Progress Checkup

We are finished with Chapter 1. However reconstructing the Character images still has to be done. In the site there were many different discussions, and I think we are on the right direction.

Here are the some of the things we are planning right now.


-Better opening Video

-Broadcasting one story arc on youtube

Also, we are in desperate need of more artisits, that way. Character image reconstruction can be finished faster.

We also have a wiki that you can look up if interested, since I will be adding lots and lots of work into there from now on.


6 thoughts on “Progress Checkup

  1. Im workin on the intro.
    and i posted a few very buggy and unfinished intro’s
    since my main computer is broken editing is slower and rendering takes longer.
    but i still have all the tools i need so dont worry.
    it will be nice.
    oh any idea’s what i should include in the short intro is welcome
    like what part of an episode 🙂

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