Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 page 164-175


“What are you doing? Is that some sort of end-of-flight motion?”

Add blinked after hearing a cold voice stab his ears. The location was inside the castle, a mechanical doll landed lightly on the ground was staring at him with a blank expression.

Her serene golden eyes.


After being called by her name, Eve tilted her head as if she didn’t understand. It was cute to see the two gears floating beside her copy her motion and tilt as well.

“Is there something wrong…”

Add jumped off his Dynamos and immediately brought his hands towards Eve’s face. First check the core on her forehead, confirmed nothing was wrong and he now stroked her cheeks.

It was the first time he had touched it so he couldn’t tell anything except how soft it was. If he had touched them before he could have figured out the difference.


“Alright. There’s no problem with the core. Nothing seems to be wrong with cognitive circuits. I’d like to perform an internal examination next. So take off your clothes….”

“How rude!”

Slap! After getting hit Add stuttered as he backed away. Eve was shaking in anger.

“How dare you? Reflect on your actions!”

“Ow, owowow….”

His cheek felt like it was burning and it was no joke. But this pain delighted him.

Since he could confirm that this situation right now wasn’t a dream.

Eve’s core getting destroyed earlier was real too, but this situation right now was real as well. As the disturbance team’s leader, Add was about to act together with Eve.

That’s right, Eve was currently safe.

Eve expressed her displeasure as she stroked her cheeks that Add had touched before. She looked extremely angry.

“It was a mistake for me to trust you even slightly. I’ll remember this.”


It looked like things might get out of control. Add made some fake coughs and got up from his spot. He had acted on impulse after seeing Eve, now he had to recover from this situation.

“Kukukuk, it was a simple mistake. Forget it.”

Eve didn’t answer and glared at Add with a furious expression. Anyone would get angry if someone suddenly approached them and stroked their face.

“I thought you didn’t have emotions. Why are you getting angry for something like this?”

“I’m not angry. It’s obvious to chastise someone for being rude.”

Add had said that to relieve this foul mood but for some reason it looked like it made Eve angrier. After realizing Eve was seriously angry Add pondered repeatedly to himself.

Didn’t Elsword also make Eve angry lots of times? Just how did he relieve Eve of her anger?

…..He couldn’t figure out how. But He didn’t care about Elsword. Actually Eve’s feelings (although she claims she doesn’t have it) being hurt wasn’t important right now.

“This is not the time for this. I’ll explain about earlier in later time. For now, listen to me carefully. We have to get out of this castle.”

The most important thing right now was to move Eve to a safe location. He didn’t ever want to see what happened earlier again.

“I’ll have to refuse.”


“…..Just what are you thinking? What about the promise with Rena?”

Eve’s expression now seemed to be beyond anger and looked just dumbfounded. Add was trying to move Eve to a safe place since he knew about events that will take place after…. But Eve didn’t know anything.


Only Add knew of the future events since he had time traveled. No matter how he tried to coax Eve, it would be impossible for him to convince her to escape with him from this chaotic castle.

Since it meant abandoning Rena, and Elsword.


Should he abduct her using force? Add momentarily thought about it but Eve was now largely wary of him because of the contact just earlier.

And she wouldn’t believe him if he told her how he knew what will happen soon.

“Two of you, is there something wrong?”

Ara who was defeating the soldiers came running with a spear in her hand. Add was startled as he saw Ara’s white hair but Ara stared at the two of them with an innocent expression.

It was Ara, not Eun.

“It’s nothing. Let’s hurry. It would be easier for Rena to move if we cause a disturbance further away from the main castle.”

“Yes! I’ll lead the way!”

Two girls finished their discussion and was about to move but stopped. Eve sternly and Ara worriedly stared at Add.

“Mr.Add? Is there something wrong?”

“…..My head was aching a bit that’s all”

He couldn’t get Eve out of this situation and Add also didn’t want to make the choice of abandoning Rena and running away by themselves.

“Kukuk, I’ll wipe the floor with them!!”

“Yes! Seeing Mr.Add laugh makes me happy too!”

Ara smiled brightly without knowing anything. Eve looked at two of them with pitiable expression then moved frontwards towards where the soldiers were.


Add didn’t like Eve calmly charging towards the soldiers but he couldn’t do anything about it.

If he could, he would have liked to wrap Eve up in a bag and kidnap her. But the situation didn’t allow him to do so.

‘It’s okay. I just need to look out for that one.’

Wally Robot. Everything will be fine if he destroyed it.


As expected soldiers weren’t a match for the disturbance team. After arriving at the garden, Add took a deep breath as he tensed up.

“Be careful from now on.”

“Huh? Oh, okay.”

Ara nodded without understanding why after seeing Add become so serious in front of just mere 20 soldiers. Eve looked at Add confused as well. But there was no time to explain.


That terrifying mechanical noise from before was heard again. As the heavy footsteps rang across the garden, soldiers just like before started to scatter screaming.

That unrefined junk like appearance. Wally Robot No.44 made its appearance.


“There’s no retreat. I’ll finish it off.”

Add cut off Eve who was about to make a surprised voice. Even if they retreated Eve would refuse to leave the castle entirely.

Then it was better to focus on and destroy that thing.

“Ara, don’t rush in carelessly. That thing uses ranged attack with its fists.”

“Huh? How did you know?”

Ara was about to charge in but stopped to respond in surprise. Add spoke sharply.

“There’s no time to explain. I’m planning to use the strongest skill I have to destroy that thing so you guys quietly follow my instructions.”


Putting Ara aside, Add had expected Eve to refuse but she stared at him quietly for a moment before nodding unexpectedly.

“I’ll let you be in charge of instructions.”

“I’m not too sure but I’ll do my best too!”

“….Kukukuk, great!”

Even as he laughed Add didn’t let down his guard. Wally Robot was approaching. An enemy the three of them struggled heavily against before.

“We must destroy that thing thoroughly. If it isn’t destroyed by my skill, then Ara you charge in and finish it. Eve, you protect us from long range.”

“…..Protection? Understood.”

“I’ll do my best too!”

“Let’s start in count of three.”

Clank. Clank. The Wally Robot was approaching. Under normal circumstances, Add’s lust for knowledge about how such a thing was created with such a subpar technology would have taken better of him. But not right now.


That thing destroyed Eve last time.

Then this time, he’ll destroy it instead.


“……Three! Everyone scatter!!”

Following Add’s instruction, Eve and Ara separated left and right. Wally Robot stopped its advance for a slight moment and using that chance Add instantly increased the output of his Dynamos to their maximum capacity.

Then a purple space opened up above the Wally Robot’s head.

“You won’t be able to ignore this!”

It was a skill he had intended to hide until the final moment but not anymore. He didn’t ever want to see that scene again.


Wally Robot must have also sensed something was off and tried to move but…. Add’s shout was much faster.

“Stardust Shower!!”

Barrages of gravity orbs rained down through the gate above the Wally Robot’s head. Each of the orbs was a collection of energy compressed so much that they could be seen with the naked eye.

Boom! Boom!

Getting bombarded by the abnormal rain of gravity, Wally Robot wasn’t able to retaliate as it started to break down. Wally Robot was able to block the space interference abilities….. But in the end it was only able to block direct interferences. It had no answer to bringing something from another space and attacking with it.

Just like how it couldn’t do a thing against Eve’s Junk Break!


Add closed the space after the last gravity orb had fallen. To him, this skill was his trump card and maintaining it up till now was his limit.

“Huff, huff……”

Sweats dripped down from him like rain. But despite being hit by Add’s trump card skill, Wally Robot only lost one of its arm and leg and some of its main body parts.

It was still functioning!

“Finish it Ara!!”

But this was also within Add’s calculations. It was an enemy three of them had struggled so much against; he never thought it would just end with one Stardust Shower.

“Falling Dragon!!”

Ara moved in position with her fists clenched tightly and struck the ground. The ground seemed to shake and Wally Robot’s remaining leg also broke as it fell down.

But Wally Robot was still functioning.

‘Not enough….’

Unexpectedly, Ara’s burst damage wasn’t enough! Come to think of it, Ara was a type that attacked agilely weaving through multiple enemies, she had never shown burst of explosive damage. As Add was about to go into his next attack soon as possible,

“Here I go!”

Eve despite getting no instructions jumped in front of the Wally Robot. The scene from before came to his mind again. Add screamed in reflex.


“Junk Break!!”

Add’s blood soaked scream was drowned by sound of the shredder Eve called upon. After getting stuck inside the shredder, Wally Robot couldn’t withstand the terrifying force of the shredder’s rotation and shook violently. Then it fell over backwards and exploded.

It didn’t look like it was moving anymore.

“……Is it over?”

Unable to ease his heart, Add approached on his Dynamos to examine the Wally Robot. There was only one arm remaining. Compared to the struggle before, it was a dull ending.

Actually, the struggle from before was also because they were startled by the sudden appearance of an enemy and couldn’t coordinate properly. They were able to win relatively easily this time with Add making up his mind to use his secret skill then Ara and Eve also following suit and pouring in their attacks as well.


After recalling the shredders, Eve wiped her forehead and took a deep breath.

“It seemed like someone shouted my name loudly. Am I correct?”

“Mr.Add did.”

Hearing Ara’s tattling(?) Eve quietly stared at Add. After finally relaxing, Add let out a maniacal laugh as if he didn’t know anything.

“Kukukuk, Great. This is perfect!”

“Did you call me?”

“He called you very desperately.”

Someone shut Ara’s mouth. But Eve stared at Add silently then slightly lowered her head.

“I’m sorry. I moved without instructions. I almost ruined the plan.”


For him to hear an apology from Eve… Add was surprised and didn’t know what to do for a moment then muttered.

“Kukuk, the result is everything. It’s fine since we won.”

“It was an extremely powerful foe. I’m glad no one was hurt!”

“Yes, really.”

There were still soldiers surrounding them but no one paid attention. They could be cleaned up with ease.

“Flame Geyser!!”

Then, a flame seemed to rise up as the soldiers flew off screaming.

“Is everyone safe? I came to help!!”

Elsword approached with a loud shout, Ara hopped bunch of times as she waved to him. Eve didn’t say anything but seemed like she was welcoming him and Add was…..


He turned his head trying to ignore. Before, no it would technically be incorrect to say before but anyways, he recalled how he had murderous intent towards Elsword.

Back then he had really planned to kill him…. But since Eve was safe now there was no reason to.

“Why are you here? What about Rena?”

“We heard a large noise so she let me go. Are you guys okay?”

He didn’t like seeing Elsword talk with Eve like that but Eve will become his before long.

He’ll let it slide for now…..

“A powerful enemy appeared but we were able to win easily due to Add’s plan.”

“I see. As expected, Add’s reliable.”


Add was at a loss for words but Elsword was honestly admiring him. …..Although he was a kid wouldn’t his feelings have been hurt since Add had openly expressed reluctance towards him all this time?

Elsword from this timeline obviously didn’t know…..But Add had even tried to kill him before.

Add couldn’t help but to feel uncomfortable, but Elsword looked like he didn’t mind everything that happened in the past. No, in the first place Elsword…. Despite Add’s various mocking, only got riled up at the moment; he never showed signs his feelings being hurt after that.

It was a mentality Add couldn’t understand no matter how much he pondered. But….

“Hey, Elsword.”

“Hm? Why Add?”


Since when did he have so much admiring tone when he called him? Add scratched his cheeks then turned his head abruptly.

“I’m….sorry about before.”

“Before? But I was with Rena.”

Elsword didn’t look like he knew what Add was talking about and Ara and Eve couldn’t understand as well. But Add had just wanted to say it.

Since there was no way for him to apologize to Elsword from the timeline where Eve was destroyed, he was just saying it now.

“Then let’s all….”

Ara was speaking then she abruptly shut her mouth. Not only Ara but everyone’s gaze was focused behind Add’s back.

Add’s heart sank all of a sudden. What was it? Why was everyone making such a surprised expression?


“Darkness…… Ruin…… Death!!”



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