Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 Page 180~190



When Add came to Rena was in front of him.

“Do you have something to say to me?”

“….How did I appear? What date is it today? Where is this place?”

Add looked around. Elder, it was 1st floor of the inn El Search Party stayed in. Only person around was Rena, there was nobody else.

“You appeared all of a sudden riding on that. Could you refrain from using that indoors? Other people could get startled.”


Add realized that he was in low flight on his Dynamos. Which was obvious… while traveling through time stream wormhole he needed the Dynamo’s dimension distortion mode to ensure his own safety.

While Dynamos have extremely numerous features, its main feature was time travel. Features like battle, flight, scan, camouflage were merely just expansions.

‘….I see. So that’s how they perceive me appearing.”

It seems for other people, Add emerging from time travel looked like he was appearing all of a sudden on his dynamos. Writing this fact in his mind, Add got off the dynamos and sat across from Rena, then looked around cautiously.

Rena looked at the overly cautious Add as she smiled.

“Is there something you’re worried about? You don’t look too well.”


It looked like the time travel was successful. Soon as Add deduced this much, he realized what was about to happen in this timeline.

Hoffman will arrive soon. Then following his request, El Search Party will go through the Underground Waterway so they could infiltrate into the Wally’s Castle.


Then Eve’s core will be destroyed, she will cease to function.



Even if Wally Robot was destroyed he couldn’t withstand the demons. Even if Rena was there it would still be difficult to ensure Eve’s safety.

Then how can he avoid the result of Eve getting destroyed? Rena called out softly towards Add who was struggling in his thoughts.

“Add, if you’re troubled about something can you believe in this big sis and talk to me about it?

“I’m not particularly troubled.”

Add replied bluntly then quickly calculated. The solution was simple. Eve can never be allowed to go to the Wally’s Castle.

If Eve goes there she will certainly be destroyed.

Trying to protect Eve in that situation? Add’s power alone wasn’t enough. He couldn’t do a thing last time and was forced to watch demons destroy Eve in front of his eyes. And he wasn’t confident he’d be able to protect her even if he re-tried.

Wally Robot No.44, Shadow Master and its minions.

They weren’t enemies El Search Party in their current state could handle at the same time.

So that was the reason he had to evacuate Eve no matter what…. But how? This was the issue. Eve wasn’t too fond of Add and trying to restrain her by force won’t be easy.

And other members who don’t know the situation will no doubt take Eve’s side…..

“…..Hoffman will come here soon.”

“Hm? Mr.Hoffman will?”

There was only one way. Add opened his eyes slightly and stared at Rena.

“I’m going to guess what that man will say to us. In exchange…. If I guess correctly, after he finishes telling us his story, accept one of my requests without any questions, objections and absolutely.”

“Alright, I’ll do that. So what will Mr.Hoffman say?”

Rena smiled leisurely as she nodded. Add hesitated because she had agreed so easily. But he had already asked, might as well go with it.

He needed Rena’s help.


Soon as Add had finished speaking to Rena, Hoffman arrived and begged them to rescue the captured girls. Just like last time El Search Party agreed. Only difference was that since Add didn’t try to persuade the girls out of it they made their decision faster.

Boy’s room balcony after Hoffman left.

Add stood on the balcony staring at the night sky. Stars were shining beautifully but it didn’t make Add feel any better.

“Hm, that was quite surprising.”

And on that balcony a beautiful woman sat with her hips leaning against the railing. She could fall plummeting to the ground if she was to mistakenly lose her balance. Despite this she smiled as usual.


“Like Add said Mr.Hoffman made a request to us. What’s going on?”

“I told you not to ask questions or object. Listening to my request is everything.”

The way Add said it made it seem more like a demand than a request but there was no sign of discontent in Rena’s face. Rather, Add was more startled by what he had just said himself.

“….I wasn’t trying to say it like that.”

“No, it’s fine. Since it looks like you have a good reason why you can’t tell me. I’ll listen to your request if it’s something I can do. So what do you want me to do?”

“Leave Eve and me out for tomorrow.”

Because Rena stared at Add blankly he elaborated.

“Only three of you go infiltrate the Wally’s Castle through Underground Waterway.”


Rena showed a troubled expression. It was given….. Add and Eve had the role of waist of the El Search Party.

They both had excellent battle and situation assessment capabilities. For the El Search Party, losing not only one but two of them meant that the party’s total power would be cut in half, no, become lower than half.

As Rena pondered Add clenched his fists.

“I will make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Just this once…. let us not participate.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Add was quite surprised at Rena’s another easy consent. He had assumed before that her saying she’d listen to his request without hearing the clear details was because she was too soft…. But he didn’t expect her to consent so easily after actually hearing such an unreasonable request about how two of them will not go tomorrow.

“….Will that really be alright?”

When Add who had made the request asked for confirmation Rena smiled brightly.

“If Add wants to confess to Eve of course I’ll help. Don’t worry; I’ll convince Eve to stay behind.”


That was completely off the mark but it didn’t matter if she interpreted it that way. What was important right now was not to send Eve to Wally’s Castle.

“Hm, I was just joking, did that make you mad?”

Rena unexpectedly became flustered and asked worriedly. When Add quietly shook his head, Rena made a soft smile.

“You don’t have to tell me why. It looks certain that Add is trying to do something for Eve’s sake.”

“……..It’s not something lame like a confession.”

“Yes, I was just joking.”

Rena made a troubled smile as she denied.

“I know Add wouldn’t ask so forcefully like this if it wasn’t something really serious. And I can see that you’re feeling sorry about it too.”

Eve would listen if Rena was the one that asks her. She wouldn’t go to Wally’s Castle and remain here with Add.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Forcefully wasn’t a correct word to use. I don’t know what your situation is but…. Hm, how should I say this?”

Rena took off the hands she had on the railing and folded her arms to think.

Her pose right now looked really dangerous. Her glamorously large breasts were emphasized even more but didn’t look like she cared too much.

“Hm, Since Add is trying his best I want to cheer you on. Would that be a good explanation?”

Add didn’t know how to answer. What should he call this emotion where deep part of his heart was tickling and his face was turning red?

“Eve is a good kid. Everything will work out if you’re honest with her.”

“I told you it’s not like that.”

Add’s voice became sharper but Rena’s smile didn’t falter.

“Even if it’s not I’m saying it now. You want be in a good relationship with Eve right?”

“I’m not interested in such things. I’m….”

Add wasn’t someone from this age. He was merely a wanderer of time with a ‘Time he must return to.’

Only reason he remained in this timeline was because he encountered Eve, a clue that will allow him to time travel accurately. He didn’t have any other desires beyond that.

If it was some other member instead of Eve that got done in inside the Wally’s Castle….. Add wouldn’t have resorted to time travel trying to change the result.

“Still, I think Eve wants to get along well with Add too.


Eve only looked at Elsword. No, actually Eve had rather good relations with the other members as well. Only her relationship with Add was cold.

And to be honest Add was always looking for a chance to take Eve’s core so he didn’t have much desire to improve his relationship with other members.

“Actually, wouldn’t it be stranger for us to get along given such a short time we’ve known each other?”

“Hm, I don’t time matters too much. I think what’s more important is how compatible you are? And…”

Rena’s voice suddenly sounded nostalgic.

“For some reason everyone feels familiar.”

“……You’re just mistaken.”

Add didn’t feel too great answering so crookedly. But Rena unexpectedly nodded to Add’s remark and stared at him directly.

“Big sis will cheer Add on for whatever you want to do. But before that you have to promise me one thing. Never…”

“Do something to make her cry. I’ll do that at least for tomorrow. Will that be fine?”

Rena was surprised for a moment because Add had butted in middle of her words but then smiled brightly.

“Yes, that’ll be fine. You two better get along while we’re gone.”

“I can’t be too sure about that.”

“It’s a rare chance where two of you get to spend time together by yourselves. Be courageous.”

“I told you it’s not like that…..”

Add muttered but Rena smiled as if she didn’t hear. Geez, just what kind of misunderstanding does she have?

Anyways, with this he could remain in Elder with Eve. After achieving his goal Add suddenly remembered something and told Rena.

“Tomorrow, don’t get angry in the Underground Waterway.”

“Hm? What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“I’ll try to get along with Eve much as possible so don’t get angry in the Underground Waterway.”

Add had recalled Rena getting terrifyingly angry at Banthus gloating about his Nasod Arm and was taking measures against it a day before it happened.

Rena didn’t know anything but nodded.

“Okay, got it. I promise not to get angry.”

“Go back now if you don’t have anything more to talk about.”

“You’re not going to say goodnight?”

A request for a goodnight kiss. Add frowned as Rena stared at him with a merry grin.

“I’m not a kid.”

“Yea, sorry. You were acting so cute that I felt like teasing you.”

Rena apologized easily but was still grinning as if she was having fun. Since she didn’t know what was going on she must have misunderstood Add’s request as his attempt to improve his relationship with Eve.

Like how Add who was always keeping himself in outskirts of the group was openly trying to improve his relationship with other members?

Seeing Rena like this Add spoke without realizing it himself.

“Run away if it gets dangerous.”


“….Since there’s only three of you.”

Rena smiled and nodded.

“Yes I will. So don’t worry too much and don’t fight with each other while we’re gone. Remember to eat well. Also try to compromise with each other, if you guys do something wrong apologize honestly. And also….”

“Stop with the nagging and go back already. How long are you going to stay in a guy’s room this late at night?”

Rena made a pfft sound as she laughed.

“Then please take good care of Eve until we come back.”

With those final words Rena tilted her body backwards. Add was shocked as Rena suddenly fell down and looked down but Rena was already skillfully grabbing the bottom floor’s railings and going into the room.

It was a performance taking advantage of the fact that the girl’s room was located right below the boy’s. Rena had pulled it off easily but Add who was watching thought Rena was going to fall and his heart almost stopped.

“Just what was…..”

Add shook his head violently. Did Rena’s soft personality rub off on him too?

Right now Add was trying to send members other than Eve and himself into a death pit.


There was a powerful enemy called the Wally Robot inside the Wally’s Castle. Demons will also come out of the Dimension Gate again. Going there was extremely dangerous no matter how skilled Rena was.

But he couldn’t explain this to them….. If he wanted to explain it he’d have to first reveal his ability to time travel, then to convince Eve not to go to the Wally’s Castle, he had to mention how Eve was destroyed.

They wouldn’t believe it anyways.

“…..It would also be a problem if they believed.”

For Add, the El Search Party members were merely people he got involved with by coincidence. To say it roughly, except for Eve they were all people he didn’t care about what happened to them.

Since they’d get in the way when he’d try to steal Eve’s Nasod core, this was a good opportunity to cut down the number of obstacles. Although it was an indirect murder, shouldn’t this be a good thing for him?

It was correct for him to think this way….


But for some reason it felt really disgusting. Add muttered as he looked up at the night sky.

“Well that strange thing Eun is going too…. They should be fine.”

If Rena and Eun were together they’d at least be able to escape without too much difficulty. Also the movements of the demons were strange as well.

“….Why did they leave after only destroying Eve?”

Was there a limit to how long dimension gate could stay open? The entire situation where hundreds of demons appeared without any previous notice or preparations was absurd. So the time limit theory did quite make sense.


Anyways, why was he thinking about what will happen to the group going into to the Wally’s Castle?

Getting annoyed at himself, Add threw down a light punch on the railing.

He could somewhat get a hold of himself as he felt his hands become numb.

“Let’s sleep.”

His internal clock was messed up because he had to time travel twice. But right now he had to force himself to sleep if necessary. He had to stay besides Eve for an entire day tomorrow.

Let’s pray that events from before that happened in front of my eyes don’t show up in my dreams.



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  1. Hi 2na there’s a part that repeats twice is just after the rena image ^^ (“Like Add said Mr.Hoffman made a request to us. What’s going on?”and onwards fora little bit)

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