Elsword Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 1 Page 27~32



“What? Why is a Nasod…”

No time to think. Must dodge the Nasod’s attack. Elsword quickly moved out of the way but the Nasod continued to track and charge recklessly at Elsword. This Nasod’s main method of attack was tackling.

Elsword dodged left and right while swinging his sword, but Elsword was too tired to deal significant damage to it.


Banthus was using this chance to run away. That coward! I had him beat!

“Stop right there!”

Elsword’s attention diverted to Banthus and the Nasod didn’t miss this opportunity. The Nasod was already in front of Elsword by the time he noticed it charging full speed towards him.

I’m going to get beaten!!

“That was pathetic!!”

As Elsword shut his eyes to prepare for the upcoming impact, gears suddenly flew in and struck the Nasod multiple times to push it away from Elsword. The Nasod convulsed and exploded after hitting the ground. Elsword muttered grudgingly after narrowly avoiding the danger.

“I could have beaten it by myself.”

“You would have lost like that.”

Eve who had just saved Elsword gave her cold evaluation. Elsword was about to protest that he could have won by himself but closed his mouth after seeing Ara and Add come towards them.

Others saw him getting helped out of danger. It was embarrassing.

“Mr.Elsword, that was impressive! Predicting the enemy’s movement and dodging!”

“It was nothing.”

Elsword responded bluntly to Ara’s honest compliments. He had beat Banthus, but he couldn’t win against the Nasod that appeared after.

The joy of victory had already left the boy’s heart.

“No, it was really impressive! You’ll become stronger in no time like this!”

“I still have ways to go….”

Ara and Elsword were having this kind of conversation, but Add wasn’t listening.

His attention was solely focused on the Nasod that had attacked Elsword just now.

Add squinted his eyebrows while picking up the Nasod’s fragments.

“…….What’s this Nasod doing here?”

“It’s a Nasod miner, but I’m not sure why it’s here.”

“Strange. A mere bandit commanding a Nasod? It should not be….”

Add was about to say something to Eve but stopped. He had all his Dynamos with him right now, which was a clear mistake.

It should have been a basic procedure to scout the area for additional enemies whenever a new enemy appeared. He could already feel various presences on the other side of those bushes.

Around tens of enemies. They were surrounded.

“Kukukuk, it doesn’t matter. I’ll figure out after destroying them all.”

Eve was already mobilizing her gears. Ara also noticed the situation and fixed her spear. They couldn’t expect anything from Elsword who was already too tired.

“Ara, protect the brat.”

“Who’s a brat?! Don’t look down on me!”

“You messing about will just get in our way. Know your place.”

Furious, Elsword tried to get up but he had no strength to do so. Add didn’t give an eye to Elsword who was panting in vexation and spoke to Eve.

“What will you do? You can stay with the brat if you want.”

“That’s not for you to decide.”

Judging by her cold response, Eve must have realized Add was making fun of her. But that kind of response made Add even more delighted.

A normal machine, a normal Nasod could only make singular simple decisions. However, Eve clearly had a will of her own.

“Then follow me, let’s enjoy sweeping through them all. Kukuk.”

Soon as Add declared the start of the battle, the Nasods charged towards the group.

Add wasn’t even slightly startled by the sudden appearance of the enemies and increased the output of his Dynamos. A shockwave created from bending and cracking of space swept over the Nasods.

Following Add’s hand gestures and instructions, Dynamos fired a shockwave that destroyed the Nasods. After making a short work of 10 Nasods by himself Add looked behind.

“Explosion Impact!!”

With a shout, Eve swung her whip. An explosion engulfed and destroyed all the Nasods in front of her. Ara who was beside Elsword also easily dispatched the Nasods coming up behind her with a swing of her spear.

“This is too boring…”

20 Nasod Miners that had ambushed them were all destroyed before they could harm anyone. Add sighed and examined the remains of the Nasod Miners.

“What are you doing?”

“Examination, kukuk. Shouldn’t we figure out why these things were working with the bandits to attack us?”

Eve was staring at him repulsively but Add continued to examine the Nasod remains without any concern.

He hasn’t encountered any Nasods from ‘this age’ before but machines all tended to follow a functional structure.

“These don’t have any cogitative abilities. They can only do a simple job, digging to be precise. Thus, they couldn’t have carried out orders unless someone had instructed them…. Not having cogitative abilities should also mean they can’t carry out complex orders….”

Add was pondering bunch of possibilities then all of a sudden…. he grinned. The ground was shaking.

“Kukuk. Now this is more like it.”

“It’s a giant enemy.”

Eve must have realized the abnormally too as she moved besides Add. While staring at Eve’s sides Add abruptly asked.

“Isn’t Nasods destroying other Nasods fratricide?”

“They are currently following wrong orders.”

He had poked a bit to see if Eve would be disturbed but there was no particular reaction. Come to think of it, this machine…. Although she displayed high level of decision making, he had never seen her express any emotions.

“Do you have an emotion?”

“I don’t need something so unnecessary.”

Eve sharply cut off the issue. This time, Add was honestly surprised. No way. She can even lie? Add couldn’t even begin to fathom how similar this machine was to a human.

“We’ll stop the small talk here. Something annoying seems to have arrived.”

WRRRRRR!!! They could hear the mixed sound of caterpillar tracks and rotation of a drill. Pushing through the forest destroying all the trees in its path, the culprit that had ordered the ambush attack earlier revealed itself.

It was a Nasod Driller.



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