Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 page 195~209



Rena must have told Eve that there might be an emergency situation in Elder so Eve should stay behind.

Eve obediently followed her instructions and was diligently patrolling the city for any unusual activities.


Add followed Eve leaving a slight distance between two of them. The joy of getting Eve to stay in Elder was short lived. They have been patrolling for a while and it was getting boring.

Come to think of it. This was a rare chance to be alone with Eve. Wasn’t it a good chance to satisfy his intellectual curiosity?

‘….Or steal Eve’s Nasod Core right now.’

Eve was walking in front of him and had her back wide open. That wasn’t all. Add knew of Eve’s secret move, Junk Break but Eve didn’t know about Add’s Stardust Shower.

Add and Eve was equal comparing only their battle capabilities. But Add had the advantage in positioning and information.

If he reached out, if he manipulated the Dynamos and attacked first…. He’d be able to come out victorious in the end.


Please take good care of Eve until we come back.


Add was about to open his fingers but winced. Why did he have to remember Rena’s parting words right now?


Something troubled Add’s mind. With a sour taste in his mouth Add made a fist with his hands. This was a perfect chance and yet he didn’t feel up to it.

When Add stopped walking and stood still, Eve looked back questionably.

“Let’s go to the next area.”


Add muttered as he sat down in front of the fountain.

“I remember now, humans were species that needed rest. If that’s the case I’ll continue to patrol on my own.”

“I told you to wait.”

Add manipulated his Dynamos and sent every one of them off flying in various directions. It was wide area scouting function.

“This should do it. It will be able to cover this entire city so I’ll be able to know if something happens.”

“Why didn’t you use that earlier?”

Eve blamed Add for not using this convenient feature earlier. But Add had a good reason for not using it earlier. This wide area scouting used all of his Dynamos and during that time Add’s battle capabilities became zero. It was a doubled edged sword.

Hypothetically… if Eve were to attack Add right now he wouldn’t be able to anything and die right there.

Well it was only a hypothesis. He wouldn’t have used the wide area scouting if he didn’t trust Eve. The real reason Add got rid of all his Dynamos in the first place was…. to shake of the temptation of wanting to ambush Eve.

“I can’t use it carelessly.”

“I understand. Then I’ll wait beside you.”

Eve sat beside Add but seemed like she didn’t want to sit on the ground directly. She sat on her gears instead and the gears transformed into a shape that allowed Eve to sit comfortably.

How pompous. While Add was thinking this to himself….. he recalled how Eve had proclaimed herself to be Queen of Nasods before he time traveled,

Queen of Nasods, it was a splendid title which suited her well. Considering the technology involved in building her, it was a flawless title.

“I won’t tell Ara Haan.”

Only silence was between the two until Eve suddenly spoke out. While still looking at the people passing by, she brought up a weird topic out of the blue. She wasn’t looking at Add’s direction.

“I’m not too knowledgeable about human male and female relationships but it would probably be bad if Ara Haan found about what happened before.”


What does she mean? Add stared back dumbfounded and Eve’s cheeks slightly got dyed in pink. Add wondered for a while what Eve meant then finally came up with one possible theory.

Could she be…. Embarrassed that she showed herself naked?

It would be an obvious reaction for humans but wasn’t she a Nasod? Does she actually have an emotion called embarrassment? Add couldn’t help but to be surprised and amazed.

“….Why do you mention Ara’s name there?”

Add was still amazed but couldn’t understand what Ara had to do with this.

“Because you two came back together yesterday when we were camping out.”

“That doesn’t have to do with anything.”

“But I’ve learned that a human male and female staying the night together means sign of deep relationship.”

“That’s a simple misunderstanding. I was taking a stroll and saw Ara who was lost. That’s why we came back together.”

Add laid it out clearly. Eve stared for a bit then nodded slowly. She seemed quite surprised and was interjecting silently.

What should he call this reaction…..? Feelings of a girl chatting about someone else’s love life?

As a guy Add couldn’t understand no matter how much he thought. But he wasn’t too keen on getting mixed up with Ara and being misunderstood.

“Even I have a standard for girls. That overly clumsy one isn’t my type at all. Kukuk”

“Then what type of girls do you like?”

Add hadn’t expected Eve to ask this question so he couldn’t answer immediately. Add had never perceived girls he met as member of the opposite sex so he actually didn’t have any preferences.

“Girls are best when they are quiet and composed.”

“Such old fashioned and gender discriminative taste. I see. So that’s how human males are.”

Eve spoke coldly. Add felt somewhat angry at having the answer he took quite a bit of consideration on denied like this.

“Is that so? Then how’s our Queen of Nasod’s taste in guys?”

“Nasods have no such thing. Love is just collision of unnecessary emotions.”

“Isn’t that just because you don’t know how to measure guys? Well that explains why you’re always looking at Elsword….”

“I don’t understand why you’d bring up Elsword here.”

Eve cut off the conversation with a straight face. Unlike her pompous responses from before she was showing quite a bit of emotion now.

“You’re reaction right now is why.”

“Stop talking about things that doesn’t make sense.”

Eve must have realized that she was showing signs of disarray and returned her voice to the normal cold tone. Again.

Whenever Elsword is mentioned, the emotion she denies herself comes to the surface.

“Kukuk, Are you sure you aren’t just pretending not to understand? Elsword is the only thing you can see after all.”

“That’s not true.”

“It’s true. Geez, getting your heart stolen by just a single word ‘I’ll be your friend’…..”

Eve’s eyes widened. From her response Add recalled that this information was the one he heard from Eve when they went to the Wally’s Castle.

It wasn’t an information Add should have known.

“How do you know…..?.”

“Elsword told me while we were talking. That you’re an idiot that got fooled over just one word saying he’ll be your friend. That he can manipulate you very easily now…..”


Eve ruthlessly slapped Add’s cheek.

“….Such rudeness.”

He had already known from previous experience that Eve would react this way if he insulted the part about ‘Friends’. Because he knew he could prepare himself this time and managed to avoid falling from the hit.

Add purposely showed his burning cheek and let out a laugh.

“Kukukuk, is that it? It doesn’t hurt at all.”

“I don’t understand what you mean. You’re lying. Elsword is not a person that’d say such things.”

“Yes, you’re right. That’s a sound conclusion. Yes, you getting angry like this. This is how it should be.”

Add admitted wholeheartedly and stood up. Something swelled up within him and he couldn’t withstand it anymore.

“You’re right. Elsword is not a person who would say such things. I’m always the liar! You always look at that him! And I always have to look at you like that….And I”

Have to look at you getting destroyed. Despite all of this I traveled to this timeline to stop such thing from happening again!! ….Add barely managed to swallow these words that were about to impulsively pop out of his mouth.

It was useless no matter how much he talked to her.


Events from back then had already ceased to exist. Like a daydream, no matter how hard Add explained to Eve, she won’t be able to understand. About how he held her in his arms as they went down on the Dynamo together.

About how when she left his arms and he had instinctively tried to grab her.

About how she was destroyed covering for Elsword. And how Add had become enraged and tried to destroy Elsword.

About how he pulled out everything he had to successfully destroy Wally Robot, but couldn’t protect Eve from the demons that appeared after….

And about how he was forced to watch again Eve trying to cover for Elsword up till the final moment.

Such bitter feelings of helplessness and rage. Eve won’t ever be able to understand it.

Add shut his mouth. He felt calmer now after spitting out the emotions that swelled up within him.

“I’ll go for a round by myself.”

Add put on his hood and left the fountain without looking back at what face Eve was making.

He didn’t want to see.


Going for a round was just an excuse to get out of there. Add was really walking aimlessly.

Elder’s streets were that of a normal city if you left out the fact that you couldn’t see any young girls. Add arrived at the city entrance and suddenly recalled the country folk reaction of the El Search Party that had just arrived in Elder. Everyone was so busy looking around the bustling city back then.


“This is my first time seeing a street like this! Splendid!”

“Buying two apple juices is cheaper!!”

“You can’t because I want to drink lemonade. Lemonade is also cheaper if you buy two.”

“Add, keep an eye on the kids for me so they don’t get lost okay?”



It hasn’t even been couple of days yet it felt like such a long time ago. Well, back then they couldn’t even have imagined how such a powerful enemy was waiting for them in the Wally’s Castle, or that Eve was going to be destroyed.

Back then everyone was laughing and talking.

Honestly… It was the same for Add. Enemies in front of them were only small fries, and he was only looking for the chance to steal Eve’s Nasod Core.

He had never imagined he would be traveling through time to prevent Eve from getting destroyed.


Recalling the memories from back then, Add rubbed his palm on his cheek. Place where Eve hit him earlier was still burning.

“Tch, it hurts no matter how many times you get hit…..”

Add spat out a sullen remark but he was slightly reflecting on his actions.

Add had already experienced firsthand that Eve would get enraged if he touched upon her relationship with Elsword, upon their friendship. Yet he made the same mistake again.

“Just what am I doing?”

Add muttered and let out a big sigh. Getting caught up in the past and bursting out his emotions, it wasn’t smart at all.

By preventing Eve from going to the Wally’s castle he was able to avoid Eve’s destruction. He was now all alone with Eve. He should have been using this chance to get on Eve’s favorable side to gain advantage for his future plans. Yet he ended up ruining their relationship instead.

“Kukukuk, fine.”

Add brought all the Dynamos he had scattered across the city and got on top of them. As Add rushed in low flight he let out a slight smile.

“Lemonade huh….”

Strong wind flipped Add’s hood behind his back. Add’s face was now revealed to show pleasant smile he was making.


After going to the same store from before and buying a lemonade Add headed back directly to the fountain. Eve was still waiting sitting gently in the same spot.


After stopping the flight in front of her Add jumped down from the Dynamos. Eve was sending him a chilly stare but he wasn’t afraid.

“Here, drink.”


Eve turned her head away abruptly when Add held out the lemonade. But Add didn’t miss the slight hesitation she had before she reacted that way.

“Don’t you like it? Lemonade?”

“I don’t particularly like it. Nasods don’t really need to eat or drink.”

“Then it won’t be a problem if I threw this away right?”

Add tilted the juice cup slightly, it shook as if the contents would drop on the ground at any moment. Eve who was prudently looking sideways became extremely surprised.

“….Wasting food is a grave crime.”

“I really don’t like lemonades. Kukukuk. If you won’t drink I have no choice but to throw it away.”

Eve pondered for a moment then reached out her hand. Add let her take it without saying anything and sat beside her again.

Eve quietly sipped on the lemonade. Even if she didn’t say it you could tell that her mood had lightened up significantly.

“What I said before was a lie. I’m sorry if that offended you.”

“I don’t have any emotions, so I wasn’t offended or anything.”

“Yes, that’s same as before.”

Eve had accepted his apology like this before too. Add laughed slightly and Eve who was still drinking made a confused expression.

“This is my first time drinking lemonade from here and it’s really sweet.”

“Didn’t you drink it with Elsword on the day we arrived?”

“There was no such event.”

Was she pretending not to have emotions again? Add laughed and stared….. But Eve was sending him a look that said she really didn’t recall such event happening.


A chill went down’ Add’s spine.


Eve…. Really haven’t drunk juice together with Elsword. On the day they arrived in Elder, the little squabble where Elsword and Eve fought over which drink to get never happened.

The past changed.

And there was only one likely suspect for this. With a dry sweat dripping from his back, Add clenched his hand on top of the fountain tightly into a fist.

‘Calm down…. Don’t get worked up.’

But his heart was beating as if they’d explode. …. According to Add’s memories this was his 3rd time travel.

The first time travel was the one where he arrived in this timeline from the past.

Second time travel was done after Eve was destroyed by the Wally Robot.

And this was the third time travel that he did in order to prevent Eve from going to the Wally’s Castle.


Only thing that was likely to have changed the past was the 2nd and 3rd time travels….. But he couldn’t readily accept this. According to Add’s time wave theory, time was like calm surface of a lake. When a single ripple gets created, it would spread all over the lake.

For example, when Add performed the 2nd time travel and defeated the Wally Robot with everything he got, Demons appeared as if they were waiting. This could be somewhat explained with the time wave theory.

Changing the present using time travel will affect and change the future.

He couldn’t prevent Eve’s destruction but cause of her destruction was changed. This much was at least acceptable.

“What’s wrong Add?”

But the event Eve pointed out right now had happened further back in the past. It was a past event long before from the point where Add time traveled. Yet that event had disappeared.

It was an extremely insignificant event but it wasn’t rational.

“No, maybe it can be explained…. Because it was so insignificant.”

Add didn’t look at Eve and murmured to himself. Since something trivial like Drinking/Not drinking juice was determined by mood, trivial events might change whenever he time traveled.

Add struggled to force himself to think that this was correct but became extremely uneasy. Add began delving in time travel only by chance in the first place. He still was struggling to think of a way to go back to his own time. He had various theories but didn’t have any proofs.

Maybe his theory was wrong. Or Eun who said she’d help could be plotting something.

“No, no…..”

“Get a hold of yourself.”

Something held him all of a sudden. Add wondered what it was and looked down to see that a gear had dove itself into Add’s arms.

“I don’t know why you lost your mind all of a sudden but that’ll be troublesome.”


“Rena specifically appointed you and me just in case some crisis might happen in Elder. Remember this.”

As Eve told him prudently, Gear in Add’s arms also moved up and down. As if it was nodding.

“We have to do our best to protect the Elder’s citizens. So stay focused.”

“….Are you worried about me?”

“I was never. It’s just troublesome for me.”

Eve arguing obstinately made Add laugh. To think there will come a day where his experiment was worried about him…. So deplorable.

“I’m fine now. I want to take a walk so let’s get up.”

“Weren’t you gathering the city’s information using those?”

Eve asked about how Add wasn’t going to use the wide area scouting function and Add shrugged. Well he was planning to use it initially….but.

“Might as well put effort into doing what I’m supposed to do. It wouldn’t be bad to move around at least.”

Eve must have understood what he meant as she stood up as well. Add hesitated internally for a moment then reached his hand out towards Eve.


“…..We’ll first start searching in flight so grab on.”

Dyanmo was 1seater so they had to stick close together if Eve were to get on as well. But not only was flying on Dynamos much more effective than walking around, they could also react faster when something happened.

It honestly wasn’t because Add had some indecent desires.

“Walking would be better.”

“I’m a human so walking around for too long hurts my legs.”

Add tried to remain composed as possible and waved his fingers. He was doubtful whether Eve would take his hand or not.

….If you thought about it, Add had only done things that’d cause Eve to hate him so far. It wouldn’t be strange if Eve objected to Add’s sound argument.

“It can’t be helped.”

But Eve…. although reluctantly, grabbed Add’s hand. Add’s face brightened all of a sudden as he was about to pull Eve in,




His heart beat loudly to warn him. Because Add dealt with spaces, he was able to notice the abnormally much faster than Eve.

“Dimension…. Gate.”

Space in front of the fountain broke down and twisted into blackness and across from it….

“Hold on tight!!”

Mass amount of demons appeared!!



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