New Site and update

Thanks to nkru87 we have aquired a new site. We will be using this site from now on.

We also have a Wiki now.

We now have an IRC channel! You can check it out on, the channel name is #Hitode-Dan (thanks to Kaiser for the name).

And we here is the current progess

We currently have many people helping us and there are always room for more.

First of all, we have changed the Visual Novel making engine from Blade to Ren’py for more compatibility. We already finished transferring everything we had from blade to ren’py and now working on finishing up chapter 1.

Prolouge was already completed long ago and it is currently in the stage of adding voice, thanks to all the Voice Actors who are helping out.

On the story wise, we are quarter way through the storyline of chapter 2. The chapters will be longer from now on.

The plan for the storyline is that everyone will work on the senario paths of first week together. The first week of the game will be like this

Monday- Afterschool: Tanabata Festival: Fireworks show
Tuesday- Afterschool: Film “Revenge of Nagato Yuki”
Wednesday- Clubroom: No events, peaceful day
Thursday- Clubroom: Haruhi brings first year students to recruit them into SOS brigade(No one joins)
Friday- Afterschool: Arcade
Saturday- Afterschool: Golfing
Sunday- Search the city for mysterious events

After that Senario writers are free to lead the path they desire. Thats where individual Character Senario writers come in.

As for arts, we have few talented artists working on some original images. However, It would be much easier on current artists if we had more artists to take the load off our current ones.

I did make a preview video for the opening but, otherwise I haven’t got anyone that can help with the opening video yet.

Well, I am hoping this will be a fun collaboration of Kyoani fans because the characters are all from Kyoto Animation. Also, this project is purely fanmade and the end result Visual Novel wil lbe free to download.


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