Starting on Chapter 1 Scenario and background story.

I received lots of requests of people wanting to help out. Mostly in scenario writing. So if people want to do that, then I will have to hurry up and explain some of the plans. So if you are interested go click on read more.

Details in Scenario Writing.

First, the time and date…

this story starts a at the two days before the Tanabata festival. It’s Saturday and since there is no school on Sunday, Haruhi has planned a brigade event for the next day.

Haruhi has been obsessed with dimensional Sliders lately. Since John Smith said that he saw Alien, Time-Traveler and Esper before, but not a Slider, Haruhi wants to find a being that no one has seen yet. (Maybe she somehow wants to surpass John Smith). Haruhi’s obsession with sliders creates a faction of sliders.

Information below would be considered a fan fiction, since I know that original Haruhi Story will be way different than this.

Slider Philosophy

Universe is divided into two main Worlds, Real World and Fictional World. It is impossible to travel between Real and Fictional World. Fictional World itself is divided into many of different worlds and traveling within the Fictional World is difficult but possible.

Information Regarding Sliders

-Sliders are from another Fictional Worlds and are usually the beings who has experienced death.

-Because of them being dead, they cannot go back to their own respective Fictional World. Even if they do go back, they don’t have any meaningful existence there. Aka. Ghost.

-Sliders are all united as a Slider’s Organization.

-Every time a dimensional travel occurs, all memories regarding the world that traveler is sliding into will be locked. It can be unlocked with various different methods. Usually when time goes by memory will be slowly unlocked.

-Sliders usually watch over their assigned Fictional World in case of dimension quakes, this is when something equivalent of a fissure appears and a thing or a being falls down through that dimensional fissure, never to be seen again. No one knows what happens to things that fall down. Also no being has fallen down that fissure yet, thanks to the diligent works of Sliders.

-Sliders can also gain access to Closed Space, or Data Space that Aliens create. However, these minimal traveling don’t cause a memory lock. Sliders can’t travel through time.

Sliders regarding Haruhi Suzumiya

Three years ago, on Tanabata, a strange event happened. Dimensional traveling has been disabled between every Fictional Worlds. Many Sliders became stranded thanks to this. However, still able to communicate with each other, sliders noticed that center of the problem is Haruhi Suzumiya. Making matters even worse, whenever Haruhi Suzumiya is depressed, a dimensional quake occurs. Sliders have been dealing with these ever frequently occurring dimensional quakes for many years. However, recently the amount of quakes has decreased after the event where Haruhi Suzumiya and Kyon escaped from a Closed Space.

Sliders have not revealed themselves to Kyon, or to Aliens, Time-travelers and Espers, because they don’t think it’s necessary. Aliens achieving auto-evolution or Time-travelers traveling further back in time or Espers dealing with Closed Space is none of slider’s concern. They only revealed themselves to Tsuruya-san’s family, who gave them a place to stay.

Alan’s arrival.

Alan’s arrival is special, this is because he comes from the Real World, which everyone thought impossible. Also, traveling between dimensions has been disabled for a long time. There is a possibility that being from the real world, he might possess special characteristics. Before sliders could get in touch with him, he was discovered by Haruhi Suzumiya first. Memory lock effect seems to be present on Alan.

Cough… well that’s the background story that I came up with. I know that it’s a wordfull. Know that Real World is our world, and Alan has read and watched Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Path Split will occur when Alan enrolls at North High on Tanabata’s day. He will be assigned to class 2-5, Haruhi and Kyon’s class.

Choose what you want to work with

Following are the paths that I want to work with, so if you want to help with scenario, choose a path that you want to work with.

-Continuation Path(Continues on to the next world)(I’m working on this)

All the other paths will end in Haruhi’s world. Also they will all have their good and bad endings, have fun making the story up.

-Nagato path (Harouki)

-Mikuru path (MartialArtsMaster)

-Haruhi path (Kite Impulse)

*Next paths will only available when three paths above are taken.

-Itsuki path

-Kyon path

Also your story will have to start the day after Tanabata. Since you will be making a choice on which path to choose mostly on the Tanabata day.

Writing Format

in the script directly from the game, it looks like this…









I’m not going to have you write all those symbols.

This is a format that I would expect.

First of all, label all the characters like so.



then like this





and so on, narration is Alan speaking. I know that, so just don’t label the narration. If it’s Alan actually speaking then label the dialogue.

Also keep in mind that there are limited resources until we get artists. Otherwise keep in mind which scenes from the Anime or which fan art can be used in your scenario. (If you want to, you can go through the anime and look for the possible character vectors.)

For example, there is not much Tsuruya-san pictures to work with on the anime, I also haven’t seen many decent Tsuruya-san fan arts. So making too much Tsuruya scenes would be difficult.

Otherwise, have fun writing them. I guess, post a comment on which path scenario you want and I will update this post to indicated that the scenario is taken.

again my email is


4 thoughts on “Starting on Chapter 1 Scenario and background story.

  1. I would like to take the Mikuru path, please. She’s not quite as popular among the fans as Haruhi or Nagato, but I feel like I can make Mikuru shine if she’s the one Alan develops a romantic relationship with.

  2. Huh, so its similar to ren’py scripting?

    No problem i already have experience in that kind of stuff…

    I want nagato’s path if i am able to help you out =3

  3. i have a idea why you dont try to use Seto No Hanayome in the story maybe for the continuation path if you dont want to put them in harui world that anime is crazly funny XD

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