Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 Page 209~225



Ch.4 End



His heart beat loudly to warn him. Because Add dealt with spaces, he was able to notice the abnormally much faster than Eve.

“Dimension…. Gate.”

Space in front of the fountain broke down and twisted into blackness and across from it….

“Hold on tight!!”

Mass amount of demons appeared!!

“Wait a moment!”

Add ignored Eve calling out to stop him and ascended rapidly. He had to get out of this area soon as possible.

“Add! Where do you think you’re going leaving Elder’s citizens behind?”

Eve’s indication was correct but Add had no intention of listening to her. Demons? Just why? How are demons appearing in Elder?

Wally was working with the Demons, so you could theorize that there was some sinister device installed in Wally’s Castle. So close to 100 demon spawns appearing all at once in there could somewhat be explained with this theory.

But did they hide such a device in Elder as well? Just what was going on?


“Shut up!! We’re going to retreat for now!!”

Add wasn’t afraid for his own life. Right now, safety of this small girl hanging onto his neck was more important to him than anything else in the world.

Elder’s citizens? He didn’t care even if they all died!!

Add didn’t hesitate at all as he tried to run away flying across the sky.

But….. something was strange.

“Ugh! The altitude!”

It was rising on its own. Dynamos shook unsteadily on their own as if they were being held on by something.

Screee, Screech!!

Dangerous sound was coming from the Dynamos. Just what was it? Add couldn’t hide his panic as he scanned the surface.

“Let me off! Are you going to abandon the people?”

“Shut up and stay still!! What they are really aiming for is….!!”

Just when Add was screaming back towards Eve his face darkened. Dark demons he saw in Wally’s Castle, the Shadow Master’s minions were preparing to shoot their beams towards the sky.

They are going to get hit directly like this!

“Kugh! Move! Dynamo!!”

I can’t just sit here waiting to get hit! Fine! I’ll stake everything on this!!

Add ignored the creaking sounds Dynamo’s chassis was making and overly increased the output. His masterpiece was making a hazardous scream but this was no time to waver.

I won’t let it end like last time!!

“Hold on tight!!”

Add barely managed to escape the levitation force that was restraining the Dynamo and ran with everything he had. Demons on the ground fully charged up their beams and started to fire them in sequence.


Beams shot out towards the sky without a break in between them. But Add dodged them all using S-shape gliding maneuver. However, Dynamos were in the end just 1seater. If he used highly advanced move like this… the fellow passenger obviously won’t be able to hold on


Strength seemed to leave from Eve’s arms that were hugging Add’s neck….. Eve started to fall.

Soon as Add saw Eve falling towards the ground he immediately started to descend rapidly without thinking about anything else.

Beams shot up aiming at Add again but there was no more dodging, only a rush across the sky towards Eve.

12 meter from the ground.

“Faster, faster, faster….!”

8 meter from the ground.

“Eve!! Grab my hand!!”


Eve’s face as she fell was pale. She also held her hand out towards Add. The two of their hands were barely about to touch.

4 meter from the ground, if Add didn’t rise immediately right now he will also smash into the ground!


But Add didn’t choose to rise. He instead chose the emergency landing. I’d rather fall to the ground together with Eve than to let her fall alone and run away by myself!!


Was Add’s desperate wish granted? Add barely managed to snatch up Eve’s hand and quickly pulled her in just as her legs were about to touch the ground. Dynamo that was attempting an emergency landing slipped sideways and lost its balance. The two of them got flung out and rolled on the ground.


The two that fell from the sky finally managed to stop rolling only after they hit a wall.

Add breathed heavily as he checked on Eve beside him. Eve also seemed shocked as she was only blinking with a pale white face.

“Eve, are you okay?”

“….There’s no particular abnormally in functions.”

Eve was also dripping with dry sweat. Even Eve who self proclaimed to have no emotions must have been scared of freefalling without any safety measures. Well Eve was a Nasod and not human so even if she were to fall it would have only ended in part destruction for her ….

“Kukuk, I did something stupid unlike myself again.”

Add made an empty smile as he raised himself up by leaning against the wall. He must have hit something as he was rolling on the ground because his ribs were aching. But this wasn’t the time to care about his injuries.

Thump, thump!

The Shadow demons were approaching them. Just like Add had seen before, their movements were organized, Chargers in front with Snipers at the back.

‘What should I do?’

When he faced them before in Wally’s Castle just protecting himself was the best he could do.

It didn’t look like the result would change this time….. and running away was impossible long as there were Snipers.

“I promised Rena that I’d protect people of Elder.”

Eve also stood up. Her tone was calm but there was a determined will in her voice. She must have resolved herself to fight.

But they were against 100 Shadow demons. With only two of them fighting, this could only end one way.

“It’s impossible with only us.”

“Nothing is impossible for Nasods.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Add quickly ran his brain. There was only one option left for them. They had to eliminate all of the Snipers in their back line then escape using flight.

Demons won’t be able to get in their way then.

“Eve, I’m going to go clear their back line. So keep yourself protected at all cost till then.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t say something stupid. You’ll get in my way. I’m the leader so follow my orders.”

Add scolded in low voice then took a deep breath. He sugar-coated it as if this was actually a plan…. But what Add was about to do didn’t even have 1% chance of succeeding. He already knew how powerful the enemies were from fighting them before.

Soon as Add launched himself behind enemy lines, demons will jump at him like swarm of angry bees and Add won’t even last 10 seconds.


Run away using time travel? Accurate time travel was impossible without Eun’s assistance so he couldn’t use it now. If you used time travel carelessly you could get flown into an unknown time and space. In the worst case scenario you could become lost in time and end up not even dead or alive.

This was the dead end. Checkmate. They were inside jaws of death.

All his plans of going back to his own timeline shattered into pieces, an ending where in an unknown age, he gets killed by some unknown demons.

But for some reason, his heart felt clear.



Add got on his Dynamos and moved forwards.

“Run away.”

Without even listening to Eve’s answer, Add charged in.

“Kukuk!! Kahahahaha!!!”

Seeing Add charge at them demons jumped at him with their fang and claws. Seeing all their attention divert to Add made him ecstatic.

Because it’ll buy time for Eve to run away!!


Just when the line of demons was about to attack him…. Add lowered his stance and activated the Dynamo’s secret ability.


Space Warp.


While it was only for a short distance, this skill realized quantum teleport and granted absolute evasive ability just for a moment. Thanks to this Add was able to break through the enemy battle line and charged at the Snipers located in the back with ease.

“Void Field!!”

As Add let out a howl, alternate space opened and stopped all movement around him. Add glared at the Snipers and reached his hand out towards them then shouted.

“Void Impact!!”

He’s not going to use Stardust Shower here. He would have liked to make the plan of running away after defeating all of the snipers succeed if possible. But it was impossible for Add to withstand 100 Shadow demons with his current battle abilities.

That meant what he had to do right now was to by much time as possible, until Eve got away safely!!


Add was about to shout but his eyes shook widely. Snipers that got restrained by the Void Field were…. All ripped apart with just one Void Impact.


Enemies are weaker than expected? When Add had met them in Wally’s Castle they couldn’t even be damaged properly …. But now they were falling helplessly before him.


But Add didn’t give himself any room for hope as he expelled an electric charge around him. There were still lots of enemies left and the result wasn’t definite. It could have been just a lucky hit that worked because Add had ambushed them.

“Void Breaker!!”

As a test Add tried gathering slight amount of energy and fired it frontwards. Five distressed demons flew away and dropped dead.

“….A, amazing!!”

Demons didn’t get weaker. He had become stronger!! He didn’t know the reason, but his power to control space, the amount of output he could bring forth from the Dynamo had increased dramatically.

No time to be delighted. In that case, change of plans!


Just as Add turned around, a beam grazed by Add’s face. Sniper that still remained had looked for a chance and shot at him. Add’s head would have gotten blown off if he had dodged it late even by a moment.


Add let out an excited laugh as the blood dripped down from his cheek. That’s right; he still couldn’t let his guard down against these demons! But for Add who had initially charged in preparing for death they were all now just laughable.

He obtained power to defeat the demons. There was nothing to be afraid of now that he had obtained this mighty power to save Eve!!

“Neutron Bomb!!”

Add fired a neutron blast at the Sniper that shot at him. Even the other Snipers that were beside it got caught up in the blast.


But at that moment Add’s head rang out in a shock. Shadow Charger had smashed down on him with its fist. Skin on Add’s head got ripped off and blood started to drip immediately. It was dangerous if he didn’t stop the bleeding quickly.

But Add didn’t even look back and counterattacked by sending out an electric current with the Dynamos. The Shadow demon screamed and exploded.

“Kukukuk! Good! Very good! Who’s next?!”

Add wagged his finger to provoke the demons. Demons now hesitated to attack Add. They must have realized that they’d suffer heavy casualties if they attacked Add carelessly

While his enemies were stopped for moment…. Add quickly scanned for location of the Snipers. If things went well, he could sweep through all of them in one strike and get away.

With Eve of course.

“Kukukuk, Great!”

Add finished calculating the coordinates that’ll allow him to sweep through all the Snipers in just one strike. Just when he was about to release the power of his Dynamos…. Demons that were surrounding him suddenly opened a single path. Add’s eyes instinctively headed towards that direction.

What came into his eyes was Eve who was kneeling, and a blade poised against her neck.


Add threw all his calculations away and ran towards that direction immediately. As if they were waiting him to react like this, forceful hands from all around grabbed Add’s legs and arms then pushed his head down on the ground.

“Void Impact!!”

Along with Add’s convulsing scream Dynamos tore through the space around Add. Add’s body was also inside the target radius so he received a deep wound but he didn’t care.

This was no time to hesitate.


Add got up with haste and was about to jump in while screaming spastically. But the man that had his blade against Eve’s neck held out his hand.

Dark skin. Red eyes.

A beautiful male, but you could tell with a single glance that he was a demon. Although he hasn’t said anything the meaning behind the hand he held out was clearly communicated.


I’ll kill Eve if you come any closer.


Add stopped his steps and glared at the man. It was obvious that he was the commander of these Shadow demons. You could sense much more power from him than the Shadow Master….!

“Stop already, it’s unsightly.”

“Let go of Eve! I’m the one you want! Isn’t that right Dark Count Ran!?”

As Add calculated a way out of this situation, he threw out whatever words he could to get the demon’s, Ran’s attention. Then Add realized what he had just blurted out with haste was actually right on the mark.

That’s right…. Demons wouldn’t appear in Elder without any reason at all. Not only that, they had no reason to attack only two of them, Add and Eve so relentlessly.

He had it backwards. Demons appeared in Elder…. Aiming for Add and Eve.


Add repeated the calculations attempting to disprove his own conclusion but wasn’t able to do so. Shadow Master appearing from before wasn’t a coincidence at all. It had appeared because Add and Eve were there.

“What you want is probably my technology! So let Eve go safely! I’ll cooperate with you if you do that!!”


Ran tilted his head as if he had just heard something amusing. Eve who was restrained by the Shadow demons opened her eyes narrowly and stared at Add.


“Don’t talk Eve, I’ll free you right now!!”

“Run away! Add!”

“I told you not to talk!!”

Add couldn’t figure out why he was in this situation. What was going on? Just how did the demons find out about his time travel ability? But one thing he was sure of was that no matter what happened,


He didn’t ever want to see

Eve getting destroyed in front of his eyes again.

This was the only emotion that dominated Add’s heart right now.


When Add approached closer, Ran pushed the tip of his blade further into Eve’s neck. Add instinctively stopped and furiously glared at Ran.

“I’m going to turn you into a minced meat if you don’t put that thing away.”

“That’s an unusually appealing proposition….. but.”

Ran made a smile as he told Add amiably.

“You’re mistaken. We didn’t come here for you cooperation.”


Wasn’t Dark Count Ran a demon general? The reason for such an important figure ambushing Elder wasn’t to capture Add who knew about time travel technology better than anyone else in this age?

“What do you mean….”

“It means this.”


Heart chilling sound of a clashing blade shook dimly across the area. Even though Add saw it happen in front of his eyes…. It took a while for him to actually realize the truth that Ran had swung his blade and then withdrew it.


Add finally realized that cracks were forming on Eve’s Core.


He just realized that as Eve let out a voice that could either have been a sigh or cry, her eyes lost focus and her head dropped down.


He found out that Eve got destroyed again.

“The reason I came here was for the destruction of Queen of Nasods, by D’s orders.”

That was just Ran talking to himself as he withdrew his blade. Add wasn’t listening. Add was blankly staring at Eve who had her head dropped down. Memories of the past flashed by in Add’s head.


It was the same; Eve got destroyed this time again.


It was the same; just like that time, he could only watch as his important person died in front of him.

“U, u…….”

His insides were boiling. Nothing mattered anymore!! Even if he had to burn his life out!! He must destroy all the demons in front of him!!

“Void Impact!!””

As Add screamed spastically, alternate space opened around Ran and tore the Shadow demons apart. But unlike the other demons that got turned into sludge, not even a single hair of Ran was damaged.

For some reason Ran made a mournful face as he stared at Add.

“Was that really the extent of your anger?”

“Shut up!!”

If single strike didn’t work I’ll use multiple!! Add recklessly stacked Void Impact multiple times to create a clump of alternate space. Because he performed something so forceful that he couldn’t do normally, the feedback caused skin on his body to crack and reveal the bones inside. But none of that mattered right now.

How dare he make him taste the experience of losing something important again! I will never let you leave here alive!!

“Void Impact!!”

The moment when Add was about to explode the Void Impact stacked by 4 times, Ran swung his blade in an exquisite manner. Then unbelievably ….. the blade Ran had swung cut away the alternate space entirely.

Attack that Add had put his soul into, even by risking damage onto himself, got sealed away by a single swipe of Ran’s blade.

“Don’t you dare joke with meee!!”

If 4 times didn’t work I’ll stack 10 in a row!! Barely raising both of his bloodied arms, Add activated the Dynamos again preparing to risk burning away all of his own nerves. But then a forceful arm grabbed his body and crashed his head into the ground.

“Let go!! Let go of me!!”

As the surviving Shadow demons pushed him down, Add desperately struggled to get free. He had to kill that guy no matter what!!

Bash! Bash!!

When Add moved rampantly the demons started to stomp and punch him. It was difficult for Add to withstand with his body already in tatters.


As Add spewed out blood that came up from within, Ran held up his hand.

“Stop, D’s orders.”

At his word all of the Shadow demons let go of Add and backed off. All of the hands that restrained Add were gone now, but Add couldn’t even manage to stand up anymore.

Add lay face down breathing frantically, he could see Ran’s feet.

“Everyone, we’re returning.”


He somehow had to…. Before that guy went back… Add barely managed to raise his hand with extreme difficulty but there was a flashing light and then Ran and the demons disappeared without a trace.

Everything became silent.


The pain finally started to overcome Add and yet he still forced himself to stand up while groaning.

As Add moved his body, blood dripped down his clothes… it was a serious injury.

But Add didn’t mind his own body.

He staggered towards fallen Eve.


Once again, Eve’s Core was covered in numerous cracks and had lost its color.

Complete death, stopped functioning due to uncontrollable external shock, well you could say for humans this was akin to being in a coma. So wouldn’t Eve open her eyes again if there came a day when the Core miraculously recovered by itself?

“There’s no way such thing….. There’s no way….”

His tightly compressed fists shook violently. Add looked down at Eve who lay with her eyes closed. He let out a short laugh unconsciously.

“If I had known this would happen…. should I have said those clothes looked good on you?”

His laughter mixed with mutter slowly became louder. Only a dry laugh rang across the empty square in front of the fountain.

Drop, drop.

As if responding to the laugh, raindrops were falling. One drop, two drop. It turned into a downpour before long.

“Hahaha, hahahahahaha…..”

Boy laughed in the rain. He couldn’t bear if he didn’t laugh.


Just like that time when he lost something most important to him.



His laugh became a scream that tore through the rain.





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