New post in couple years

Yea… this blog was originally used as a promo for my Visual Novel project. Now though, I want to revive it into a general purpose blog.

As for what I will blog about from now on.

-I’ve been playing game named Elsword lately and it’s a really fun game. I’d like to write about my progress in this game and would like to promote this game as much as possible so it gets a larger playerbase that it deserves.
-I’ve also been keeping up with the various anime as well, I’d like to write comments and review about them if I get a chance.
-Finally, I haven’t given up on the WoHS project yet. I really do want to make a interactive visual novel with the theme of cross-over. I’ll also post some ideas on those as well.

😀 Let’s see if I won’t be lazy with blogging this time around.


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