Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 page 190~195




There was nobody else in the room when Add opened his eyes. Only a rumpled blanket remained in the place where Elsword was sleeping.

The sun was up high already. It was noon.


Add blankly murmured. Then a thought went across his head as he kicked off his blanket and got up immediately.

That’s right, Eve! Did Eve listen to Rena and remain in Elder?

Feeling impatient, Add rushed out of the room and hurried to the floor below. Despite it being the girl’s room but he forcefully opened the door without knocking.



Eve’s eyes widened as she stared at Add who rushed in as if he’d destroy the door.

Good! She’s here! Add cheered internally and was finally able to ease his mind….. But for some reason Eve’s face started to turn red.

Overheating? Decreased functionality? Add who was calm now activated his scholarly curiosity…. Then he realized that for some reason Eve was showing more skin than usual.

She wasn’t even wearing underwear.


I see. So Nasods these days are quite immoral. Nasods back in the day weren’t like this.

Kids these days…..


Without realizing it himself, Add shook his head in disappointment at this deplorable reality. That’s right; Anicent Nasods had grace and dignity.

It seemed while Eve had superior features, she wasn’t too interested in dignity.

“How, How….”

“If it’s about etiquette I can teach you. Try to at least wear underwear next time.”

A gear blustered towards Add as he spoke arrogantly.

“How rude!!”

When it finally seemed as if the multiple gear strikes had stopped, then unexpectedly a palm slapped across Add’s cheek. It was shockingly painful.


Door closed in front of Add as he fell from the shock. Sitting in the corridor, Add stroked his burning cheek as he finally came to his senses.

“…..How dare you… you’re just an immoral Nasod.”


Gear that just helped with Eve’s attack was floating in front of him. It seemed to reflect Eve’s emotion as it looked very hostile.

“What do you think you are getting so angry in front of me?”

Add grabbed both sides of the gear with his hands and pulled outwards. Gear was surprised by Add’s attack and struggled to get free. But Add was feeling petulant and didn’t let go.



Add was teasing the gear when the door opened. This time Eve was wearing clothes.

“Don’t bully Reby.”

“I was just playing with…..”

Add was about to answer but stopped and let go of his hands. He became speechless at how Eve’s attire was different from usual. Elegant beauty flowed out from the black uniform that looked like a military uniform.

It suited expressionless Eve really well.

“These are clothes Rena prepared. Is something wrong?”

“….It’s nothing.”

He couldn’t say that he lost his mind staring. As Add tried to gloss it over and stand up Eve sent him an extremely cold stare.

“Don’t you have something to say to me?”


Could it be that she wants Add to acknowledge her change in attire? Honestly Add never have been interested in girl’s attires before.

He never tried complimenting a girl on their appearance.

“Well, it looks good on you, more than expected.”


Eve’s stare became extremely colder.

“I deny useless things like emotions but I think people should at least have courtesy. You’re the lowest.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“Forget it. I wouldn’t have remained with you if Rena didn’t ask.”

Eve was walking away with a very upset expression. Add obviously couldn’t let her go alone so he followed.

Come to think of it what did Rena say to get Eve to stay in Elder?

Eve clearly expressed her desire to save the captured girls last night.


“Rena said I should hear the exact details from you Eve. What should we do now in Elder?”

“Patrol. Follow me.”

Eve spoke as if she really didn’t want to answer. It seemed she was quite upset but Add didn’t mind.

Eve not being fond of him wasn’t anything new. It was given since only thing Add did to Eve so far was get on her nerves and mock her.

‘So I’m probably just a rude and unpleasant human male to her.’

Add thought about how he would look in Eve’s point of view for the first time. It was a personal question and yet that was the only answer he could come up with.


Add sneered. Well he wasn’t thinking about getting on Eve’s good side anyways. All he needed was Eve’s Nasod Core, and the technology that comprised her body.

Since Eve didn’t go to the Wally’s Castle, he’d be able to avoid the worst case scenario of Eve’s core getting destroyed. Knowing this eased Add’s mind.


Eve didn’t turn back despite how Add continued laughing.



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