Starting the Visual Novel Project 2

>_< I need something to keep me occupied and I love the Haruhi series so yay~! I am starting on a Haruhi Visual Novel based off of a Haruhi Fanfiction that I wrote before.

Of course it is totally dueable alone. However I could use many and many help.

Such as


Voice Actors

Additional Script writers

Beta Readers

…and any other help that can be thought of.


8 thoughts on “Starting the Visual Novel Project 2

  1. Whoo! You’re doing a very good job with what you are showing right now.

    Using the anime art was a very good idea, altho the cut outs could use just a tiny bit more work.

    VERY interested in helping out here.

    Writing is my strong point
    Art is no problem if all you need is trace images. Original art won’t be too hard either.
    Voice acting is a small unsuccessful hobby of mine. Did a fan dub with my anime club but that’s it.
    Beta reader? Like proofreader and stuff? THat’s fine too

  2. Artists: SUCK AT IT

    Voice Actors: good at public speeking but i studder alot the first few times (LOL)
    audio equmint sucks but i am inproveing on it

    Additional Script writers: i suck at writeing good stories (i got lucky on one in my 17 years of life)

    Beta Readers: my grammer is ok but my SPELlING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

    if there is anything elese u can think of that i can help you with i will help (promotion large bandwith website, etc)

  3. Hello found your site through m33w. This visual novel looks good. I just want to let you know that I am available to provide voices and I can do proof reading for any errors in the script. Please shoot me over an email if you need my assistance. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. uwah! i want to help DDx . . but im pretty much useless. arg! DDx i want to take part in helping somewhere. oof. DDx i think you have really wonderful ideas. 😀 i got really excited when started reading and watching those miniclips. xD; hmmhmm. TT 3 TT GAMBATTE NEE~! x3

  5. Hi, I was looking at your project and it is really cool that you are doing this. I would be able to help out with the voices if you are still looking for voice actors.

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