About me

8b8458f6c892cf00ec3a37bf32faf6deHey, this is 2nafish. Also known as Tunafishisgood.

-I play an online game called Elsword Online:
IGN: 2nafish(Grand Archer) (NA), 2나피시 (Asura) (KR:Gaia)

-Check out my youtube channel here

Stuff I post about:
-I’ve been playing a game called Elsword lately and it’s a really fun game. I’d like to write stuff about this game and would like to promote Elsword as much as possible so it gets a larger playerbase that it deserves.
-I do many Korean translations regarding Elsword as well. Because it is originally a Korean game, there is a lot of media content for the game that our North American Elsword players cannot understand. Since I can speak and write Korean, I try to translate various interesting Korean Elsword contents to share with the North American Elsword community.
-I’ve also been keeping up with the various anime as well, I’d like to write comments and review about them if I get a chance

-People are free to take my translations and translate them into other languages. Just give proper credits wherever they are due. (Although I recommend translating stuff directly from Korean instead. The meaning starts changing pretty quickly when text goes through multiple filters. Like that telephone game)

😀 Let’s see if I won’t be lazy with blogging this time around.