Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 5 Page 227~233



starting chapter 5

5.Boy who leapt through time

Add realized he was lying on a bed when he came to. For a moment he wondered if everything that happened was a dream. But that was impossible.

There was no way this dull pain, this rage was fake.

As Add abruptly raised himself up he heard someone speak from beside him.

“It would be better if you stay lying down. It hasn’t been that long since your wounds were healed.”

It was Ara, no Eun who was peeling an apple with a fruit knife. White hair and the fox ears curling up and down made it certain.

Add sent Eun a burning glare but she didn’t stop peeling the fruit.

“I healed the wounds on your body. They called it clairvoyant powers back in the day. It doesn’t end with just increasing one’s natural healing ability and….”

Add reached out sideways with his hands. Dynamos that stood leaning against the wall in corner of the room flew towards him. Add scowled at Eun, his eyes burning violently.

“…..You, You knew didn’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“About how Eve, Eve would get destroyed again!!”

That’s right. Eun said she could look into the future. She must have known about this future where Eve got destroyed.

It wasn’t just this time. From the start…. She must have known Eve was going to be destroyed. There was no doubt about this when you examined every words she told him so far.

Eun nodded without even a hint of hesitation. Add had expected it to be true but he clenched his fists because Eun reacted so clearly.

“I’m on boy’s side. What are you curious about?”


“Boy didn’t ask me anything he was curious about. So I didn’t particularly tell him.”

Let’s calm down. Eve isn’t going to come back even if he blew Eun away right now. Not only that, Eun’s cooperation was necessary in order to time travel again.

“Where is Eve?”

“In the other room. You could go look if you want.”


“Just researching the destroyed Nasod by dissecting it would advance your research greatly.”

Add looked at Eun with a fearsome glare but Eun just made a beaming smile.

“Ah, is that so? What you wanted was the core? How unfortunate. That’s been destroyed.”

“….Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

“About what?”

Seeing Eun play dumb, Add’s blood pressure was about soar through the roof. If possible, he wanted to hang Eun upside down and torture her until she spat out everything.

But now was the time where he had to suppress his anger and gather information.

“Why didn’t you tell me when you already knew Eve would get destroyed?”

“Because nothing would have changed even if I told you.”

Eun withdrew her smile and spoke seriously.

“My foresight isn’t absolute. Let’s see, how shall I explain this? Should I say it’s like number of cases? If one were to say fate is like a dice. I can merely tell which number will come up from the dice more precisely than other people.”

Eun’s tails shook voluptuously.

“If future is a gambling game where the dice called fate is rolled endlessly, lives of the present are the ones that bet their money on this game. Just like you have said, I can give information to those around me and change the future I’ve seen.”

“That’s different from what you said before. Just what are…!”

“Boy, have patience. Calm down.”

Eun calmly blocked Add from speaking and explained again.

“It takes enormous amount of clairvoyant power in order to see into things that are not directly related to me. In order to peek into the secrets of the universe one must pay an equivalent amount of price. It’s not something you do mindlessly.”


Eun was confessing that even she needed to make great sacrifice in order to see into the future.

“So I make a great effort to peek into eyes of the dice. Then let those around me know of the results I’ve seen. But doing so causes a ripple, changing the distribution and the future. But didn’t boy also know what would happen this time around?


Add had seen Eve getting destroyed two times already. That was why he had decided to stay back in Elder.

“But how was the result?”

“…..Are you saying that Eve getting destroyed is a decided future?”

“No, that’s wrong. There is no such thing. But how shall I put this? If the normal die of fate is 6 sided, and have 6 unique results…… Girl’s fate is a 100 sided dice, and up to 99 are similar results.”

It meant there was extremely high chance that Eve would get destroyed. As Add trembled Eun laughed slightly.

“Everything that is born dies someday and everything that is created is destroyed someday. It’s simple flow of the world. The 100 sided die I mentioned just now also applies to boy’s fate as well. It’s the law of mortality.”

“Stop with the wordplays. I have…. no intentions of playing around.”

Add manipulated his Dynamos after realizing that Eun had taunted him again. Electrical current much more powerful than before sparked out of the Dynamos.

“Do I look like I’m playing around in the boy’s eyes? How regretful.”

Eun held out a dish containing neatly cut apples towards Add. When Add didn’t take it, Eun made a sly smile.

“But I also know of a way boy can achieve his goals.”

“What is that? Tell me right now….!”

Eun shook the dish up and down slightly when Add pressed for an answer with an angry voice. Because of her gesture that said she’d only talk after he had accepted it, Add reluctantly accepted the dish.

Eun made a satisfied smile and leaned on her chair then crossed her legs. Her body was Ara’s but one could tell they were completely different individuals by seeing how lavish aura flowed out of her even when she sat still.

“Boy, don’t get your priorities mixed up.”


“What was the reason why boy wanted the girl? Wasn’t it extortion of the Core?”

Add closed his mouth. That’s right, Eun’s indication was correct. Didn’t he join the El Search Party in order to steal Eve’s Core in the first place?

He ended up time traveling because he kept seeing Eve get destroyed before he had the chance to make his move.

“Didn’t I tell you? I want to help the boy.”

“….Just what do you want to say?”

“Boy should know very well already.”

Eun’s red eyes gleamed with wickedness.

“Travel through time right now and extort the girl’s Core….. Faster than the demons could destroy her. Boy’s wish will be granted then.”


Add’s face turned stiff after listening to the voluptuous voice’s advice. On the contrary Eun was making a grin.

“Think about it. Although limited, boy can travel through time with my assistance. No matter how much the girl is guarded against you, or even if other members tried to stop you….. It doesn’t matter at all. Try, and if you fail, all you have to do is go back to the past and try again.”


“You can ambush her when she’s sleeping, or when lets her guard down. If you fail? All you have to do is go back 5 minutes before. You’ll succeed In the end.”

What she said was reasonable. All Add had to do was achieve his goal before the demons destroyed Eve.

With Eun’s help he could attempt infinitely. Then at some point….He’ll obtain Eve’s Core.


Add unconsciously burst out laughing. Eun also laughed along quietly.

“What’s your reason for helping me?”

“It’s because the future where boy succeeds is related to my future. Well, how about it? Do you still suspect me? Me, who helped the boy time travel all this time?”

Add didn’t answer Eun’s smile and closed his eyes. Starting calculations in order to understand current situation. Let’s do a review.

What Eun said was correct.

Why Eve met with such fate didn’t have anything to do with Add. All Add had to do was steal the Core before it happened.


Add created a time space wormhole as he burst out laughing. Eun got up from her seat as if she was waiting.

“Then when will you go back to?”

“Last night, right after Hoffman headed back after finishing his story.”

Following Add’s words, Eun’s hand started to shine with white light.



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