[Translation] Eltype Season 2 Volume 2

I didn’t get much time to write a review on this volume’s main comic as I was busy with school. But now I have little bit of free time so let’s get to it. I really like how detailed Ara’s back story is compared to some of the other characters. The amount of story that Ara has is almost comparable to Raven’s now.

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The title page. Apparently the concept is Justice.

Young Ara seems to be having trouble understanding the meaning of Justice. Ara loves her brother very much and cares about his happiness. She’s wondering if one was to follow patch of justice, you have to throw away all your personal desires.

Then we skip to current time where Ara is still struggling with this concept of justice and now is in Elder talking with Lenphad.

Ara is training to reach the next level of training but it’s not just your physical self that needs to be trained in order to become stronger. You need to train your mind just as much.

Oh, and typical day in Elder with explosions.

Ara’s mental image of power of justice is a fair power which treats everyone equally. To attain this state of mind one has to throw away their personal desires… This is conflicting with Ara’s purpose of setting out on a journey in the first place. To save her brother. Ara feels like a hypocrite because she’s training to gain the power of justice that is benevolent to all yet doubts that she might be just selfishly trying to use this power for her personal goals.

Skipping to the battle scene. Everyone is using their skills on some enemy. Aisha gets almost whole page to herself because apparently the KOG’s Eltype manager likes big bewbs and Aisha can only get that by transforming.

You can’t be bound by common sense when you are reading K.O.G’s stories. Berthe should have been defeated… I guess every time a new character comes out the storyline resets to the start and everyone starts off at Ruben again. Or this is mono boss Henir…

I have a feeling that Chung is just hating on everything in season 2 Eltype. I mean in the last volume he said Nasods are useless which made Eve pretty angry… now he’s blaming Ara for the group not being able to beat Berthe just because he is at 1st job and Ara is at base.

Don’t feel guilty Ara… you can take your time pressing the Complete Quest button for Little Hsien 5/5.

Elboy is stereotypical hero in this page.

Ara figures out that justice that she is trying to achieve and her goal of saving her brother aren’t contradictory elements. Rather they are both sprung from Ara’s strong desire to help those who suffer from injustices. The heart to help the needy, that is Little Hsien’s power and her justice.

Job change complete! Congratulations Ara~ Apparently clothes change automatically as well.

Also, Aisha’s bewbs are big during Magical Makeup.

Younga Way the 5 path. Right off the bat. This skill chain is the coolest thing about this job path, executing this skill chain combo in game feels soooooo good.

I heard that Younga means dragon tooth. As for my reason using ‘path’ instead of ‘way’ in this translation was because I felt like it. Honestly, I have no idea what it would be when KC decides to translate it it English, but I know for sure that it has similar meaning to ‘Way’ or ‘Path’.

Explosion Smash!, Bakusai or 爆砕 for u Asians.

She beat Berthe with just 5 ways. So OP.

Also Bewb group hug happening.

Ara’s back story leaves nothing her for to smile about… Everyone she knew or grew up with was destroyed. She have been traveling in solitude looking for her brother under anxiety that she won’t be able to save him in time. That is why it is so heartwarming to see her smile brightly like this.

Ara is a very kindhearted girl. She wants to save as many people as she can.

Some explanation about the name and myth behind Little Hsien by Hoffman. It is actually confirmed that it was Hoffman that gave Ara the title “Little Hsien”. Apparently it was a custom for powerful warriors of Ara’s village to adopt a title.

I think Rena is happy that she got an another imouto for lady harem. :3

I found that it was a good volume xD. KOG focus more on telling stories like this inside the game too.


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