Clearing some misunderstanding about Yama Raja’s powers

There seems to be a misunderstanding about Yama Raja’s powers amongst various English speaking communities. So let’s clear this up.

First, the main point:

***In no sources what so ever is stated that Yama Raja uses demonic powers.***

I believe the misunderstanding that Yama Raja uses demonic powers originated from mistranslation caused by people trying to translate Little Devil’s story with machine translators. There is mention of demons in her story and it must have gotten mixed up with the part that describes her powers.

Now then, what powers does she use?:

In the correct translation of Little Devil’s story. Ara obtains a black martial arts book. The style of martial arts written on this book completely diverges from the Haan family’s traditional martial arts style. The book contains techniques that involves manipulating spirit energy.

In order to become stronger faster so she can defeat any demons that may stand in her way and to reach her brother, Ara chooses to diverge from her family’s traditional martial arts style and master the techniques inside the black book.

More on Ara’s classes: Sakra Devanam and Yama Raja:

The character Ara is heavily based on the Chinese martial hero fantasy genre.(Wuxia)(무협). If come from East Asia, then your fathers might have been fans of this genre when they were growing up. 😀

This genre usually portrays two branches of martial artists, the traditional side(正派) and the divergent side(邪派) fighting each other.

Traditional side(good guys) practices martial arts that has very high potential cap. But it takes lots of time and training master.

Divergent side(bad guys) practices martial arts that has lower potential cap. But it is easier and faster to master.

To make it easier to understand for those who are confused. Some people call Star Wars the “Wuxia in space”. I don’t know if Geroge Lucas borrowed from this genre or made it up by himself but the beliefs and principles of the Jedi(Light Side) and Sith(Dark Side) is nearly identical to the Traditional and Divergent path from the Wuxia genre.

So you guys can view Sakra Devanam and Yama Raja this way:

-They are both martial artists. No demonic power, magic and etc. Everything they use are martial arts techniques and spirit energy. (With Eun as a bonus power I guess)

-Sakra Devanam practices the Traditional(Jedi-Light Side) style of martial arts. Style that has higher potential but is difficult and takes longer to learn.

-Yama Raja practices the Divergent(Sith-Dark Side) style of martial arts. Style that has lower potential but easy and faster to learn.

What about Asura?

Asura is case where KOG breaks many of the established settings that Ara had. -_-; She seems to become more of a spellcaster/exorcist than a martial artist. Also, there seems to be some difference between the meaning of the English established name ‘Asura’ and what Koreans call the class which is ‘Sura’. But that is a different topic from this post.


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