Trapping Ranger is Here~!

Trapping Ranger arrives in Elsword NA. Kill3rCombo did a fantastic job with this trailer as usual. I liked how the music in the trailer matched her combo moves shown in the trailer. (Although I’m more of a classic music fan. I like default Elsword BGMs more). One thing I can criticize on the trailer is, make TR fight against some impressive looking bosses rather than a weak looking one.

Trapping Ranger in my experience is a very strategic class in terms of her gameplay. Her skills and commands require her to keep your foe at bay using your traps and superior evasive maneuvers while waiting for the right time to strike. In a game like Elsword, determining the right time to strike might involve lot of gambling regardless of your skills and experience. Trapping Ranger is a class that requires smart game plan, understanding the terrain and willingness to take big risks.

I kind of have mixed feelings about this. While I want to ride the bandwagon and switch to Trapping Ranger… I did try her in Korean Elsword server before. She is definitely more fun to play than a Grand Archer. Still, she isn’t all that useful of a character at a Trapping Ranger class. She does get considerably more useful as her next class advancement Night Watcher though.

I’m still switching my Grand Archer and Wind Sneaker to Trapping Ranger. However, I’m switching my Wind Sneaker back right away to obtain my promotion costume cube again. As for my Grand Archer, while I’ll be sad to lose all her dungeon farming capabilities, I’ll stick with TR until the arrival of the Grand Archer rebalance. and it’s always good to try something new.


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