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8b8458f6c892cf00ec3a37bf32faf6deHey, this is 2nafish. Also known as Tunafishisgood.

-I play an online game called Elsword Online:
IGN: 2nafish(Grand Archer) (NA), 2나피시 (Asura) (KR:Gaia)

-Check out my youtube channel here

Stuff I post about:
-I’ve been playing a game called Elsword lately and it’s a really fun game. I’d like to write stuff about this game and would like to promote Elsword as much as possible so it gets a larger playerbase that it deserves.
-I do many Korean translations regarding Elsword as well. Because it is originally a Korean game, there is a lot of media content for the game that our North American Elsword players cannot understand. Since I can speak and write Korean, I try to translate various interesting Korean Elsword contents to share with the North American Elsword community.
-I’ve also been keeping up with the various anime as well, I’d like to write comments and review about them if I get a chance

-People are free to take my translations and translate them into other languages. Just give proper credits wherever they are due. (Although I recommend translating stuff directly from Korean instead. The meaning starts changing pretty quickly when text goes through multiple filters. Like that telephone game)

😀 Let’s see if I won’t be lazy with blogging this time around.


Time Trouble Extra Volume -Twisted Time-


Beauty contest for Elrios and Demon Realm’s beautiful men and women!

But due to an unknown plot, all Elrios representatives had to withdraw.

So the El Search Party steps up to fill in their place.

Will the El Search Party be able to outcompete Demon Realm’s beauties and obtain victory?

Who will become the most beautiful person in the world?!


9th Volume of popular online game [Elsword], Beauty Contest starts!!



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