Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 1 Page 32~40


Looking at the giant spinning drill Add let out a slight laugh. There was no reason to be afraid of such a primitive weapon. Only problem was that it was commanding bunch of Nasod miners…..

“I’ll take care of the drill; you take care of the others.”

“It’s dangerous, I recommend tactical retreat.”

“Stop nagging. Kukuk, There’s no way I’d get beaten by them.”

Add declared arrogantly and moved his Dynamos. Nasod Driller’s drill started to spin more roughly as a response.


Upon Add’s command his Dynamos expelled energy to shatter the space destroying portion of the Driller’s body.

Witnessing their boss get damaged all the Nasod miners charged at Add.

“Illusion Strike!!”

Eve made copies of her gears and fired them at the miners but there were too many to filter them all for Add. Add was slightly startled when all the Miners ignored Eve and only charged at him but managed control his Dynamos in response.

“Void Field!!”

Alternate space opened up around Add and all the Nasods charging at him stopped at once. This ability to unfold alternate space allowed him to restrain his enemies temporarily and attack safely.

“Hmph….. Small fries.”

Add had expected them to split up since Eve was here as well, he didn’t expect all of them to focus only on him. Just when he was about to close the alternate space for his next move, he heard a strange noise.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound was coming from Nasod miners that had gotten close to him earlier and were stopped by Void Field.

A chilling sense of danger ran down Add’s spine as he quickly tried to dodge but it was too late.


With an explosion Nasod Miners self destructed!! Not just one but 5 self destructed at once and casing Add with an explosion.


Add could hear Ara raising her voice from far away but didn’t turn around to look. He had managed to fall back and minimize the damage with the Dynamo’s emergency defense mechanism but the arms he used to cover his face were hurting.

“Kukuk. I didn’t think they’d be able to self destruct….”

It was a mistake caused by lack of information. Did they not use the self destruct earlier because…. They wanted to use it as a trump card?

Just who could have came up with that kind of plan?


That piece of junk spinning its drill loudly carried out this kind of psychological plan? Add couldn’t believe his own conclusion but this wasn’t the time to hesitate. Nasod miners were attacking again.

The Driller wasn’t standing by idly as well. It was periodically shooting spitfire bombs out of its battery at Add. There were so many things to pay attention to.


He’ll get caught up by the self destruction if he took out the miners carelessly! Add was focusing on gaining distance from the miners for now but there were too many.

“Explosion Impact!!”

Eve must have come to the same conclusion because she was handling them from a distance while dashing, taking them out with an explosion from her whip. But there were way more Nasods jumping out of the bushes than the two of them could defeat.

“Just how many are left?”

“I don’t know. We have to retreat!”

Nasod Miners were now numbering roughly over 100. They weren’t much of a problem by themselves but there was no answer to them if they attacked in such massive numbers.

After destroying two more Nasod miners Add replied sarcastically.

“Retreat? Kukuk to where?”


Eve who had suggested the idea couldn’t respond. They couldn’t flee to town with all of these on their tail. Not only that, unlike humans Nasods didn’t tire and it would be very disadvantageous for them if it became a long chase.

Suddenly the group of Nasod miners that were attempting to tackle the two of them split in two sides. Through the gap Nasod driller charged in with its drill facing forward.

Dodging miners’ tackles, watching out for self destructions and all the while attacking… Add and Eve was occupied with so many things that the Driller’s appearance put them in a desperate situation.


Driller was surprisingly quick despite its huge size. Add quickly got on top of his Dynamos and attempted to dodge by using low flight but…


In a ridiculous turn of events Add and Eve’s bodies collided with one another. It was a disaster that was brought on because they were both too focused on dodging the Driller’s attack and hadn’t watched out for each other’s trajectory.


Eve who had a smaller stature couldn’t withstand the impact and was thrown off her feet. Nasods didn’t miss this opportunity and all jumped towards Eve.

If the tackle worked that was fine, if Eve resisted they’d just self destruct!

“How dare you!?”

Add instinctively jumped in front of Eve and raised the output of his Dynamos to break the space in front of him. Some of the miners were destroyed to the point where they couldn’t self destruct, but others were only mildly damaged and started to make the countdown noise.

I’ll get swept up by the explosion if I don’t dodge.


But Eve was behind him. Without any thought Add put all the Dynamos in front of him and raised their outputs.

He’ll be able to mitigate some of the physical shock using the Dimension Distortion mode.

“uuugh. How dare they….”

Boom! Boom! As Add shouted all the Nasod miners self destructed in a chain reaction. The shock was so great that it transferred over from the barrier created by the Dynamos and shook his hands.

Miners must have thought this was a great opportunity because Add who had been fighting by dodging their attacks had stopped in one place. Now even normal undamaged Nasods were charging in towards Add and self destructing.

They’ll break though soon!

“Hurry! Get up!”

Eve who had fallen earlier asked as she got up.

“Why didn’t you just leave me and dodge?”

“That’s because…”

Of course Add didn’t protect Eve from the explosion out of good will.

Eve was the most perfect work amongst all the Nasods he had seen so far. There’s no way he’d let such a masterpiece get damaged.

“Kukuk, why do you care?”

Boom! Boom! Even as two of them were talking, the barrier was shaking from the explosions. They wouldn’t be able to last long judging by how the Dynamo’s output was decreasing rapidly.

First of all blocking physical shocks wasn’t even Dimension Distortion mode’s main feature. Determined, Add looked back at Eve.

“Listen carefully. On the count of three, I’ll stop defending. At that moment use the strongest attack you have to trash them all at once. Can you do it?”

Switching from Dimension Distortion mode into Normal Mode, in other words for him to be able to attack with his Dynamos again it required 1 second of idle time. 1 second of idle time was too dangerous against these suicidal Nasods at this moment.

“It’s possible.”

Eve replied without hesitation. Just when Add was about to start the countdown….

Enormous shock that he hadn’t felt before ran through the Dynamos.


Nasod Driller was drilling into the barrier. It must have judged the self destruction of the miners weren’t enough.

Dimensional Distortion won’t be able to handle an attack that was even stronger than the previous attacks.

“No time. I’m starting now!”

Add was doubtful if Eve would really be able to take care of all the Nasod Miners and on top of that a Nasod Driller in just single attack. But he was using all his Dynamos for defense at the moment so he had no choice.

He’ll have to bet on this small chance.

“One, Two!!”

With Add’s shout, just when Eve was about to release the power of her gears, a sound of wind tearing sped past across their ears….and everything went silent.

Nasod Driller’s drill had stopped spinning. It was frozen solid.

Not only the Nasod driller, but all the Nasod miners that were trying to throw their bodies to break the Dimension Distortion were all frozen as well. Add couldn’t comprehend the current situation but quickly changed from the Distortion mode into Normal Mode using this chance.

A cheerful voice came from far away.

“Hey, are you guys hurt?”

A beautiful Elf with green hair was quickly dashing towards them. Tens of Nasods freezing instantly must have been her doing.


But it seemed like its duration wasn’t very long because all the ice flew off and the Driller’s drill started to spin again. All the miners were also unfrozen.

An arrow that flew in from their back, they must have decided Rena who had fired that arrow was a threat because all of the Nasod miners started to charge towards Rena. Nasod Driller will face Add and Eve while miners kept Rena at bay.

Without realizing it himself, Add raised his voice.

“Be careful!! Those things self dest…..”

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Seeing the Nasod miners come towards her, Rena who was running at full speed towards Add and Eve changed direction and started run sideways. Without slowing down she fired an arrow with each step she took without a break. Nasod miners fell with each arrow that was fired.

Some arrows even pierced through three of them at once, it was like watching leaves get blown away by the wind.

After defeating all of the Nasod miners without letting any of them get close, Rena finally stopped running and asked.

“Hm? Add? What should I be careful of?”

“…..You don’t have to.”

He had known Rena was strong but hadn’t imagined she possessed this much skill. While Add was stunned with surprise, a cold voice came from behind him.

“Move, you’re in the way.”

Eve moved forwards and made a swing with her whip.

Nasod Driller was hesitating due to all the Nasod miners getting defeated so quickly so Eve’s whip was able to wrap around it easily and hit it directly with chain of explosions.


But its drill was still spinning and judging by how there was a red orb of energy forming in front of the Driller it was trying to use a new attack.

“Too slow. Void Field!!”

Following behind Eve, Add unfolded the alternate space again. After restraining the target so it wouldn’t dodge, Add stretched out his hand towards the Nasod Driller that was still trying to gather red energy orbs.

“I’m much faster!”

When Add opened his clenched fist the space in front of him was shattered and the Nasod Driller in that space was shattered as well. It didn’t end with just one shattering of space as the space was shattered multiple times until Nasod Driller’s body was in tatters. Add declared towards the Nasod Driller that was now broken and unrecognizable,

“…..Void Impact”

A giant explosion was created.



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