Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 Page 175-180


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“Darkness…… Ruin…… Death!!”


A voice that sounded like it could have only come from depths of hell. With a chill going down his spine, Add turned around to see a thing that was essentially a giant shadow itself.

The wavy gate beyond that thing was clearly a….. Dimension Gate.

“Demons! Everyone be careful!!”

Along with Ara’s scream filled warning tens of demons appeared out of the gate!!


“W, what!!”

Dimension Gate opening without any notice and Demons appearing?! Add stood horrified but Ara charged towards demons without hesitation.

“I will never let you pass!”

“That idiot!!”

Three of them had exhausted themselves fighting the Wally Robot. You could tell with a single glance that each of these demons were formidable.

“Elsword, stay close to me!”

But Eve also didn’t show any signs of retreating; instead she was summoning her Nasod blades and swinging it at the demons. Of course it might be different if she was by herself but Elsword was besides him, there was no way she’d retreat.

“Void Impact!!”

Add also instinctively ripped the demons apart with an alternate space attack. He had a feeling that the situation has gravely gone wrong but it was too late to turn back.

Just how? Dimension gate wasn’t a thing that could open easily like this. Not only that, it wasn’t just one or two demons appearing out of it but hundreds!!

While still frightened, Add busily moved his dynamos. Right now Add had his hands full worrying about his own life.

These demons seem to all have a designated role. Some of them attacked close up with fists, some attacked by launching a spear, others tackled with their bodies and very few of them shot beams from far away.

This demon group’s coordinated movements reminded him of a trained military; and their commander was….. That giant demon that appeared first!

Add glared at the demon, the Shadow Master but there was nothing he could do at the moment.

He was already too occupied with dodging the enemies and his attacks weren’t even working properly against the minion demons. He didn’t want to admit it….. But even if Add was at full power it would be difficult for him to handle even ten of them at once.

They were incomparable to castle’s soldiers. They’ll lose if this keeps up.



The situation was same with Eve and Ara. Never mind facing the Shadow Master, barely managing to hold on against the minions was the limitation of the El Search Party without Rena. No, even if Rena was here it would be difficult to ensure everyone’s safety.

Elsword who had the least amount skill was already drenched in blood barely hanging on to his life. They had to somehow run away…. But they were already surrounded by the demons from all sides.

Add alone could somehow get away using his flight, but he couldn’t spare any moment to save Eve across the garden.


What should I do?! Just as cornered Add desperately thought of a way out of this situation, Shadow Master suddenly swung its arm. Then multiple dark orbs appeared on the ground.

“Explode, Darkfire Orbs!”

“Watch out!”

Add warned everyone and instinctively activated the dimension distortion mode. He could mitigate relative amount of physical shock with this.

Booom! Boooom!

While hearing the terrifying sound of explosions in sequence…. Add saw clearly with his two eyes.

As the Darkfire Orbs exploded and covered everything with an explosion,


Eve was covering Elsword.



The explosions stopped soon as Add let out a voice. Without any second thoughts Add cancelled the Dimension Distortion mode. Strangely, the demons didn’t attack him.


Eve was once again fallen on the ground.

“Ahahahaha, Hahahahaha!! Everyone….. Retreat!!”

Shadow Master let out a laugh of satisfaction then disappeared through the Dimension Gate along with its minions. The area became quiet…. As if tens of Demons attacking them just now was a lie.

Amidst the silence where nothing else moved, Add plodded towards Eve. He couldn’t suppress his beating heart, he wanted to run over and check right away…. But at the same time he was afraid of figuring out.


Covered in wounds, Add groaned as he approached and saw the scene.


Eve with her eyes closed.

Nasod Core covered with uncountable amount of cracks.

Ceased to function, death confirmed. Should he also write down that the cause of death was destruction of the Core due to excessive external shock?



One thing that was different from last time was that this time Elsword also lay besides Eve. Looking down at the boy covered in blood, Add suppressed his feelings that seemed like it was about to explode.

Again trying to save Elsword…..Eve was!

If even Elsword ended up like this then just where was he supposed to exhaust this rage that was driving him crazy?! Only thing Add could do was to clench his fists tightly and shake in rage. His heart felt like it was going to explode, yet he didn’t know where to vomit this feeling out to.

“Well, what are you going to do now?”

Hearing a cold voice coming from behind, Add froze on spot for a moment then slowly turned around to look. White hair and fox ears, Eun was staring at him coldly.

“What are you going to do now boy?”


Add managed to suppress his emotions that were on the verge of exploding. Maybe it was because he saw Eve end up like this once before that he was able to maintain his sanity better than before.

Also accurate time travel was impossible without Eun. He needed her cooperation.

“Assist me….”

“Of course I’ll assist you boy. But how should I help?”


Even if they were to defeat the Wally Robot, there was absolutely no way to protect Eve if Demons ambushed them all of a sudden. They were completely outmatched.

But he had no need for a timeline without Eve.

“Isn’t that obvious……?! I’ll time travel once more!!”

That’s why I’ll go back again!!



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