Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 2 Page 63~71



Then when he got back, he had to receive Rena’s misinterpretation and Eve’s cold stare as a bonus. Never mind Rena, but just why was Eve?

Add moved his gaze away from Ara to look at Eve but was surprised to see that she was not beside him. Where could she have gone while he was thinking about last night? As a bonus, Elsword was gone too.

“…..Where did Eve go?”

“Huh? Did Ms.Eve go somewhere?”

Ara was too busy looking at all the people moving about in the streets that she was only now beginning to figure out that her party members were gone. He shouldn’t expect anything from her.

Add’s Dynamos couldn’t help in this situation either. Dynamos had the feature to scan the surrounding terrain or detect life forms but it didn’t have the feature to distinguish each of those life forms.

It was impossible for him to locate a specific individual in a place with so many people.

“Tch, I should add it next time.”

The main issue was how to find Eve. Should he scan from the air on his Dynamos? Add pondered for a moment then asked Ara who had her eyes wide open.

“Ask that fox. Did she see anything?”

“Lord Eun? She said they walked off holding hands.”

“….Hands, feet who cares?! Where did they go?”

“She said even their footsteps were in sync….. Mr.Add you look scary.”

Seeing Ara make a fearful face Add took a calm breath. Let’s calm down, Elsword wouldn’t run away with Eve.

Why was he so uneasy?

“She said they went towards the drinks merchant.”

“….Where? Lead me.”

Ara nodded then went forwards moving through the crowd. Add suppressed his beating heart and followed Ara.

Strange. Why was his heart beating so fast after Eve disappeared from his sight? Did something abnormal happen to him?

‘I should do a health checkup later…..’

‘After flying to this age’ no abnormally was detected so far from his health examinations but other abnormalities could appear later on. Since Add had probably done ‘something that has never been done before in history’ it wouldn’t be strange if something strange happened to his body.

Suppressing his uneasy heart Add followed Ara and eventually found Elsword who was making a ruckus in front of the drinks merchant.

And Eve was beside him.


Breathing a sigh of relief Add noticed the situation and let out a scornful laugh. That kid, Elsword must have whined about wanting to buy drinks so Eve must have come with him.

What a kid….

“Buying two apple juices is cheaper!!”

“You can’t because I want to drink lemonade. Lemonade is also cheaper if you buy two.”

“I let you have what you wanted last time! It’s your turn!”

“It is my first leisure time in a while; I’m just making a logical choice.”

…..Two of them were squabbling over which drink to buy. At a loss for words, Add walked towards them. Elsword and Eve noticed him approaching and stopped arguing.

Both of them gave a guarded look towards Add and didn’t say anything. Well, both of them wouldn’t have a very good impression of Add.

“Kukuk, fine. I’ll buy this time. Drink whatever you like.”


Elsword’s expression brightened. Eve quietly stared at Add then spoke.

“Keep this a secret from Rena. She worries that having too much is bad for your teeth.”

“Umm, umm, are you buying for me as well?”

“Kukuk, do as you like.”

Add nodded as Ara carefully chimed in. To shut kids up (although Ara was older than Add) it was best to keep something in their mouths. For some reason the drinks were unusually expensive but he bore with it.

After benefiting from Add’s inclusion, Elsword, Eve and Ara sipped on their juices merrily. Add was also drinking a cherry aid while looking for a chance to talk to Eve.

To do that it would be best if Elsword wasn’t nearby…..

While Add was busy thinking of a way to talk to Eve, Ara who had drunk half of her juice suddenly grabbed her spear and spoke to Elsword.

“Mr.Elsword, I have something to talk to you about, would you come with me?”

“It’s bothersome. Can’t you say it here?”

“It’s a bit important.”

Elsword got up while scratching his head. He turned around towards Eve and told her.

“Don’t go anywhere and stay here. You’ll get lost again if you move around by yourself.”

“I was never lost.”

“Don’t make me look for you.”

With his great sword leaning on his shoulder, Elsword followed Ara and left. Add hadn’t intended it but now he was now all alone with Eve.

Okay, they were by themselves now to use this chance to steal her core! ……no.

Eve was also exceptionally skilled and even Add couldn’t assure victory against her. Not only that, Add was very reluctant about trying such thing midday in a place with so many people.

Add kept silent to prevent any conversation from starting while he thought of what to say. He stared at the people passing by. Sure it had larger traffic than Ruben…..

‘It’s strange.’

Why couldn’t he see a single young girl amongst so many people? Add squinted and tried to observe closely then he heard a cold voice.

“If you have something to say, I’d like for you to speak quickly.”


Add made a low laugh as Eve broke the silence. ……He laughed for now. His thoughts weren’t organized yet.

“If you don’t have anything to say I’ll go to Elsword now.”


As Add stopped him, Eve stopped her steps but didn’t change her expression. Well Nasods didn’t change expressions in the first place…. But was it just his imagination? Her stare towards him was colder.

Ever since last night.

“Ara Haan is a bit slow but is a good person. Be good to her.”

“I told you to wait.”

Add suppressed his heart as he bought more time. The rapid heartbeat he got from before after realizing Eve had disappeared was coming back.

“There’s nothing between Ara and me. You’re mistaken about us coming back together last night. She was lost and I just showed her the way.”

“Is that so? I understand.”

Alright, the rapid heartbeat stopped. After finally getting some room to think, Add asked her the question that’s been on his mind.

“What relationship do you have with Elsword?”

“We’re travel companions.”

Add smiled leisurely at Eve’s rigid response. Analysis of how this machine lied if she needed to was already complete.

“It doesn’t look like simple travel companions to me.”

“Why do you want to confirm that?”

Eve’s gaze turned very sharp but Add didn’t care. It was interesting to see Eve give various reactions; it was admirable as a researcher.

He wanted to see various sides of her by talking to her more.

“By the way…. I didn’t have the chance to speak to you about yesterday. I could have handled it fine by myself without you intervening.”

Eve was talking about how he had protected her yesterday from Nasod miners’ attack.

“Kukuk. That’s a shame.”

Well if you thought about it, it could have been a great chance to see the extent of Eve’s skills. At the time Nasods had appeared too suddenly that he hadn’t thought about this.

But Eve must have thought Add had responded sarcastically because she showed an offended expression. However, this only made Add even more joyous.

“But since it turned out like that, I’ll have to thank you.”

“Kukuk, you don’t have to. I accidentally got in your way. I’ll watch out next time.”


She must have thought Add was making fun of her as Eve’s face turned red slightly. ……Was she embarrassed? Add was entranced but Eve quickly stiffened her face and changed the subject.

“I analyzed the Nasods from yesterday. They were contaminated.”

“Contaminated? By who?”

“I’m not sure. It was a method unknown to me.”

It wasn’t formally explained to him but he could tell with a single glance that Eve was a high class Nasod. No, judging by her battle and judgmental capabilities and her ability to express emotions…. She was amongst the highest tier of Nasods in history.

“I see. Then…. Just what’s going on? A mere bandit managed to contaminate Nasods and is using them as his pawns? You got to be kidding me.”

“I’d like to know as well.”

“We’ll have to ask the person directly. Kukuk.”

Add’s spirit lifted after seeing Eve give a silent nod to his suggestion about capturing Banthus to interrogate him. He held out his hand towards Eve.

“I’ll cooperate with you in capturing that guy and making him spit out the truth.”


“I’m also very curious about what he did. Kukuk.”

Eve didn’t look too pleased but grabbed Add’s hand. Eve acknowledged that although she didn’t know of Add’s intentions, he was exceptionally skilled and couldn’t be taken lightly. Not only was he able to quickly read situations, but he was knowledgeable about Nasods as well.

Eve wanted to know why Nasods followed Banthus’ orders and attacked them. It was an obvious choice for her to cooperate with Add.

But currently Add’s mind was elsewhere because he was too mesmerized with his handshake with Eve.

His first skin contact with the ultimate Nasod, Her fingers beyond the glove were long and smooth.

While Add was repeatedly admiring and confirming various facts, Eve tried to pull her hand out after finishing their handshake. Add instinctively continued to grab onto her hand. Eve spoke stiffly.

“The handshake is over.”

“Wait, give me more time.”

“I can’t analyze what you mean.”

“Let me just measure the temperature. 3 minutes should suffice. Ah, I would have liked to do a biopsy.”

“…..I can’t understand even more.”

Eve cringed as Add who was still out of his mind made an entranced smile. She didn’t know why Add was acting like this but it was really creepy.

“Let go.”

“Wait. There’s still 2 minutes and 21 seconds left.”

The wrangling of Eve trying to pull her hand out and Add trying not to let go continued. Eve frowned as she manipulated her gears; Add also activated his Dynamos as a response.

He hadn’t intended on going this far but he couldn’t suppress his curiosity after personally making contact with Eve.

Just when Eve had enough and was about to launch her gears toward Add, a voice come from behind two of them.

“Hmmhmm, I’m sorry. I must have arrived in a wrong time. Should I go back?”


Just when did she appear? Shocked, Add looked back. Rena stopped her fake cough and smiled brightly. Eve used this chance to quickly pull out her hand but she also looked slightly surprised as she hastily retracted her gears.

“It was nothing, Rena.”

“Oh, okay. So should I come back later?”

As Eve closed her mouth with a sigh, Rena smiled mischievously.

“I won’t tell Elsword and Ara about this. Would that be fine?”

“Rena, I’m not like that with him.”

“It’s okay; I’ll keep it a secret.”

Rena smiled brightly and Eve made a demoralizing sigh but Add wasn’t in any state to join in on their conversation. He was looking down at his hand.

As he had thought, Eve was much too desirable. To the point where he might go insane.

“Actually on my way back I saw Elsword and Ara. They were having a serious conversation so I didn’t speak out to them.”

“I’ll go get them after.”

“From what I heard from Mr.Hoffman…. Bandits are using this one cave as their base. Banthus must have run off that way. So we should probably confirm he’s there while defeating all of the bandits there. Let’s rest for today and head there tomorrow.”

“Cave? What about the forest?”

Add asked abruptly. Rena started at him strangely but Add continued to speak as if nothing was wrong.

“Wasn’t there an Ent rampaging in the Shadow Forest? Angered forest spirits should be causing a ruckus as well. Shouldn’t we prioritize in resolving that first?”

“What are you saying all of a sudden? Ent is a gentle guardian of the forest. Mr.Hoffman didn’t mention anything about that.”

Add had spoken as if it was obvious, he blinked as Rena stared at him strangely. It felt as if he’d just woken up from a dream.

“Kukuk…. I said something strange.”

His heart was beating fast before and now this. Something strange must be happening to his body. He should perform an exam soon as possible.

“Alright, let’s rest well today and head out tomorrow morning.”

Add and Eve nodded as Rena spoke.



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  1. Hey tuna, I’m actually a great fan of your work with this light novel and so I wanted to let you know that I’m actually using ur work and translating it to spanish too, of course I’m giving you credits for it, it’s not like i’m the one that knows corean :c so… Thank you so much from the elsword ES community and keep the good work!

    Here’s the topic if you want to pass by.

  2. Hello, I’m Rozen come from Vietnam, I’m actually a great fan of your work with this light novel, I’m very like your translation and game Elsword so I want to use your Eng trans for this novel to translate into Vietnamese. I’m going to your credits for my Viet trans. I will try to translate very well and I promise you that. This is my (group) blog and I’ll post it here: https://arygroup.wordpress.com/ Thank you very much! I will wait your permission.
    p/s 1: Sorry you very much if my English was bad.
    p/s 2: I’ve just sent a message to you in tumblr ^^.

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