Public Demo Release

That’s right, for all of you who wants to see how the game looks, you can download the demo version of the game in our website

Since you chose to read more, you must be bored enough to read on. So I’ll give some information and facts about the creation of this visual novel. Today’s topic is choosing fictional characters.

Soon you will be seeing more characters from anime series outside “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. We plan to expand the “Doujin just based on one anime series” into a doujin that covers more wide area of the Fictional Universe.

Sounds similar to some Disney game? Indeed it does.

We are trying to create a original storyline while maintaining each anime series’s storyline unchanged. Thus, it creates some restrictions to characters that you can use. The restrictions is why you see Kanata Izumi, Fuuko Ibuki and Saya Minatsuki in the visual novel.  If you had seen the anime these trios come from, you would notice a common thing; they are either dead or in coma. What happens to anime characters that are dead? Sure, they don’t show up in the anime anymore, but does that mean their existence is erased forever? Doesn’t fans sigh because they want to see more of these characters?

The universe that this game is set on will create and show what happens to these characters when they are done with their roles in their original series.

There is a world that all beings end up in when they are dead. This World is infinitely large so that it can house all the deceased beings arriving from various different worlds forever and ever. It is simply called, The “World of the Dead”. Center of this world exists a magnificent temple that contains all the history and secrets of the universe. However we will not get into the topic of what kind of information exists in this temple now. Topic is what happened to characters like Kanata, Fuuko or Saya?

When these characters die, they end up in the World of The Dead. Death is the most simple form of dimensional travel. Normally, this form of travel will just end as it sends you to the World of the Dead. However, in some cases during the travel, mutation occurs. Let me clarify that this is not the kind of mutation that is all gooey and hideous. This mutation occurs in the individuals being. After the mutation, these beings will acquire an ability to access their emotions and feelings and actually use them as source of power. In addition, they will gain the power to travel to many alternative worlds. These beings are named “Sliders,” or “Other worlders”.

Of course, the description above fits with Saya and Kanata who are both deceased. How does the above apply with Fuuko? She is not dead, she’s in coma.

Well, the being close to death can trigger some of the effects that death triggers. (well you are close to death right?) So your being would be in both World of the Dead and your respective world. These beings are called “half beings”. Usually these half beings have low chance of mutation. (Mutation is referred to by sliders as “chosen”.) In the society of the World of the Dead, these beings are mostly discriminated because they are still alive, not only that, they are embedded with a special technology that will erase all their memories of their life during the time that they were coma.

So summarizing what I wrote above here is some pointers.

-Death = Dimension travel = ends up in “World of the Dead.”

-Deathly Coma = Half Dead = Dimension travel = “World of the Dead.”

-Dimension Travel = Possibility of Mutation = Sliders

-Yes it sounds like crazy fantasy, but that is what fiction is.-


2 thoughts on “Public Demo Release

  1. Oh man, this brings back memories. It’s a shame that the VN never got completed, but I’m ultimately sad that the forum finally expired after all this time. It was a fun project to work on though, and I got to meet a ton of cool people, so I don’t regret it one bit! Hope you’re doing well, 2na.


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