Starting the Visual Novel Project

Worlds of Haruhi Suzumiya is not a offical title… I still want to think of a better idea.

This will be a purely fan made Visual Novel… so something like a fan fiction I guess, with visuals.
Worlds of Haruhi Suzumiya:(Temoary title)

Solid title isn’t decided yet.
It will be a interesting game since it will deal with lots of factors that Haruhi fans have created, one of them being the Genderbending Haruki Series. I am currently working on the main route storyline. When I am finished that I can start adding lots of different paths.
….Sample Video

Ever wanted to travel to Haruhi’s world? The narrator in this Visual novel will travel into Haruhi’s world and be part of all the weird events going on.
-Later, I might try to make this game so, at the beginning you can choose to play as either Kyon or the new dimension traveler. To do this though, I need a good artist… so when you play as Kyon you can see the new character as Kyon.

Also there is more to this visual novel than just the world of Haruhi… since the narrator in this game comes from another world you can expect that dimension travels will take place in this story.

For now I am planning to make this game in three sections.

Prolouge: 90% Finished
Section one: Haruhi World 0%
Section two: L???? ???R World 0%
Section three: C?????D World 0%
Epilouge: 0%

Prolouge Story
Highschool student who is really bored of his life suddenly finds himself at a whole new environment. He meets with a weird girl named Haruhi Suzumiya.


Narrator of this Visual Novel. He’s notoriously Lazy and he loves to drink milk. He is always wearing his necklace as it is a gift from a really good friend. (I dunno who’s the artist that drew this picture but it fit so perfectly that I had to use this picture.)

World 1 Characters

World 2 Characters

World 3 Characters


More the help better the work gets…
First of all if there is an artists interested in making a vector for the characters it would be cool. Otherwise I can try using screenshots from animes all the way.
Video makers.
For the endings.. with the credits rolling. There will be many different endings. and opening video. If I can’t get any I’ll just use Bouken Desho Desho..
Soon enough, the story will split into many different paths, it would be much more time saving if there are people writing senarios for each differnt paths.
Paths will conceren with each characters. E.g Haruhi path, Mikuru path, Nagato path….etc

You can contact me on
or find me lurking around in


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