.

Take good care of yourself.


A neat, calculated handwriting. It didn’t say the writer’s name but you could instantly tell who wrote it.

“What the heck? Are you an idiot? Kukukuk, are you an idiot?”

Add made a hollow laugh as he grabbed the tip of the note and shook it up and down. It was so nonsensical that all he could do was laugh.

“Are you an idiot? If you were going to believe me wouldn’t it be normal for you to not go? Or just cooperate with me. Saying thank you when you don’t even believe me, that’s illogical. You keep proclaiming to yourself that you don’t have any emotions yet you’re doing stupid things like this…..”

Add’s body shook lightly. It wasn’t only because he was laughing.

“Kukukuk, Nasods paying humans a get well visit? The world must be ending. My name is going to get carved in history. Kukukuk.”

Add swallowed his sigh multiple times. His head was feeling dizzy.

“It doesn’t make sense. You’re a masterpiece that I acknowledged. Why are you doing something that doesn’t make sense like this? If you’re going to write off what I rambled about yesterday as a simple worry, do something that’s more believable. I……”

Add muttered words that no one would hear. Then he slowly brought the lemonade to his mouth. It was disgustingly sour.

“It’s sour. Just why do you…. Like this stuff?”

It was so sour that he could cry. So sour that tears really gathered in his eyes.

“Are you an idiot? Seriously. Kukukuk. Huh? You give it to me because you like it? All people have different tastes. I absolutely hate sour things……”

Despite what he just said, Add drank it without leaving a drop. Add’s fists shook as he stared down at the now cleanly empty cup.

He was crushing the cup.

“I absolutely hate stuff like this….. I absolutely hate someone worrying for me.”

That’s right, he was alone anyways. He didn’t care what happened to the El Search Party. He only wanted Eve’s Core.

He did.


Add bit his lower lips with a force that almost made them bleed. His eyes were still blurry from the sour taste that still remained at tip of his tongue.


Soon as he called her name he became assured. His feeling made the conclusion before his reason could. He couldn’t take this lying down.

“Don’t make me laugh. How dare you not believe what I say? Fine, I’m going to go watch your pompous face turn pale with fright.”

Add put on his hood and bit his lips.

“You’ll find out what I said was true when you get cornered by the demons, so….”

He just had to rescue Eve at that moment and get her to properly cooperate. It was something illogical, it was something that took too much effort, but he really wanted to do it right now.


He’ll only be gratified if that pompous Eve thanked him honestly from bottom of her heart.

He’ll only be convinced if her gaze that only looked at Elsword turned towards him.


“Just you wait!! Eve!!”

Add ran out with a force that almost broke the door. He was planning to catch up to the group right away using Dynamo’s flight.

But as Add came out of the room he stopped. Ara was standing in the corridor leaning against the wall.

Correction, Ara’s white hair, pointy fox ears on top.

Eun was standing there.

“Alright, Boy. What time will you move to now?”

“I don’t need it. I’m going to Eve from right now.”

Eun giggled then nodded when Add glared at her.

“Then we can go together. I’m not going to stop the boy. Even if he’s going to see the same result.”

“Are you saying that I’ll fail again?”

Eun substituted her answer with a shrug.

“I just proposed a way to help the boy. Boy is free to choose. Whether he wants to see the girl get destroyed again, choice is up to the boy.”

“Me failing is a certain truth…..?”

Add stopped speaking. Something was strange.

Sense that something was out of place.

Same sense of incompatibility he felt ever since he saw Eun for the first time.


He couldn’t tell if Eun was good or evil. Ara said she was a Celestial spirit but in Add’s point of view she was a wily beast no better than the demons. Despite which answer was true, Add had let things pass so far because she said she’d help.

“…….You, just what are you?”

It was something he should have made sure of from the start.

“I am Eun, a frost fox that sees the future.”

“You…. Didn’t tell me the truth from the start.”

Eun smiled voluptuously as she shook her tails.

“Are you suspecting me? How cruel. Didn’t boy already find out I was on boy’s side when I helped him with the time travels?”

“You may not have told any lies. But….there’s parts you didn’t speak about.

Eun continued to smile despite the sudden interrogation put upon her.

“What are you saying all of a sudden, boy?”

“It was strange from the start. You suddenly said you wanted to help me. I thought it was because you could see the future. That it was because I was related to your future.”

But that was impossible.

“But that doesn’t make sense at all. When I become able to freely control time travel, the time I’m going back to is the past. There’s no way I’d be in the future after that point.”

So there was absolutely no reason for Eun to help Add. That wasn’t everything. Eun always…..knew everything perfectly.

Too perfectly.

“In addition, you said it yourself that looking into future unrelated to you consumes enormous amount of clairvoyant powers.”

“I did. Is there a problem with that?”

“But how do you know about the future where Eve gets destroyed? Judging by how you appeared subtly right after we who remained in Elder got attacked by the demons in the last timeline, you already knew.”

Add protested sharply. Smile disappeared from Eun’s face.

“Just like you said it’s more reasonable for me to go back to the past and attempt stealing the Core. That means you had absolutely no reason to waste your clairvoyant powers and peek into Eve’s future!!”


“But you are telling me Eve getting destroyed is already an established fact. As if you already knew!!”

That’s right. That’s how it was from the start. This entire story would have changed completely if Eun had told Add from the start that she could help him with time travel.

But Eun only revealed this fact after Add had witnessed Eve getting destroyed.

“Just what is your goal?!!”

Eun’s goal wasn’t to blindly help Add. Add didn’t know the truth, but Eve’s destruction, and making Add witness her destruction was probably in her plans as well.

When Add glared at her, Eun scratched her hair then sighed.

“I should be more careful from now on. I never expected the boy to attack with loopholes like this so calmly.”

Eun’s eyes seemed to narrow then she fixed the grip on her spear. Add interpreted this as a battle pose and tensed up, but Eun held out her other hand towards him instead.

“Boy, as I said before I’m on boy’s side. So you don’t have to be so tense.”

“Don’t make me laugh. Until I find out your true goals…. I can never trust you.”

He couldn’t trust Eun anymore. Just seeing how Eun had pushed Add on to repeatedly witness Eve’s destruction was enough to make Add’s heart uneasy.

“My goals? Will you be able to believe it even if I told you, boy?”

Eun spoke then lightly waved her empty hand.

“How was the girl’s reaction yesterday when you blindly told her the truth? She didn’t believe and went on her way. I don’t think the boy would be any different.”

“I’ll decide whether to believe or not. And Eve….”

Add touched the note he stuck in his chest pocket with his fingertips. She didn’t believe him, but she also didn’t blatantly suspect him.

That Lemonade was so sour that it made him shed tears…… But it was still tasty.

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that.”

“I’m sorry if I made you angry. But before I start talking, you’ll have to promise me one thing.”

“……What is it?”

“It’s very simple. Promise me that you’ll try to resolve this situation together with me. There’s no point in me talking if you don’t do this.”

Add looked suspiciously. But Eun lightly closed her fingers then opened them. Her white hand looked very soft.

Will I be able to find out the truth if I grabbed this hand? About what the heck is going on? About why Eve had to end up like that?

“I don’t know if you’re some Celestial spirit or wily beast……”

That’s right, he didn’t care an inch about Eun’s identity or her goals. He must know. Why these events kept happening.

He had to know what was going on to break through this situation. For that he could even join hands with a demon.

“I’ll cooperate.”

Add grabbed the hand held out to him. Then Eun added an ominous lead.

“You’re going to regret saying that starting now.”

“Then I’ll just go back in time again.”

Eun burst out laughing at Add’s curtly counter. After making a sneer that one couldn’t tell who it was directed to, the girl spoke coldly.

“Congratulations, boy, for opening your eyes to the truth of this broken world.”

The fox smiled.

“Again, you’ll despair and collapse. Again, I’ll have to watch you and won’t be able to do anything. Welcome aboard once more to this empty rotating wheel of ruin and despair.”


It was a prophecy of despair.

“We’re all mere beasts crying out after falling into the depths of hell…..”

It was a prophecy of sympathy.

“Now boy, try to hold out much as you can.”


It was the true beginning of a fight that transcended time.


[Elsword | Time Trouble] Volume 1 End





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