Time Trouble Volume 1 Chapter 1 page 11~18


Just when I actually began to start it I’m probably going to be boggled down by many assignments and exams for couple weeks. Expect very slow progress.

Chapter 0: Error Code: 1217

It hurts.
I’m currently kneeling with both my hands on the ground breathing unsightly.
There is a sharp pain searing through my entire body, blood continues to flow out of the wound that pierced through my chest. There’s no point in calculating, I’ll certainly die of blood loss like this.
Dynamos won’t move. Dammit.
I lost completely. A perfect defeat, a miscalculation. Once again, I lost.
“Don’t joke with me….”
Blood spewed out of my mouth each time I spoke but I just couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t accept this conclusion.
Then I’ll just have to turn it back. No matter how many times it takes.
After making my decision, I raised my head. Amongst all this dust storm, there was a throne far away that didn’t have even a speck of dust on it.
And a beautiful queen sitting in that throne, a mechanical doll ever so close to a human being.
“Just you wait…!”
Still shaking, I stood up. I might die if I tried to leap with this body but it doesn’t matter.
If I lost this time, I just have to win next time.
“I’ll come and get you for sure Eve!!”

Countlessly, innumerably.
To the point where there was no point in counting.

I fought again,
Was defeated again,
And fail to reach her.

Even so, I start again.
A fight that I’m sure to lose.

Chapter 1: Climax From the Start

I must have fell asleep unknowingly.

Add opened his eyes and habitually scratched his eye patch. Through his hood covering most of his head he could feel the midday sunlight

“How much time has passed?”

“You were asleep for around one mealtime.”

Add removed his hood and looked up to the source of the reply. The intense sunlight made him squint. Add saw a silhouette standing up high. He was slightly taken aback but didn’t let it show.

“Why are you standing up so high?”

The girl gently standing on tip the spear stuck on the ground smiled amiably.

“You never know when enemies might appear right? I’ll be able to see further if I’m up higher.”

Was her name….Ara? This girl showed such an innocent smile even towards Add whom she met only yesterday.

Just from a single glance, you could tell she was a good natured and innocent girl. Those traits would probably make her likeable by most people. But Add wasn’t too fond of her.

“I’ll be able to see inside your skirt if you’re up so high.”


Ara’s face reddened after hearing Add’s remark and she hurriedly tried to pull down her clothes. Of course she would lose balance if she tried that while standing on end of the spear.


Flustered, Ara fell towards the ground. But in contrast to her scream, she quickly performed a single somersault in mid-air and landed safely on the ground.

Still, she must have been quite shocked as she was blushing and breathing heavily. Ara’s face reddened even more as Add stood up as if nothing happened and wiped the dust off his clothes.

“T, That was so harsh Mr.Add! I was keeping watch while Mr.Add slept!”

“Why are you making such a fuss when you’re wearing shorts?”

Ara checked her own attire after receiving Add’s blunt remark and then breathed a sigh of relief. Her moment of relief didn’t last long as she quickly pouted and asked Add.

“Were you making fun of me just now?”


“I said I’d be able to see inside your skirt, I never said you were wearing a skirt.”

Annoyed, Add replied accordingly and started to walk forward. Ara recovered her spear and followed Add while diligently scouting the surrounding area.

Two of them were standing in an open field so they shouldn’t even need to go out of their way to be cautious.

‘Well, you never know…’

Add let fly frontwards one of his Dynamos. It was for scanning the surrounding area.

Add felt better after seeing Ara become bewildered as she watched the Dynamo fly around.

His mood wasn’t too great after waking from a good nap. But seeing Ara be so amazed at his creation gave him some pride as a developer.

“Kuku, there’s no Bandits around this area. We should move ahead more.”

“Others will be moving as well. Let us hurry so we don’t fall behind!”

Ara tried to hasten herself but Add gestured his hand to stop her.

“They are mere bandits. Others will be fine fighting on their own.”

“Hm? But..”

Ara seemed surprised but Add was serious. Bandits here were all weaklings; there was honestly no point of everyone fighting together.

Only Add himself. No, even this clumsy girl alone could defeat all the bandits in this area and complete their mission.

“All we have to do is look out for any that try to escape.”

Ara naively believed what Add said and nodded. Then she returned to diligently scouting her surroundings. Add guessed that the entire mission should have been resolved by now but didn’t bother to tell her.

These bandits were weaklings that could be taken care of with just one hand. That was why Add was lazing around and even finding leisure to take a nap.


Why did I assume bandits in this area would be no problem again?

Add looked around the area to see if he had missed anything but only arrived at his original conclusion that he wasn’t mistaken.

“….Well everyone is strong.”

“Pardon me?”

“I was just talking to myself.”

After replying bluntly to Ara, Add moved forwards while pushing away the tree branches in his way.

Even this empty headed girl was an individual with exceptional skill. You could tell even without having to fight her. Her aura and her ordinate posture… she was a person you couldn’t underestimate.


“Ow, owowow…”

Ara cried as she was hit by one of the returning branches that Add had pushed to get past. She was too immersed with scouting the area that she wasn’t aware of things right in front of her.

“….I, I’m fine! This is nothing!!”


…..She’s strong… right?

Add was staring at Ara coldly then he turned around and moved forwards. Well, it hasn’t even been a day since they were formed, and this kind of mission meant nothing for him, but there was a reason for Add to include himself in this group.

They were the El search Party.

They were in middle of their first mission to defeat Ruben’s bandits.



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  1. Nice translation~! But… uh… one question… where’s the first page??? Just curious, any ways~ Thanks for the translation!!!

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