Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 2 page 57~62


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Chapter 2: Deep Down

Elder was a city incomparably busier than Ruben.

After arriving in Elder, the El Search Party members couldn’t hide their amazement at Elder’s wide streets and the sheer amount of people. Elsword who was the youngest, mind numbingly looked all over the place. Eve was also looking around with a very intrigued gaze.

Then her gaze met with Add’s…… But Eve coldly ignored him. It could be just his imagination but Eve seemed to be even more on guard towards him than before.

“Okay, then I’ll go talk with Mr.Hoffman so…..”

Hoffman was a great merchant of Elder and was also close friend with the Ruben’s chief. El Search Party had the Ruben’s chief’s letter of recommendation so they were hoping to find Banthus’ whereabouts with Hoffman’s help.

‘But everyone going together is ineffective….’

Rena thought to herself while looking over the gang. Then she appointed Add.

“Add, keep an eye on the kids for me so they won’t get lost okay?”

“Why do I have to…..”

Add muttered but Rena’s helpless smile made him turn to look around at the others.

Eve and Elsword were out of their minds, Ara’s eyes were shining with amazement, her fists clenched tightly.

“This is my first time seeing a street like this! So splendid!”


Raven was gone and if Rena wasn’t here too then the person with the highest mental age amongst this group was….Add.

Rena grinned as Add sighed deeply.

“Don’t look so down. If you do a good job watching over the kids I’ll give you a reward later.”

“Kukuk, you’re treating me like a kid too…. It’s displeasing.”

When Add openly expressed his reluctance, Rena made a mischievous smile then suddenly spoke out.

“I know you want to be alone with Ara but you can’t be too hasty.”

“…..Why are you saying something so strange?”

“Then why did you two come back together yesterday~? From the forest, late at night~”

Add frowned.

“I’m not like that with that girl. Don’t get any wrong ideas.”

“Alright, I know, I know, you’re at that complicated age. But big sis will scold you if you make her cry got it?”

“That’s not it. What kind of misunderstanding do you have?”

Add denied repeatedly but Rena didn’t seem to listen as she waved her hand and left to meet Hoffman.

Add, who was now the appointed leader(?) made a deep sigh and glared at Ara. He got a needless misunderstanding because he came back together with her last night.

But noticing Add’s burning(?) gaze, Ara gave an embarrassed smile then for some reason her face became red.


Add got a sour taste in his mouth as he remembered what happened last night.

“I decline.”

There was no point in thinking about it. Add declared arrogantly while arranging the Dynamos behind his back.

“I don’t need any fox, wolf or whatever. I’ll obtain Eve by myself. I don’t plan on getting help from a suspicious thing like you.”

“But amongst the Search Party members…. There won’t be anyone that will take boy’s side if boy reveals his true colors. Am I right?”

Add winced internally at Eun’s sharp deduction but shook his head.

“Kukuk, how can I trust someone who’s abruptly telling me they’ll help?”

“That is a sound decision. Then do you plan on recruiting Ara? Tricking her by saying something like Eve is actually an evil Nasod or that she’s controlling contaminated Nasods?”


This thing completely sees through people! Add was extremely surprised because that plan was one of the candidates he had pondered. Add still shook his head.

“I don’t have to tell you the details of my plan. In the first place….”

Add couldn’t imagine how she found out about his intention to obtain Eve. Was it because she’s a spectre that’s able to take over people’s bodies that she can use weird tricks?

“Anyways, go away. I won’t deal with you.”

“Fine, but tell me whenever you change your mind. I don’t come to surface normally but talking to this child is same as talking to me.”


“Oh, I’ll tell you in case you might be worried. If I come to surface, this child’s consciousness goes into sleep. So you don’t have to mind what happened before.”

“…..Get lost.”

Add who had forgotten completely winced as he turned his face. It wasn’t on purpose but he ended up seeing Ara’s naked body.

However, it does put him as ease if what Eun said was true.

“It’s a beautiful night….. But it’s time to part.”

With that murmuring, Ara’s hair returned to being black. The blood red eyes also returned to normal and 9 tails disappeared without a trace.

While Add was grudgingly watching, Ara’s body leaned forwards as if she was about to fall over. When Add instinctively reached out to support her, Ara opened her eyes widely and scurried backwards.


Ara backed up too hastily and hit back of her head against tree. Because the impact was large enough to leave a bump on Ara’s head, she held her head in pain for a while.


Ara who was wrapped up in pain carefully raised her head too look. She looked startled.

“M, Mr Add?”


One had to inevitably get close to a person to support them. Add had tried to do it without any particular thought but the two of them were about to come close to each other in a dark forest.

If he trusted Eun’s words their memories shouldn’t be shared…. Just where should he start explaining?

While Add was frowning thinking about what to say, Ara asked with a worried look.

“Did you possibly meet with Lord Eun?”

“She was unpleasant……”

It felt like she could easily see through people’s thoughts and he didn’t like it. But Ara smiled slightly and told him.

“She feels mischievous but she’s actually a good person.”

“You’re foolish to trust something like a spectre.”

“Lord Eun is not a spectre! She’s a celestial spirit!”

Ara protested but Add didn’t give ear and turned around. He was tired because so many unexpected events had happened at once.

“I’m heading back. Follow me.”

“Huh? Where?”

“…..You’ll no doubt get lost if I let you head back by yourself.”

Add didn’t explain more and started to head back by standing on his levitating Dynamos. Ara was taken aback but followed.

Well Add didn’t care if Ara got herself lost or not…. But he did do something inexcusable while she was unconscious. Also, you never know what might happen in the future so it’s good to get on her favorable side.


Add recalled Eun’s abrupt proposal about how she’d lend him her strength. He didn’t plan to readily accept such a fishy proposal. But if he thought through it enough, there should be a way he couldto use this to his favor.


The day when he’ll be able to obtain Eve could come much faster. Add laughed in high spirits while bathing in the night wind.

“Mr.Add~ Please wait. Hiii. I, I’m scared.”

Although the tear-filled voice coming from behind ruined his good mood.

Then when he got back, he had to receive Rena’s misinterpretation and Eve’s freezing stare as a bonus. Never mind Rena, but just why is Eve?

Add moved his gaze away from Ara to look at Eve but was surprised to see that she was not beside him. Where could she have gone while he was thinking about last night? As a bonus, Elsword was gone too.



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