Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 4 page 157~164



Starting Chapter 4

  1. Game Over OR Continue?

Energy beam must have been its last struggle because Wally Robot fell over backwards and exploded afterwards. Add clenched his fists tightly and hurriedly headed towards the direction that Eve was launched away.

“It’s fine, she’s a Nasod……”

A human would have been killed, but since she was a Nasod she would have somehow fended it off. She must have had something like an emergency defense code!!

She must have had it! If she didn’t I’m going to kill everything!

As what seemed like an eternity had passed, Add finally arrived and rolled off his Dynamos to run towards where Eve was.

Just as he had hoped Eve was fine. She lay quietly with her eyes closed, with her tiny hand on top of her body.

Although she was consumed by a high heat energy beam she didn’t even have a scratch on her.

“…..Thank god.”

Add held his shaking knees with his hands and let out a heavy sigh of relief. Thank god she was a Nasod.

Thank god she’s alright…….


Sound that shook Add’s heart. Sound of something cracking.


Sound of something breaking.


Devastated Add stared. He could tell which part of Eve was wrong. On her white forehead, on her Core that shined blue, a small crack forming.

“N, No….”

The Core was Nasod’s nucleus, if compared with humans it was akin to their heart. Eve’s current situation was…. In human terms her heart was shattering.

Add hastily pressed on Eve’s core with both of his hands but he knew it wouldn’t change anything. The Core heartlessly made even more cracking noise then….. As it completed its demolition, it shined with white light before losing its color.


Add took his hands off and cried in vain. There were thousands of cracks on Eve’s core now.

It would all break if he’d tip it with his finger….. and scatter.


Add clenched his fists tightly and let out a laugh. It was so nonsensical that he laughed. Elegant mechanical doll that he finally had managed to get close to, a one of a kind treasure was shattered before his eyes.

Hm, how can he explain this feeling? Feeling of a sommelier…..who kept a precious one of a kind wine and was bidding for the day he’d open it only to see it get destroyed before his eyes?

Maybe it’s the feeling of witnessing a masterpiece drawn by a genius painter of caliber that will never exist in history……. and seeing it get torn apart by a stupid red haired brat?

“Kukukuk, kahahahaaha.”

His shoulders shook as he laughed. Add looked up towards the sky. In front of him right now was Eve’s corpse, no Eve’s remains.

Core was Nasod’s nucleus; she will never open her eyes again.

Eve was dead. Well that was a human term. Should he say she was scrapped? Add coldly rewrote the expression in his head.

He had to keep his cool. Otherwise it actually felt like he’d kill everything.

“What happened to Ev….?”

Hearing a worried shout of a boy approach him. Add kicked the ground to stand up and immediately threw a punch. The boy flew off and fell down before he could even make a sound.


Add moved his Dynamos without any hesitation. Elsword wiped his face and made a confused expression.

Still, without worrying about his own bleeding wounds he spoke.

“Is Eve okay?”

“If you won’t kill yourself, I’ll kill you instead!!”

Hearing him blurt out Eve’s name disgusted him. Add increased the output to destroy Elsword’s body into bits. Then a shadow seemed to jump out as it swung its spear swiftly to hit all the Dynamos away.

“Calm down, boy.”

Ara, no it was Eun who had surfaced fully after pushing Ara’s consciousness aside. Add uncaringly stared at Eun then swung his arm to move the Dynamos again.

He didn’t care who got in his way, he’d just kill them together.

Add moved his Dynamos without hesitation again. Eun’s appearance seemed to fade then all of a sudden her spear was aiming at Add’s neck.

“I told you to calm down, boy.”


Add ignored the spear pointing at his neck and manipulated his Dynamos towards Elsword. With the sound of Dynamos operating, a shockwave was forming.

A most painful way to kill him as possible, he was about to blow each of his body parts off while he was still alive.

Spear? If she intended to stab him she would have already done so. Eun, just like the other members was just too soft. Eun read Add’s thoughts and frowned as she withdrew her spear.

“The words mending the barn after the horse is stolen don’t fit here. Would destroying the house after losing a lover be more appropriate?”


He can’t see Elsword with Eun in the way. He must see him die.

“You’re correct in that I cannot harm the boy. I’m on boy’s side after all. Even if he was to lose his mind and try to kill his comrades that is.”

“I told you to move.”

Add ignored her words as he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to the side. He didn’t want to hear any lectures about how Eve won’t come back even if he were to kill Elsword.

“But instead of consuming his emotions like this, wouldn’t it be better for the boy to go save the girl instead?”


Add was about flick his fingers but he stopped. What Eun just said made him freeze.

“What did you just…”

“I already know about everything boy. About how boy is not a human from this age.”

Eun without a hint of smile on her face spoke of the secret Add had kept hidden all along. Add’s pupils widened, surprised that Eun even knew of this too. But Eun told him without a hint of bragging in her voice.

“And I also know about how boy needs higher technology in order to travel through time again and that’s why boy tired to obtain the girl’s core.”

“….The core’s already broken.”

Add stared at Eve in false hope but abruptly turned his head again. He couldn’t bear to watch any longer.

“If you’re saying try to examine the broken core….”

“You don’t need to.”

Eun finally smiled and gently shook her tails. She acted very confident in front of Add who was emitting thirst for blood.

“Boy arrived in this age by coincidence, so you can’t time jump again carelessly, you must move carefully, I also know about these calculations of yours. However, if I may give my opinions as the one who can see the future…..”

Eun’s eyes narrowed.

“A simple travel, if it’s couple days of time travel it can be done without much trouble.”

“Don’t make me laugh. Dynamos as they are right now cannot interpret the timewave function. If I tried to travel 1 second, I could travel 10 years instead….”

“But it’s possible together with me.”

Eun held out her hand in response to Add’s denial. It was the 3rd time she had held it out to him.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m on boy’s side. I’ll help boy in getting him to the time he desires. A time where girl still exists.”


Add wasn’t quick to grab the white hand that was held out to him. Seeing this, Eun seemed to pout then tickled Add’s cheeks with her tails.

Angered by this Add now pulled back his Dynamos to trap Eun. But Eun didn’t retract her tails and instead lowered her stance to look up at Add in a seductive way as she waited for Add’s decision.

“Well, have you decided?”

“…..Why are you helping me?”

“I have the power to see into the future. Wouldn’t this be enough?”

Eun substituted this as an explanation. She couldn’t be helping for free; she must have calculations of her own as well.

But this was no situation to measure the consequences.

He had no business in this age without Eve.

“What should I do precisely?”

“First open an alternate space with the Dynamos. Then have it cause a time wave to create a time stream wormhole. I’ll determine the time-space coordinates. Would the period where the entire ruckus started be fine?”

Add nodded without words and created a time stream wormhole as Eun had requested. It was a 10 meter dark orb. One could look into it from the outside but there was only darkness inside.

Since he had arrived in this age through time travel, Add obviously knew how the travel worked.

He just didn’t have the technology that allowed him to choose the time he wanted to travel. Eun was extremely suspicious…. But he had no choice but to accept her offer.

Eun waved her shining hand multiple times in front of the time stream wormhole before she finally opened her eyes.

“Alright, it’s finished. Go inside within 10 seconds from now.”

Add didn’t even nod as he stood in front of the wormhole.

‘Second time travel huh….’

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t worried about being able to arrive at the correct time….. Add clicked his tongue and looked at Elsword who was still lying down then moved his gaze towards Eve who had stopped functioning.

As he had thought, age without Eve was worthless.

“Then save the girl this time. If possible…..”

Turning his back towards Eun who was giving off an oddly obsessive nuance, Add threw himself into different time line.



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