Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 1 page 50~56


Chapter 1 End


What should he do? Add wanted to run away.

She was someone he’d never met before. Add froze in place after seeing naked female body for the first time. Any room for composed thoughts were gone. Only artistic evaluations popped up in his mind.

It was a very beautiful body. Her breasts looked nice and ripe; her smooth abdomen didn’t have any extra skin. To sum it up it was a well trained body that overflowed with feminine charm.

But those 9 tails, white hair and the blood red eyes looked extremely eerie…..


“You probably meant Ara.”

The girl spoke in a composed manner without trying to hide her body. It should have been an embarrassing situation but Add couldn’t believe his eyes.

The girl in front of him was….. Ara Haan. The same unreliable girl who possessed exceptional spearmanship but had a dense personality.

But this white haired Ara had an oddly disturbing feeling about her. Her personality had changed completely.

“Who are you?”

“Before I explain who I am shouldn’t you do something about this situation? Or do you desire to stare longer?”

White haired Ara spoke while still not bothering to hide her body.

Add’s face reddened after he came to realization  and he quickly spun around. He put his hood on tightly and plunged his hands into his pockets.


Ara made an eerie laugh behind him but Add didn’t look back.

‘Just what…. Is that?’

He wasn’t startled because it was the first time he had seen a female’s bare body. No, that actually did startle him quite a bit! But the more important issue was that this Ara was completely different from Ara he had seen during the day. Their faces were the same but he couldn’t see two of them as same individuals.

‘Girls change at night? Girls have two faces?’

Add tried to theorize bunch of possibilities but none of them gave him a satisfactory answer. He wondered if the odd disturbance he felt whenever he saw Ara could have been this…..

Well, he didn’t know what’s going on but he’ll figure it out by interrogating the person in question! After confirming that the sound of water had stopped, Add peeked around his back.

“Why are you still not wearing anything!!”

“I’m viewing the moon.”

Still naked, white haired Ara was looking towards the night sky staring at the moon. Sure it was a beautiful full moon….. but-

“….Hurry up and wear something!!”

He saw it again. Add shouted furiously as he hid is reddened face deep inside his hood. Ara laughed in amusement and the sound of water moving could be heard.

“Kukuk. Fine…I’ll leave it at that. Since the boy that darkness has gifted urges me to do so, I should comply.”


Add was aggravated inside but there was nothing he could do. All he could do was pledge to himself that when she wore clothes, soon as she wore clothes there will be no mercy.

“Ah but it’s such a waste not to view the stars.”

“Hurry up and get dressed!!”

Add shouted but he couldn’t feel any movement from Ara. Add finally remembered the Dynamo’s scouting feature and used it. Ara still wasn’t moving from the water.

She must be really viewing the stars.


Is she not embarrassed with a guy in front of her? He couldn’t imagine this was the same Ara who had been embarrassed only because she had thought someone had seen her underwear even though she was wearing shorts


The questions grew in his head and the time was passing by but there was nothing Add could do. He couldn’t risk looking at Ara’s naked body again so he couldn’t threaten or attack her. There was no choice but to control his temper and wait for Ara to wear clothes again.

Add waited, it felt like he’d become a stone.

It took another 30 minutes for the white haired Ara to get dressed. Now that they could talk face to face Add was about to break the silence, but Ara laughed in low voice.

She was mocking him.

“Kukuk. Was it your first time seeing a girl’s body? You were so embarrassed. You looked like a totally different person.”


Add didn’t answer as he surrounded Ara with his Dynamos. It was so he could get the upper hand.

“What are you?”

“I’m Ara Haan, member of the El search party and a girl who teamed up with you during the day.”

“…Don’t lie to me.”

Her face was same as Ara, no her body was Ara Haan’s but she was completely a different individual right now. He couldn’t explain but he was sure of this one fact.

Strange. She felt rather familiar and this made Add uneasy.

“Who are you and what did you do to me?”

“My, this coming from a boy who leapt out at me when I was bathing. Have you been bewitched by my charms? This is troublesome indeed.”


Dynamos started to exert energy in response to Ara’s mischievous retort. He had to know about her identity even if it meant resorting to forceful means.

“Then shall we stop the foolery here?”

White haired Ara stopped smiling and explained with a serious expression.

“This is Ara Haan’s body but as you can see I’m not Ara. I’m frost fox Eun who accompanies Ara.”

“….Frost fox?”

Girl who revealed herself as Eun waved her 9 tails as if to display to Add.

“You can call me either sacred beast or a spectre. It doesn’t matter which one. Anyways, I’ve been lending Ara my strength from time to time. This form is called Celestial Fox mode.”

“….Did a demon take over her body?”

Add finally understood the situation. It seemed like this suspicious being was controlling this dense girl’s body however it wanted.

“No, I do often get misunderstood for that and I could actually take over if I wanted. But normally I only lend my power and do not dominate the body. Ara specially lent her body to me today.”


He couldn’t trust everything Eun said, but Add now understood the situation and withdrew his Dynamos.

Was it called possession? It clearly looked like Ara was meddling with something dangerous but that was Ara Haan’s business.

“What were you doing by borrowing her body?”

It didn’t really matter to Add, but it might turn out to be a hindrance to him later on. He had to know of her intents.

“Bathing. Even if it wasn’t with my own body, I wanted to try it personally. So Ara kindly distanced herself from the other two for me. Then boy appeared.”


So even that empty headed Ara had this kind of suspicious secret. Although a mere possession was nothing compared to Add’s secret.

“Okay. Then….”

“I’ll say it right now; it doesn’t matter if you reveal this to the others. So it’s useless trying to use it as a threat.”

“…..I didn’t think about that.”

Before, he had planned to get Ara on his side when he attempted to steal Eve’s core. But things are completely different if this weird thing is with her. This fox called Eun felt elderly and was overflowing with composure. She wasn’t someone that could be taken lightly.

“Well then let’s just go….”

Add was about to suggest to Eun that she should give Ara back her body so they could return to the camp but shut his mouth abruptly.

Eun was staring at him with an extremely sorrowful gaze.

Gaze so sad that you wouldn’t imagine it was coming from a face that was joking and seriously explaining to him a moment ago.

With her voice deep in remorse,

“I’ll lend you my strength.”

She declared lopsidedly.

Overcome for a moment by the heartending expression that Eun had just showed him, Add shook his head in order to come back to his senses. He didn’t know what kind of trick she used but he couldn’t let her push him around.

But as if she could see through Add’s thoughts.

“So that you can obtain Eve in your hands”

Eun made a proposal that Add definitely couldn’t refuse.


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