Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 1 page 18~21



Chapter 1 Page 18~21

As Add had predicted the bandits were bunch of pushovers.

“Haa, Hiya!!”

Ara had gone in front. Each time she swiftly swung her spear she sent three or four bandits flying. Even though the fight was 1 versus 15 and that she was surrounded by bandits from left to right, Ara dodged all of their attacks smoothly like flowing water, all the while effectively counterattacking.

Such elegant movements as if she was dancing, most people wouldn’t be able to avert their gaze to such a spectacle.


But Add, her teammate was just watching her fight while yawning. It was 1 versus 15 because Add didn’t join in the fight.

“I defeated everyone!”

In the end, the bandits’ advantage in numbers didn’t matter at all since they were all defeated before they could even graze a piece of Ara’s clothing. Ara withdrew her spear and looked around with a troubled expression.

All of Ara’s attacks were non-lethal attacks utilizing only shaft of her spear so bandits were merely unconscious.

“What should we do about these people?”

“We can’t move around with all of them, just leave them be.”

“But our mission is to defeat the bandits…. Would it really be fine to leave them be?”

“Vermin tend to all scatter when their leader falls. Kukuk”

While still unsure about what Add had meant, Ara nodded. It almost seemed like she didn’t realize how Add had left her alone to fight by herself.

‘….huh what’s with this boring reaction?’

Her skills with the spear was astounding but she was way too naïve. Just in case, Add decided to purposely bring up the issue.

“So how did it feel to fight by yourself? Kukuk.”

“Oh, it’s been a while since got to move this much so it felt refreshing! It was quite thrilling and fun!”


She’s not getting the point.

Add had purposely tried to get her riled up but only ended up getting an absurd response. This is bit uncool but let’s try directly provoking her.

“I was resting comfortably while you were fighting. Kukuk.”

“Were you able to rest well Mr.Add?”


Add’s head started to ache after hearing Ara respond so innocently. Wasn’t it normal for you to get angry if your squad member was not doing anything while you were doing all the fighting?

But Ara continued to retain her peaceful expression.

“Is she stupid or just really strange….?”

“Pardon me? What did you say?”

“It’s nothing. We move forwards. Their boss should be deep inside the forest.”

Dynamo he had sent flying earlier was informing him of the surrounding terrain. While moving forwards using the path that seems to have been used by the bandits, Add quickly stole a look back at Ara.

Ara was still looking around nervously. It seemed the issue of him letting her fight alone was completely erased from her head already.

‘…..is she an idiot?’

She was a girl with great spear skills, but unbelievably naive. Add had tried to read into her head to prepare for the case in the future when she became an obstacle…. But it was futile.

“Still, it strangely bugs me…”

“What do you mean? Did more bandits appear?”

Add ignored Ara who was hurriedly tightening the grip on her spear. He got an odd disturbing feeling whenever he stared at Ara which made it uncomfortable to face her…. he still couldn’t figure out why though.

For now, let’s just remember that she’s an idiot who doesn’t even know how get angry.

“Found them. They’re fighting.”

“Where? We should hurry and go help them!”

“We don’t have to hurry for those weak opponents.”

Ara tried to hasten herself but Add’s steps didn’t get any faster. Very confused, Ara stared at Add. This annoyed Add so he gave a reasonable reply.

“There might be other ambushes so we have to be careful.”

“Oh. I see! I’ll be careful too!”

Staring Ara scan the surrounding trees with such a serious expression was a bit funny but Add turned off all his attention towards her.

His main interest was right in front.

When Add and Ara leisurely moved forwards for about 50 meters, they finally came upon an open field. In the field, there were tens of bandits all on the ground groaning in pain. In middle of those bandits there stood a girl with an impressionable silver hair.

Her expressionless face while she was standing amongst all the fallen bandits without even giving them a gaze, it almost felt like she was void of any emotions. Even Ara who had tried to run over to her was startled for a moment.

But to Add that girl was an existence that’s more beautiful than anything else in the world.

After walking up so close to her to the point where he could tell her emotion from her eyes, Add stopped. Despite knowing that Add was approaching, she was just staring blankly.



Reacting to Add’s laugh, an unpleasant expression passed by the girl’s face for an instant. But to Add this reaction made him even more thrilled.

Ability to read other’s emotion or intention just from a laugh and to output an appropriate reaction instantly…… in a machine!

This machine was so infinitely close to a human, an ultimate Nasod!



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