Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 1 Page 22~27



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“Ms.Eve! Are you hurt?”


While add was feeling joyous inside Ara who had been startled earlier came running hurriedly and asked the girl. Anyone could tell with a single glance that the bandits weren’t even able to touch a single hair of the girl. But it seemed Ara’s actions were faster than her ability to examine the situation.

“There’s no problem.”

The girl called Eve, a target that Add praised as an ultimate doll replied to Ara practically.

While Ara was letting out a sigh of relief, Eve suddenly turned her head and looked over to the other side.

“But it seems there’s a slight problem over there.”


Upon closer look…. Two people were facing off in middle of the field. One was a boy with red hair and another was a one-eyed man with a large build.

They both looked extremely tried as they were both panting heavily without making a move.

“Y, you’re not too bad old guy!”

“Y, you too brat!”

So they were taking a slight break from an intense fight to recover their stamina. But unlike the large man who had no visible injuries, the boy’s shoulders were bleeding. It looked like the boy was in a disadvantage.

Ara quickly determined the boy’s inferior position and charged in front with her spear held tightly. But even before she could take three steps, gears that were flying around Eve flew in front and blocked Ara’s path. Shocked, Ara turned around towards Eve to protest.

“Ms.Eve?! Our comrade is in danger! We have to go help fast!”

“He said he wanted to fight by himself.”

“But he looks exhausted.”

Eve was silent to Ara’s protest and continued to watch over the faceoff. Watching Ara hop with vexation, Add gave his input.

“Leave him be. He said he wanted to fight alone. That brat will give up too if he loses here.”


“What do you mean by ‘but’? Kukuk, That brat is weak.”

Amongst the current El Search Party members, that boy was the youngest, and consequently the weakest. Everyone already knew that fact even though they had just formed yesterday.

“Or could you possibly be saying that that brat is strong?”

“T, that’s….”

Ara’s words trailed. She also seemed to realize that the boy’s skills were nothing to brag about.

Martial artists can identify other martial artists. Even if Ara had such a naïve personality, she was a trained martial artist. She could tell the difference between strong and weak.

“But what if he gets hurt badly….”

“You don’t have to intervene.”

For some reason, even Eve agreed with Add. Oh, she’s rather easy to talk to? Add felt uplifted because Eve agreed with him.

“I don’t think he’ll lose.”


Ara was surprised but Eve continued to stare at the boy with an unwavering gaze.

“That boy will win.”

“Kukuk, really? That’s totally not how I see it.”

For her to make this kind of judgemental mistake… Add was displeased thinking that Eve had made a flawed judgement and proposed a counterargument.

“Anyone can tell that he doesn’t have much stamina left. Look, he doesn’t even have any more strength to hold up his sword.”

Despite Add’s cynical remarks, Eve stiffly continued to watch. Add was slightly irritated by Eve’s lack of reaction. So he sneakily sent his Dynamo forward.

Eve’s gears came flying instantly to stop the Dynamo.

“I told you to observe.”

“I was just trying to help because he’s going to lose like this.”

Provocation that hadn’t worked on Ara worked on Eve. Eve turned her head and stared at Add coldly.

“I don’t think he will lose.”

“If you honestly think that way, shall we make a little bet?”

“What kind of bet do you mean?”

“If that kid loses…..”

Just when Add was about to bring up terms of his bet, the boy gathered his breath and stood straight while holding up his great sword.

“Alright! That’s enough break! Come at me Banthus!!”

“Don’t make me laugh brat!!”

Man called Banthus, the boss of the bandits also gripped his weapon and fixed his form. Their break was now over; they were both gathering their final strength to finish this fight.

“It wasn’t me that defeated these bandits.”

Eve’s gaze averted from Add and returned to the red haired boy. Red haired boy didn’t realize that Eve, Ara and Add were watching him. His gaze was solely focused on the enemy in front of him.

The boy looked tired but he had a smile on his face.

“He said he will defeat them all by himself, and then defeat the boss by himself too.”

Ara and even Add was slightly surprised. That young boy defeated the tens of bandits here? But he clearly looks like he lacks the skills…. how did he?

Eve told them while still staring at the boy.

“He will win.”

Add looked at Eve who continued to stare at the boy.

“He promised he will beat them all.”

“Here I come!!!”

The red haired boy, Elsword charged at Banthus with a shout.

“Bring it!!”

Responding to Elsword’s charge, Banthus shouted as well and swung his sword down with a powerful force. With their difference in size, even getting grazed by Banthus’s attack will be fatal for Elsword.


But Elsword continued to charge in front without any fear of the sword falling down above him. The moment when Banthus made a victorious smile….. Elsword changed the beats of his steps and threw himself forwards deeply.


Because of Elsword’s miraculous front roll, Banthus’s sword hit nothing but the ground. With his expression shrouded in fear, Banthus hurriedly tried to pull his sword up and turn around but Elsword was faster.

“Flame Geyser!”

With a shout, Elsword’s blade hit the ground; the ground cracked and crimson flames gushed out.

“Uwooh! T, this is? magic?!”

Banthus had expected to defend against a sword attack. He widened his eyes and tried to back up. But his reaction was too late to completely avoid the attack.

“Kuu kaagh!”

Banthus screamed as his body was roasted by the flames. Then he kneeled down on the ground and panted. Elsword, who had just performed an overburdening front roll maneuver with a bleeding wound on his shoulder looked very tired as well. But he was still clearly standing with his two feet.

It was clear who had won.

“See, I won!”

“Don’t make me laugh. I was just playing around and got caught off guard.”

Clenching his teeth, Banthus tried his best to get up but he no longer had any strength left to fight. Elsword shook his head in annoyance while leaning his sword against his shoulder.

“Give back the El you stole and reflect on your actions.”

“Do you really think I’ll hand the El over to you guys after all the trouble I went through to get it?”

“Kahaha, it ended up like this today because I was careless. But just you wait next time…. That is, of course if there is a next time.”

“Where do you think you’re trying to run off to? The match is already….”


With Banthus’s shout, something popped out from the forest and charged towards Elsword. Surprised, Elsword instinctively swung his sword to hit the target.

“W, what?”

I was sure I defeated all the bandits? But… the target wasn’t human. He had first thought it was a phoru…. But that wasn’t it either.

It was a Nasod.



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