[Translation] Elsword Comic Book Episode 115: A Girl with Two faces

Elsword comic book is created and published by Nexon and KOG also. It has different story than the game.

20140905_204618Volume 23 Cover.

20140905_224939Episode 115, A Girl with two faces:

Brief Recap: Elf Kingdom was invaded by the Demon army. Elsword was on a solo quest to find the strongest weapon (Conwell). After finding Conwell and hearing that Elf Kingdom was invaded, Elsword hurries back to help his friends defend the Elf Kingdom.


20140905_225000Conwell: Hey slow down there. I’m getting nauseous~!

Elsword: Shut up! How can a ghost get nauseous!

20140905_225043Conwell: You think you will make any difference? You’re still way too weak. You need to go through my rigorous training and become stronger!

Elsword: Get away from me you crazy old man! I don’t need this kind of haunted weapon!

Conwell: Nope, you can’t go back on your word now~!

Conwell: Anyways.. you… do you know the proper way? Is this the right way to the Elf Kingdom?

Elsword: !! Waah!! I was so troubled that I only kept running!! Where is this place?

Conwell: Idiot…. why do you even live?

20140905_225600Man1: Oh young man? Why do you look so troubled?

Man2: You can talk to us about your problems.

Elsword: Oh! Do you people live around here? Where is this place?

Man2: Oh~ this place is… well wait a moment

20140905_225711Bandit1: Where do you think this is? This is your grave!

Bandit2: We’ll spare your life if you leave everything you have.

1second later

Bandit1: Ouch! really really strong person!

Elsword: Where is this place?

Bandit2: Owww~ we’re sorry. Th…This is Farum Mountain.

Elsword: Farum Mountain…Farum… where have I heard that before

Elsword: Ah Farum Mountain! Bandit’s hideout!

20140905_225742Elsword: Hideout of the Bandits led by Banthus and Phoru is here! So this was the Farum Mountain!

Elsword: So you guys are Banthus’s lackeys? Could it be that he never learned his lesson and is still stealing from people?

Bandit2: No! we don’t work for Banthus!

Bandit1: Banthus, you mean that criminal who was famous a while ago right?

Bandit1: According to rumors, that Banthus set up a doll shop in some countryside and is now living a normal life!

Elsword: mm… doll shop….?

20140905_230122Elsword: Then you guys are just petty thieves?

Bandit1: Well, kind of like that.

Bandit2: But be careful because there are a lot of bandits in this area at this time.

Elsword: Why? Is there some kind of Bandit meeting or something?

Bandit2: Oh it seems like you don’t know yet.

Bandit2: It’s almost time for the legendary Eun’s grave which was sealed for couple hundred years to open…. All the bandits aiming for the treasures inside have all gathered in this Farum mountain.

Elsword: Eun’s grave? What’s that?

20140905_230203Bandit2: There is a very old grave at the top of Farum mountain! That grave which is called the Eun’s grave, and it seems to be the grave of now long gone Fahrmann village’s tribal leader that ruled the area around Farum mountain long ago.

There are bunch of people that believe there’s all kind of treasures inside that grave. Many grave robbers tried to dig into that grave but no one has been able to get in due to some kind spell.

Elsword: So it’s about time for that grave to open? How do you know that?

20140905_230306Bandit2: It’s written on the gravestone “After 700 years have passed a spell will be broken and treasure within the grave will emerge back onto the world”

Elsword: Bandits gathered just because of that? What if it doesn’t open?

Bandit1: Just in case it wont open, Responsible bandits like ourselves are ever so diligently robbing every chance we get.

Bandit2: We were unlucky today and met a strong warrior like you.

Elsword: Good ~going… get lost forever!!

Conwell: Hmm… Long gone tribe’s grave. Aren’t you curious about what kind of treasure is inside it Elsword?

Elsword: I don’t care! This isn’t the time to leisurely check out graves

20140905_230413Elsword: Arggh~ I don’t care about this Ultimate weapon or whatever! Get off me old man!

Conwell: No! It’s really fun hanging around you!

Unknown: Kyaaaaaaa

Elsword: A girl’s scream? Could it be that bandits attacked someone else again?

Elsword: Where did t he noise come from?

Conwell: Up that mountain

20140905_230544Elsword: What?20140905_230623Elsword: Hey are you okay? Was it you who screamed…?!20140905_230711Elsword: H…Hey… there seems to be a misunderstanding… I came here to save you because I heard you scream.

Eun: Save..?.me?

Eun: A little kid like you… save me? Amusing…

20140905_230811Elsword: A kid? You don’t look too old yourself…! What are you talking a-

Eun: Hmm what a cute boy…


Elsword: W..What are you doing?

Eun: Ahahaha look at you blush.

Eun: Cute and Innocent…. I’ve taken a liking to you.

Elsword: Wh…What..!

Eun: I want to play with you longer but I have something urgent to take care of. so bye..

Elsword: Eh?!

Elsword: Who was that weird lady!?

Conwell: Why is your heart beating so fast?

Elsword: Shut up!

20140905_231026Conwell: But it is really strange

Elsword: Yea she was really weird! I know I’m popular with ladies but still…

Conwell: No not that you idiot… look at all these people that passed out. Who do you think could have done this?

Elsword: Could it be that girl?

Conwell: Who else? And look over there…

Conwell: That place that looks like a grave. It’s open and you can see deep inside of it. What could have came out of that grave?


Conwell: Hey! you are too cruel!

Conwell: Aren’t you curious about what was inside of that grave?

Elsword: What’s most important right now is to get to my friends!

Elsword: So since Sun moved that way this is West right!?

Conwell: I guess you are right but aren’t you curious? I’m dying from this curiosity..

Elsword: Conwell, I thought you died long ago!

Conwell: Even if I’m dead my curiosity still lives on!

Unknown: Kyaaaaa!

20140905_231312Unknown: kiiii!

Elsword: That scream just now…

Conwell: Yep I heard it too

Unknown: Kyaaaaaa Help!!

Conwell: It’s that weird girl’s voice again. Aren’t you gonna go help her Elsword?

Elsword: Well…I’m the hero Elsword, I can’t ignore the call for help! Where did the scream come from?

20140905_231353Ara: Kyaaa!! Scary!

Elsword: What’s wrong? Who’s the bad guy!?

Ara: Kyaaaaa!! Help me! There’s a spider…. on my leg…!

20140905_231557Elsword: Spider…?

Ara: Please get it off!

Ara: Thank you Thank you. Brave hero. Thank you very much.

Elsword: Eh… well… no.. I…

Elsword: Hey Conwell.. This.. girl… is the one from before…right…?

Conwell: Yes… The hair color changed but I’m sure. The clothes are still same.

20140905_231644Elsword: Hey you… you are different from before, what happened? And what happened to your hair color? You emitted a force that could have crushed a bug like that before…

Ara: Eh? You know me? But it’s my first time meeting you…

Elsword: Eh?! Huh?!

Ara: Ah I haven’t introduced myself to someone that saved me!

Ara: My name is Ara! Ara Haan.

Elsword: Ugh! So polite.

20140905_231830Elsword: I…I’m Elsword but you don’t remember meeting me just before?

Ara: What do you mean…

Elsword: It seems she has not idea! Maybe it’s a different person?

Conwell: No it’s the same person! The scientific word to describe her symptom is that she’s ‘nuts’.

Elsword: That’s a scientific term?

Ara: He’s talking so enthusiastically to himself. He must have some problems…

Ara: Ah I forgot to ask, because of a certain situation, I had to go to sleep for around one month… but it seems this area has changed a lot during one month…


20140905_232021Ara: Do you know where the Fahrmann village is?

Elsword: Conwell! what does that mean? Fahrmann village as in…

Conwell: Yes! that’s the name of the village that disappeared around 700 years ago.

Elsword: It doesn’t make sense! She said she was asleep for around one month

Ara: He’s talking to his armor…?


Ara: If you don’t know, it’s fine. Then I’ll be on my way…

Elsword: Ah!! wait Ara…!

Ara: I..I’m thankful for you help but please don’t follow me. Goodbye.

Conwell: Oh~ that girl thinks you are crazy!

Elsword: Wait! Wait a moment Ara~!!

Ara: Kyaa! stop following me!

20140905_232159Elsword: Ara!!20140905_232220

Elsword: Demon realm’s gargoyles! they must have followed me!

Elsword: Double sword summon!

Elsword: Ara! Watch out!!


20140905_232310 20140905_232354 20140905_232429

Eun: We meet again cute boy.


Conwell: Ahh! It’s a ghost! a ghost!!

Elsword: You are the ghost here! be quiet for a second!!

Eun: So you name is Elsword?

Elsword: Eh.. How did you know my name?

Eun: You told Ara just before.

Eun: My memories when I possess Ara should normally remain with her but that’s not working properly right now because Ara has been asleep for too long…


Eun: So…instead of me, my cute Elsword will have to tell Ara what happened.

Elsword: Eh? What… you.. so you aren’t Ara? (Elsword is suddenly talking in honorifics)

Eun: If would be too long and complicated to explain with words. So come into my memories for a second.

Eun: I’ll show you what happened in Ara’s hometown Isshin 700 years ago.

[or LiXin depending on method of translation]



Volume 23 Limited Item:

Millennium Fox Ear Rings

Crit: 1.5%, Eva: 0.5%


6 thoughts on “[Translation] Elsword Comic Book Episode 115: A Girl with Two faces

    • Sadly it’s hard to find people with copies of the volumes outside Korea. There are no known scans. Also KOG Games don’t plan and localizing them anytime soon.

  1. thanks for translating this for us people, you know the ones that love the game but can’t read fricking korean because some company just decided not to translate its own manga to further its popularity :)))

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